Best Padded Toilet Seats for Elderly

The elderly are part of us and is in every way right to consider them part of the family. Due to age, simple tasks such as using the toilet may prove to be challenging.

Not only the elderly should we have in mind, but also the injured or those recovering from an operation, which would need assistance while using the lavatory.

A seat riser is known to be of great assistance. The seat riser is a raised toilet seat that allows one to seat with the needed ease and most importantly add a little convenience every time one visits the bathroom.

In this article, we shall look at the best-raised toilet seat in the market to give you ample time during the purchase of one.

6 Best Padded Toilet Seats for Elderly

1. Vive Raised Elongated Toilet – Best Padded Toilet Seat for Seniors (Best Pick)

  • Comfortable padded handles.
  • Sturdy design supports up to 250 pounds.
  • Easy installation steps.
  • Portable and universal fit.

In some homes, you may either find an elderly recovering from injury or surgery or a disabled person and it can be very depressing if they find difficulties when visiting the toilet.

These people need the best toilet seats to use with much ease and comfort and this toilet give them the best comfort they deserve.

Out of all raised toilet seat, this is the best that you should go for during purchase.

It features an added height of around five inches that makes it easier and safer to stand and sit without squatting.

VIVE has a contoured design with padded handles whereby the seat is contoured to provide safe and comfortable elevated seating.

While the padded handles are not only removable but also the padded soft foam offers a safe nonslip grip for added steadiness when pulling down or rising from the seat.

What makes this toilet the best is not only durable but also portable and easy to clean.

The seat riser is lightweight with removable handles making the toilet easily portable and the raised toilet seat does not interfere with regular cleaning of the toilet bowl making it easier to clean.

Consequently, this toilet comes with easy tool-free installation on most toilets whereby the toilet installs on any standard or elongated bowl without the need to remove the current seat.

Besides the elevated seat securely attaches with a flexible knob and rear wings for added steadiness.

Why we recommend this:

  • It’s easy to install since the installation does not require one to remove the toilet seat.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Works with most toilets.

2. Maddak Tall – Ette Elevated – Best Padded Toilet for Elderly (Second Best)

  • Fitted armrests for added stability.
  • Rubber Brackets help reduce slippage.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Comfortable Elevated toilet seat.

This is the second-best toilet seat for the elderly, physically challenged persons, or recoveries from injury or surgery.

The elevated toilet seat comes with a soft foam armrest that assists the user in raising or lowering the seat.

Besides, it adds an extra 4 inch to the height of the bowl thus eliminating the need for an added toilet seat frame. Moreover, it can be used on standard and elongated toilets.

The best part of this toilet is that it comes with a Bolt-Down- Luk-In-El bracket to secure it to the toilet that gives a standard toilet a permanent attachment.

The seat easily slides along the legs therefore it can be adjusted to the height of your toilet.

Why we recommend this:

  • It’s very comfortable.
  • Easy to install.
  • It is very stable provided by the bracket.

3. Vive Bathroom Toilet Rail Helper for Handicap, Elderly & Disabled

What makes this toilet good for the elderly? The toilet has comfortable non-slip handles which are padded with cell foam that gives it a safe grip when standing or sitting.

Besides the handles are very easy to clean and they prevent slips and falls.

This toilet is the best for several people with a bodyweight of up to 300 pounds. It provides additional safety when sitting and standing.

Another good feature is it can be used with any toilet whether standard or irregular.

The rail handles are easily adjustable in height or width thus it can be used in any household. Consequently, it is easy to install since it works with most toilets whether standard or irregular, it does not require tools, drilling, or cementing.

Why we recommend this:

  • Easy to install.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.

4. Carex E-Z Lock 5″ Raised Toilet Seats with Padded Handles

This is a raised toilet seat that adds five inches of toilet lifts to toilets making it very comfortable.

Besides, the toilet seat can conform to the body weight of 300 pounds and less.

It comes with soft handles that assist in sitting and standing during the use of a toilet,

Also the toilet seat riser comes with a padded armrest that provides secure painless support.

This seat can also securely lock to round, standard and elongated toilet seats.

