Best Toilet Seat that Won't Stain

Best Toilet Seats that Doesn’t/Won’t Stain | Review & Buying Guide 2020

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The cleanliness of your bathroom is largely dependent on your toilet seat. The toilet seat will be able to prevent odor from escaping the bowl and helping you maintain the neatness of the bathroom.

The presence of stains on your toilet seats could be irritating and cause a great deal of discomfort when using the bathroom.

Being able to pick the right toilet seat for your bathroom will give you an easy time cleaning off the stains and enhance your bathroom experience every time.

This article will guide you in picking the right toilet seat that won’t stain and have shown to provide value for the money keeping in mind the price, durability, ease of use, and cleaning.

First…. Here is a summary of our findings:

BATH ROYALE Premium Toilet Seat – Check Today’s Price on Amazon

“100% pure polypropylene which is non-absorbent, chemical & stain-resistant.”

Delta Faucet Morgan Toilet Seat – Check Today’s Price on Amazon

“Non-Slip Bumper toilet seat cover that is resistant to stains, chipping, fading, and peeling.”

To start, we’ll give you a list of the Best Stain Resistance Toilet Seats of 2020. Then we’ll dive deep into the important features, benefits, specifications, and final verdict. So be sure to read till the end.

5 Best Toilet Seats that Won’t Stain

1. Delta 811903 Stain ResistanceElongated$$$
2. Bath Royale BR606 Toilet SeatElongated$$$
3. AmazonBasic AB-T100Elongated$$$
4. Bath ROYALE Unbreakable Toilet SeatRounded$$$
5. Bemis Comfortable Toilet SeatElongated$$$
6. Bath ROYALE BR237 Masetsuite SeatRounded$$$

Lets Dive in…

Best Pick

1. BATH ROYALE Premium BR606-00 (Oval Size) Elongated Non Staining Toilet Seat

  • Chemical and Stain-resistant.

Bath Royale BR606-00 toilet seats are BETTER, MORE SANITARY and DURABLE compared to the painted wood or vinyl-covered foam padded soft seats. It is made of 100% original polypropylene non-recycled plastic which is non-absorbent, stain, and chemical-resistant.

Designed with QUICK RELEASE feature which helps maintain your bathroom cleanliness and a fresh smell. Press a button to automatically detach the seat and thoroughly clean the nasty area between the mounting posts which causes the odor and where the germs collect.

This toilet seat is made from a STRONGER yet MORE COMFORTABLE material, which is Softer and warmer on touch to sensitive body parts compared to painted wood, acrylic or other plastics since pure polypropylene retains heat but does not conduct heat.

It has been tested to handle a weight of 400 pounds, 4 non-slip bumpers which evenly distribute the weight. The seat and cover are known to flex, but do not guarantee any crack, break, or permanent deformation.

All Bath Royale seats have a distinguished solid color all through, and at no point will it chip peel or fade. The HIGH-GLOSS finish is known to last for years when given proper care and cleaning while avoiding abrasive chemicals. It comes with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY which is double most toilet brands.

The SLOW CLOSE seat and lid which ensures no loud slamming, cracked toilets or pinched fingers. If closing too slow one could simply push it to close.

The Bath Royale’s soft-close can force close unlike other brands. Also known as the quiet close or whisper close it is ideal for individuals in hurry or adults with lower back pain since the user doesn’t have to stoop or bend to lower the seat.

Before you place an order kindly have the exact measurements of your toilet bowl, this is to confirm whether you need a ROUND or ELONGATED size. The Bath Royal toilet seat fits ALL TOILET BRANDS which include the Crane, Universal Rundle, Eljer, Delta, Bemis, Caroma, and Gerber.

  • Quiet close.
  • Made of 100% pure polypropylene.
  • High-quality product.
  • None

Second Best

2. Delta Faucet Morgan Seat Cover – 811903 WH Stain Resistant Toilet Seat

  • Non-Slip Bumpers.
  • Resistant to staining, peeling, chipping & fading.
  • Fits Elongated Toilets.
  • Durable Finish.

