Round vs Elongated Toilet Seat (Pros & Cons)

The two most common shapes of toilet seats that you are likely to find in the majority of our bathrooms are either the elongated or the round shape toilet seat.

The trend now is towards elongated toilet seats, which are roughly two inches longer than a round toilet seat. You can easily determine what size toilet is ideal and suitable for your specific needs based on the American standard dimensions.

If you have an elongated toilet seat, it would be ideal to use it with an elongated toilet. However, technically an elongated toilet seat could also be used with a round toilet, but its extended end would likely overhang/protrude.

Round vs Elongated Toilet Seat Review

There are a couple of reasons why elongated toilet seats are preferred. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Elongated Toilet Seat

More convenient for taller and larger usersRelatively More Expensive
Attractive and more comfortable when using the toiletRequires more space in the bathroom
Most features slow close mechanismNot comfortable for children
Easy to CleanHarder to find than rounded toilet seats
Modern and timeless look 
Elongated toilet seats

The first difference is that there is an extra space in front and a larger target area. Men, especially those who are taller or larger, find this more convenient. Secondly, the larger target area improves the sanitary condition in the area because it is easier to keep it clean.

Additionally, most people find the elongated toilet seat more comfortable in a larger, more spacious bathroom with minimal furniture. However, in a small bathroom, a round seat can save space. The elongated toilet bowl measures up to 31 inches while round fixtures max out at 28 inches.

Although the standard distance from the wall to the center of the sewer drain is 12 inches, elongated toilets require an extra distance of 1 or 2 inches. When it comes to the front, typically one needs at least 21 inches in front to pass the building codes for both the elongated and the round toilet.

For ADA- complaint bathrooms, one needs 48- inches in front to pass. This means you should measure your bathroom first before you head off buying a toilet seat.

Fourthly, although manufacturers push the idea that there is no difference in performance between elongated and rounded toilets, elongated toilet bowls have slightly better pressure than round toilet bowls because they have a larger flush valve.

The flush valve is the opening at the bottom of the toilet tank that controls the flow of water to the toilet bowl when the toilet is flushed. The larger the flush valve, the better the flush performance (a 3-inch flush valve is considered very efficient).

The fifth difference between elongated toilets and rounded toilets is that elongated toilets have a larger trapway. The trap-way allows waste to easily pass out of the toilet bowl. A proper trap-way size is 2-1/8 inches (a large trap-way is better).

Finally water consumption is very critical (1.6 gallon –per-flush is the universal rule of thumb when it comes to water usage).

Different types of flush technology exist, from pressure-assisted to double-cyclone flushes that have further decreased the amount of water to 1.28GPF. Elongated toilet seats are ranked at the top in flushing efficiency with double-cyclone flushes.

Pros and Cons of  Rounded Toilet Seats

More convenient for younger usersNot comfortable for taller and larger men
Relatively cheaperLess hygienic and difficult to clean
Traditional lookUse more water to flush
Fits well in small spacesDoes not appear great in a large bathroom
Easier to findLess flush valve
round toilet seats

First, if you plan to use a potty seat on your toilet for your little girl or boy, it will be better you get a rounded seat.

Your little one’s legs are much shorter than yours. Therefore, a rounded toilet seat is better for balance and safety and makes kids feel more secure while learning the skill of using the toilet. If you have an elongated toilet, you can install a round toilet seat for training purposes.

Secondly, round toilet seats are slightly less expensive than elongated toilets and most toilet seats are designed for round bowls. Elongated toilet seats are available but they are more difficult to find.

Measurements of elongated vs round toilet seats

Since the 1950s, Northern America has been making toilet seats, some of which are still being used to this day. Both the measurements of round and elongated toilet seats are different. For an elongated or extended type of toilet bowl seat, the seat length is 18 ½ inches.

For the round toilet seat, the seat length is around 16 ½ inches. The shape is highly dependent on the comfort of the user. In order to purchase a brand-new toilet seat or replace an existing one, you must first determine its size. It’s easy to find out. All it takes is a tape measure.

Every seat has one size or the other indicated on the packaging. While one looks rounder than the other, you can’t always tell the difference simply by looking. But you can tell by measuring.

Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the center of the mounting holes on the back of the bowl to the rim in the front. If the measurement is 16-1/2 inches, your toilet requires a round seat. A measurement of 18-1/2 inches means your toilet will need an elongated toilet seat.

Bottom Line

The best end-users review however is in favor of the elongated/extended American Standard Toilet. Americans and Canadians prefer to install elongated toilet seats because of their modern look. This is because they are more comfortable to sit on, especially if you are tall or large in stature.

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Maximum Flushing Power

Compared to other 2-inch rounded toilets, it draws water into the bowl more quickly with its extra-wide 3-inch flush valve. This ensures a more forceful flushing action.

The 2-1/8 inch large glazed trap-way offers unmatched one-flush superiority without clogging.

Good Looks and Very Comfortable

Elongated toilets are very attractive in color, by adding a unique sculpted design makes it more elegant.

They are also ADA compliant toilets with a high-profile toilet seat that gives you the ultimate comfort while sitting in there. This is highly beneficial for an elder member of the family and the disabled as well.

Easy To Clean

This one-piece toilet is easier to clean than a conventional two-piece. Made of high quality highly durable polypropylene plastic materials.

