Best Quality Elongated Toilet Seats (Buying Guide 2023)

Have you decided on switching your toilet seat? This could be because it is too old or worn out or the desire for something stylish and more modern.

You ought to be informed of the important thing to consider when going for the perfect toilet seat for your throne. This is whether your toilet is elongated or round so that you don’t get the wrong one.

Originally most of the toilets were round-shaped but with time the elongated shaped toilets are becoming more common due to the modern design they give to the bathroom. The round-shaped toilet seats are preferred for smaller spaces.

To help you find the perfect toilet seats, I have created a list of the best and top contenders for the best quality elongated toilet seats of 2023.

Our Best Pick

KOHLER K-4636-O Quiet-Close Elongated Toilet Seats

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Second Best

TOTO SS154#01 Comfortable Elongated Toilet Seat

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Budget Pick

MAYFAIR 113EC OOO Earth-friendly Soft Elongated Toilet Seat

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9 Best Quality Elongated Toilet Seat

1. MAYFAIR 113EC OOO Quality Elongated Toilet Seat7.0/10Check Price Here
2. Slow Close Toilet seat with Lid7.2/10Check Price Here
3. KOHLER K-4636-O Elongated White Toilet Seat9.7/10Check Price Here
4. BEMIS 1500EC Elongated Easy Clean Toilet Seat9.0/10Check Price Here
5. TOTO SS154#01 Ergonomic Toilet Seat9.5/10Check Price Here

1. MAYFAIR 113EC OOO Earth-friendly Soft Elongated Toilet Seat (Our Best Pick)

  • Fit all Elongated toilets perfectly.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Easy installation process.

This toilet seat is easily removed for cleaning purposes or replacements making it easier for you to make adjustments.

It will not only assure you of comfort but it is also long-lasting, with the wood core providing for the durability. Furthermore, its regular size can fit precisely all elongated toilets.


  • Quick and easy to remove hinges.
  • A standard fit and fits all elongated toilets.
  • The materials used are eco-friendly.
  • The padded seat offers comfort.
  • A solid wood core that is durable

2. Slow Close Toilet seat with Lid, Plastic, White Color, Come with Two Sets of Parts

  • Quiet Close.
  • Unique Anatomical design.
  • Made of high-strength and tough material.
  • Durable.

Before you go for this toilet seat have the measurements of your toilet correct to make sure it is perfect for your throne. Made of plastic material it offers a soft close which eliminates slamming and the pinching of fingers.

It is accompanied by two rubber pads that offer protection to the hinges be the plastic nuts and the screws or the metal screws and rubber nuts.

A unique design that offers comfort to your experience, the small gap at the front of the lid makes it easier to open.

The material used in this toilet is the PP which has high strength and is more durable. It will not fade or discolor easily.


  • Sturdy material.
  • The aesthetic would fit with your bathroom décor.
  • Discoloration and fading will not occur.
  • Soft-close feature preventing slamming.

3. KOHLER K-4636-O Catchet Tight-grip Elongated White Toilet Seat

This is a quiet close lid that quietly shuts without slamming.

The KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet will have you worry-free about the stability and the shifting of the toilet seat.

The hinges on this toilet release easily making it convenient for cleaning with no tools required.

It is made of plastic and could fit most of the elongated toilets.


  • The installation is easy and secure.
  • Provides you with the needed stability.
  • The detachable feature makes it easy to clean.

4. BEMIS 1500EC Durable Elongated Toilet Seat with Easy Clean and Changeable Hinges

Bemis 1500EC Will allow you to detach from the toilet easily for its cleaning and its replacement.

The hinges are made of plastic and a simple twist for locking and unlocking of the toilet seat.

The bumpers on this toilet seat are similarly colored to the toilet set with the hardware on this piece being non-corrosive.

The durable enameled wooden seat prevents it from scratches and chippings, with the superior high-gloss finish doing the most to your bathroom décor, can fit most elongated toilets and is manufactured in the US.


  • Quick and easy release hinges.
  • The parts do not corrode easily.
  • The additional bumper rings offer needed stability.
  • Perfect fit for all elongated toilets.

5. TOTO SS154#01 Softclose Lid Elongated Toilet Seat

The soft-close feature on this toilet seat eliminates injuries and slamming.

The inclusion of molded bumpers and mounting hardware makes it more comfortable and aesthetic.

The material used is the PP which will ensure for durability and also make it resistant to chemical cleaning agents.


  • The ergonomic design.
  • Easy installation process
    Made from high gloss polypropylene material.
  • Soft-close feature.

6. BATH ROYALE BR620-00, Premium Slow Close Toilet Seats with white Cover

This toilet seat fits all brands note that the bath royale toilet seat does not match with bidets, grab bars that install between the seat and the bowl.

