Best ToTo Toilet Reviews

Imagine stepping into your bathroom and experiencing the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and style. A toilet that not only flawlessly flushes away your worries but also adds a touch of elegance to your space.  When it comes to finding the best Toto toilet, you’re on the path to transforming your bathroom experience. Toto, a renowned … Read more

Best Decorative Toilet Seats

Are you tired of staring at the same old bland toilet seat every day? Are you yearning for a touch of style and personality in your bathroom? Look no further! We’ve scoured the market to bring you the ultimate guide to the best decorative toilet seats that will transform your bathroom into a haven of … Read more

Best Quick-Release Toilet Seats: Revolutionizing Comfort and Convenience

Are you tired of wrestling with your old, grungy toilet seat every time you try to clean it? Say goodbye to those frustrations and embrace the innovation of the best quick-release toilet seat. With its ingenious mechanism, this modern marvel allows for effortless removal and installation, revolutionizing the way you maintain your bathroom hygiene. Gone … Read more

Best Rain Shower Head With High Pressure

Do you find yourself fed up with the lackluster and weak water pressure from your shower? Look no further than the most powerful high-pressure rain shower head on the market. These remarkable shower heads utilize forceful jets of water to massage your body and leave you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated, providing a pleasurable and invigorating … Read more

Plastic vs Metal Shower Heads: Which One to Choose?

Determining if a showerhead is made of metal or plastic can be a bit challenging, as there are no visible indicators. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly notice a striking contrast between the two materials. There is a noticeable quality difference between plastic and metal showerheads. Metal showerheads are sturdy, durable, and simple yet sophisticated … Read more

Can Moen Showerhead Used with Low Water Pressure?

Attention all shower enthusiasts! Are you tired of stepping into your shower only to be met with a weak trickle of water? Is your showerhead failing to deliver the high-pressure shower experience you crave? Fear not, because we have the solution to your low water pressure woes. In this article, we will explore the question … Read more

Why are Shower heads Made of Plastic?

As you step into your shower, have you ever wondered why your shower head is made of plastic? It’s a common question that many people have pondered, and the answer might surprise you. While metal shower heads were once the norm, plastic shower heads have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, you’ll find … Read more

Why Do You Need a Slide Bar in the Shower?

If you’re looking for a way to make your showering experience more convenient, comfortable, and safe, then you need to invest in a slide bar. This simple addition to your bathroom can transform your daily routine in numerous ways. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using a slide bar in the … Read more

How Do Water Filter Pitchers Work?

Are you tired of drinking tap water that tastes like chlorine or is filled with contaminants? Do you want an affordable solution that can provide clean, refreshing water right from your fridge? Look no further than the trusty water filter pitcher. These handy devices have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. … Read more

How to Install and Care for a Delta Showerhead

Are you tired of taking a lackluster shower every morning? Upgrading your showerhead to a Delta model can make all the difference. Delta showerheads offer a luxurious shower experience, but many people hesitate to install one themselves. Fear not, because with the right guidance, installing a Delta showerhead can be a straightforward process. In this … Read more

1.75 vs 2.5 GPM Shower head

When it comes to choosing between showerheads with different flow rates, the decision can be challenging for many individuals. The distinction between low and high flow rates may not always be apparent, making it difficult to determine which option is best. A 1.75 gallons per minute (GPM) showerhead has a lower flow rate than a … Read more

What is a shower filter and why should I use one?

Have you ever experienced discomfort and dryness in your skin and hair after taking a shower? Have you noticed a residue of chlorine or other chemicals on your body after showering? If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider investing in a shower filter. Shower filters are designed to eliminate harmful pollutants and … Read more

Do you need a Shower Filter if you have Well Water?

Concerned about the quality of water that you use for showering? If your primary source of water is a well, you may have reservations about whether investing in a shower filter is a necessity to safeguard your health and hygiene. This article delves into the various pollutants that are often found in well water, and … Read more

Aquabliss vs Berkey Shower Filter Comparison

Do you ever step out of the shower feeling itchy or with dry skin, despite using a moisturizing body wash? Or perhaps you’ve noticed an unpleasant odor coming from your shower water? If so, you may want to consider investing in a shower filter. Two popular brands on the market today are Aquabliss and Berkey … Read more

Do Ionic Shower heads Work?

When it comes to personal hygiene, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our daily routines. One product that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the ionic shower head. But, do these high-tech shower heads actually work? Are they worth the investment? In this article, we’ll dive into the … Read more

Are Handheld Shower heads Worth It?

If you’re contemplating the upgrade to a handheld showerhead, consider whether you desire to optimize your shower experience. Handheld showerheads offer numerous benefits, prompting many individuals to make the switch. Handheld showerheads are highly versatile and have various advantages. They can increase accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges, facilitate cleaning of pets, bathing of children, … Read more

What is the Most Common Problem with Shower heads?

