Plastic vs Metal Shower head (Comparison)

There isn’t any visible indicator to determine if the showerhead’s body is made from metal or plastic. But upon closer consideration, you’ll notice that their contrast is quite striking.

There is a quality difference between plastic and solid metal-surface showerheads. Metal showerheads are hefty, sturdy, modest, and easy to maintain. They are simple yet sophisticated and are made of high-quality metal hardened to ensure maximum durability over time.

Plastic vs Metal Shower head (Comparison)

Metallic or stainless steel shower hoses are also much more flexible than plastic ones, and they last much longer. On the other hand, plastics are made from ABS material. This material is relatively cheaper, lighter, stylish, and comfortable and does not rust or corrode over time like metal.

However, older plastic showerheads tend to clog up with calcified deposits. Though plastic showerheads are less appealing in terms of structural difference, attempting to avoid them entirely isn’t practical.

It appears that virtually all showerheads contain some plastic parts. Even though the shower head may be constructed with a metal casing, 95% of the time, the area where water is in contact with the nozzles and other components is made of plastic.

If you live in an area where the water supply is often hard (rusty), there is a likelihood of rust build-up on the metal shower head. However, thanks to technological marvels, there is electroplating that prevents rust from occurring in the first place.

People can now experience the benefits of chrome on metal showerheads that would otherwise be less efficient and effective compared to them not being chromed.

Plastic vs Chrome Showerhead Product Review

Metallic Showerhead

Coating any piece of metal with a thin layer of chrome plating has many different advantages. Chrome has many benefits, especially when used to plate something as important to the bathroom as a showerhead.

Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Resistant To Corrosion
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Easy to Clean
  • Decorative Properties
  • Variety


  • Relatively More Expensive
  • Much Heftier than Plastic
  • Poor Heat Resistance

1. Resistant to Corrosion

Buying a metal shower head (chrome) means your shower will be much more resistant to corrosion from metals in the water.

This is as straightforward as it gets. The corrosion resistance of chrome also translates to a more difficult surface for rust, grime, and all sorts of muck to stick to.

This means your shower will be much more resistant to corrosion and its effects.

Some of these effects include; more brittle and even quickly disintegrated metal, poisonous rust seeping into the water you use in your bath and many more harmful consequences.

2. Longer Lifespan

The corrosion resistance that chrome shower heads possess, as mentioned earlier, is closely related to the properties associated with their corrosion resistance.

As the metal in the head is more resistant to corrosion, it will remain functional for a significantly longer period.

It will be resistant to daily use much more from both the user and the chemicals in the water being passed through it.

3. Decorative Properties

From an aesthetic perspective, metallic finishes always look attractive. The superior finish is the reason behind metal shower heads’ success because it blends well with both contemporary and classic themes.

Besides, the chrome finish is more durable but generally looks sleek, clean, and better.

Coating a shower with chrome plating will give it a clean and shiny finish. This will help it to stand out against the traditionally flat and matte finishes of most bathroom tile layouts.

4. Easy to Clean

Due to these properties, metallic surfaces form a highly hygienic surface. Consequently, its inert and non-permeable surface makes cleaning and sanitizing easy and simple.

Even without rinsing it down with soapy water, it retains its luster.

Even though metallic surfaces may collect minute scratches, these can be easily remedied by polishing them occasionally or obviating them by selecting a duller matte finish.

Its hygienic property affords homeowners the satisfaction of knowing that taking a shower effectively cleans the shower head simultaneously.

Mix water with the right amount of whatever cleaner or bathroom detergent you have available. Submerge your shower head in it for a few minutes to remove any stains on it.

Vinegar is also an acceptable substitute if you do not have any bathroom detergent available.

5. Variety

As chrome is a well-known process these days, there are already many types of chrome shower heads to choose from: fixed types, movable ones, and even ones with adjustable ways to let water flow from the head.

Choose one that suits your needs, and enjoy the benefits of having a shiny, corrosion-resistant, and generally durable showerhead.

Plastic Shower Heads

For starters, plastic shower heads impart a slick and modern look that is pleasing to behold.

Although showerheads manufactured from this material are cheaper, lighter, and less sturdy than metallic materials, its sophisticated union between simplicity, logic, and style enhances the flow experience. This makes it worthy of consideration.

While some might object to the prospect of bringing such a clinical, machined material into their bathroom.

Plastic showerheads are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking to make the most of their creativity and practicality.

Here are some benefits of plastic showerheads;


  • Iconic style
  • Low Cost
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable
  • Aforable


  • Harbor More Bacteria than Metal showerheads
  • Tends To Be Less Sturdy
  • Less durable
  • Potential environmental hazard

1. Iconic Style

Plastic shower heads add an air of sophistication and modernity to any bathroom. If you’re opting for traditional with your bathroom design, a plastic shower head, when used aptly, can also be very effective.

It is easy to keep a plastic shower head shiny and looking new with a simple cleaning, making it an ideal choice for a shower head.

Unlike other materials, a plastic shower head is easy to handle. Because of its superior corrosion resistance, it lasts longer and looks new for a longer time.

