Round vs Elongated Toilet Seat (Pros & Cons)

In the vast majority of modern bathrooms, you will typically encounter toilet seats that come in one of two shapes: elongated or round.

In recent times, there has been a clear shift towards the preference for elongated toilet seats, which tend to be roughly two inches longer than their round counterparts. To ensure that you select the most appropriate toilet size for your specific needs, it is recommended that you refer to the American standard dimensions.

If you have an elongated toilet seat, it would be best suited for use with an elongated toilet. However, technically speaking, an elongated toilet seat could also be fitted on a round toilet.

It’s worth noting, however, that doing so may result in the extended end of the elongated seat overhanging or protruding slightly beyond the round toilet rim.

Round vs Elongated Toilet Seat Review

There are a couple of reasons why elongated toilet seats are preferred. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Elongated Toilet Seat


  • More convenient for taller and larger users
  • Attractive and more comfortable when using the toilet
  • Most features slow close mechanism
  • Easy to Clean
  • Modern and timeless look


  • Relatively More Expensive
  • Requires more space in the bathroom
  • Not comfortable for children
  • Harder to find than rounded toilet seats
Elongated toilet seats

One notable difference between elongated and rounded toilet seats is the size and shape of the target area. Elongated seats typically have an extra space in front and a larger target area, making them more convenient for men, especially those who are taller or larger.

Additionally, the larger target area promotes better sanitary conditions as it is easier to keep clean.

Comfort is also a factor to consider when choosing between elongated and rounded toilet seats. Most people find elongated seats more comfortable in larger, more spacious bathrooms with minimal furniture.

However, in smaller bathrooms, rounded seats can save space. It’s worth noting that elongated toilet bowls measure up to 31 inches, while rounded fixtures max out at 28 inches.

When installing an elongated toilet seat, it’s important to account for the extra distance required from the wall to the center of the sewer drain, typically one to two inches more than the standard 12 inches.

In terms of the front distance, building codes require at least 21 inches of space for both elongated and rounded toilet seats, while ADA-compliant bathrooms require 48 inches.

Manufacturers claim that there is no performance difference between elongated and rounded toilet seats, but elongated toilet bowls tend to have slightly better pressure due to their larger flush valve, which controls the flow of water to the toilet bowl when flushed. Elongated toilets also feature a larger trapway, allowing waste to easily pass out of the toilet bowl.

Finally, water consumption is a critical consideration, with 1.6 gallons-per-flush being the universal rule of thumb for water usage.

Elongated toilet seats are ranked highly in flushing efficiency, especially when paired with double-cyclone flush technology that further reduces water consumption to 1.28 gallons-per-flush.

Ultimately, the choice between elongated and rounded toilet seats comes down to personal preference, bathroom size, and other factors such as water efficiency and installation requirements.

Pros and Cons of  Rounded Toilet Seats


  • More convenient for younger users
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Traditional look
  • Fits well in small spaces
  • Easier to find


  • Not comfortable for taller and larger men
  • Less hygienic and difficult to clean
  • Use more water to flush
  • Does not appear great in a large bathroom
  • Less flush valve
round toilet seats

When selecting a potty seat for your child, consider opting for a rounded seat if you plan to use it on your toilet. A rounded seat is a safer option for your little one as it provides better balance and stability while they learn to use the toilet.

This is particularly important since your child’s legs are much shorter than yours, and they require additional support.

In case you have an elongated toilet, you can still install a rounded toilet seat for training purposes. Additionally, round toilet seats tend to be more affordable compared to elongated ones, and most toilet seats are designed to fit round bowls.

While elongated toilet seats are also available, they may be more challenging to find.

By choosing a potty seat that is suitable for your toilet and your child’s needs, you can ensure that your little one has a safe and comfortable potty training experience.

Measurements of elongated vs round toilet seats

For several decades now, Northern America has been producing toilet seats, some of which are still in use today. However, it is important to note that the measurements for both round and elongated toilet seats are distinct.

Elongated toilet bowl seats have a length of 18 ½ inches, while round seats measure around 16 ½ inches. The comfort of the user is a significant factor in determining the shape of the seat.

To purchase a new toilet seat or replace an existing one, it is crucial to determine the appropriate size. Thankfully, this is an easy task that only requires a tape measure. The size of each seat is indicated on its packaging, as it is not always apparent by sight alone.