If you’re like most people, starting your day with a refreshing shower is essential. However, a malfunctioning showerhead can quickly turn this daily ritual into a frustrating experience. While showerheads are relatively simple devices, they can still encounter problems that disrupt your routine. In this blog post, we’ll explore the most common issues that occur … Read more

Delta vs Moen vs Kohler Showerhead

Over the years, the humble shower head has undergone significant advancements and innovations. As a result, there is now an extensive range of shower head options available to consumers in the market, making it challenging to differentiate between them. Prominent showerhead manufacturers such as Kohler, Moen, and Delta have produced exceptional showerheads that deliver top-quality … Read more

How to Fix a Wobbly Toilet Seat and Lid that Keeps Falling Off

Toilets represent a ubiquitous bathroom fixture in any household, with their seats and lids being components that we frequently encounter. However, due to the constant usage, these parts are subject to significant wear and tear. As a result, it is not uncommon for them to break over time. More specifically, problems with the toilet seat … Read more

Toto Neorest 500 Vs 550 Vs Kohler Veil Toilet (Comparison)

If you are in search of a premium integrated bidet combination, and you have narrowed down your choices to the Toto Neorest 500H, 550H, and Kohler Veil, you have come to the right place. These high-end toilets are equipped with a plethora of common features, designed to enhance user experience and elevate the overall aesthetic … Read more

How to Remove the Flow Restrictor from Moen Shower Head

Moen shower heads are known for providing an exceptional user experience by turning a regular shower into a luxurious spa-like experience. In addition, they are designed to last long and complement various bathroom designs. One of the unique features of Moen shower units is their ability to function effectively even in low-pressure conditions. Traditional shower … Read more

Aquatheory VS. Aquabliss SF500 Shower Filter (Comparison)

The significance of having filtered water for showering cannot be overemphasized. Using point-of-use shower units that offer multiple benefits is crucial in maintaining healthy skin and hair, as well as overall health. It’s important to note that the water running from your tap may not be as clean as you think, and may contain harmful … Read more

Best Sediment Filters for Well Water

Selecting the optimal sediment filter for your well water can be a challenging task, given the multitude of available water filters, each claiming to be the most effective. However, with some fundamental information, making this decision becomes much simpler. All sediment filters have a common feature, which is their filtration capacity based on micron size. … Read more

Best Citric Acid Water Softener Reviews

If you are seeking to enhance the benefits you receive from your water softener, consider exploring citric acid water softeners as an alternative. Unlike salt-based water softeners, citric acid water softeners eliminate the need for salt, which can be both costly and environmentally harmful. One such option is the Nuvo H2O citric acid water softener, … Read more

Best Quiet Flush Toilets Buying Guide

Using the restroom is a necessary and frequent activity in our daily lives. With modern advancements, flush toilets have become a popular choice among homeowners due to their affordability, durability, efficiency, and advanced technology. The idea of using a comfortable bathroom experience is appealing to everyone, which is why selecting a quiet flush toilet is … Read more

Is Zero Water Filter Better than Brita – Get all the Facts Here

Ensuring high-quality daily consumption is of paramount importance to us. It goes without saying that what we eat and drink has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. Access to clean and healthy water is a fundamental human need, and every effort is made to ensure its availability at all times. To this … Read more

Whole-House vs. Under-Sink Water Filter Systems (Comparison)

The increasing concerns over the purity of municipal water supplies have brought the need for pure drinking water to the forefront. Most homes today have multiple water sources, ranging between 8 to 15, and ensuring that each source is filtered for impurities is essential. In light of this, it is imperative to explore some of … Read more

Best Filter for Lead in Water Reviews

In contemporary times, individuals are increasingly prioritizing their health by adopting a conscientious approach towards their daily dietary habits. It is crucial to recognize that this entails being mindful of the quality of the food, beverages, and water consumed. In the context of water, numerous contaminants are not readily discernible by visual or olfactory cues. … Read more

Best Brita Pitcher According to Reddit

Water filters have experienced a surge in popularity due to a variety of factors. One significant advantage of water filtration systems is their ability to enhance the taste of drinking water while remaining both affordable and easily accessible. Numerous water filter options exist, with varying features, sizes, and price points, allowing consumers to choose the … Read more

ScaleBlaster SB-75 vs Elite vs sb30

Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective yet highly efficient solution to combat hard water issues? Look no further than ScaleBlaster water systems, which not only tackle hard water problems but also prevent limescale build-up in plumbing systems. ScaleBlaster water conditioners harness the power of high-frequency waves to neutralize calcium carbonate molecules in water, … Read more

Scaleblaster SB-30 Water Conditioner

Clean and safe water is essential for our daily activities such as cleaning, cooking, bathing, and drinking. In today’s world, the need for clean water is of utmost importance. One of the prevalent problems that homeowners face is the issue of hard water, which can have detrimental effects on water appliances, including washing machines, pipes, … Read more

