Best Handheld Shower Heads for Seniors in 2022

best handheld shower head for seniors

When we decided to take stock of the best handheld showerheads for the elderly or persons with mobility issues, we faced a daunting task. Here’s why: there is a quite wide selection of handheld showerheads that have been created and specifically engineered to help an elderly person relax comfortably while showering. And searching for the … Read more

Delta vs Moen vs Kohler Shower Head (Comparison)

delta vs moen vs kohler shower head

The modest shower head has progressed over time. Consumers nowadays have a plethora of options available to them in the market, and there is a great deal of confusion about which options are the best. Showerhead manufacturers such as Kohler, Moen, and Delta have created excellent showerheads that in general, check all the boxes and … Read more

How to Change a Fixed Shower Head to Handheld

A shower head is an essential part of your bathroom and you can have the design that is to your liking, taste, and meets your bathroom needs. There are many models of both fixed and handheld shower heads meeting different needs for various individuals. You can acquire one with low water pressure or a high … Read more

Aquasana vs Pelican vs Jonathan Shower Filter (Comparison)

Aquasana vs Pelican vs Jonathan Shower Filter

The Pelican, Aquasana, and Jonathan shower filters fulfill the description given forth as the best and effective shower filters. Effective in eliminate chlorine, fluoride, odors, and significantly reduces other hazardous chemicals and contaminants from shower water. And did you know that these water contaminants strip natural oil from your skin and hair, resulting in dry … Read more

AquaBliss SF100 vs SF220 vs SF300 vs SF500 (Detailed Comparison & Reviews)

aquabliss shower filter sf100 vs sf220 vs sf500

In this post, we’ll look at three of the most popular AquaBliss shower filters: the SF100, SF220, and SF500. These SF series shower models are well known for their multi-stage filtration system, durability, and affordability. The multi-stage filtration system effectively removes significant concentrations of chlorine, chloramine, and other harmful contaminants from shower water, as well … Read more

Best Ionic Filtration Shower Heads (Buying Guide 2022)

best ionic filtrations shower heads

A long, hot shower is something that everyone likes. But did you know that the water in your shower could be causing damage to your skin and hair? Tap water contains chlorine and chloramine, the primary causes of dryness and itchiness on skin and hair. Imagine taking a shower that is both chlorine-free and oxygen-rich; … Read more