Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seats

Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seats -The Pros & Cons + Which is the Best?

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The toilet is made up of the tank, the bowl, and the seat. The toilet seat plays an integral part in the toilet by providing a seat.

When going for a toilet seat some factors that come into play that affect the choice you make. The material you are purchasing has to be able to fit your needs. Toilet seats are made of different materials ranging from wood to plastic, to polyresin material; you should pick the best one that works for you and your household.

The most common material for the manufacturing of toilet seats is either wood or plastic. Almost all toilets come with toilet seats made out of plastic. The need arises for the replacement of your toilet seat after it has seen better days which will have you selecting between a wooden toilet seat and a plastic toilet seat.

The plastic toilet seat is made of thermoset plastic which is expensive due to its ability to be resistant to scratches. Fiberboard is the material used in the manufacturing of the wooden toilet seat. The wooden toilet seat is available in round and elongated shapes.

The toilet seat may periodically need replacements due to chipping, breakages or deformity which are accidents known to happen. The replacement may be needed due to stubborn stains brought about by urine on the toilet seat which may be an eyesore.

Toilet seats are made out of plastic or wood material as they are more accessible thus the continuous availability of the product. Toilet seats are easy to install and could be easily detached from the toilet for thorough cleaning. The market is filled with wide range of brands of toilet seats with each having different features that make them unique.

Wood vs. Plastic toilet seat cleaning

The wood toilet seat is not protected from scratches, and its durability cannot be compared to its plastic counterpart.

When going for hygiene you would take into consideration the plastic toilet seat, as it maintains the new look for longer periods giving you an easy time when cleaning. The wooden toilet seat when stained it requires a lot of effort to clean which may cause damage to the seat.

Hygiene is an integral part to take into consideration when buying a toilet seat. The plastic toilet seats are easy to clean and would require just a wipe down using the basic antibacterial soap and water which would be sufficient.

The counterpart, the wood toilet seat is an absorbent material. The presence of a protective finish does not protect it from scratches which when exposed to moisture and liquids the toilet seat may absorb and become damp.

The wooden toilet seat gets rot and some time generates a foul smell. To be able to clean a wooden toilet seat effectively ensure you use a soft cloth or a sponge, make use of antibacterial detergent as it will help with the killing of germs. In comparison, the wooden toilet seat is tasking to clean compared to the plastic toilet seat.

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Wooden Toilet Seats Pros and Cons

  • The toilet seat is thick and solid.
  • Gives the room an aesthetic touch.
  • The temperature is maintained and does not get cold in winter.
  • The appearance can be accustomed to your needs.
  • It offers a classy finish.
  • It is costly compared to the plastic seat.
  • Its sparkle dims too fast.
  • Wood being an absorbent of moisture and liquid, it will dampen with time.
  • Proves to be more tasking to clean.

Plastic Toilet Seat Pros and Cons

  • Offers friendly pricing.
  • The cleaning process is easy.
  • Easy for toddlers to lift.
  • A wide variety to select from.
  • Low chances of scratching and does not absorb moisture.
  • Tends to discolor with time.
  • Has a cheap appearance.
  • Very cold to sit on during the winter season.

The Most Desirable Toilet Seat

The toilet seat is a common item used in almost household or public spaces. Toilet seats come in different shades to style and design to maintain your sanitary conditions in your washroom.

The material of the toilet seats varies and determines the durability of the toilet seat.
The market is filled with a wide array of brands each offering uniqueness of the products in the market making it a bit tricky to pick the best.

Some factors that you have to have in mind when selecting the best in the market.

Making the wrong pick of a toilet seat would greatly affect your comfort and to be able to ensure you get the best out of the market, you have to put the following into consideration:

