Best Toilet Seat that Won’t Stain – See our #1 Pick in 2021

Best Toilet Seats that Won’t Stain

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There are various types and styles of toilet seats you can choose from in the market. From the best of the best and the most affordable option to the ones with contemporary designs and fancy features; you can find a suitable bathroom throne for your toilet.

Consider antimicrobial toilet seats, these are among the best-selling top seats today. An antimicrobial seat inhibits the growth of unhealthy bacteria on the toilet seat.
Let’s face it, toilets are breeding grounds for bacteria, and if you can get a toilet seat that inhibits the growth of bacteria, that’s a good thing!.

If the toilet seat in your bathroom is chipped, stained, or discolored from chemicals or time, consider purchasing a toilet seat that’s resistant to staining, fading, chipping, and peeling. These toilet seats uniquely feature the ever clean surface which works to prohibit the bacterial mildew and molds from growing in the area. It also inhibits bad ominous odors that could house bacteria in the toilet seat.

 We rounded up the best stain resistant toilet seats and reviewed their features. So If you like any one of these, check the link below to catch it at its best price. 

Editor’s Pick

BATH ROYALE Premium Toilet Seat – Buy Now at Amazon

“100% pure polypropylene which is non-absorbent, chemical & stain-resistant.”

Second Pick

Delta Faucet Stain Resistant Toilet Seat – Buy Now at Amazon

“Non-Slip Bumper toilet seat cover that is resistant to stains, chipping, fading, and peeling.”

7 Best Toilet Seat that Won’t Stain in 2021

Editor’s Pick

1. BATH ROYALE Premium BR606-00 – Best Toilet Seat that Won’t Stain

This toilet seat will be a welcome addition to your home. It is a very high-quality toilet seat that’s made of polypropylene; a light, relatively soft plastic that is non-absorbent, chemical, and stain-resistant.

On top of that, it complements a broader range of toilets offered in the market. It fits even on non-standard toilets and it’s available in elongated and round shapes.

The Bath Royale (BR606-00) is engineered for convenience thanks to the quick-release mechanism that works great. A push of a single button on the back will lift the seat right off.

It also features Slow Close which amazingly hinges slowly and closes gently to eliminate possible pinched fingers and unnecessary noise. It’s tested to 400 pounds with stainless steel mounting hardware which minimizes shifting.

You can have a choice of three colors; almond/bone, biscuit/linen, and white to match your preference. Its sturdy solid color throughout is resistant to scratches fading and chipping and the 4 seats tight bumper maintains the stability of the seat keeping it in place preventing it from shifting.

It can be set in just a matter of minutes all thanks to its quick attached hardware which speeds up the installation process.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14x 2 inches (elongated).
  • Shape: elongated, oval, and round.
  •  Material: polypropylene.
  • Tested to 400 pounds.
  • The slow-Close feature helps prevents slamming.
  • A slow close toilet seat that prevents slamming and uncertain accidents with the toilet cover.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Soft, stain-resistant plastic that does not absorb chemicals.
  • Features Slow Close mechanism.
  • Flimsy mounting system.
  • seat cover won’t stay up.

Second Pick

2. Delta (811903 WH)- Best Stain Resistant Toilet Seat

Delta faucet Morgan (811903WH) is an ideal choice for anyone who is budget-minded. It has all the basic applications one can look for in a toilet seat.

The quality of the seat is heavy duty and heavily built to provide maximum comfort to its users. No need to worry about its elongated seat shape because it fits most standard elongated bowls.

Its 18.5& 16.5 inches wide for elongated and round shape respectively with innovative no-slip seat stabilizing rubber bumpers that minimize shifting and can support over 400 pounds.

Available in elongated or round shapes the Delta faucet Morgan (811903WH) boasts of the quietly closed technology the Slow Close feature which aims to prevent the seat and the lid from slamming.

You only get into contact with the lid when you gently tap it to close it. It also promotes hygiene for you thanks to quick release hinges where the seat can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. There are no tools required for its removal.

It offers color matching hinges and bumpers that are non-corrosive in plastic form. The package includes all the hardware needed for easy installation and you can set it up in less than 5 minutes.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14x 2 inches (elongated).
  • Material: hard plastic.
  •  Color: white.
  •  Fits most elongated bowls.
  • The slow-Close feature helps prevents slamming.
  • Resistant to staining, fading, chipping, and peeling.
  • Fast and secure installation.
  • Value for money.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Too small; round hole opening is 9.5 inches (vs. a typical 10-11 Inches).
  • Delicate toilet hinge.

