Delta Morgan Stain Resistant Toilet Seat Review

In this single product review, we’ll look at some of the major characteristics that make this Delta 801903 Elongated slow close toilet seat the best on the market and an Amazon favorite with over 2200 ratings.

Delta faucet is an American firm that was founded in 1954 and is best recognized for its high-quality, attractive, and modern products such as showerheads, toilet accessories, floor and kitchen fixtures.

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Delta 801903-WH Stain Resistant Toilet Seat

Delta 801903 WH Stain Resistant Toilet Seat

ir?t=boexp 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B015Z4BEVEThe Delta 801903-WH toilet seat was designed to address the ongoing problem of urine stains, hard water stains, and ultraviolet light impacts on the surface of toilet seats.

This toilet seat is made of plastic and has a bright white finish, making it sturdy, light in weight, stains and chip-resistant, which is a major problem with modern toilet seats. 

The bright finish makes it simple and easy to clean toilet seat, by just wiping the seat and lid with a wet towel.

The dazzling white finish surface has the capacity to prevent stains from sticking on the surface of the toilet seats, this makes it easier to wipe the toilet seat with less effort, allowing it to stay clean for an extended amount of time.

Furthermore, the seat is available both in slow-close and regular close mechanisms. The slow-close mechanism is a modern feature that prevents the toilet lid from slamming back when one forgets to close the toilet lid.

This allows the lid to close silently by itself until it closes, preventing slamming noises caused by the toilet lid closing.

The Non-Slip Bumpers are a unique feature that most toilet seats lack. These are vital characteristics that prevent the toilet seat from slipping/moving on the toilet rim. T

The bumpers hold the seat in place when sitting on the toilet because they securely grab the toilet rim and the seat.

One disadvantage of this model is that it is only available in round shape, therefore carefully verify the shape of your toilet rim before purchasing this toilet seat to avoid disappointment. because around toilet seat can not fit an elongated toilet

The Delta toilet seat comes with an easy-to-install technique that anyone with no plumbing experience can accomplish, and with a plethora of tutorial lessons on YouTube, this work can be completed in less than 10 minutes. 

Furthermore, the installation settings include a quick and secure method that will secure the toilet seat firmly in place, preventing loosening over time.

Product Features

  • Brand Name: Delta Faucet
  • Seat Shape: Round
  • Seat Dimensions: 16.5 x 2 x 14.25
  • Material: Plastic
  • Seat Color: White
  • Included Toilet Seat Components: Toilet Seat & Hardware
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited Warranty
  • Toilet Seat Model Number: 801903-WH


  • The bright white coating resists staining, chipping, fading, and peeling over time.
  • Non-slip bumpers keep the toilet from shifting, making it more pleasant to use the toilet seat.
  • Affordable.
  • The slow closing mechanism prevents the lid from slamming back, reducing slamming noises and potential breakages.


  • Only available in round shape.
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Toilet seats are essential when using the toilet because they protect you from the rough toilet rim of the toilet bowl. Additionally, modern seats have various functions that make using, maintaining, and even installing the seat extremely simple.

These seats have a stain-resistant surface that prevents stain formation from urine, mildew, dirt, or hard water stains from accumulating on the surface of the toilet seat, making cleaning and maintaining it much easier.

Finally, the non-slip bumper prevents the seats from slipping or sliding on the toilet rim and absorbs weight when using the toilet, preventing potential cracking or breakages.

All of these qualities not only make the toilet seat last longer despite regular use but also keep it looking new for a longer amount of time.

Investing in this type of toilet seat will not only save you money in the long term but will also provide you with more value than a standard toilet seat that does not include these qualities.

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What causes brown stains on toilet seat?

Do most toilet seats fit the toilet rim perfectly?

No, toilet seats come in a variety of shapes, including round and elongated toilet seats. It is crucial to know your toilet rim style in order to avoid disappointment. You should measure your toilet rim before purchasing your appropriate toilet seat set.

By measuring the distance from the screw fixing hole to the front of the toilet rim using a tape measure, you may determine what shape of toilet seat is best for your toilet.

An elongated toilet bowl has a measurement of 18.5 inches, while around toilet bowl has a measurement of 16.5 inches.

Can Delta toilet seat hinges be replaced?

Toilet seat hinges are available in a variety of designs and materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. The best of the three are metal hinges, which tend to endure longer than the others.

Toilet hinges can be molded into the toilet seat or purchased separately. It is advisable to get a separate toilet hinge so that if your toilet hinges become damaged, you can replace them by simply unlocking the toilet seat and unscrewing the toilet rim.

How to stop a toilet seat from sliding or shifting sideways?

This is a typical issue with standard toilet seats; however, morden seats come with non-slip bumpers that completely grip the toilet rim, reducing movement when using the toilet seat. The best non-slip bumpers are those made of rubber that have a strong grip on the toilet rim.

That being said, the best way to prevent your toilet seat from sliding sideways is to buy a toilet that has these features, look under the seat, and confirm that it is made of rubbers.

These rubber bumpers provide the excellent resistance from absorption pressure when sitting in the toilet and also prevent sliding sideways.

Best way to open the toilet seat bolt cover on a toilet seat?

Toilet seat fastening mechanisms are meant to endure everyday usage and routine cleaning with water, therefore metal bolts are always covered by bolt covers that are placed on top of the bolt.

The best way to remove the bold cover is with a kitchen knife or a flat-head screwdriver.

By slipping the sharp edge of a screwdriver or knife and popping off the bolt cap, you will be able to access the toilet seat fastening bolt, which you can then remove with a screwdriver on the toilet rim.

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