Moreover, the toilet seat is very easy to install because it has a 3-step easy installation process that takes a maximum of 3 minutes.

Why we recommend this:

  • Easy to install.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Fits most toilets.

5. Yunga Tart Round/Elongated Raised Toilet Seat

Why shouldn’t we make the disadvantaged people in our home comfortable and happy; and when referring to the disadvantaged I mean the elderly, the disabled persons, and the recoveries from injury or surgery.

We should always put in mind that not everyone can use the standard toilet with much ease, therefore, we should come up with a better toilet seat that also favors other people, and when referring to a better toilet.

Yunga toilet seat offers the best services to the elderly or those with difficult mobility.

Yunga is a raised toilet seat that elevates a seat height to 4 inches to enhance comfort. Besides, it has four non-skid pads on the bottom, contoured with a wider surface to enhance comfort, and stability.

Apart from its durability Yunga is very portable whereby the toilet seat is very lightweight. Also, this seat fits in other toilet seats; round, elongated, and compact elongated toilets making it a very good toilet seat.

Moreover, this toilet can support up to 275 pounds therefore you need not worry about your body weight making it very durable.

The best thing about this toilet is that it has seamless edges making it easy to clean and easy to install because it does not require any tools.

Why we recommend this:

  • Very stable.
  • It’s portable.
  • Easy to clean.

6. Vive Toilet Seat Raiser with Padded Arms

On many occasions, we have desired to purchase a toilet depending on sizes and this toilet seat offers you that choice.

This toilet seat comes in two different sizes for either standard or elongated toilet thus you can choose depending on the toilet seat you have at home.

Besides, this toilet seat adds 3.5 inches to a standard toilet making it easier to raise or lower from the seat without squatting therefore it serves best the elderly or those with limited mobility.

Moreover, it features changeable handles padded with soft foam that offers a non-slip surface for a secure grip thus giving additional assistance when sitting or standing. Consequently, not only is this seat riser very durable but also it’s easy to clean.

The seat riser can support up to 300 pounds hence you need not worry about bodyweight thus making it very durable. Also, it’s made with corrosion-resistant aluminum making it very easy to clean with regular household disinfectants.

Lastly, this seat riser comes with a tool-free installation feature whereby you need no tools to install since it securely attaches to any standard toilet seat with the included screws and washers.

Why we recommend this:

  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Simple and user friendly.

7. Carex Elongated 3.5″ Hinged Toilet Seat Riser

This is another seat riser that offers comfort to the elderly, those with restricted movement and those recovering from knee, hip, thigh, or back injury or surgery.

It adds 3.5 inches of height to your standard toilet to assist those who cannot bend easily.

Besides, what makes it a good seat riser is that it supports body weight up to 300 pounds making it durable and split resistant.

The hinged seat lifts easily and is very easy to clean with regular household disinfectants.

Moreover, this seat riser works with the standard elongated toilet where it fits perfectly without the use of tools making it easy to install.

Why we recommend this:

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Works best with standard elongated toilet.

8. Essential Medical Elevated Toilet Seat with Padded Arms

This is another elevated toilet seat that offers the best comfort to the elderly or those with limited mobility.

It offers 3.5 inches of height to the standard toilet giving those with bending difficulties much comfort.

This seat also can fully support body weight up to 300 pounds hence making it very durable and split resistant.

The seat riser has removable arms padded to provide a non-slip grip surface when sitting or standing.

It’s also available in standard or elongated sizes therefore you can choose which size is the best for you depending on the type of toilet you have.

Besides, hardware and installation instructions come with this seat making it easier to install.

Why we recommend this:

  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble.

Final verdict

We all go for padded raised toilet seats because we or may have members of our families with difficulties of bending when visiting the lavatories, thus we purchase raised toilet seats to offer comfort during the process.

The main goal during the purchase is that we should always go for the best-raised toilet seat that not only offers effective services but its durable and can fit most standard toilets.

When referring to the best toilet seat Vive raised toilet seat is at the forefront.

This toilet seat is durable in that it can last for at least a decade and more without the need to replace it. Featured with composite materials that support up to 250 pounds, this toilet seat is split resistant therefore making it usable for the longest time ever.
Moreover, it’s everyone who desires to have a product that offers the best services that you hoped for when purchasing it and Vive does not disappoint.