Aquabliss Shower Filter vs T3 Shower Head Filter

Maintaining personal hygiene through daily showering is crucial as it effectively eliminates dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from our bodies. It is recommended to take a shower twice a day to keep bad odors, rashes, and skin diseases at bay by washing away bacteria that thrive on our skin. However, despite the belief that … Read more

Bemis 500EC Polypropylene Easy Clean Toilet Seat

Bemis, a US-based enterprise, specializes in manufacturing bathroom accessories and healthcare products with a primary focus on toilet products such as the Bemis toilet seat. The company prides itself on its innovative and superior craftsmanship, which has brought a transformation in the way we use our toilets, thanks to its groundbreaking and sophisticated toilet seat … Read more

Aquasana Chloramine Shower Filters (AQ4105) Review

Aquasana shower filters have established themselves as a top choice in the market, thanks to their exceptional filtering capabilities. With a range of filtering systems at their disposal, Aquasana’s shower filters are capable of efficiently eliminating a wide array of harmful contaminants from shower water. Aquasana, Inc., an American-based filtration product specialist, is the proud … Read more

Waterpik Vs Moen Showerhead (Comparison)

Contemporary showerheads are meticulously crafted to provide an enhanced showering experience that harmonizes with the aesthetics of any bathroom. Additionally, these units have been engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday use, resulting in improved durability when compared to their traditional counterparts. The importance of selecting the right showerhead is widely understood, as it can … Read more

Best Soft Close Elongated Toilet Seats

Transform your restroom experience with an affordable soft-close elongated toilet seat upgrade. These toilet seats are equipped with modern features and mechanisms that eliminate the annoyance of a slamming toilet lid. The specially designed hinge system enables the lid to slowly and silently close, bringing it to its proper position with just a gentle touch. … Read more

Citric Acid Water Softener vs Salt (Comparison)

The choice between citric acid water softeners and salt water softeners has been a topic of ongoing debate. To shed light on this topic, let us first explore the workings of citric water softeners and compare them to traditional salt-based systems. Citric acid water softeners use citric acid to eliminate the minerals in hard water … Read more

Delta Morgan Stain Resistant Toilet Seat Review

In this single product review, we’ll look at some of the major characteristics that make this Delta 801903 Elongated slow close toilet seat the best on the market and an Amazon favorite with over 2200 ratings. Delta faucet is an American firm that was founded in 1954 and is best recognized for its high-quality, attractive, … Read more

Apec vs Aquasana vs Waterchef U9000 – Which One Should Go For?

The availability of clean, uncontaminated water is a fundamental necessity for human health and well-being. Despite its simplicity, the convenience of having access to such water cannot be overstated. By installing a water filter system in your home, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with drinking pure water at your fingertips. Advanced … Read more

Best Faucet Mount Water Filters

In today’s society, there is a heightened awareness surrounding the importance of the quality of our daily consumption. As a result, the process of filtration has become increasingly relevant in our lives. Fortunately, there are numerous affordable and easily accessible options available for filtering drinking water, such as the popular faucet mount filters. These filters … Read more

Best Glass Water Filter Pitchers

Water filtration systems made of glass come in a variety of types and prices, which can sometimes cause confusion. Technical terms may also make it difficult to understand the product specifications. To ensure that the water pitcher you purchase fulfills all your drinking water requirements, it is advisable to conduct thorough research before making a … Read more

Best all Metal Handheld Shower Heads

In contemporary interior design, it is essential for designers and homeowners to stay current with the latest trends. When it comes to designing a bathroom, metal handheld showerheads are a popular and enduring choice. The use of metal for showerheads has many benefits, including the fact that they require minimal maintenance and cleaning to remain … Read more

How to Remove Chloramine from Tap Water – Comprehensive Guide

Chloramine is a compound composed of both ammonia and chlorine. It is commonly utilized as a disinfectant for water, specifically in order to eliminate harmful germs while remaining safe for consumption. The type of chloramine most frequently used for this purpose is known as monochloramine. During the process of treating drinking water with a mixture … Read more

A List of Cities that Use Chloramine in Water

Chloramines represent a class of chemical compounds utilized in the realm of chemistry, typically comprised of 20% ammonia and chlorine, and recognized as secondary disinfectants. By introducing chloramines into tap water, a powerful defense against bacteria and various microorganisms can be established. This disinfectant effect endures as the water travels through the system’s pipes and … Read more

How to Keep Toilet Seat from Staining with 6 Different Techniques

The toilet seat is a frequently used fixture that is prone to contamination and staining from exposure to water, urine, and other materials. As such, many individuals are seeking effective ways to maintain a clean and hygienic appearance for their toilet seat over an extended period. To address this concern, we have compiled a list … Read more

