Apec vs Aquasana vs Waterchef U9000 – Which One Should Go For?

The simple thought of you getting clean and non-contaminated water from your tap will be pleasing. With a simple installation of a water filter will have you enjoy clean water with the needed ease.

These under sink water filters make use of improved filtration processes such as reverse osmosis which gives you pure clean water and are effective in removing 99.9% of harmful contaminants that always lurk in your drinking water.

In addition they are affordable, easy to install, and have very little maintain.

In this comparison, you’re going to learn everything possible about Aquasana, Apec, and Waterchef under sink water filter. And Not only we have discussed their pros and cons, but also we have a comparison table and Final verdict.

Our Top Pick
WaterChef® U9000 Premium Stainless Steel Under-Sink Water Filtration System

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Second Pick
APEC WFS-1000 High Quality 3 Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System

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Product Review: Apec WFS-1000 vs Aquasana AQ 5300 vs Waterchef

WaterChef® U9000 Premium Stainless Steel Under-Sink Water Filtration System

The WaterChef filter would be found under your sink with the material used to make it is the Surgical Stainless Steel which is used to house the system. With this material, you will not have to worry about rust.

You will experience performance that is beyond your expectation and will definitely give your water great taste.

This has been made possible with the use of the Big Block filtration technology and the stainless steel construction

The capacity too is something to talk about as it will see purification of 1,000 gallons before the replacement of the cartridge. The presence of an intelligent monitor makes this cartridge stand out from the rest.

Why we recommend this:

  • A limited lifetime warranty.
  • Easy installation process.
  • The filter cartridge goes up to one year before replacement.
  • The use of the blocking technology which does a great job.

APEC WFS-1000 Super Capacity High Quality 3 Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System

Expect high quality from this filter as it is assembled and manufactured in the USA.

You will enjoy great capacity and you will be guaranteed elimination of all chemicals giving you a great taste and odorless water.

This filter can treat well water as well as tap water with their premium long-lasting filters giving you refreshing water at all times.

The filter cartridge will be functional for up to one year before the need for replacement.

With this filter, you will get lifetime support and is certified by the WQA, and FDA which ensures the water is at no point contaminated.

Why we recommend this:

  • Easy installation process.
  • Large capacity but still fits under the sink.
  • Decent water pressure.
  • A decent price thus affordable.

Aquasana AQ-5300 Brushed Nickel Under Sink Water Filter System

The ability to instantly transform your tap water to clean water with the elimination of up to 99% of contaminants without stripping away important minerals in your water.

This system outdoes the predecessors by providing half a gallon in every minute, saving you on time.

It also goes the extra mile in saving you money as it is economical with the filter lasting up to 6 months before the need for replacement.

Replacement of the filter is easy and you will not need to connect or disconnect to have the filter replaced. The components of the filter are top grade and for the installation, you will not need a plumber for the job.

Why we recommend this:

  • Improved water flavor.
  • Easy installation process.
  • You will enjoy pure clean water.

Comparison Table

Weight 7.8 pounds 14 pounds 6 pounds
Dimension 8.75 x 11.25 x 12 inches 6 x 15 x 12 inches 12 x 4.25 x 9 inches
Flow Rate 0.75 GPM 0.6 GPM 0.5 GPM
Maximum Pressure 125 PSI 20-85 PSI 80 PSI
Material Surgical Stainless Steel Housing Metal Metal
Installation Under-sink Under the sink Under the sink


The main purpose of having a water filter in your home is so that you can have easy access to clean water at the comfort of your house at any time.

Water filters in general see you saving money in the long run with the continuous providence of clean and healthy water with the simple twist of your tap.

The WaterChef® U9000 Premium, which could fit under your sink with ease when installing the filter. The Surgical Stainless Steel housing of this filter ensures its durability.

The performance by this filter is outstanding providing you with great tasting water and odorless water.

The capacity of this filter is not to be forgotten filtering up to 1,000 gallons. It is certified by the WQA Gold Seal also the NSF, which sees the elimination of up to 75 contaminants.