  • The Material of the toilet seat you choose to purchase should be flexible and durable to hold different weights of the users. The best material in this context is plastic models as they are made of tough plastics and wood material.
  • The Hinges dictate the fit and strength of the toilet seat. Great quality hinges are sure to guarantee comfort and perfect fit of the toilet seat.
  • The Closing system should be able to offer slow-motion close which is silent. This is advisable as the closing will ensure no breakages on the toilet seat and provide for a peaceful night.
  • The Versatility of the toilet seats which will be able to meet the needs of every individual. If the toilet seat cannot meet the needs of a few it will be of no help. When going for toilet seat go for one that can meet the needs of adults and children.
  • The Finish, fit, and style which is as critical as the performance of the toilet seat. A hideous aesthetic and style would bring down the whole appeal and design of the washroom.
  • Shape and size of the toilet seats which often come in either elongated or round sizes. For this reason, be aware of the shape and size of your toilet before you purchasing a seat.
  • Ease of installation of the toilet seat. Mostly, the seats with just an easy bolt or clamp installation fit into your toilet bowls are the desirable ones. The complex toilet seats could compromise the performance and even cost you money.
  • Utility and comfort are what you should be able to get from your toilet seat. The toilet seat should be able to offer comfort utility durability and rigidity.

American Standard Slow Close Round Front Champion Toilet Seat with Cover

  • EverClean Surface.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

This particular toilet offers a slow-close feature that allows for peaceful nights. A loud slam of the toilet seat in the middle of the night would be irritating to the light sleepers. This particular feature allows for no distraction in the middle of the night.

This toilet is made and put up in America and is able to see through the set standards are met.

The spectacular aesthetic of the toilet is accompanied by the simplicity of the highest order and a great addition to your washroom.

The standard aesthetic of this toilet seat will see the easy fit for all standard toilets. For your fingers to not get pinched while closing the lid, the slow and silent feature is able to ensure this.

Another feature that sets this toilet seat different from the rest is the tool-less lift-off feature. This allows for ease in the removal and reattachment of the seat during the cleaning of the toilet. The seat is made of solid plastic material that is able to stand pressure and daily use.

This particular seat is a pocket-friendly choice that will not compromise on its performance; you get value for your money.

  • Able to fit almost all standard toilets that are round in design.
  • The seat offers the slow close feature.
  • The simple to remove a feature which offers effortless cleaning.
  • A beautiful design that suits your bathroom décor.
  • A bit bigger than the toilet but it ensures proper a proper fit.


Each particular toilet seat has its bright side and a dull side. The article strives to give you a highlight of what will serve you best. The factors to consider getting the best from each toilet seat will enable you to get value on your money in every aspect. The design and appearance of the toilet seat is what are likely to attract most individuals going out to get a toilet seat forgetting other extra features the toilet seat has to offer. Some features such as easy to remove the toilet seat allow for thorough clean up of the toilet. The slow close feature should also be taken into consideration as it will be of great benefit to the user.

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Are Wooden Toilet Seats Sanitary?

In general, wooden toilet seats are more absorbent compared to plastic toilet seats.

They are also referred to as a porous material, which is known to absorb more liquids compare to non-porous material; consequently, a wood toilet seat is likely to be less sanitary compared to the plastic toilet seat.

Although, great quality wooden toilet seats are exemplarily treated to ensure they are fully protected from hosting germs and bacteria.

All in all, a well-maintained wooden toilet seat would be sanitary just like a plastic toilet seat. Ensure the sanitation of the toilet seat is highly maintained and avoid slamming the seat. Tiny cracks on the toilet seat will provide a great breeding ground for bacteria and likely to harbor urine smell.

How To Maintain A Wooden Toilet Seat

  • Always have the toilet seat dry

At no point should the wooden surface be soaked regardless of the products you use to clean the toilet seat. Don’t let water or cleaning products stay on the surface for long periods. Ensure you wipe the wooden toilet seat dry leaving the lid up to allow for air to flow drying the wood. Damp wood provides a great breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and mold.

  • Have cracked seats replaced immediately

Even with the best care of the toilet seat, we cannot avoid cracks or breakages on the wooden toilet seat. Ensure regular inspection of the toilet seat for any cracks whatsoever and have it replaced immediately. Even the slightest crack could cause great danger to unsuspecting users.

  • Ensure other hardware are protected

When cleaning the toilet seat be sure to clean the hinges of the toilet seat. Hydrogen peroxide offers a great cleaning solution and is able to reach even the cramped up part and avoiding rusting of the hinges. Check on the bumpers underneath the toilet seat. In the case of discoloration or breakages or dislodging they could be easily replaced. Having them in shape all through will see the toilet seat stable on the bowl with no slipping or sliding.