How to Remove Fluoride from Water Cheaply

The objective of this article is to provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of some of the most cost-effective and efficient methods for removing traces of fluoride from drinking water. It aims to dispel common myths and present accurate information regarding the positive and negative aspects of each approach. Fluoride is commonly found in various … Read more

The Top ZeroWater Filter Pitcher

The significance of obtaining purified water cannot be overstated, as it is a fundamental necessity for our overall health and well-being. With the vast array of water filtration options available in the market, selecting the optimal choice is crucial to ensure that we derive the utmost benefits from the water we consume. In our modern … Read more

How to Replace a Toilet Seat with Hidden Fittings

Inadequate cleaning of toilets and bathrooms can result in the proliferation of harmful bacteria and germs, primarily due to spillovers from fast flushes. Surface cleansing of the toilet seat may not be sufficient in such cases, necessitating the removal and cleaning of hidden parts. Although this might seem like a complex process that requires the … Read more

Moen vs Grohe 260 Shower head (Comparison)

Exploring reviews of shower heads authored by market professionals can be a revealing experience, as it becomes increasingly evident that the finest shower heads are not necessarily the most popular or costly brands available. Instead, you are likely to discover exceptional shower heads that possess superior functionality and are also economically viable. Present-day shower heads … Read more

Black Sediments in Well Water & How to Effectively Get Rid of Them

If you observe black sediments in your well water, it indicates the presence of manganese, a soluble solid. The reason why these sediments are visible to the naked eye is due to the oxidation process. Similarly, the presence of brownish-orange sediments is a sign of ferric iron in your water. Iron and manganese are often … Read more

AquaBliss SF100 vs SF220 vs SF300 vs SF500

In this article, we will explore three of the most sought-after AquaBliss shower filters, namely the SF100, SF220, and SF500, and examine their unique features that set them apart from other shower filters in the market. One of the key benefits of the SF series showers is their multi-stage filtration system, which eliminates chlorine, chloramine, … Read more

Best Toilet Plungers (Buying Guide)

A toilet plunger is an economical and practical tool that is indispensable for tackling obstructed toilets or shower drains. Its convenience lies in the fact that it provides a discreet means of addressing toilet-related issues without necessitating the intervention of a professional plumber. This device proves particularly useful when faced with a blocked toilet drain … Read more

How to Dissolve Poop Stuck in the Toilet

Most people have encountered the uncomfortable scenario of having their fecal matter lodged in the toilet bowl or facing a clogged toilet after using it. Despite the unpleasantness and dread that comes with this experience, the act of flushing away the waste doesn’t have to be arduous or discomforting. With some basic techniques and without … Read more

Giessdorf VS. Speakman Shower Head (Comparison)

Have you ever encountered the unpleasant experience of waking up to poor water pressure or uneven shower sprays? Such a situation can indeed be quite frustrating. However, there’s some good news for you. Thanks to advancements in shower head technology, you can now enjoy an increased water pressure with specially designed shower heads. Giessdorf and … Read more

How to Install Toto Toilet Seat & Cover the Right Way

Toto toilet seats have established a prominent presence in the market due to their exceptional quality and performance. These seats offer an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience with their heated feature, rear cleansing bidet function, and an advanced air purification system that effectively deodorizes during usage. The majority of Toto toilet seat designs feature … Read more

Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar

The centerpiece of any bathroom is undoubtedly the shower, and the showerhead plays a crucial role in shaping your daily bathing experience. Not only must it deliver a spa-like sensation, but it should also enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. The sliding shower head system is an ingeniously designed, adjustable fixture that caters to … Read more

Safe Levels of Lead in Water Ppb (Is Any Amount Safe?) Find Out

Are you troubled by the potential presence of lead in your tap water? Are you curious about the permissible levels of lead in drinking water, or the potential health hazards associated with lead exposure? The primary objective of this comprehensive discourse is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the indications of lead contamination … Read more

How to Tell if Your Well Pump is Bad

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to identify whether your well pump is faulty or damaged. Moreover, we will demonstrate how to assess the warning signs of a malfunctioning pump accurately. Owning a private well for daily water supply is an exceptional resource that provides several benefits over municipal … Read more

Best No Clog Toilets Reviews

The toilet is an essential component of any bathroom, serving a crucial function in our daily lives. Selecting the best toilet available in the market can significantly enhance your bathroom experience and provide you with long-lasting satisfaction. A properly functioning toilet can provide you with peace of mind, without the inconvenience and frustration of frequent … Read more

How to Fix a Toilet that Leaks When Flushed

One of the most prevalent plumbing problems experienced by homeowners is the occurrence of leaks, which can affect a variety of fixtures, including toilets. Despite the fact that toilets are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance, there may be instances when leaks may arise at the base during flushing. When this occurs, … Read more