Using a tape measure, simply measure the distance from the center of the mounting holes at the back of the bowl to the rim in the front. A measurement of 16-1/2 inches indicates the need for a round seat, while 18-1/2 inches signifies the need for an elongated seat.

Bottom Line

According to end-users, the elongated/extended American Standard Toilet is the most highly praised option.

This is because Americans and Canadians prefer the modern appearance of elongated toilet seats, and they offer superior comfort to users, particularly those who are tall or have a larger build.

The elongated design provides a more spacious seating area, allowing users to sit in a more natural and relaxed position. As a result, it is a popular choice for those who prioritize both style and comfort in their bathroom fixtures.

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Maximum Flushing Power

Compared to other 2-inch rounded toilets, it draws water into the bowl more quickly with its extra-wide 3-inch flush valve. This ensures a more forceful flushing action.

The 2-1/8 inch large glazed trap-way offers unmatched one-flush superiority without clogging.

Good Looks and Very Comfortable

Elongated toilets are very attractive in color, by adding a unique sculpted design makes it more elegant.

They are also ADA compliant toilets with a high-profile toilet seat that gives you the ultimate comfort while sitting in there. This is highly beneficial for an elder member of the family and the disabled as well.

Easy To Clean

This one-piece toilet is easier to clean than a conventional two-piece. Made of high quality highly durable polypropylene plastic materials.

If you value your time, this toilet is a great solution because it is highly resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents. Its toughness and long life make it non-sticky, giving it a clean look for a longer period.

With its specially molded shape, the seat perfectly conforms to your body for maximum comfort. It also comes in an anti-slid design that prevents it from slipping while you’re sitting there.


Most elongated toilet seats come with a quick and easy installation process that anyone with no plumbing skills

This is made possible with the built-in hinge system that slows down as it lowers the bowl seat. A top tightening mounting bolt is provided to ensure its easy installation and removal when cleaning.


Both round and elongated toilet seats are made from durable materials and feature amazing designs that offer maximum comfort when using the toilet.

In terms of which type of toilet seat one gets, this is solely determined by the type or shape of the toilet bowl one has. For one to determine what kind of toilet seat one needs to purchase, he or she will have to measure the toilet bowl.

Modern elongated toilet seats are more popular due to their amazing features that make them more comfortable, durable and easy to use.


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Can an Elongated Toilet Seat easily fit on a Round Toilet?

Before you go ahead and uninstall your current toilet lid, consider your current seat. Ensure you determine whether is rounded or elongated.

Although an elongated toilet seat would technically also fit on a round toilet seat, its elongated end will likely overhang in a round toilet bowls.

What is the main difference between Round vs Elongated Toilet Seat?

To determine if your toilet is round front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt hole (which connects the seat to the bowl) out to the front rim of the toilet.

If it measures approximately 16 ½ inches your toilet is a round front. If it measures approximately 18 ½ inches, it is an elongated model.

Which Toilet Shape is the most comfortable & easy to use, Elongated, or Round Toilet Seat?

The best end-users review is in favor of the elongated/extended American Standard Toilet because of its modern and timeless look and adds to the fact that an elongated seat is more comfortable to sit on, especially if you are tall or larger in stature.

Nonetheless, round toilet seats are the best for families with potty training children.

If all the toilets in your house have elongated seats, consider rounded toilet seats for one or more of them, at least the toilet in the bathroom closest to your child’s bedroom.

Along with increased seating comfort, elongated toilet seats are associated with being a higher end. They look a bit more stylish and up to date and they have a more sophisticated look and feel.

Are Toilet Seats one size fits all?

Most seats come in round or elongated ovals; note which style your current seat is shaped.

In the industry there are standards for toilet seats- all toilets have seat post holes on 5 ½ inches centers- all elongated bowls are 18 ½ inches from seat posts to the front of the rim and round bowls are 16 ½ inches.

Any manufacturer’s seats will fit any toilet manufactures bowls if they are standard round or elongated. If a manufacturer design and makes a bowl with different dimensions/measurements, then they must provide a special seat.

How can I perfectly measure for a Replacement Toilet Seat?

