Speakman Shower Head 2251 vs 2252 vs 2005 HB – Find the Best in 2022

Speakman is an iconic brand and has a reputation for building high-quality rust-proof showerheads. These showerheads spring out cool enveloping spray that we have come to expect from a brand that has been around since 1869.

Regarding Speakman S-2251 vs S-2252 vs S-2005 HB, some of the reviews of the top websites had little to offer regarding these models from this brand. In a broad general sense, most reviews fell short of being informative.

We believe that what is most important to you is a thorough evaluation of the product features, pros and cons, and overall value for money of each of these models.

To assist you in deciding which of these three shower heads is best for you, we conducted a thorough competitive analysis, studying each of these three models and narrowing down to the best buy.

Speakman S-2251 vs S-2252 vs S-2005 Product Comparison

Features Speakman 2005 Speakman 2251 Speakman 2252
Size 4.3 inches 3.63 inches 2.75 inches
Flow Rate 2.5 GMP 2.5 GMP 2.5 GMP
Control Channel Spray adjusting handle Spray adjusting handle Spray adjusting handle
Materials Polished Chrome Metal with chrome finish Polished Nickel
Installation Method Wall Mounted Wall Mounted Wall Mounted
Technology Patented Anystream Plungers Patented Anystream 360° System Patented Anystream 360° System
Setting Type Massage Flood, Intense, Full Rain, Flood, Full
Warranty Description Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited


For any person, the version for a successful shower is the peace of mind, of knowing that when you step out, you can only describe your shower experience as only pure joy.

Like Michael Jordan clutching his first NBA championship trophy, we feel that Speakman S-2251 was the finest showerhead of the three, and that is based on these couple of factors that we used to inform our decision.

  • It has a high-quality finish. It weighs about 5 pounds, and when you attach it to your shower arm, you’ll notice the difference right away. It is entirely made of brass, including the outside housing.
  • It’s easy to install. It takes about 5 minutes to install.
  • It comes equipped with a 2.5GPM limiter standard installed. This showerhead will see you enjoy high pressure while controlling the spread of water all through.
  • The showering experience is incredible and thoroughly satisfying. Each of the eight nozzles creates 8 small streams that produce a wide, overlapping, criss-cross pattern to shower and massage you all over. The technology adopted by the Speakman showerhead of Anystream allows you to make an easy transition between the settings and the even distribution of water.
  • It is a self-clean showerhead, thus low maintenance and less cleaning.

Bottom line: with that Speakman S-2251, there are no regrets, only accolades.

Speakman S-2251 Shower head

Difference between Speakman S-2005 HB, S-2251 and S-2252 + Product Reviews

1. Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head

Speakman is a brand known for its quality engineering appliances, and the Speakman S-2005-HB is one of its signature craftsmen, you can trust to give you the largest shower experience possible.

Speakman S-2005-HB has a silicone spout tone, a brass ball nut, and plastic construction with fine finishes in polished/brushed chrome, brushed nickel or oiled bronze. On top of that, it’s a cheap showerhead with a few mesmerizing features that you might consider a great addition to your bathroom decor.

Let’s look further into what you expect from this showerhead, based on several factors, including the features that have been most enjoyed by real users.

  • 5 Plungers with 3 Spray Patterns 50 Sprays and 8 Massage Jets

The 5 plungers with 50 sprays, 8 massaging jets, and 3 spray patterns provide a touch of luxury to your shower. The spray pattern does an excellent job of providing excellent water coverage, creating the impression of being encircled by a water cascade.

Thanks to the patented any stream 360 degrees technology, you can control the shower experience from an all-over invigorating 50 spray pattern to a revitalizing 8 jet massage spray to a calming 3 spray rinse. This technology not only allows users to effortlessly transition through these various spray settings, but it also evenly distributes water.

  • Contemporary design

Enjoy the exceptional modern design of corrosion-resistant mirror-like chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze finishes that complement most bathroom styles. Cleaning is easy thanks to the self-clean plungers and anti-calcification function.

The anti-calcification function ensures the showerhead is protected from watermark stains and limescale deposits, ensuring it remains sparkling throughout the time. The limescale deposits are simply rubbed from the flexible silicone nozzles.

  • Easy to install

Within 5 minutes, this universal showerhead connects to any standard shower arm. The easy-to-use removable water restrictor simply slips into place and maybe readily removed.