How to Change a Fixed Shower Head to Handheld

A showerhead is an indispensable component of any bathroom, offering a range of design options that cater to individual tastes and bathroom requirements. With an extensive selection of both fixed and handheld models available in the market, one can choose the one that best suits their needs. From low to high water pressure, there is … Read more

Best Magnetic Handheld Shower Heads Reviews

A magnetic showerhead operates by utilizing a magnetic docking system, which allows for effortless detachment and reattachment of the showerhead to its docked position. To provide a satisfying showering experience, a high-quality handheld showerhead should feature adjustable water flow, good water pressure, and comprehensive coverage. We have compiled a list of the best magnetic handheld … Read more

Toto Eco Ultramax vs Ultramax ii vs Drake ii Toilet

The toilet is an essential fixture in any household, and selecting a high-quality one is of utmost importance. TOTO, a renowned brand, dominates the market by producing top-notch and budget-friendly toilet accessories. However, for prospective buyers, choosing the most appropriate toilet model that suits their preferences from TOTO’s vast array of products can be a … Read more

Best Compact Toilet for Small Bathrooms

Did you know that an average person spends approximately 3 years of their life sitting on the toilet? While it may seem like a mundane aspect of daily life, having the right toilet for your bathroom is crucial for your overall comfort and well-being. Selecting the perfect toilet for your bathroom can transform your experience, … Read more

Aquasana vs Pelican vs Jonathan Shower Filter (Comparison)

The Pelican, Aquasana, and Jonathan shower filters are top-notch when it comes to effectively eliminating harmful chemicals and contaminants from your shower water. Not only do they get rid of chlorine and fluoride, but they also do a great job at removing odors and other dangerous substances. Did you know that the harmful chemicals present … Read more

Best Padded Toilet Seats for Elderly

Our beloved elders are an integral part of our family and community. As they age, they may face difficulties with even the simplest tasks like using the restroom. Additionally, those who are injured or recovering from an operation may require extra assistance when using the toilet. Thankfully, a seat riser can provide a great deal … Read more

Kohler 1.28 vs 1.6 GPF Toilets | Comparison

Choosing the perfect toilet for your space can be quite a challenge, as they all appear to be quite similar at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that each individual element, such as height, shape, and flushing system, plays a critical role in distinguishing one toilet from another. The most significant distinguishing factor … Read more

Brown Stain in Bottom of the Toilet Bowl (Checkout 6 D-I-Y Solutions)

Get ready to say goodbye to those stubborn brown stains in your toilet bowl! Keeping your toilet clean is essential to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, dealing with unsightly brown stains can be a daunting task. But fear not, as we’ve got you covered with … Read more

Best Toilet for Low Water Pressure

There are two types of toilets: gravity-feed and pressure-assisted. In the past, gravity-fed toilets were the most common, but as technology improved, pressure-assisted toilets became more prevalent. Pressure-assisted toilets were created to be superior to gravity-fed toilets, addressing all the problems consumers found inconvenient. They are more efficient, quiet, comfortable, and durable, making them popular … Read more

8 Best Shower Filter for Chloramine Removal

In addition to keeping us clean, taking a shower can also provide numerous benefits such as muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, removal of toxins from the skin, and mental relaxation. However, the water we use to shower with may contain chlorine and chloramine, which can be harmful to our hair and skin. These chemicals can … Read more

Do Bathrooms Need Air Conditioning Systems? Here is all You Need to Know

Proper air circulation is crucial in every room of your home, including the bathroom. To achieve this, using an air conditioner can be very effective. Air conditioners have been proven to be very useful in filtering out pollutants, dust particles, and even mold in the air. This is particularly important for people who suffer from … Read more

AquaTru VS. Berkey VS. Aquasana Countertop Water Filter

Our research shows that Aquatru, Berkey, and Aquasana are the top-performing countertop water filters, based on performance data and reviews from verified buyers. What’s surprising is that despite being relatively affordable, these filters utilize advanced technology. For example, their filter element components are dosed appropriately to produce the most effective composition, resulting in the purest … Read more

The Best Budget Water Filter Pitchers

Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental right for every human being. It is essential that we ensure clean water is always available, and we all work towards this goal. In American households, water filter pitchers are widely used to provide clean drinking water. These devices are the cheapest and easiest way to access … Read more

High-Pressure Ionic Filtration Shower Head Reviews

Have you noticed that your hair is not as shiny or soft as it used to be? Perhaps it has become dull, dry, or has changed in color or texture. This could be caused by harmful substances in your shower water, specifically hard water which contains deposits of magnesium and calcium that gradually strip natural … Read more

Toilet Gurgling Sounds when Flushing – What it Means & How to Fix

The toilet is the most frequently used fixture in our homes, and it’s critical to our daily lives. It provides us with a simple and quick solution for answering nature’s call. If the toilet malfunctions, it can cause major problems that require immediate attention. If you’re hearing a gurgling sound when you flush your toilet, … Read more