This Delta faucet toilet seat comes with a slow-close seat that is known to close quietly and helps prevent toilet lid from slamming. The non-slip bumpers, this feature keeps the seat from moving or shifting giving it stability.

Easy Installation: its fast and secure installation process which helps prevent loosening, and a durable finish that is resistant to staining, fading, chipping, and peeling.

The Solid construction of the toilet seat provides added weight for strength and durability.

  • Slow-Close Seat – prevent slamming.
  • Affordable Price.
  • The seat is very easy to install.
  • None

3. AmazonBasics Best Economy Toilet Seat (AB-T100-E-W) 1-Pack White in Color

Amazonbasics toilet seat that is identifiable from its white finish.

This toilet seat is made from a durable plastic construction capable to resist cracks and chipping from a constant daily use at the same time offers smooth, fine, and non-porous white surfaces that’s easy to clean and maintain.

One noticeable feature about the Amazonbasics toilet seats is the soft-close mechanism this prevents the toilet lid from slamming down and making that awful noise.

  • Fit and worked perfectly with a standard toilet.
  • Easy installation.
  • Sturdy & Comfy.
  • Not softclose.

4. BEMIS 7800TDG 000 Comfortable Toilet Seat – Commercial Heavy Duty with Cover that Never Loosens

The BEMIS 7800TDG 000 is perfect for COMMERCIAL use as the closed front with cover is made of injection-molded solid plastic.

The material used is heavy duty and Non-corrosive 300 Series stainless-steel posts and pint less.

STA-TITE: Commercial Fastening System which ensures the installation process is easy and no loose or wiggle like movement from the seat cover.

It fits a wide range of elongated toilets seats such as the Kohler, American Standard, TOTO and many more.
Made and manufactured in the united states with earthly and environmental- friendly materials.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Stain-free toilet seat.
  • None.

5. Round Toilet Seats with Two Sets of Parts that Fit Perfectly all Standard Round Toilet

Perfectly designed to fit all standard round toilet seats, this Round toilet seat measures 16.4 × 14 inches and mounting hole distance 5.5 inches.

The plastic toilet seat is known to close slowly and quietly eliminating the slamming thus creating a quiet environment.

You can flap the top lid down without fear of slam shut, as a result this round toilet seats are known to have a longer life since it does not collide during use.

Perfect accessories: The standard toilet seat is known to have two kinds of attachment these are the Plastic nuts and screws; metal screws and the rubber nuts. This enables you to install it from either the bottom or the top of the bowl.

Moreover, it comes with two rubber pads that offer to protect the hinge from wear and tear caused by constant daily use, and with a unique anatomical design allows easy opening and closing the top cover from the seat.

One will no longer require separating the toilet seats when lifting the toilet top cover. This ergonomic design is comfortable and known to enhance your toilet experience.

Hi-Q Material: This toilet seat is manufactured from white PP material that is known for high toughness and strength, making it more durable compared to ordinary plastics.

At no point will the material yellow or discolor and fade, it remains the same as new even after a few years of use. The surface is known to be smooth and effectively resistant to dirt.

One needs to wipe it with a soft towel without chemicals to keep the toilet clean. Chemicals are known to cause slow damage t materials.

  • Very quiet when closing – no more slamming sound.
  • Ease to install.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • None.

6. BATH ROYALE (BR644-00) Unbreakable Toilet Seat – Fits all Toilet Brands – Totos, Kohler & American Standard

The SLOW CLOSE feature seat and lid are known to prevent loud slamming, pinched fingers, and cracked toilets. When Closing too slow one will simply push it closed.

The Bath Royale’s soft close is known to force close compared to other brands. Also referred to as whisper close it is ideal for individuals in a hurry or adults with lower back pain since the user will not be required to stoop or bend to lower the seat.

A QUICK-RELEASE feature which helps with maintaining your bathroom cleanliness and keeps it always smelling fresh. Open your seat to a vertical position and lift it straight.