Offers an easy time cleaning with the quick release features allowing you to clean the toilet thoroughly.

The slow close feature is able to prevent slamming and damages on the toilet seat thus make it great for everyone.

The material used is the PP which is known to be stain-resistant and does not fade or discolor easily. It also makes it durable as it is tough and hard.

This toilet seat comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Made of durable material.

7. KOHLER 75796-0 Tight Toilet Seat with Nightlight

Assembled and manufactured in the US, this toilet seat is made of PP material which is resistant to stains, chipping ad discoloration.

An exciting feature is the automatic night light which illuminates the bowl. Offers the quiet close feature which sees for fewer injuries and damages.

The easy removal of the toilet seat from the toilet bowl makes it convenient for easy cleaning.

The dual LED light offers lighting at night with the use of batteries.


  • The automatic nightlight makes it more desirable.
  • The durability is excellent.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • Offers easy cleaning procedure.

8. Brondell Swash SE600 – Warm Air Dryer & Ambient Nightlight

This toilet seat offers temperature settings having you comfortable during winter.

You will enjoy the nightlight with the LED illumination with an easy button to switch on and off.

The soft closing feature prevents damage and injuries.

It can fit your regular toilet without a problem.


  • Uniquely fits all the standard toilets.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • The temperatures are controllable.

9. KOHLER K-2599-0 Transitions Slow/Quiet-Close with Nightlight

This toilet sees the integration of the child-size seat making it safe for children to use.

It has the light intensity feature which is designed to offer the right amount of light without disrupting of the night-time vision.

The dual LED lighting offers light when the lid is shut with the task light when the lid is up.

The grip-tight bumpers ensure the stability of the toilet seat preventing shifting of the seat.

It will allow you to pick between two brightness levels of soft glow or brighter illumination with a battery life of up to six months.


  • Offers dual lighting.
  • You will be sure of stability.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Selection on the level of brightness.
  • Could be used by all individuals.

Similar to other things in your household, the toilet seat is also likely to suffer from tear and wear with time. This should not surprise you at all taking into consideration you use it every day.

The market is swarmed with a variety of toilet seats that will ensure the time spent on that seat is worthwhile and comfortable. Picking the right one for your toilet and needs will have you appreciating the variety in the market.

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How do I choose a better replacement toilet seat?

There are different factors that come into play when going for the right toilet seat for your toilet. The style, shape, mounting option, and material of the seat are but a few that you should look into when getting one.

Below are factors that you ought to consider

The shape of your toilet.
Toilet seats do come in two different shapes, the elongated shape and the round shape. These shapes are able to fit specifically to the shape of your toilet bowl.

The round toilet seats are the most common but the elongated toilet bowls are getting more popular with the long oval shape.

You ought to be aware of the shape of your toilet bowl before you go shopping for a toilet seat.

Decide on the mount type
The conventional bolt-and-nut and the integral bolt and nut are the type of mounting in the market you could choose from.

The integral bolt-and-nut could be frustrating when removing and must be drilled out, while the conventional bolt-and-nuts are easier to use and found in most toilets.

The material
You will have to make a decision on the material you will go for between a cushioned seat, plastic or wood.

The most common material used is PP which is high-impact plastic or composite wood with plastic coating.

Plastic seats offer a variety of colors with it. Over winter the plastic seats tend to be cold and more susceptible to chipping.

The wood/bamboo toilet seats are known to be warmer but damages easily from strong chemical cleaning agents.

The cushioned toilet seats are nice and comfortable but tend to crack with time. A heated toilet seat will come in handy if warmth is of great concern.

The padding
For individuals recovering from surgery or childbirth, soft toilet seats will be the best for them with the easy transfer to the wheelchair.

A firm toilet seat will make the transfer easier. Some people prefer padded toilet seats as they are more comfortable and warmer compared to the standard toilet seat.

Pick a Style
The wide variety of toilet seats will give a wide array of styles to pick from. If your bathroom is sleek and modern, you will be able to find the right toilet seats to go with the décor.

NB. The important thing to know is the shape of your toilet as the toilet seats fit most of the toilets.

Are there different sizes of toilet seats?

Yes, there are different sizes of toilet seat would be the right answer to this question.

Toilet seats are not manufactured in standard sizes, although, it does not mean getting a replacement for your toilet seat will be tough.

The modern toilets are known to come in different styles. The close-coupled design whereby the pan is connected closely to the cistern which is the most common.

There are others such as the period style high-level toilet, back to wall toilet, with the wall hung toilet.

Different types of toilets tend to vary greatly with the shape and the size with the difference in the toilet dimensions between 350mm-500mm.