  • Cleaning, disinfection, and protection

Opt for cleaning products that do not cause harm to the wooden toilet seat. Ensure that you avoid bleaching agents, vinegar or any kind of abrasive cleaner. These are likely to cause more harm to the wood than good. Use products that will see the wood is disinfected, clean and protected all through such as, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide solution and Murphy’s oil soap to clean.

Do Plastic Toilet Seats Stain?

A white toilet seat is prone to stains over time or discoloration. Constant care is needed to ensure the urine stain does not remain lasting on the white toilet seat.

A regular clean up of the toilet seat with the antibacterial cleaner will be of help with the maintenance of the white color of the toilet seat. Either a soft cloth or sponge in the cleaning process of the toilet seat will be able to ensure no scratching of the plastic material.

Stains on the plastic toilet seats are a handful and embarrassing. Scouring cleaners are known to cause permanent scratches on the surface of the toilet and still leave urine stains behind.

Chlorine is known to bleach and kill germs but will not help with the discoloration left behind by urine. You may opt for other safer means to see the removal of the yellow and brown buildup. Baking soda with a small amount of elbow grease is known to do a better job as it is able to leave a clean and fresh appearance.

The first step

Using a germ-killing cleaner, spray the toilet seat stains. Let the cleaner stay on the surfaces from 5 to 10 minutes then proceed to wipe with a damp rag or sponge.

The second step

Have a quarter cup of baking soda mixed with half a cup of warm water in a small bowl. The mixture should be a paste-like with consistency. Have the mixture seared on the stains and allow it to seat for 15 to 20 minutes.

The third step
Using a soft sponge, dip in water and scrub the stained toilet seat. Scrub in a circular way ensuring you wet the sponge from time to time.

The fourth step
The left paste, apply again on the stains on the toilet seat and proceed to scrub till the yellow and brown stains are gone. Thoroughly rinse with water till clean.

The fifth step

Have the germ-killing spray sprayed all over the surface and wipe with a damp rag. This will leave the toilet smelling and looking fresh.

Why are toilet seats split in the front

The public toilet seat is shaped differently from the toilet in your household. A large number of public toilet seats are U shaped or have an opening at the front of the toilet seat.

Unlike, the private bathrooms that have an oval or round toilet seats that wrap around on the toilet seat.

The plumbing codes in the U.S has set requirements that have to be adopted by every public toilet which state that, “All water closet seats, except those within dwelling units, shall either be open front types or with an automatic seat cover dispenser,” as the California’s state plumbing code dictates[PDF].

This need was first incorporated in the American Standard National Plumbing Code of 1955, also in the Uniform Plumbing Code in 1973.
This is in general concern to hygiene. The U shape toilet seat allows for breathing room to prevent the genitals from getting into contact with the toilet seat and also leaving less space for urine splash.
The U shaped toilet seats are generally designed to allow wiping easy for women, which is according to Lynne Simnick, the senior vice president of code development with the IAPMO.

The space at the front of the toilet seat is designed to “allow women to wipe the perineal area after use of the toilet with no contact of the seat,” she says.
U-shaped toilet seats are found to be cheaper, as less material is used.

How do you disinfect a wooden toilet seat

Wooden toilet seat tends to split from improper care which proceeds to house excess moisture. This provides for a great breeding ground for bacteria.

Worse still the harsh chemicals used to clean the toilet seat end up causing rashes on children. Proper care of your wooden toilet seat will see the durability and protection of children’s skin from getting toilet seat related to skin diseases.

First; inspect the toilet seat hinges, nuts, and bolts and ensure they are working as required. Loose hinges should be tightened using a wrench and a replacement of the hardware when necessary.

Second; scrutinize the toilet seat bumper and make sure they are attached, have the bumpers replaced if necessary.

Have the hand soap or the dishwashing soap mixed with water in a bowl. To wipe down the sat use a soft piece of cloth or a sponge. For the elimination f germs on the toilet seat make use of antibacterial soap, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

With clean water, rinse the toilet seat thoroughly and wipe it dry using a soft piece of cloth. Have the lid open to allow air to dry the hinges.
You will need the following.

  • Extra nuts, hinges, and bumpers for the replacement if necessary.
  • A wrench kindly note, not pliers.
  • Hand soap or a dish-washing liquid.
  • A sponge or a soft rag.
  • A dry soft piece of cloth.
  • An antibacterial soap, hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol

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