When replacing a toilet seat, it’s important to determine that your replacement seat fits. Measure the length between the center of the bolt hole (which connects the seat to the bowl) out to the front rim of the toilet.

If it measures approximately 16 ½ inches your toilet is a round front. If it measures approximately 18 ½ inches, it is an elongated model.

Be sure to measure the length, width, and height also. If your seat toilet perfectly matches the porcelain, you might want to keep the color scheme consistent.

For a bolder style, choose a rich, dark color such as black, burgundy, or hunter green.

How can I replace my toilet seat?

Now that you are equipped with all the proper tools and the replacement seat, it is time to remove the existing seat. Follow these steps and you’ll have a new ‘throne’ in no time!

Close the toilet seat. Loosen the twin nuts on the bolts with an adjustable wrench; they are typically located/found underneath the toilet rim.

These bolts are usually covered with a plastic cap. To remove the cap, use a flat head screwdriver. If they are rusted or corroded, be careful.

If you are having difficulty loosening the nuts, use your pliers to hold the bolt steady as you loosen the nuts.

Apply penetrating oil to help; for very difficult nuts, allow the oil solution to soak overnight. If you are concerned about stripping the porcelain, wrap the tape (painter or masking) around the nut and then apply gentle pressure.

Before you call a professional to remove stubborn nuts, try using a saw. Before you use the saw, however, tape cardboard around the toilet bowl rim to protect the porcelain.

Additionally, raise the lid (both the cover and the actual toilet bowl rim) and cover the top of the toilet bowl as well with cardboard. Now saw through the bolts with the saw.

Before you install your new seat, properly dispose of the old seat as it may be covered in germs. Additionally, examine the area to wipe away rust stains or other debris from the toilet area. Be sure to check under the toilet bowl rim to remove any rust stains.

You’re now ready to install your brand new toilet seat. Align the seat precisely in it rightful position and insert the two bolts that are ment to fasten the seat to the toilet; there should be two bolt holes where the previous fasteners were located.

To prevent a difficult removal process the next time, coat your existing bolts with petroleum jelly just in case.

Next, slip on the washers and then the nuts. First, tighten the nuts with your bare fingers, and then it is advisable to tighten the nuts with your adjustable wrench.

If you find that the nuts are easily turning the bolt as you are attempting or trying to loosen, hold the bolt in place with a pair of pliers.

Be sure to lift the seat up and down a few times to be sure the lid moves freely. If the unit seems too loose, continue to tighten. Finally, apply the plastic two caps to cover the ends of the bolts.

Which toilet seat shape is more comfortable for men and women?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since the comfort level of a toilet seat depends on personal preference. Some people may find a round toilet seat more comfortable, while others may prefer an elongated toilet seat.

However, it is worth noting that elongated toilet seats are generally considered to be more comfortable for most people due to their larger seating area and the way they support the legs.

This may be particularly true for men, who often have larger and more muscular thighs than women, and may appreciate the extra space provided by an elongated seat.

However, it is ultimately up to each individual to determine which toilet seat shape they find most comfortable.

How do I measure my toilet to determine if I need a round or elongated seat?

To determine if you need a round or elongated toilet seat, you need to measure the length of your toilet bowl. Here’s how:

  • First, make sure the toilet bowl is clean and dry.
  • Measure from the center of the bolt holes (the holes where the seat attaches to the bowl) to the front edge of the toilet bowl. This measurement should be from 16.5 to 18.5 inches for an elongated toilet and from 15 to 16.5 inches for a round toilet.
  • If the distance is between 16.5 and 18.5 inches, you need an elongated toilet seat. If the distance is between 15 and 16.5 inches, you need a round toilet seat.

Keep in mind that these measurements are just guidelines and can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. It’s always a good idea to double-check with the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing a toilet seat.

Are elongated toilet seats more expensive than round ones?

In general, elongated toilet seats tend to be slightly more expensive than round toilet seats. This is because elongated seats are typically larger and require more material to manufacture.

Additionally, because elongated seats are often considered more comfortable than round seats, they may be marketed as a premium product and priced accordingly.

However, the price difference between the two types of seats is usually not significant, and there are many affordable options available for both round and elongated toilet seats.

Ultimately, the cost of a toilet seat will depend on a variety of factors, including the materials used, the brand, and the features it offers.

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