Best Solid Wooden Toilet Seats

Wooden toilet seats are a fancy and durable option for your bathroom, and they’re great at keeping in warmth. They can be a bit expensive, but you can choose from two types: solid or molded/enameled wooden toilet seats. Today, we’ll focus on solid wooden toilet seats, which are made from hardwoods such as bamboo, oak, … Read more

Does Brita Filter Remove Fluoride, Bacteria & Magnesium + FAQs

In America, three out of every five families have a portable water filter. This is because tap water often contains harmful pollutants such as lead, excess iron, poisonous algae, and sulfur, which many people cannot tolerate. However, if you have been using a water filter, there is some concerning news. The filtered water may not … Read more

Best Submersible Well Water Pumps for Domestic Use

Well water has several unique properties that make it a superior source of water compared to public water supplies. When you drink it, you will immediately notice its refreshing, cool, and thirst-quenching effect on your tongue. This type of water is completely natural, safe, and clean since no chemicals are added during water treatment. If … Read more

Aquagear vs Zerowater vs Brita vs Clearly Water Filter Pitcher

If your fridge doesn’t have a water filter, your options for filtering your tap water are pretty limited. That’s why a lot of folks rely on bottled water to keep their families safe from any possible contaminants. But let’s face it, buying bottled water or getting it delivered can really add up and be a … Read more

5 Best Toilet Auger Review & Buying Guide 2023

If your toilet is frequently getting clogged and you’re looking for an effective solution, a toilet auger or snake drain might be what you need. Toilets usually get clogged when there’s either a buildup of toilet paper and feces in the trapway or a blockage in the toilet drain. Fortunately, most of these clogs can … Read more

BWDM vs Aquabliss vs Sonaki Shower Filter (Comparison)

If you feel your skin is dry and itchy after showering, chances are your shower water contains minerals like iron, chloramine, and chlorine. These minerals stick to your skin, causing it to lose moisture and dry out. Moreover, chlorine makes it difficult for soap to lather, so using this type of water for showering can … Read more

Why is the Toilet Seat Always Cold – Causes & Solutions

A chilly toilet seat is undoubtedly unpleasant. The mere idea of having to touch it can send shivers down your spine, making you dread the whole ordeal. Especially in the middle of the night, sitting on a cold toilet seat can be enough to make you want to just stay in bed. While a cold … Read more

Aquabliss vs Aquahomegroup vs Culligan vs Aquasana Shower Filter

Research indicates that water is the leading culprit behind itchy skin, dryness, and brittle hair. This is attributed to the high concentration of chlorine, minerals, and toxins present in the tap water we use. Moreover, these pollutants in water have been shown to cause unpleasant smells or tastes in shower water and make it more … Read more

Toilet Water Rises then Slowly Drains – Toilet Problems & the Solutions

Is your toilet acting up and filling up with water, only to drain away at a snail’s pace? Fear not, because in this article we will explore some of the most effective and time-tested methods for dealing with this irksome and frustrating situation. More importantly, we will show you how to prevent a potential toilet … Read more

Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seat -The Pros & Cons + Which is the Best?

Currently, the top-notch toilet seat options available in the market are made of wood or plastic. These materials provide excellent value for your money and are highly sought after by consumers. But if you’re trying to choose between the two, which one should you go for? Fear not, dear reader, for this article is dedicated … Read more

7 Best Power Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

When it comes to showering, many overlook the benefits of having powerful and revitalizing water flow. On the other hand, customers with poor water pressure may have a less than satisfactory experience. If the water stream is weak and drippy, taking a shower may be challenging, and you may feel less refreshed than you should. … Read more

8 Best Toilet Seats that Won’t Stain

A toilet seat is a detachable appliance made of plastic or wood that is hinged on the toilet rim and consists of a seat and lid. This makes using the toilet more comfortable. There are many different shapes and designs available, with features such as stain-resistant material, slow-closing mechanisms, and non-slip rubber bumpers. In the … Read more

Aquagear Filter Replacement Review & Buying Guide

The Aquagear water filter pitchers are manufactured by the Georgia-based company Goaquagear, and are the latest in the Aquagear line of water filters. This company was solely founded to solve the water problem that ordinary people face in their daily lives due to the availability of unfiltered tap water. The Aquagear Company came up with … Read more

Clearly Water Filter Pitcher Review & Buying Guide

Allow me to paint a picture of innovation and excellence that is embodied by Clearly Filtered. Founded in the United States in 2011, the company is a force to be reckoned with in the water filtration industry, with the sole mission of creating a superior filtration system. With a Clearly Filtered pitcher in hand, you … Read more

KOHLER K-5172-0 Low Profile Toilet Review

Kohler has built and solidified its brand reputation over the past 150 years by producing creative, high-quality, long-lasting bathroom items. The Kohler company primarily concentrates on bathroom, lighting, and kitchen equipment, with traditional and modern designs that have withstood the test of time. Today’s review will look at the KOHLER K-5172-0 low-profile toilet, which is … Read more