If you value your time, this toilet is a great solution because it is highly resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents. Its toughness and long life make it non-sticky, giving it a clean look for a longer period.

With its specially molded shape, the seat perfectly conforms to your body for maximum comfort. It also comes in an anti-slid design that prevents it from slipping while you’re sitting there.


Most elongated toilet seats come with a quick and easy installation process that anyone with no plumbing skills

This is made possible with the built-in hinge system that slows down as it lowers the bowl seat. A top tightening mounting bolt is provided to ensure its easy installation and removal when cleaning.


Both round and elongated toilet seats are made from durable materials and feature amazing designs that offer maximum comfort when using the toilet.

In terms of which type of toilet seat one gets, this is solely determined by the type or shape of the toilet bowl one has. For one to determine what kind of toilet seat one needs to purchase, he or she will have to measure the toilet bowl.

Modern elongated toilet seats are more popular due to their amazing features that make them more comfortable, durable and easy to use.


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Can an Elongated Toilet Seat easily fit on a Round Toilet?

Before you go ahead and uninstall your current toilet lid, consider your current seat. Ensure you determine whether is rounded or elongated.

Although an elongated toilet seat would technically also fit on a round toilet seat, its elongated end will likely overhang in a round toilet bowls.

What is the main difference between Round vs Elongated Toilet Seat?

To determine if your toilet is round front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt hole (which connects the seat to the bowl) out to the front rim of the toilet.

If it measures approximately 16 ½ inches your toilet is a round front. If it measures approximately 18 ½ inches, it is an elongated model.

Which Toilet Shape is the most comfortable & easy to use, Elongated, or Round Toilet Seat?

The best end-users review is in favor of the elongated/extended American Standard Toilet because of its modern and timeless look and adds to the fact that an elongated seat is more comfortable to sit on, especially if you are tall or larger in stature.

Nonetheless, round toilet seats are the best for families with potty training children.

If all the toilets in your house have elongated seats, consider rounded toilet seats for one or more of them, at least the toilet in the bathroom closest to your child’s bedroom.

Along with increased seating comfort, elongated toilet seats are associated with being a higher end. They look a bit more stylish and up to date and they have a more sophisticated look and feel.

Are Toilet Seats one size fits all?

Most seats come in round or elongated ovals; note which style your current seat is shaped.

In the industry there are standards for toilet seats- all toilets have seat post holes on 5 ½ inches centers- all elongated bowls are 18 ½ inches from seat posts to the front of the rim and round bowls are 16 ½ inches.

Any manufacturer’s seats will fit any toilet manufactures bowls if they are standard round or elongated. If a manufacturer design and makes a bowl with different dimensions/measurements, then they must provide a special seat.

How can I perfectly measure for a Replacement Toilet Seat?

When replacing a toilet seat, it’s important to determine that your replacement seat fits. Measure the length between the center of the bolt hole (which connects the seat to the bowl) out to the front rim of the toilet.

If it measures approximately 16 ½ inches your toilet is a round front. If it measures approximately 18 ½ inches, it is an elongated model.

Be sure to measure the length, width, and height also. If your seat toilet perfectly matches the porcelain, you might want to keep the color scheme consistent.

For a bolder style, choose a rich, dark color such as black, burgundy, or hunter green.

How can I replace my toilet seat?

Now that you are equipped with all the proper tools and the replacement seat, it is time to remove the existing seat. Follow these steps and you’ll have a new ‘throne’ in no time!

Close the toilet seat. Loosen the twin nuts on the bolts with an adjustable wrench; they are typically located/found underneath the toilet rim.

These bolts are usually covered with a plastic cap. To remove the cap, use a flat head screwdriver. If they are rusted or corroded, be careful.

If you are having difficulty loosening the nuts, use your pliers to hold the bolt steady as you loosen the nuts.

Apply penetrating oil to help; for very difficult nuts, allow the oil solution to soak overnight. If you are concerned about stripping the porcelain, wrap the tape (painter or masking) around the nut and then apply gentle pressure.

Before you call a professional to remove stubborn nuts, try using a saw. Before you use the saw, however, tape cardboard around the toilet bowl rim to protect the porcelain.

Additionally, raise the lid (both the cover and the actual toilet bowl rim) and cover the top of the toilet bowl as well with cardboard. Now saw through the bolts with the saw.

Before you install your new seat, properly dispose of the old seat as it may be covered in germs. Additionally, examine the area to wipe away rust stains or other debris from the toilet area. Be sure to check under the toilet bowl rim to remove any rust stains.

You’re now ready to install your brand new toilet seat. Align the seat precisely in it rightful position and insert the two bolts that are ment to fasten the seat to the toilet; there should be two bolt holes where the previous fasteners were located.

To prevent a difficult removal process the next time, coat your existing bolts with petroleum jelly just in case.

Next, slip on the washers and then the nuts. First, tighten the nuts with your bare fingers, and then it is advisable to tighten the nuts with your adjustable wrench.

If you find that the nuts are easily turning the bolt as you are attempting or trying to loosen, hold the bolt in place with a pair of pliers.

Be sure to lift the seat up and down a few times to be sure the lid moves freely. If the unit seems too loose, continue to tighten. Finally, apply the plastic two caps to cover the ends of the bolts.