3. AmazonBasics – Best Economy Resistant Toilet Seats

AmazonBasics (AB-T100-E-W) toilet seat is made out of solid polypropylene plastic. Its closed front type of toilet depicts contemporary style and it’s resistant to slamming chipping, staining, and fading. This toilet seat fits most elongated and conventional toilet bowls.

It features a sanitary lift tab which allows the users to raise the seat without even touching it proving its hygienic, reliable, and high performance.

It’s also engineered with a Slow-Close hinge for the user’s convenience. This feature prevents unwanted noise by just gently tapping.

This product comes in elongated and round options with a quick-release mount and boasts of classic white color-matched bumpers and color-matched adjustable hinges that are non-corrosive in plastic form. Whatever toilet cleaner you use, it stays in shape and maintains its shine.

Its bolts are made of steel. You can be assured this color will blend with your existing bathroom decors. It doesn’t shift around either.

Toilet seat hinges normally come as part of the toilet seat either as 2 hinges that can be fitted separately or 2 hinges that are fixed as a single unit with a supporting bar. These work perfectly but there are times that they can snap and they must be replaced for someone to use the toilet effectively.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 18.7 x 2.1 x 14.2 inches (elongated).
  • Material: Durable Solid polypropylene plastic.
  •  Color: white.
  •  Mounting hardware and installation manual included.
  • Easy installation.
  •  Stainless steel hinge material.
  • Ever clean surface.
  • Quick installation.
  • Value for money.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Faulty slow close feature.
  • Not Durable.

4. BEMIS 7800TDG 000 Stain Resistant Elongated Toilet Seat

You can add a little flair to your bathroom with the Bemis 7800TDG 000 toilet seat which is not merely functional but it also creates a new and fresh look inside your bathroom.

Offered at a meager price, it’s designed to complement any décor. Its plastic hooks are top tight bolts nuts and wing nuts that are STA-TITE seat fastening system.

The top STA-TITE serves for easy installation. It never loosens and assures that the seat won’t shift around when in use.

It features the innovative smart seat technology which aims to prevent injury in typical toilet seat slams that annoy most people. It offers a unique soft close hinge system which gently lowers the lid to the bulk quietly setting it back down on the pins to reattach.

The lid is made to cover the toilet opening from the front to the back and it overhangs the front of the bowl just enough to comfortably lift the lid without touching the toilet bowl.

The toilet seat undergoes an earth-friendly manufacturing process with sustainable plastic materials. There is no need of calling a professional to replace or install the toilet set for you as it can be done by following a simple procedure that comes with the product.

This toilet seat is resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals so fading won’t be a problem in the future.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 18 and ½ inches long (elongated).
  • Color: white.
  • STA-TITE fastening system.
  • Fits all elongated toilets.
  •  No tools required.
  •  Durable solid polypropylene.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Quiet close technology.
  • Quick-release hinges.
  • Problem with the mounting system.

5. Round Toilet Seats with Two Sets of Parts Comfortable Doesn’t Stain Toilet Seat

No one wants to sit on an uncomfortable seat in a boring bathroom. Besides, you deserve a throne room fit for a king or queen and it should be one of the nicest rooms in the house.

Enjoy the luxury of having another toilet seat whose ergonomic design will provide you with comfort.

The Round Toilet Seat is engineered with a sturdy high-impact PP material which is more durable than ordinary plastic and the package comes with tightening bolts to assure fast and easy installation.

The mounting and installation hardware is already included in the package which also comes with manual and care guidelines.

This adult size toilet seat weighs approximately 5 pounds and is available in bright white color. The seat allows an adjustable half-inch from the front all to the back for perfectly fitting with the bowl made.

The sturdy PP material is resistant to scratches, dirt, and chipping. Cleaning is easy. With just a soft towel, you can wipe it to keep it clean and bright. It does not however have any deodorizing or antimicrobial capability unlike the other variants of its kind.

Backed by a one-year warranty this toilet seat can easily be installed on your bathroom throne and works well to leave you feeling fresh and clean.

The package includes all the hardware needed and it’s also equipped with Slow Close sturdy chrome hinges which close slowly with no slamming.

Customer report claims that this seat seems to say in place, without sliding around on the top of the toilet base.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 16.4 x 14 x 2.2 inches.
  • Shape: round.
  •  Stain-resistant, more hygienic and non-absorbent material.
  • Unique soft close.
  •  Ergonomic design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Value for money.
  • Sturdy high-impact PP material.
  • It fits any standard elongated bowl.
  • Ensure you measure your dimensions before buying; it might not fit.