Waterpik VS. Delta VS. Speakman Shower Head

In the 21st century, it’s not just about cleanliness but also how you shower. The shower head you use significantly impacts how you start or end your day. Using the right showerhead can transform one’s bathroom into an enticing place where one can contemplate and relax after a long day at work. Compared to old-fashioned … Read more

7 Best Ionic Shower Heads

Have you ever thought about how the water in your shower might be damaging your skin and hair? It’s true! Chlorine and chloramine are often present in shower water, and these chemicals can cause dryness and itchiness. But what if you could enjoy a shower that was free from these harmful chemicals and full of … Read more

6 Best Low Profile Toilets

Welcome to the ultimate guide for those seeking a toilet that is both space-saving and comfortable. Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our top picks for the best low-profile toilets of 2023. Our expertly crafted list includes toilets designed to fit seamlessly into smaller bathrooms while maintaining the highest standards of quality and … Read more

Is it Illegal to have Security Camera in the Bathroom?

To be honest, you can legally set up a covert or spy camera in your house without the knowledge of the person being recorded. This includes areas such as the bathroom, bedroom, or living room. The demand for nanny or hidden cameras has risen significantly in both America and Europe. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to bear … Read more

Moen (26009) Magnetic 2-in-1 Handheld Shower Head

Step into the world of luxurious showers with Moen’s 2-in-1 handheld showerhead, crafted by the renowned Moen company. With a legacy of producing premium bathroom fixtures like faucets, sinks, showerheads, and bath safety products, Moen has made its mark in the industry by delivering excellence in every product. Experience the blissful showering moments with Moen’s … Read more

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Speakman Shower Head 2251 vs 2252 vs 2005 HB

Speakman is a famous brand that’s been around for a long time, known for making really great showerheads that don’t rust. When you use one of their showerheads, you can expect a refreshing and all-encompassing spray that’s become a hallmark of the brand. But when it comes to choosing between Speakman S-2251, S-2252, and S-2005 … Read more

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Have you ever stood under a shower head, marveling at its incredible warmth, only to be confronted with the crushing fact that your hot water tank may be emptying quicker than a politician’s promises during an election year? The sight of an innocuous showerhead sucking up all your hot water like a thirsty demon makes … Read more

Why Does My Handheld Shower head Have No Pressure?

Are you sick of feeling like you’re showering in a trickle? Standing in front of a low-pressure handheld shower head can aggravate your condition, leaving you feeling less refreshed and clean. But why does this happen, and how can you prevent it? The remedy may be more straightforward than you believe, but you need adequate … Read more

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When selecting a showerhead for a compact bathroom, it is essential to locate one that suits the area and gives a pleasant and comfortable showering experience. And what better way to do both than by utilizing a handheld showerhead? These flexible shower units offer the ease of changing water flow and direction, making them an … Read more

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Small shower areas may frequently seem claustrophobic, disorganized, and stuffed. But what if we told you that you could transform that little shower into a spa-like retreat with a few design adjustments and creative tactics? A large bathroom is optional for the perfect shower experience. This post will demonstrate how to utilize your limited bathroom … Read more

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Are you fed up with crouching beneath your shower head to rinse your hair? If you have a small shower, you understand the difficulty of finding a pleasant showering environment. The height of your shower head significantly impacts your comfort and usefulness, but what do you do if it needs to be higher? There are … Read more

Best Quality Shower Head And Handheld Combo

A fixed shower head and handheld combination of superior quality can enhance the entire shower experience. With the convenience of a detachable handheld sprayer, you will always enjoy a shower with additional versatility, control, and flexibility. However, picking the perfect one may take a lot of work with so many alternatives available. In light of … Read more

What Are The Advantages Of a Handheld Shower Head?

A handheld shower head is a helpful addition to any bathroom since it offers a variety of advantages. The advantages of a handheld shower head are evident, ranging from efficiently controlling water flow to different body parts to the enhanced hygiene provided by its removable design. Handheld shower heads provide a solution that is both … Read more

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Global society is plagued by a pervasive problem: hair loss. While genetics, stress, and diet all play a role, many are surprised to learn that hard water is also a factor. Hard water can significantly influence hair and scalp health, despite being viewed as a relatively small concern. This article explores the relationship between hard … Read more

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Most of us take our shower heads for granted, yet they may significantly impact our physical and emotional health. Mineral shower heads provide a solution that keeps you clean and protects your health. By adding minerals to the water, these shower heads improve the quality of shower water, resulting in healthier skin and hair, as … Read more

How Do I Prevent Limescale In My Shower Head?