How do you know the right size of the toilet seat to buy?

You definitely know how long it is to fill your cistern after flushing this comes as a priority for a number of buyers when getting a house.

The toilet seat design, material and color are is something you may have a look at.

The thought of the size of the toilet seat most of the time comes as an afterthought when you need to replace it.

Since toilet seats do not have the same size, it will need you to measure your toilet seat so as to purchase the right size.

The following steps ill guide you in measuring the size of your toilet seat

Step 1: what and where to measure.
The four most important measurements to take of your toilet seat include;
The length
The width
The bolt spread
The wall length

Step 2: is there a need for a replacement?
There are certain roles the toilet seat plays, they are

  • Containing the odor in the toilet bowl.
  • Support while you squat.
  • It provides comfort to your toilet.
  • The need to have a replacement of your toilet seat arises when,
    You notice chipping and peeling on the seat.
  • Moved to a new house and you prefer a new toilet seat.
  • The presence of scratches on the toilet seat that may cause pinching.
  • The presence of odor in your bathroom even when the seat cover is down

Step 3: be sure of the type of toilet you have
Despite the fact toilets play the same roles everywhere they have a different appearance, style, and design. They range from;

  • The standard size toilet, round or oval.
  • Special toilets, for kids and elders.
  • Square shape or rectangular shape toilet.

The wall-mounted toilets
Oval shaped toilets that use the inverted u-shaped seats.

As you purchase the toilet, you will need to measure the distance of the floor from the wall to the base of the toilet. The height of the toilet should be checked too with the standard-sized toilet being 16 inches high.

Step 4: Remove your old toilet seat

To get the right measurements of the toilet seat, it will require you to detach it from the toilet. Have all the bolts and clips removed before you start with the measurements.

The surface of the toilet ought to be clear of everything this will allow you to measure fully the size of the toilet.

Have the cover of the toilet seat measured as it would come in handy at some point.

Take the measurements of the gap between the bolts and space between the joints.

Note down these measurements as it is easy to forget. You would opt to have a photo of the toilet seat from different angles, it does come in handy.

Step 5: Clean toilet
At this point the toilet is bare this is the right time to give it a thorough cleaning. Use the right disinfectants and wipe off the areas you are likely to come into contact with.

Step 6: Have the length of the toilet seat measured.
Now you have a clean measuring area, you can see the two holes where the toilet seat is screwed in.

Have the tape measure in the middle of the two holes and stretch it to the front edge of the toilet.

A curvy toilet seat will measure between 16 to 18 inches roughly. This is the standard length of the American toilet.

A toilet seat will fit perfectly if your toilet is 16 inches, with the elongated toilet seat fit in perfectly on 18 inches of the toilet. The toilet height does not have any impact on the length.

Step 7: Have the width of your toilet measured
The width of curvy toilets is dependent on the length of the toilet. For other shaped toilets, it will require you to have the width f the toilet measured. Have the widest point measured.

Step 8: have the bolt spread measured
This is found at the back of the toilet seat and it is important to have the right measurements.

The bolt holds the screws of the toilet seat to the toilet bowl. The spacing between is known as the bolt spread and it does differ for different toilet seats.

Have your tape measure in the middle of one of the holes and stretch it to the middle of the other hole.

The standard bolt spread for American toilets is 5.5 inches with the 6.5 inches spread being an import from Europe.

Step 9: have the wall gap measured.
For D-shaped toilets, this would be a critical measurement. Have your measuring tape in the middle of the two bolt holes and stretch it back to the wall.

Take measurements back to the cistern or the back rim of your toilet if your toilet is not in contact with the wall.

This comes in handy as it will affect how the plastic toilet seat will be mounted. This will give n easy job when mounting and you won’t have to squeeze the toilet seat into position.

At the hardware store, have your measurements with you and before purchasing the toilet seat know whether it fits your description and measurements

Can I replace a round toilet seat to fit perfectly with an elongated toilet seat?

To get the perfect fit and comfort from your toilet you have to pick the right shape of a toilet seat.

Yes, an elongated toilet seat will fit on a round toilet but will compromise on the comfort.

It will also not fit well as it will tend to overhang the round toilet seat. This may be uncomfortable for male users unless determine if it will work with measuring the toilet seat opening on whether the overhang will occur.

How do I know if our toilet seat is round or elongated?

This can be determined by taking a simple measurement of your toilet seat.

Take measurements of the length of the toilet bowl from the center at the back of the toilet t the front edge of the toilet bowl.

The standard round toilet bowl measures 16.5 inches with the elongated bowl measuring to 18.5 inches.

This is the only measurement you need to determine whether your toilet bowl is elongated r round shape. This is very helpful when replacing your toilet seat.

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