Best Water Softener Resin for Well Water

A well water softener resin helps to soften hard water by removing magnesium and calcium ions and replacing them with sodium ions. The process involves back-washing, recharge, and rinsing. The resin is a plastic-like compound that plays an important role in all three steps of water softening. It’s capable of swapping one ion with another. … Read more

How to Tell if Your Well Pump is Bad

This comprehensive tutorial will show you how to determine whether your well pump is malfunctioning or damaged. It will also demonstrate how to assess the warning signs of a failing pump properly. Having a private well for daily water supply is a fantastic resource that offers numerous advantages over municipal water supply. These benefits include … Read more

A List of Cities that Use Chloramine in Water

In the chemical field, chloramines are a group of chemical compounds that contain approximately 20% ammonia and chlorine and are commonly referred to as secondary disinfectants. The addition of chloramine to tap water aids in the elimination of bacteria and numerous microorganisms. As the water passes through the pipes through the system to reach the … Read more