It detaches automatically enabling a thorough clean up of the nasty area in between the mounting posts where odor-causing germs collect.

The toilet seat is BETTER, with MORE SANITARY and LONGER LASTING in comparison to painted wood or vinyl-covered foam padded soft seats. Made of 100% pure polypropylene which is not recycled (plastic) and thus non-absorbent, chemical, and stain-resistant.

The Bath Royale seats are known to have a solid color throughout, and will at no time chip peel or fade. The HIGH-GLOSS finish when given proper maintenance, it’s known to last for years.

This product comes with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY which is double most other brands.
It is made of STRONGER yet MORE COMFORTABLE material. It is Softer and warmer on touch with sensitive body parts compared to painted wood, acrylic or other plastics since pure polypropylene is a thermal insulator and known to retain heat but does not conduct heat.

Has been put to Test with 400 pounds, 4 non-slip bumpers which are evenly distributed in weight. The seat and cover will easily flex, without cracking, breaking or permanently deform.

A requirement before ordering the toilet seat is to measurements of your toilet seat bowl. This particular toilet seat is available in ELONGATED SIZE ONLY.

The Bath Royal toilet seats FIT ALL TOILET BRANDS hence considered universal. The toilet seat also fits toilets with a non-standard mounting hole-spacing of 4.5-6.5 inches.

  • Durable toilet seat & Cover.
  • Positive reviews from real buyers on Amazon.
  • Sturdy and comfy.
  • None.

7. BATH ROYALE (BR237-00) Best Stain Resistant MasterSuite Toilet Seat Fit all Brands – Totos, American Standard & Kohler

The BEST SEAT – the Master-Suite toilet seats are made to last long.

They are made out of a material known as Eurocast, an advanced technology material which is harder, heavier and stiffer than polypropylene material and other plastic seats. Eurocast is known to be durable, heavy-duty chemical and scratch-resistant.

It has been put to test with 400 pounds, the rubber-like material, makes it a non-slip-resistant non-slip bumper which is engineered for stability.

The SLOW CLOSE feature in the toilet seat and lid keeps the lid from loud slamming, pinched fingers, and cracked toilet seat covers. In places, the cover closes too slowly you would simply opt to push it closed.

The Bath Royale’s soft-close can force closed unlike the other brands in the market. Also known as the whisper close or quiet close is ideal for adults with lower back pain issues since the user will not be required to stoop or bend to lower the seat or adults in a rush.

A QUICK-RELEASE feature which assists in keeping the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

One simply is required to press the buttons to detach the seat to clean thoroughly the nasty areas where urine, grime, and odor-causing germs collect at the mounting position of the seat and toilet.

NOTE: When cleaning, avoid spraying or saturating the hinges or the mounting base. Spray the cloth first, then proceed to wipe.

The plastic material is MORE SANITARY and LONGER-LASTING compared to the vinyl-covered foam padded “soft” seats, painted wood or molded wood.

All Bath Royale toilet seats with a solid color throughout, are non-absorbent and will not fade or chip feels. The stainless steel mounting hardware holds the toilet seat firmly in place.

The toilet seat comes with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY which is double the amount to other toilet seats.

The toilet seat comes with different measurements and BEFORE YOU proceed to Order you will be required to have measurement so to confirm whether you need a ROUND or an ELONGATED size.

Bath Royal toilet seats fit a large brand of toilets, therefore, considered a universal brand, without forgetting the toilets with non-standard mounting hole spacing’s 4.5-6.5 inches.

  • Easy to remove & clean.
  • It comes with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY.
  • None.


The team’s best pick is the Bath Royale Premium toilet seat. This toilet seat offers durability and at the same time offers comfort.

The material used in the construction of this toilet seat is polypropylene which is a tough version of plastic thus no breakages, it also retains heat making sure you have a warm toilet seat over winter. In additon material is easy to clean and chemicals would not wear it out easily. It is also stain-resistant meaning you won’t be seeing any kind of discoloration on your toilet seat.