To sum it up

Speakman S-2005, here’s a quick summary of its product features and its pros and cons.

Product Description

  • Specification: 5.38 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches.
  • Color: Polish Chrome.
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GMP.


  • The installation process is easy.
  • Found in most spas and hotels.
  • Offers easy transition between spray settings.
  • The flow restrictor is easily removed.

These features undoubtedly make the Speakman S-2005-HB a good quality, cost-effective showerhead. If you were to consider a comparison with S-2251 and S-2252 from users who used these showerheads, the last comment about S-2251 puts it slightly ahead of S-2005.

This is because when you consider the features of S-2251, you will realize it’s also another high-quality fixture from Speakman. Let’s find out what Speakman S-2251 has to offer.

2. Speakman S-2251

With an intricately designed solid brass construction and corrosion-resistant metal finish, you will quickly realize that this is the significant difference between the previous S-2005 model and this model.

However, this difference sets it at a higher price point than the previous model. With this model, you can enjoy an incredibly intense shower experience for a high-end spa experience or water-saving with low-pressure plungers.

This showerhead offers great water coverage velocity and is available in polished chrome, polished/brushed nickel, brushed bronze, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. These finishes will Complement the style adopted in your bathroom. Let’s look at other features that this model has to offer.

What to Expect From Speakman S-2251

  • 8 Plungers with 64 Sprays, 8 Massage Jets, 3 Spray Patterns

The patented Anystream 360 degree technology adjustable water flow lets you easily switch between concentrated spray and rain rinse modes. This means that you control your showering experience from an all-over invigorating 64 spray pattern to a revitalizing 8 jet massage spray to a calming 3 spray rinse.

The Speakman patented 8 plungers perfectly control the spread of water evenly as it leaves the nozzle allowing pressure to easily build and intensify, resulting in a remarkably powerful performance. The Anystream 360 degree technology is an eco-performance model that saves water without sacrificing performance.

  • Quality Design and Construction

Brass-made shower heads are by far the best option in terms of hygiene, durability, and aesthetics. The Speakman S-2251 is composed entirely of solid brass.

Why is brass such an outstanding material for the bathroom, you may wonder? Brass has a rustic charm as well as a classic aesthetic appeal. The color of brass is similar to that of gold. Brass is an excellent material for practical use.

Brass elicits sensations of relaxation and has a distinct, rich appearance. Brass shower heads, when combined with other complementary bathroom fixtures, may give your bathroom that much-desired look of elegance and sophistication that other materials cannot.

Anyone who is familiar with interior design and architecture understands that brass is an excellent material for use in the bathroom since brass shower spray heads last longer.

  • Self Clean and Hygienic

Brass’s ability to endure harsh water is one of its characteristics. The bass does not rust or wear out when exposed to hard water for an extended period of time. Other materials will deteriorate fast in hard water, but brass is quite robust.

The S-2251 is brass-coated with electroplated chrome for increased strength and oxidation resistance. You may use this showerhead for years and it will still look the same as it did when you originally bought it.

Brass has the capacity to destroy bacteria due to its oligo-dynamic effect, which kills germs and prevents them from reproducing further. Those who understand this about brass take use of its sanitary properties.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 4.51 x 4.501 x 4.82 inches
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GMP
  • Polished Chrome
  • A limited lifetime warranty covers the showerhead.


  • Easily adjustable spray patterns.
  • Maintains high-pressure volume all through.
  • The solid metal construction used is highly durable.

Getting Speakman S-2251 Corrosion-resistant polished chrome brass will, without doubt, add an extra touch of class to your bathroom besides the additional health benefits. Nonetheless, there is much-inspired optimism to be desired with its counterpart, too, the Speakman S-2252.

This showerhead is known to deliver power. Raw, unapologetic power. There is more to be described a little about this showerhead. So read on to find out more.

3. Speakman S-2252

The first thing you notice about this showerhead is that despite its relatively diminutive size, it’s hefty. There is no mistaking whether this item is made of quality material.  The strong brass is built to endure a lifetime. Second, it is straightforward to set up. Within 5 minutes, this showerhead connects to any conventional shower arm.

The hassle-free removable water restrictor is simple to install for water conservation, or you may remove it for a high-end spa experience. The prime features of this model are listed below.