WaterChef® U9000 Premium Under-Sink Water Filter


It is good to be aware of what you consume every day as this will in the long run affect your health. You ought to be certain whether the filter can deliver as it is stipulated to do so with the elimination of contaminants.

Water filters are meant to make work easier and save cost on money spent on bottled water. Be sure to get the best from your filter by ensuring the replacement of your cartridge when required to.

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Are sink water filters WORTH IT?

This is a normal and frequently asked question, on whether water filters are worth having it.

You ought to be conscious of your budget and the water filter steps in a big way in the replacement of bottled water.

The cost you will incur will be at the minimum at the purchase of a water filter, the cost of the fixtures, and plumbing works. In the long run, you will end up saving loads of money spent on bottled water every month.

At some point, you will not need the help of a plumber and you will have the filter under the sink fitted by you. Most of the under the sink filters can be done at home with simple DIY which will cut you the extra cost of having the plumber fix it.

You should be aware that most of the under the sink filters come with their faucets, but you can opt to have them replaced.

The following are some of the benefits of having under the sink water filter.
It is convenient, no need to fill the pitcher every time
Since it is found under the sink it saves on space.
You will be able to filter your kitchen water before use.
It ensures for better filtration options.
It takes up to six months for the replacement of the cartridge.

Is reverse osmosis water bad for you?

​Most of us do not think keenly on the water we take as we know the water is treated for consumption. The truth about tap water is that most of the time it is not safe for consumption.

Most of the public water supplied to our homes is not safe for consumption due to the treatment option they go for in the water plant treatment.

Well regulated water from our tap is known to contain harmful chemicals that would in the long run affect both children and adults.

The simple task of filtration of your tap water will keep you away from these health risk chemicals such as parasites, lead, herbicides, and others.

Reverse osmosis is the process that sees the contaminated water is filtered through several membranes. This water is forced through in order to have the large molecules and other contaminants eliminated from your water.

These membranes ensure all contaminants are gotten rid of and you are left with pure freshwater. This water will have your body hydrated all through giving you good health.

Reverse osmosis will see the removal of all impurities with the reduction of other contamination. Below are some of the benefits of reverse osmosis water;

Reverse osmosis water has no contamination of lead, which is a metal found in the water this reduction in some of the chronic diseases such s kidney and liver issues.

Water parasites are thing of the past with reverse osmosis water as parasites are eliminated from this water.
Due to health factors, some people have to limit sodium intake, reverse osmosis water does not have any traces of sodium.

The reverse osmosis water is much cleaner and fresher as all impurities are eliminated, giving it a better taste.

Reverse osmosis water will save you money set aside for health issues as you will be less likely to fall ill.
You will be able to save money with reverse osmosis water as your expense on bottled water will greatly reduce.

With all the benefits of reverse osmosis water stated above, this water is still not perfect. There are certain factors that make reverse osmosis water bad for consumption as this water is extremely purified.

Water that is purified will not be of benefit to you as all the nutrients found in water will have been stripped off. This is a clear indication that reverse osmosis water is not great for consumption. Below are some of the disadvantages of reverse osmosis water;

After the procedure, a lot is left behind which is salt which becomes an issue to dump into the environment.

The reverse osmosis system is not entirely independent, with the water being treated with chemicals so as prevent clogging of the membranes.
The cost of reverse osmosis is quite high, with some of the developing nations not being able to afford it.

For individual use, the reverse osmosis system will give you small returns of water the rest goes to waste and this does not save you money

Is reverse osmosis drinking water bad for kidneys?

Kidney diseases, in recent years, have been on the rise throughout the globe affecting up to 10% of the people. Kidney diseases rank as the eight in the world, being the leading cause of death in India.

This disease main cause is the individuals eating habits which stand out as habits that could not be gotten rid of. To be able to avoid issues with your kidney, you have to drink plenty of clean water so as to improve its health.

Reverse osmosis is a method that sees the elimination of contaminants in water with the water being pressured through membranes to see the removal of impurities.