6. BATH ROYALE (644-00) Best Toilet Seat that Won’t Stain

Bath Royale (BR644-00) is packed with features as some of the already mentioned toilet seats and comes in at a price that’s very much affordable.

The color and design of this toilet seat blend in well with most décor keeping a great look of the house.

It comes in elongated and round options with a quick-release mount. This seat perfectly fits one and two-piece toilets and most elongated bowls and it boasts of a slow close hinge that prevents the toilet seat from slamming. It doesn’t shift around either.

To prevent it from making even the slightest movement during use, it’s recommended to use metal bolts rather than plastic ones as they don’t scratch. It also enables easy thorough cleaning.

The Bath Royale (BR644-00) toilet seat provides comfort and convenience to a common person aside from the fact that it’s simple to set up. It measures 18 and ½ inches long and is designed ergonomically of ease, mostly chip-resistant, and will not peel or tarnish while keeping its integral lids.

Nonetheless, ensure you know the type of toilet seat you are using so that it can be fitted in well without any problem. Compared to others of its kind, you’ll still find great value in this toilet seat with its ergonomic design.

It has a common problem though wherein the seats tend to shift sideways but this can be resolved though by keeping the locks tighten.

This product boasts of white color-matched bumpers and color-matched adjustable hinges that are non-corrosive in plastic form. It also caters to round front design toilets.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 20.2 x 15.6 x3.1 inches.
  •  Material; High gloss polypropylene.
  •  Color; white.
  •  Shape; elongated.
  •  Seat fastening system.
  •  Smart seat technology.
  • Made with High gloss polypropylene solid materials.
  • Affordable price toilet seat.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • The Cover and toilet seat are durable.
  • Rubber bumpers are not durable.

7. BATH ROYALE (237-00) Best Non Staining Master Suite Toilet Seat

The Bath Royale (BR237-00) is another ideal style seat for your bathroom when it comes to feeling cordial and inviting.

This toilet seat is simple and easy to install and it’s a safe and perfect fit and weighs five pounds.

It can fit most toilet bowls; round and elongated toilet bowls. It generally is cozy, warm, home-styled and the color will blend with your decoration plan.

It’s crafted out of durable solid polypropylene. The round closed front toilet seat comes with all the hardware you need. The toilet can be removed easily which you can do for 10 to 15 minutes.

It is important to get your measurements right before shopping for this toilet seater. A round toilet bowl is 16.5 inches and an elongated one is 20 inches. You could probably use a tape measure makes to determine the measurements.
It features Slow Close that avoids slamming and a basic top tight hinge. The hinge material of this product is stainless steel with one that closes with a telescoping lid.

The packaging includes the two nuts bolts and washers. It has no quick disconnect mechanism for thorough cleaning.

Product Features

  • Dimensions; 20.1 x 15.5 x 3 inches (elongated).
  • Material; high-quality polypropylene.
  •  Slow close; no slamming.
  •  Fits all toilet brands.
  •  Available in round and elongated shape.
  • This toilet seat supports up to 400 pounds.
  • Universal fit to non-standard elongated toilet.
  • Feature durable stainless steel mounting nuts.
  • Can crack or scratch.


We thought we should mention the aptly named toilet seat Bath Royale Premium Toilet Seat as the best buy. It’s made from high-quality polypropylene plastic and it’s designed for those who need a little bit of room. It’s also pocket friendly. With this toilet seat, you will save yourself some money.

A toilet seat is a necessity in every bathroom. A toilet seat plays a vital role for hygienic purposes. As with any product, there are pros and cons to each type. In this case, Plastic toilet seats are usually cheaper and are prone to scratching. But if you are looking for a durable budget-friendly option it should do the trick.

One of the reasons you should have a toilet seat is that today manufacturers have brought some toilet seats with novel features. Consider the heated toilet seat. If you live in a hot climate, you might think that there is no reason to have a heated throne. But if you live where the temperatures plunge in winter, you know that sitting down on a cold seat is something that never fails to shock your entire body. This toilet seat will save you from a chilly butt.

However, the toilet seats we have elaborated on do not have this feature. Nonetheless, they are very strong and sanitary and will keep you much fresher. Whether the seats are heated or feature an antimicrobial coating, you’ll the assurance of added comfort and sanitation.


Giving your bathroom a freshen up does not need to cost you a fortune. Oftentimes, it’s the most practical thing to do, and shopping for this device is an economical way to renovate your bathroom’s interior. Most toilets come with a plastic seat as standard. The sloe close feature in toilet seats has become very popular.