This toilet seat features the quick release feature which helps with maintaining the bathroom cleanliness and a good odor. It has been tested and proven to handle weight of up to 400 pounds, the 4 non-slip bumpers on the toilet seat are able to distribute the weight evenly on the toilet seat and you will not have to worry about wobbling or slipping off of the toilet seat.

A elongated toilets seat cover plays a great role in a household. The availability of a range of toilet seat makes it possible for one to be able to select from a large variety. Toilet seats from different brands have different feature but all serve the same purpose in every household. The features make them unique and to some extent desirable.


How do I prevent toilet seat from staining

Toilet seats are often stained by urine and may cost and extra dime to the rid of the stains. In a household with children below 13, the stained toilet seat is the rule of the day as they do not understand the need to have a stain-free toilet seat.

The underside of the toilet seat covers seems to experience the most of staining from urination and defecation stains, with time, the stains build up and cannot be cleaned with water and detergent, becoming an extreme job to get rid of Stained toilet seat is not in any way desirable to look at and may lead to replacement even without any breakages

Bleach is known as a good disinfectant and cleaning agent and highly recommended when cleaning toilet seat covers to get rid of the stains.

Baking soda mixed elbow grease creates a paste that would efficiently eliminate the stains on the toilet seat cover leaving it sparkling with much ease.

Vinegar contains an organic material that reacts with stains. This allows for the vinegar to get rid of the stain with little to no effort as one would require wiping the toilet cover with the vinegar.

The best durable toilet seat material available

This is dependent on whether or not the toilet is for commercial use or not. The material mostly used in the manufacture of the toilet seat cover is either plastic or wood
Originally, toilet seats were made out of wood. The seats were constructed with various wood and clear varnish was used to finish the process.

The varnish ensured the seat was protected from water and ensured the toilet seat remained clean. The wooden toilet seats are more prone to rot compared to synthetic materials.

The main benefits of the wooden toilet seats are generally the appearance and the feel of the seat.
The wooden seats are less responsive to temperature compared to synthetic materials, which means it won’t be as cold to sit on during the winter months.
Manufacturers began to make use of synthetic materials; plastic toilet seat was the popular option in the industry.

Since plastic seats are known not to rot unlike wooden seats, the plastic materials are not as tough as other synthetic materials.

The polypropylene material is used to make most of the plastic seats. The material is prone to breakage but, it also the cheapest in the market. Discoloration after a while experiences with the plastic seats.

The thermoplastic seat may be a better option for the plastic seat cover. It is known to be much stronger with an injection molding material which is made from synthetic resin.
The resin toilet seat is advisable when looking for a combination of practical and aesthetic material. The kind of resin in your toilet seat is entirely dependent on the manufacturer of the product.

Most of the resin toilet seats are long-lasting, providing a much better desirable external appearance compared to plastic toilet seats.

Most of the resin toilet seats are made from organic materials despite the existence of synthetic resin material.
Environmentally friendly material for toilet seat would be the resin toilet seat which is made from organic material.

Most durable/long-lasting toilet seat cover

A good toilet seat is best when one doesn’t even notice its existence. Toilet seats that are hard to install and use are complicated and are not worth it.

The toilet seats that are more durable happen to be less complicated and are easy to install and use. The Bath Royale Premium toilet seat is both easy to install and straightforward.

Which is the best toilet seat cover plastic or wood?

Plastic and wood toilet seat covers are readily available in the market since they are the most regularly used material. Wood vs. plastic toilet seat comparison will enable one to decide on what to go for in the market.


Warmth happens to be the first consideration when going for a toilet seat cover. Some seat covers are very cold, especially during the winter period. It’s quite uncomfortable when one is straight from bed in the middle of the night, to sit down on the freezing toilet seat. This is a factor when putting into consideration warmth.
The wooden toilet seat if treated right would be the best option to go for. The wooden seat would not need to be heated but rather maintain the temperatures, unlike the plastic seat that would freeze.