The machine will allow water to go through a group of semi-permeable membranes to have all contaminants removed. There are certain reason why reverse osmosis water is advised against, they include;

All minerals from the water are stripped off. Reverse osmosis water is greatly purified water whereby it all contaminants whether good or bad are eliminated. Studies have shown there are certain health risks associated with consuming water with no minerals.

Despite the fact that alkaline water may contain levels of antioxidants, it contains helpful minerals such as magnesium and calcium which are of benefit to our well being.

Reverse osmosis water does not do a great job at hydration compared to alkaline water. Alkaline water is known to hydrate the body well when compared to tap water.

The reason why reverse osmosis water does not hydrate effectively is the absence of electrolytes. Electrolytes are stripped off in the filtration process. The absence of electrolytes and antioxidants will give you less hydrating water.

The presence of electrolytes and antioxidants help with hydration and the neutralization of harmful free radicals. Electrolytes are a combination of dissolved salts such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The main task of electrolytes being to regulate the flow of water into the cells and maintain the nerve impulses.
The consumption of reverse osmosis water for few months could have huge side effects.

This is expected as this water has none minerals and also drains some of the minerals from the body. This translates to having minerals obtained from food being stripped away and urinated.

Low minerals consumption and stripping away of minerals could be great concern to your well being.

The minerals obtained from food could replace the minerals missing in reverse osmosis water, this is according to scientist, but with the reduction of minerals compensated with diets, the low mineral water is responsible for the increased stripping of minerals from the body.

The consumption of water with low mineral content is known to have a negative impact on homeostasis mechanism, impacting negatively the mineral and the water metabolism in the body.

The continuous intake of purified water leads to the dilution of electrolytes dissolved in the body. The electrolytes are known to have an effect the blood impulse. With low blood impulse the kidney will most likely not be able to function effectively.

This inadequacy in the water distribution in the body will have vital organs shut down. This will lead to feeling tired, experiencing more headaches and being weak, the severe symptoms will include the muscle cramp and an impaired heart rate.

We would all love to enjoy good health at all times without compromise. The need to have filtered water is to be able to improve one’s health and not to worsen it.

The good news is you may opt for other methods other than reverse osmosis to eliminate contaminants.

Should I filter my tap water?

A water filter will definitely be a good choice to have your water filtered so as to eliminate harmful unseen bacteria. Most of these filters see the removal of chlorine which is used as a disinfectant in water treatment plants.

This will have you getting better tasting water and odorless. The set regulations by the EPA board was to ensure all public water supplied will be of drinking standards.

The quality of water produced for the public had t meet the set standards, by ensuring the water is disinfected and good for drinking. This was agreed upon due to the rise of use of pesticides in the farm and other chemicals that contaminated the water easily.

You should be able to filter your water at the comfort of your home so as to have access to clean drinking water at all times. There are certain benefits associated with the filtration of water. they include.

It will save you money. This is seen with the replacement of bottled water every now and then with filtered water at home.

In a year you are likely to use a ton of bottled water with each time a purchase is made thus you end up using loads of money to have clean water in your home.

Having filtered water will eliminate the need to have bottled water purchased every now and then. It is Eco-friendly.

The filtration of water will have you use minimum number of plastic bottles. The less purchase of bottled water will have you dispose no plastic bottles into the environment.

The filtration of water will see your waste into the environment reduced greatly. You will have peace of mind. You will be aware of what your water contains and be sure all the harmful contaminants are eliminated.

You will not have to worry about falling ill from time to time as clean water ensures for good health. The adults and children will enjoy good health in the long run with all impurities eliminated

Better taste and smell of water. This is something you will enjoy all through with filtered water. The filtration of water sees the elimination of chlorine which is the leading cause of bad taste and odor in your water.

Filtering out chlorine will have you enjoy better tasting water and odorless water.

The water filters are low maintenance. The filter available in the market do not need much to be up and running.

You will only need to flush water through from time to time and the replacement of the filter once the lifetime of the cartridge is expired.

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