These have a built-in mechanism that prevents the toilet from slamming shut when dropped and allows it to gently and smoothly close. This is fantastic in the evening or at night when the toilet seat clatter wakes up the whole family.

To conclude it’s always important to determine the size and shape of your toilet to avoid the unnecessary need to return the product. You should measure from the front of the bowl to the area between the screws at the back of the lid area.

Index Table: 7 Best Stain Resistant Toilet Seats

Toilet SeatsShapeMaterialDimensions
1. Delta Stain (811903) Best Toilet Seat that Won’t Stain
Elongatedpolypropylene18.5 x 14x 2 inches
2. Bath Royale 606 Best stain Resistant Toilet SeatElongatedHard plastic18.5 x 14x 2 inches
3. AmazonBasic AB-T100 Anti-Mold Toilet SeatElongatedPolypropylene plastic18.7 x 2.1 x 14.2 inches
4. Bath ROYALE Unbreakable Toilet Seat that Don’t StainRoundedSolid polypropylene18 and ½ inches long
5. Bemis Elongated Slow Close Toilet SeatElongatedHigh-impact PP material16.4 x 14 x 2.2 inches
6. BATH ROYALE (644-00) Best Toilet Seats that won’t Stain
ElongatedHard plastic20.2 x 15.6 x3.1 inches
7. BATH ROYALE (BR237-00) Best Non Staining Master Suite Toilet SeatElongatedHigh-impact PP material20.1 x 15.5 x 3 inches


How do I prevent toilet seat from staining

How do you maintain a clean toilet seat? As a rule, an integrated cleaning of the bathroom should be done once or periodically (weekly, monthly). It is repeated within a considerable period and can be either optional or complete.

Toilet seats are often stained by urine and removing these stains using regular deodorants may not be effective. They simply mask the unpleasant aromas. Stains can be cleaned by using special deodorant supplies with active bioenzyms. Bioenzyms corrupt the very source of the odor, preventing its occurrence. After the general cleaning, such detergents are applied to the toilet seat (flushing with water is not required)

Always remember that the toilet seat is clean only until the next person uses it. To maintain your toilet seat clean, timely cleaning is the best prevention strategy against a stained toilet seat.
Ensure you keep a mini-purification kit next to the flush in the toilet. The kit should contain a brush, a container with a special detergent, and a spray with disinfectant. Combined with a detergent and other components, disinfecting the toilet seat will kill pathogens. This is most importantly useful in families where there are young children or sick people.

Quality of regular cleaning is highly dependent primarily on the detergents used or not used. Bleach is an effective disinfectant and cleaning agent and it’s highly recommended when cleaning toilet seat covers when cleaning stains. You can use homemade detergents such as baking soda mixed with elbow grease creates a paste that would efficiently eliminate the stains on the toilet seat cover leaving it sparkling with much ease.
Vinegar is also an effective detergent that contains an organic material which reacts with stains getting rid of the stain with little to no effort.

The best durable toilet seat material available

Polypropylene is the most suitable toilet seat material. Its biggest selling point is how resistant it is to stains, chips, scratches, and cracks.

Before plastic material, wood was the only option although you most likely had a choice of wood of course the more attractive woods like mahogany were expensive.

With the advent of Polypropylene seats there came a new generation of smooth and shiny seats, usually white. They look more aesthetically pleasing and possibly “cleaner” than wood. Certainly, they were easier to clean, and they eliminated the danger of splinters where you least expected them.

Of course, wooden seats are still available for those who prefer the look of wood. Wooden toilet seats are generally liked because of the appearance and the feel of the seat. They are also less responsive to temperature compared to synthetic materials, which means it won’t be as cold to sit on. Also, there are developments in the wood finishes available which makes wooden seats easier to clean without the need for scrubbing bare wood. Many wooden seats have a vinyl coating which makes them durable and easy to clean.

Most durable/long-lasting toilet seat cover

The thermoplastic toilet seat cover is the most durable toilet seat cover because it is known to be made much stronger with an injection molding material which is made from synthetic resin. Nonetheless, disposable toilet seat covers are the best because they are the solution to promoting hygiene and preventing infectious diseases and infections from toilet seats. They are also environmentally friendly because their resin material is made from organic material.

Despite putting in the efforts in keeping the bathroom clean, it’s highly impossible to keep bacteria and germs away. They are always hiding in corners of the bathroom especially in the toilet seat. Toilet seat covers are used as a barrier between the toilet seat and the user in the bathroom. A cover maintains hygiene and prevents the transfer of any kind of infectious germs.