The plastic toilet seat would lead to great discomfort when frozen, despite the number of minutes one is on it. The wooden seat would be desirable if you would want to enjoy your time in the toilet.


The durability of the toilet seat is also a factor when deciding on the material. Wood would be considered to be a long-lasting material compared to plastic material.

Cheap plastic material does not in any way march up to the high quality of wood in durability. Though, this is not the situation when toilet seats are involved.

The wooden toilet seat would not in any way march up to the plastic toilet seat durability. This is because the wooden toilet seats are prone to cracking up and wrapping over, mainly during high temperature and high humidity.

Furthermore, the wooden toilet seat would crack if banged down while shutting while this is not common in plastic toilet seat. The plastic toilet seat will, therefore, have more durability compared to the wooden counterpart.

Moisture and Cleaning

Another factor to keep in mind is moisture or humidity. This is the concern of moisture and humidity in the air being the bathroom environment, but also, keeping in mind the individuals making use of the toilet.

During summer there is more humidity in the air thus the underside sweating of the toilet seat.
Wooden toilet seats are sure to be treated for moisture or humidity but the treatment does not go for long. This, in turn, may lead to the often damp seats that the condition is reversible; this may not only render it uncomfortable for use but also appear and cause a dumpy smell.

This may not be found occurring in the plastic toilet seat. The moisture will be found mostly on the toilet seat providing an option to wipe it off.

On that same note, a wooden toilet seat is going to be much harder to clean than the plastic variety. The natural wood grain creates a slight texture in which various elements can stick to.

The bottom line is that plastic toilet seats absorb much less moisture, and other stuff, and are therefore cleaner and more comfortable to sit on, not to mention much easier to clean as well.
Soft Closing
The most common feature considered when looking for a desirable toilet seat is the nature of soft closing.

The regular toilet seats shut quite fast, and if they are left open the cover automatically drops on its own, the drop may not only cause breakage to the seat cover, but it is also may cause a very loud bang. This may cause a disruption at night to not heavy sleepers at night.

A lot of plastic toilet seats are now accompanied by a soft-close feature, this means that they can close quietly and softly, this ensures a soft close of the toilet seat cover that is silent.

On the contrary, the wooden toilet seats are weightier compared to the plastic ones, and hence close with a louder bang, creating much noise, and they are not accompanied with soft-close feature

How often should one require to change the toilet seat?

Chipped and cracked toilet seat
A chipped toilet seat does not in any way look good and would need a replacement. This is mostly seen on white wooden toilet seats. The plastic toilet seats are known to break or crack under pressure with time, or when a lot of weight is placed on them.

The bolts are loose

Loose bolts on the toilet seat cover call for a replacement. The bolts may strip causing a loose toilet seat. If this happens, it automatically calls for a replacement. The tightening of the bolts in the right way for the first time, it shouldn’t have a problem of getting loose.

Presence of a toddler in a household will automatically dictate the size of the toilet seat selection. Toddler toilet seats would automatically fit in with the big seat and would not need a change every time an adult would need to use the toilet.

Toilet seats have a role to play in every household. They come in different sizes with different materials and unique features. This allows one to be able to choose to select what is available in the market and which will fit their personal needs.

A good toilet seat should be able to allow for easy cleaning, where the stains are easily wiped off with a wet towel. The toilet seat should be easily detachable from the toilet bowl in the choice of thorough cleaning in the hinges.

The quite close feature is also desirable when selecting a toilet seat. The top lid would automatically shut itself after use without slamming. This has helped with preventing breakages of the toilet bowl.

Individuals in a rush or with back pain will find this feature appealing as they do not have to shut the toilet cover.
The presence of the rubber-bumper in the toilet seat. This bumper reduces greatly the movement of the toilet seat when weight is placed upon. The toilet seat remains stable all through.

The bumper also prevents breakage caused by a heavyweight. For environmentally-conscious individuals, they may consider going for toilet seats made of the resin material which is non-toxic, renewable and eco-friendly. The toilet seats made from resin are pretty similar to the rest in the market.

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