  • Patented Anystream Technology

With S-2252, you will get the real option of Anystream. When you want a defined stream of high-pressure jet water, you simply move the 8 nozzles on the face of the head in. If you desire less pressure but much higher flow, you simply move the 8 nozzles out, allowing the free water flow.

With S-2252, you can stop the lever anywhere you like to adjust your liking streams and pressure.

  • Efficiency and Power

There are two spray settings: strong rain and full flood. Each of these options provides excellent water coverage velocity. When the nozzles on the head are set to full flood, it’s like someone is constantly pouring buckets of water on your head.

This is an instant rinsing. The intensive setting provides a massage sensation when the nozzles are turned to their highest setting. The Speakman S-2252’s smooth transition between spray settings is made possible by the Anystream 360 degrees system, which allows you to choose the mood of your shower.

  • Iconic style

This showerhead is available in chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes and is composed of solid brass construction. As previously said, brass showerheads are the best since they are dependable and long-lasting.

It is also designed with 90 powerful anti-clogging silicone nozzles/jets that remove hard water deposits like limescale and rust to ensure you always feel the full intensity of the shower. You will enjoy your showers more luxuriously with this premium showerhead, providing you with excitement every time you take a shower.

The Speakman S-2252 will ensure that you get the excellent shower you deserve. Speakman showerheads will provide you with an amazing showering experience, just the way it should be.

Product Description

  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Corrosion-resistant polished chrome finish
  • 4.00 x 2.73 x 4.00 inches in dimension


  • You will enjoy a high pressured water flow all through.
  • Plunger on this showerhead maintains the required pressure in the water.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.
  • The high durability of this showerhead is wanting.


Speakman has been providing goods ranging from simple shower water filtration heads to high-end luxury shower equipment for over a century, as evidenced by the design of a Speakman shower spray head. Their devices are simple to maintain and have self-cleaning nozzles that remove limescale buildup caused by hard water.

Today, Speakman shower heads are available in a variety of styles, including the 8-Jet Anystream, Combination Showers, Dual Showerheads, Hotel Showerheads, Handheld Showers, Downpour Rain Shower spray heads, and 5-Jet Showerheads with massage, to name a few.

The Anystream shower spray head is one that has been created to feature a wide variety of shower patterns, making it suitable for everyone in your household. They are also suitable for places with low water pressure. The nozzles can raise the intensity of the water, allowing you to enjoy your shower more.

How to correctly remove shower head flow restrictor?

Apparently in the United States, regulations stipulate that showerheads must produce no more than a 2.5 GPM flow rate. This is an attempt to save water because without the water restrictor; the water flow would be completely unrestricted. However, for some reasons such as health reasons, you might want to thoroughly flush out toxins from your skin after working with chemicals.

A flow restrictor of a shower head is a circular, star-shaped crafted metal that is presicely located behind the metal screw-off part in a typical showerhead. Its job is to regulate/limit the amount of water that you get from the showerhead. They usually vary in color. The colors might look, white, black, red, pink or green.

  • Adjustable/ Pipe Wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Rags/towel
  • Paper clips
  • Teflon plumber’s tape
  • Screwdriver

Then Use these tools by following this guide. 

Steps 1: Disconnecting the Showerhead from the Arm

First, wrap the showerhead the rag/towel to protect the finish. Use the adjustable wrench to secure the nut then turn the showerhead counterclockwise to unscrew it.

Step 2: Remove the Shower Screen 

In case you find a mesh screen, you might need to tap the showerhead to dislodge it gently or if it’s stuck, use the pliers to remove it. 

Step 3: Remove the O-Ring or Gasket 

Unbend the end of the paper clip/gem clip and use it to carefully Pry up the gasket or black o-ring that is located inside the showerhead.

Step 4: Take Out the Flow Restrictor

 Pull out the flow restrictor, with a flat screwdriver. Alternatively, you can use the unbent paper clip, twist it and pry it to remove it.

Step 5: Replace the O-Ring or the Gasket 

Insert the gasket and the shower screen into the showerhead and slide them back into its seat. You might pop in new ones if necessary. 

Step 6: Set Up the Showerhead

Before screwing the showerhead back into place, clean the old Teflon tape from the shower arm thread using the rag or the towel. Scrub off some stubborn deposits off too.

Wrap some new Teflon tape around the shower arm. Wrap the Teflon it a clockwise direction. Make sure all the threads are covered. Then reattach the showerhead in clockwise until it’s hand tight. Finally, turn the water on to check for leaks.