Earlier, when toilet covers were not easily available, users would make layers of tissues on the seat. This would in turn block the plumbing system which would cause major inconvenience.
A biodegradable toilet seat cover is better than a synthetic toilet cover because it can dissolve after use before being flushed. This makes them quite safe in the plumbing system.

You can get all kinds of disposable seat covers. Some are designed for children. Instead of using flimsy paper covers, you might use larger and softer ones.

Which is the best toilet seat cover plastic or wood?

Many people like the warm, luxurious look of a wooden toilet seat, and there are several different kinds of wood or finishes to complement a range of different decorating styles. Even though plastic is also a practical alternative. Here are some issues to consider:

Cost: although both wooden and plastic toilet seats come with optional features that cost a little more, wooden seats generally tend to be more expensive.

Comfort: a wooden seat may feel warmer to sit on than a plastic one especially during winter, and some people prefer its fine texture against the skin.

Durability: a lot of modern toilet seats in the market are manufactured to withstand regular use and weight, although cracking is possible in both kinds. Many wooden seats are made from molded wood for greater strength, and you can also find premium plastic styles for extra toughness.

Ease of cleaning: some users reckon that plastic seats can be scratched more easily over time, but modern seats of both kinds usually offer resistant finishes thanks to varnishing that ensures the seat is protected from water. Thus the toilet seat remains clean.

A wooden toilet seat is going to be much harder to clean than the plastic one. The natural wood grain creates a slight texture to which various elements can stick to. Look for premium features such as quick seat removal mechanism, allowing you to clean around the hinge area more easily.

How often should one require to change the toilet seat?

Is the toilet set in your bathroom broken down already? Is it stained from the use of chemicals or it could be chipped? Then it’s time to replace it. When you are replacing your toilet seat take note of the following;

You must consider the practical aspect of the flush when you are looking for a replacement toilet. Additionally, you should take the time and measure the old one, if you want to make sure that you are going to purchase one that will fit perfectly with your toilet bowl.

Therefore, if you have a rounded bowl then you should pick a rounded toilet seat, whereas you should get an egg-shaped if you have an elongated toilet bowl. Even though the rounded seat provides enough comfort, the elongated seat has extra 2 inches of support.

At the same time, aspects such as who is using the toilet or certain family member impairment or illness should be taken into account, when you are looking for a replacement toilet. If the toilet is going to be used only by adults, as you do not have children, then you should opt for higher toilet seats. On the other hand, if the replacement toilet will be mounted in your child’s bathroom, then you should focus on purchasing one not higher than 25 centimeters. Moreover, if you have a movement impairment that is keeping you in a wheelchair, you can purchase a toilet with 43 centimeters seat height.

After you have decided on this particular feature, the next thing you should do is choose the flushing system. Although you will not be able to opt for a replacement toilet with a higher water capacity than 6 liters, you can choose between pressure-assisted toilets and the regular gravity fed.

At the same time, if you are living in a colder climate, you should give yourself a treat and purchase heated seats for your replacement toilet. The slow close feature is also desirable when selecting a toilet seat. The toilet seat will automatically slowly close after use without slamming. This prevents loud bangs and cracking of the toilet bowl.

The presence of the rubber-bumper in the toilet seat reduces greatly the movement of the toilet seat when weight is placed upon. The toilet seat remains stable all through. The bumper also prevents breakage caused by a heavyweight.


Toilet seats are very important in households. When it comes to the toilet, it most toilets will do the job so what should you look out for?

Type – The appearance and style of the toilet play a vital role. They are available in different sizes with variety of materials and unique features. This allows one to be able to select what is available in the market and which will fit their personal needs.

Now of course we have an amazing range of plastic seats which often have plastic fitting hardware too. For those who are environmentally-conscious, they may consider going for toilet seats made of resin material which is non-toxic, renewable, and eco-friendly.

Convenience and comfort – When looking for your next toilet you may want to consider the ease of cleaning. A more rigid and heavier seat mold will provide much greater comfort. The quality of the seat hinges also affects the price. A bathroom is a place you visit every day so a comfortable toilet and appropriate sanitary ware will help your routine become less monotonous and more relaxing.

Toilet Seats– Soft-close seats is becoming more common in a variety of toilets and they are very important because they prevent slamming and that grating noise stain resistant toilet. If you have kids, the slow descent helps avoid any fingers being jammed.

Best toilet seat that won’t stain

Toilet seat that won’t stain

A parting word of advice toilet seat; you get what you pay for, so ensure you get the best toilet seat for your needs.

Best stain Resistant Toilet seats

Resistant Toilet Seats

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