2. Relatively Cheaper Than Metallic Shower head

The prices of plastic shower heads vary, so you can always find one that fits your budget. It is because plastic is likely the most cost-effective material to use than metal.

The overall cost of the product is lowered because it is generally produced in large quantities.

3. Resistant To Outside Influences

Your showerhead is one of the most used fixtures in your bathroom, so it must be able to withstand running water more than a hundred times.

A plastic shower head is a fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant product that hides water spots and doesn’t wear away like a polished metal fixture.

4. Recyclable

Since plastic has close to a 100% recyclability rate after its original use and the life cycle is complete, it’s safe to conclude that a plastic shower head is financially and environmentally conscious.

Plastic manufacturers regulate the emission of CO2 and other pollutants, further enhancing the materials’ environmental credentials.

Shower heads made of plastic have many advantages, including durability, luster and aesthetic value, which are equally important when setting up the perfect bathroom.

Given that plastic showerheads are convenient and stylish, anyone redecorating their bathroom may wish to consider that plastic is a common material for many other fixtures.

Final Verdict

A showerhead review based on looks might appear subjective, but the emphasis is mostly on convenience and the assurance of clean showering water.

Although plastic showerheads have more spray options than metallic shower heads, they are more prone to lime and mineral deposits depending on your water quality.

This makes plastic shower heads more susceptible to bacterial growth than metallic ones.

On a purely financial and performance basis, you might start with a plastic showerhead first before opting for a high-quality metal showerhead.

If you are shopping for a regular showerhead and a side adjustable hand showerhead, you might choose to go with a metallic showerhead. This will give you a more coherent look.

To conclude, check out this deluxe metallic detachable handheld showerhead and a premium ABS showerhead.

Best Metallic Handheld Showerhead

100% Metal (Brushed Nickel) Hand Held Shower Head with 75″ Inch Stainless-Steel Hose

Save on water while being treated to a spa-like experience with this 100% entirely solid metal handheld showerhead. This product is rustproof and promises to provide a wide range of activities.

Its self-cleaning showerheads eliminate hard water build-up, and its 360-degree adjustable shower arm allows it to direct water at the appropriate angle every time.

Showerheads with a single function come with an easy-to-clean rubber nozzle, making them more hygienic. Plug and play and enjoy the flexibility of a handheld showerhead with this showerhead’s therapeutic rain setting.

It comes with a 75-inch stainless steel hose so that you can enjoy the flexibility of giving your kids or pets a gentle cleansing shower they’d love. Assembly is simple. You can attach to any half-hitched pipe in less than five minutes.

Product features

  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.9 x 3.1 inches
  • All metal shower head
  • Extra-long 75 inches hose
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Flow rate: 2.2 GPM


  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Very sturdy

Best ABS Plastic Showerhead

AquaDance (Chrome)-6-Setting Premium High-Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo Hand Held Shower Separately

Improve the elegance and luxury of your bathroom with AquaDance High-Pressure 3-Way Handheld Showerhead.

It is an ABS plastic showerhead with a chrome finish and a patented 3- way water diverter that produces a pleasing, refreshing, and stimulating showering experience.

If you are tired of an anemic shower that produces a weak sprinkle, then it’s time you enjoyed the sensation of a high-pressure wider, and more water handheld showerhead.

AquaDance High-Pressure 3-Way Handheld Showerhead chrome finishing is quintessential to forming harmony with other bathroom fixtures with a modern look and feel.

The ABS material is one of the best forms of material that could ever produce because it’s a timeless material. The Patented 3-Way Water Diverter valve is a six-flow setting that gives off a full-body water profile. The Six flow setting is really simple to use.

They include Pulsating Massage, Rain Mist, Power Rain, Power Mist, Rain Massage, and Water Saving Pause mode.

It’s also integrated with a ball joint that allows smooth angle adjustments. Moreover, the AquaDance High-Pressure filtration Showerhead boasts a limited lifetime warranty tied to the highest metric among its competition.

Product features

  • Dimensions: 4x 10x 7 inches 
  • Material: chrome-plated premium ABS plastic
  • Ergonomic Grip Handle
  • Flow rate: 2.5 GPM


  • Modern looking
  • Clear and easy installation instructions
  • Simple to adjust the settings
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


Today, the most popular showerhead finishes are dull, bright, and reflective. For a warmer, homier tone, the showerhead can be tempered into a myriad of finishes to match every interior.

When combined with clean, monotone tiling, and a translucent glass shower door, a metallic finishing showerhead creates a sharp and professional look. This finishing also complements many varieties of wood, especially oak and mahogany.

From this review, metal showerheads are primarily manufactured with durability in mind.

These materials are the most popular choice for those who are looking for a regular showerhead and a side-adjustable hand spray model due to their durability, simple yet sophisticated look.

Showerheads made of metal are hefty and modest. Plastic materials are relatively cheaper, lighter, stylish, and comfortable. They also have more spray options than the metal shower head, although they are more prone to limescale and mineral deposits.


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