Are Speakman shower heads good?

Speakman is a brand that has been around since 1869, and they pride themselves on providing customers with the finest shower heads which would leave them with a pleasant shower experience that many other spray heads are unable to deliver.

This is because Speakman understands the problem faced by many consumers, and as such, they seek to produce spray heads that can help to relax your muscles.

The brand is famous for its plumbing products. Of course, you will also be able to find shower heads with simple multi function shower from Speakman, but most people go for the needle jet much needed massaging effects, especially after a long tiring day. These shower equipment are unique in design; they are durable and are easy to install.

The spray options provided by the Speakman shower head are several. They are easy to use thanks to the patented Any Stream 360 degrees technology that allows users to transition through various sprays setting effortlessly while also distributing water evenly.

The Anystream 360 degree technology is also an eco-performance model that saves water without sacrificing performance. So Speakman is cost-effective, durable, and you are sure to get value for money.

Do large showerheads use more water?

Size does matter. The smaller the showerhead diameter, the more water pressure you can get from it. You can begin with 6-inch heads; move along the way up to a large rain shower head measuring up to 12 inches with less pressure and more coverage.

Showerheads with large heads are made with more advanced features, and at the same time, you are assured of a much easier time when you shower. With bigger shower heads, you have a larger shower area, thus giving you more coverage when you shower.

You will not have to turn your body to wash the various parts because, with a larger shower head, you get a more evenly distributed area that can cover broader areas. You can feel the thrill of getting drenched in drizzles in your bathroom with a rain shower head.

What is good psi?

The flow of water and water pressure through showerheads is measured using Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM). The standard flow is 2.5 gallons per minute. However, you can save 30% by going with the 1.75 GPM model.

The water pressure coming off the showerhead is dependent on the setting on the showerhead. High pressure 80 PSI is considered high water pressure and will see a significant amount of water coming through the showerhead compared to a lower pressure of 20 psi.

A Low-pressure showerhead not only delivers a weak stream, but also waste gallons of water without giving much pleasure or a cleansing effect. High-pressure showerheads do just the opposite. The excess outflow of water through your low-pressure taps means excess wastage which in turn leads to higher expenditure.

With the ever-increasing price of utilities, including electricity and water, it is unwise to use a shower appliance that fails to control flow efficiently.

A high-pressure adjustable shower head with a low flow mechanism is by far the greatest choice currently in the market. These heads allow you to save water. Higher pressure showers control air and water in a mix that sends out a stream with higher pressures giving the pleasant feeling of showering in a steady stream without wasting much water. Some models are also available with dual a setting that lets you adjust the stream to your taste.

Is Water Pressure Affected By The Size Of The Showerhead?

A typical showerhead has a tone of nozzles and spray. A large showerhead has more nozzles thus less water pressure which can lead up to more water being used. A smaller showerhead, on the other hand, has more pressure and thus will lead to less water being used compared to the larger showerhead.

The holes in a showerhead play a significant factor when affecting the quality of the water distribution. The quality showerheads are those that have individual holes that are precisely made that will enable jets of water to come out and not just drip over.

This will ensure that the water is delivered outward in a perfect manner just like the actual rain even if water pressure is low. You’ll enjoy the shower only when water comes out forcefully in a high-pressure jet.

How can I make my Speakman shower head more powerful?

A Low-pressure showerhead will not only deliver a weak shower water stream, but they also waste alot of gallons of water without giving much pleasure or a cleansing effect. The frustrations brought about by low-pressure water are genuinely uncalled for and may have you spending more time in the shower than expected.

Low pressure may be due to some regulations that require the highest showerheads to have flow restrictors installed to see the water is conserved.

If you want a more powerful showering experience, you want to consider taking some of these measures.

  • Limescale buildup caused by hard water could be the reason for the low pressure. So you might consider having the shower head cleaned out.
  • The flow restrictor might be faulty, causing leakages in the showerhead, thus reducing water pressure. Have the showerhead replaced
  • Install a shower pump to increase the pressure needed in your bathroom.
  • Consider Installing a pressurized unvented cylinder to increase the pressure to
  • Buy an electric shower.

How to tighten a Speakman shower head correctly?

Speakman shower heads are designed with universal fittings and may be easily fitted to any shower arm. A washcloth is the finest tool for tightening the Speakman shower head on a shower arm since it grips the shower head well and makes it easier to turn when tightening.