It gives maximum comfort to the elderly or those with limited mobility, and by comfort, it features removable padded handles that give the toilet seat a non- slips grip surface to enhance stability.

Besides, it adds five inches of height to any standard or elongated seat offering comfort when standing and sitting.

Additionally the elderly may need to take care of some of the needs by themselves without feeling helpless and such needs may include cleaning the toilet.

This toilet gives much easier time to them because it’s made from aluminum corrosion-free materials that can be wiped down with regular household disinfectants without interfering with regular cleaning of the toilet bowl.

Lastly, at times we get tired of calling the plumber every time to fix something since you will have to incur the cost. Vive saves you the cost of calling a plumber or helper to install a toilet seat.

The toilet can easily be installed by securely attaching it with an adjustable knob and rear wings to any standard or elongated bowl without removing the seat.

In the current generation, things have changed, the extended family that we used to have has broken and the elderly are left in the upcountry to fend for themselves because some of us tend to feel it’s tiresome to take care of their needs.

But we should not forget that we all age and it will come to a time that we will also be left by ourselves in the upcountry, therefore, we should try to take care of their needs as much as possible.

A toilet is an essential item that we all use in most parts of the day and one should not find any difficulties when accessing it.

Different raised toilet seats come with different features depending on the needs of the user and when purchasing one we should focus on the needs as the main goal apart from going for the only style.

The current technology has not left anyone out even those with limited mobility they have come up with raised toilet seats that offer not only comfort but also assistance when visiting the lavatory.

Yes, there are several raised toilet seats in the market but are those seats effective or comfortable enough for those using it?

Also, a raised toilet seat is better if it not only serves the elderly or those with limited mobility but can also work with those who have no difficulties in bending difficulties to prevent one user from being inconvenient.

Besides we all want to co-exist together without feeling one limit our comfort. Additionally, it’s at most best if a toilet can fit an elongated toilet seat because it offers great comfort to a great number of users making it American with Disabilities compliant.

Interested in more options for your Bathroom? Our Best Stain Resistance Toilet seat guide is another helpful resource.

Are cushioned toilet seats sanitary?

Cushioned toilet seats are toilets that are padded with soft foam that may relieve pressure when sitting down providing great comfort which is ideal for the elderly or those with medical conditions.

Most people when purchasing padded seats ask themselves this question cause we all do not want to get diseases or expose our elderly people to diseases such as urinary tract infection which they may find difficult in handling it because of a toilet seat and to answer this question I say no.

These toilets are very soft and when used over an extensive amount of time or by a bodyweight that is not meant for, they can develop cracks in the vinyl covering making them unsanitary.

These cracks may trap urine and other liquids and if used with this moisture trapped in the padded covering one may contract infections such as urinary tract infection thus one may have to replace the toilet.

Therefore these toilet seats are not sanitary when used for a long period or by body weight that is not enlisted for.

What material is best for a toilet seat?

A toilet seat is typically made of wood or plastic and when it comes to plastics, today’s toilet seats are made of thermoset and propylene.

The toilet seat material matters a lot because it depends on how well it performs based on your current use.

A plastic toilet seat is created to easily fit the bottom of a person using it and depending on one’s needs some are designed with stuffing or cushioning because of their flexibility and versatility.

These seats are durable and lightweight but are not as perfect as you think, they still wear out depending on the pressure put on it and the level of maintenance.

Wooden toilet seats are made of fiberboard which makes them dense and looks aesthetically pleasing.

These toilet seats are very strong, however, they are quite heavy causing the slow-close design to break down over time and they may not last over a long period.

Also, these toilet seats may absorb moisture because of its nature causing them to chip or warp making them uncomfortable.

Therefore when looking for the best material for a toilet seat I would advise you to go for a plastic material which is the Thermoset.

All these materials are comfortable and may come with a stylish design but plastic material is very durable as compared to the wooden material because it can sustain more pounds of body weight.

A wooden material needs a healthier family to prevent wear. In houses, you may find kids, and when they use the toilet they tend to scratch without caring for the delicacy and a wooden toilet seat may wear faster as a result of this.