Say goodbye to the unsightly and ugly limescale accumulation in your shower head. These hard mineral deposits not only detract from your shower’s aesthetics but can also impede water flow and diminish its quality. Once established, cleaning limescale may be laborious and even damage the shower head’s surface. Don’t wait until it’s too late; take … Read more

Is There A Shower Head That Can Help With Hard Water?

Hard water may be a recurring problem that affects a number of homes. Hard water’s chronic mineral accumulation can be an irritant and create a range of issues, including pipe and fixture damage, skin irritation, and soap’s inability to generate suds. However, there is a remedy for this ubiquitous issue. A shower head designed to … Read more

Why Is My Shower Head Spraying Everywhere?

When you get into your shower, the last thing you want is to be showered by a shower head that sprays water in every direction. This inconvenient and wasteful event can be exacerbated by low water pressure, clogged shower heads, and worn-out washers. You are not alone in your dissatisfaction with a spray shower head. … Read more

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Although water is a critical resource, many people and communities worldwide still need guaranteed access to drinkable water that is not contaminated. One option to ensure that the water supply is clean is to filter it at home using filtration technologies. Water may be purified at home using various methods, which is useful whether you … Read more

Why Do I Still Smell Like Chlorine After Shower?

Chlorine is a disinfectant in public and private swimming pools, hot tubs, and municipal water systems. Despite its effectiveness in killing germs and other potentially dangerous diseases, it tends to leave a strong odor on exposed skin and hair after shower. If you took a shower or bath within the last several hours and still … Read more

How Do You Know If Shower Water Has Chlorine?

Do you ever feel like your skin is itchy and dry after a shower or that your hair is dull and lifeless? The chlorine in your shower water is likely to blame. High amounts of chlorine, commonly used in water treatment to fight germs and viruses, can severely damage human skin and hair. In this … Read more

How Do I Dechlorinate My Shower Water?

The value of having access to clean water for one’s health and well-being is well understood. You may not realize it, but the water you use in the shower and washing your hair might harm your health. Chlorine, a chemical frequently added to municipal water systems to sterilize the water, can damage our hair, skin, … Read more

7 Best Shower Filter to Get Rid of Chlorine

We all know that having a shower is an essential part of our daily routine. However, did you know that the water from your showerhead may include potentially dangerous substances such as chlorine? Chlorine, a common chemical used to disinfect water in water treatment plants, has the potential to cause dry and itchy skin, hair … Read more

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A power shower is a luxury that many homeowners desire. With its powerful jets and invigorating spray, a power shower can provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. However, before you install a power shower, it’s important to consider the water supply and storage requirements. One question that many homeowners have … Read more

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Best Fixed Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

Are you fed up with your shower head’s limited and unsatisfying water flow? There is a solution to the vexing problem of low water pressure, which can be rather irritating. Investing in a fixed shower head that is specifically designed for low water pressure may significantly affect the quality of your bathing experience. This article … Read more

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Have you become tired of having the same shower every day? Installing a raindrop showerhead can make your bathroom appear more like a fancy day spa than ever before. Rain showerheads not only deliver a soft spray similar to a mist but also give several benefits that may improve your overall showering experience. There are … Read more

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If you’re in the market for a new toilet seat, you might be wondering about the various types of seats available and which one would be best for you. Elongated toilet seats are one of several options worth considering. But what exactly is an “elongated seat,” and why should one choose this particular design over … Read more

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Average Shower head Water Flow Rate

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Why Is the Shower head Squealing?

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How to Fix a Sagging Shower head

Sagging shower heads are a typical issue, but don’t worry because they’re simple to fix. A number of factors, including a loose bracket, a worn hose, or a broken ball joint, could cause a sagging shower head. But there is good news: you don’t need to contact a plumber because the problem is simple enough … Read more

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Water Filter Pitcher with Fluoride Removal

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Water Filter Pitcher with pH Balance

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Water Filter Pitcher with Fast Filtration Speed

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What to Do If the Toilet Seat is Too Low?

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How Can I Make My Toilet Seat Taller?

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How Do I Know What Size Toilet Seat to Buy?

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Are Soft Close Toilet Seats Any Good?

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Are Toilet Seat Covers Sanitary?

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Which Toilet Seat are the Most Comfortable?

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How Do You Clean a White Plastic Toilet Seats?

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How to Replace Kohler Toilet Seat with Hidden Bolts

Changing out the toilet seat is one of those chores nobody looks forward to doing. However, keeping the toilet seat clean and in good working order is essential to ensuring proper hygiene and sitting comfort. The technique may be considerably more complicated if the toilet in question is a Kohler model with fasteners concealed from … Read more

What are the Features of a Delta Shower head?

Do you want to improve your morning routine by installing a new Delta showerhead? To your delight, Delta showerheads provide a variety of options. Delta provides something for everyone, including various spray patterns, adjustable water flow and pressure, and innovative water and energy-saving innovations. In this post, we’ll look at the many options for Delta … Read more

Why Do People Put in Two Shower heads?

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Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

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