However, a thermoset plastic toilet seat is scratch-resistant therefore it will last for a long time.

Lastly, you should consider a plastic toilet seat because it is easier to clean depending on its features such as sun-glazed surface.

A wooden toilet seat requires more effort in cleaning and as times go by the seat may look very old as compared to a plastic seat which may remain new for a long time.

What is a raised toilet seat?

People tend to ask this question when one needs it or you have a member of a family or a family who needs it.

A raised toilet seat is an attachment of seat to a standard toilet seat which adds an inch of height to it to offer comfort when raising or lowering from the seat.

These seats are designed for those with limited mobility and tend to have difficulties sitting or standing from the toilet seat.

These seats are normally used by the elders, those with or recovering from back, knee, or hip injuries. These seats may come in the padded form or with rails and removable handles.

The padded foam offers comfort, and the removable handles offer stability when sitting and standing from the toilet.

These seats also come in a variety of styles, sizes such as elongated or round, effectiveness, and durability depending on your needs.

How do you clean a padded toilet seat?

A padded toilet seat is designed to bring comfort when using it. You may purchase a padded toilet seat for different reasons but you may not know how to clean it and therefore I will explain how to do it.

First, you need to take good care of your padded seat by regularly cleaning it with wipes daily immediately after using it.

These will ensure that when doing major cleaning which maybe once a week you will achieve the best results of cleanness.

Also, it is important to have the best effective disinfectants when cleaning it to get rid of all the germs that may cause infection.

The disinfectant should be sprayed to all parts of the toilet to ensure that all germs are killed and after spraying its best to leave the disinfectant to stay on the seat for at least 15 minutes to enhance effectiveness.

After that, you should clean the disinfectant with a clean rag and rinse it very well with enough water so that you may not be affected by the chemicals irritants in the disinfectant when using the padded seat.

Therefore it’s best to regularly clean your padded toilet seat at least once a week which is general cleaning.

How often should one replace a toilet seat?

Toilets seat do not have expiry periods as compared to consumable products neither are they designed to have a limited life span hence they just need to be replaced.

The toilet seats tend to last for a longer period before they are replaced by the owners.

You may need to replace the seat under various circumstances that include; broken or cracked seats, when the seat is uncomfortable, stained seat, broken hinges, outdated color, or even design, when the paint is worn out and also when you just feel you don’t like it.

When the toilet seat is broken, you will need to replace it in that it will be difficult even to sanitize and clean it.

Furthermore, the cracked seats make the toilet not look presentable and also a bit difficult to use since it will be dangerous to seat on by the users thus should be replaced immediately.

Sometimes you may find the toilet seat somehow uncomfortable during use due to some factors such as the height and even the bowl shape.

Everyone needs to experience comfort when using the toilet, hence a toilet seat that has a good height is recommended.

If the seat height is not favorable for the users, a person will need to replace it with another one that does not bring discomfort.

You may also experience discomfort with toilet seats that have a thin round bowl shape that causes pain when one seats on it, as a result, the toilet seat should be replaced immediately.

When the toilet has been used for a while, the seats might have coated stains on it that makes the seats look untidy and not favorable for use by many people.

This will make the owner make replacement with another seat with most probably a new one that will be easier to clean and will look presentable.

Also, a toilet seat may have hinges that are broken thus this will not raise and lower the seat as it is supposed to serve during use. Although when the hinges are broken, you may need only to replace the hinges or the whole seat, this depends on one’s cost.

The seat may also look outdated on design hence a person may have a feeling of replacing it with a modern style he or she likes.

Lastly, a person may replace the toilet seat when he or she feels like, in that the preference on the kind of seat might have changed thus the need for replacement with a different one.

Are elongated toilet seats more comfortable?

Elongated toilet seats are more comfortable as compared to the round-shaped ones.

These elongated toilets tend to fit narrowly fit the shape of a person’s bottom when one is sitting on them therefore if provides enough room in front and back for the various toilet based activities.

The elongated toilet seat also comes in a good reasonable height that makes it more comfortable for users to sit on and even stand very easily without causing injuries to them and can be used by different people whether adult or young.

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