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Getting the right shower head for your bathroom can truly transform the way you start the day or end it, it’s much more than cleanliness. A bathroom is now a place when one can reflect, think and ease tension, and this is brought about by using the right shower head. Modern shower heads are technologically designed to enhance better user experience, fit perfectly with bathroom decor and add more satisfying showering experience.

Today we will review and compare Waterpik, Delta and Speakman shower heads, tell you more about product features, functionalities, pros & cons and final verdict. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make the best and informed decision after reading this comparison guide.

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Waterpik High-Pressure Shower Head – Check Today’s Price on Amazon

“Large 6-inch shower head with 4 modes which includes soothing rainfall, powerful pulse massage, thorough rinsing, and relaxing rainfall.”

Delta Faucet 4-Spray Shower HeadCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

“Features 4 powerful spray options that relieve sore and tired muscles.”

Product Review: Waterpik, Delta & Speakman Shower Heads

Speakman S-2251 Adjustable High-Pressure Shower Head

This master-piece is made of solid brass giving it the high-end look.

You will enjoy the aesthetic of this shower head as it will play a role in enhancing the appearance of your bathroom greatly.

The Anystream 360 degree system allows the transition between shower settings to be more easy and comfortable. With the even distribution of water, you will be able to switch easily between the intense, rain, and flood settings.

The nozzles of this shower unit are patented with plungers that ensure the performance of this shower head is intensified. This makes this shower head ideal for areas with low water pressure.

The self-clean feature of the plungers in this shower head makes the maintenance of this piece much easier, and plungers can resist the limescale build-up brought about by hard water.

  • Expect durability with this piece as it is made of solid brass.
  • It offers high pressure and would work conveniently with low pressured water.
  • The aesthetic would enhance the appearance of your bathroom.
  • This shower head is costly.

Delta 4-Spray (58467) In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower Head

You will be able to enjoy a dual shower with this shower head as it is 2 in 1 shower head.

The detachable hand shower of this shower head comes with a hose which will see you enjoy a spa-like shower in your bathroom.

The powerful intensity of this shower will allow you to immerse your body in the powerful body spray with the streams from the shower meeting all your needs.

This shower head will allow you to switch between shower settings which will offer massage to the sore muscles, tired muscle with the jets providing a great showering experience.

You can switch between 4 powerful spray options with the needed ease, the full-body spray, the fast massaging, the pause, and the full-body sprays with massage.

Do not have any worries when fixing the Delta shower head as it has a lifetime limited warranty and in the case of any breakages during installation would be easily catered for.

  • You will enjoy the high-pressure mist.
  • The price is pocket friendly.
  • The design of this piece is tough.
  • The number of spray settings are few.

Waterpik High-Pressure Shower Combo with Rain Showerhead & Handheld Wand

This shower head will see you enrich your hair and your body with the rain shower head able to give a relaxing space.

This Waterpik shower combo includes a handheld shower head and a handheld shower wand.

The shower wand has contours that allow it to penetrate deeply to the hair roots massaging our scalp. For your scalp massage, thorough rinsing and the muscle tension relief the power comb spray does a great job.

The 6-inch diameter of this rain shower head will let you relax and relieve your stress while switching through the 4 modes, the soothing rainfall, and the invigorating power pulse shower massage.

You can pick between the shower wand, the rain shower head, or the both of them with the help of the 3-way diverter.

The ultra-flexible 8-foot metal hose gives more convenience in the shower. The installation process is easy pizzy and there will be no need for a plumber or tools to fix it. You will be able to enjoy a flow rate of 1.8gpm.

  • The long hose serves you at an advantage.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Its affordability is unmatched.
  • Some of the parts are made of plastic.
  • Customers complain of the plastic odor.

Product Comparison Table

FeaturesSpeakman S-2251Delta Faucet 4-Spray In2tionWaterpik High Pressure
Flow rate2.5 GMP2.5 GMP1.8 GMP
Material usedSolid brassPlasticMetal
Spray settings4 modes of shower settings4 modes of shower settings7 modes of shower settings.
Showerhead face size4.5 inches6 inches6 inches

Final Verdict

The three shower heads offer the most with each having specific features that genuinely enhance your bathroom experience. These shower heads will be a great addition to your bathroom because of their exemplary finishes that will enhance your bathroom décor.

The Waterpik High-pressure handheld tops the list with its magnificent finish and features. It is made of metal thus reducing the chances of breakages promoting its durability.

The flow rate is at 1.8gpm which means it would work efficiently in areas with low water pressure while reducing your water bill greatly without compromise on your shower experience.

The delta 4-spray handheld shower head combo comes in second at a flow rate of 2.5gpm and 4 shower settings. The wide face of the delta ensures for full-body coverage.

Despite the fact it is made of plastic, this shower is tough and would avoid breakages easily. The presence of the world re-known warranty providers by the Delta Company, this piece has a limited lifetime warranty making it more desirable.


Waterpik High-Pressure Rain Shower & Handheld Wand

We are all seeking the best in this life in every aspect of our lives. The ability to pick the best shower head that can meet your personal needs without compromising efficiency will enable you to enjoy your time in the shower. The innovative ideas incorporated in the shower head make it possible for you to enjoy the spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Interested in more options for your Bathroom? Our Best all metal handheld shower head guide is another helpful resource.


What to look for when purchasing a showerhead?

A broken showerhead, a clogged one or the need for a revamp of your bathroom will have you online looking for the best shower head for your bathroom.

Purchasing one ought not to be a problem but there are certain factors to have in mind first hand so the shower can match your needs.

The most important factor is the flow rate of the showerhead which is measured in gallons per minute which happens to be unique with different showerheads.

There are set standards that ensure showerheads will not produce more than 2.5gpm at 80 psi.
Showerhead type.
The fixed shower head; this showerhead is particularly attached to the shower arm protruding from the wall.

When fixing this showerhead you will be required to screw it into the shower arm. The fixed showerhead allows for features such as water-saving showerheads, massage and rain.

The hand-held; sits on a cradle when not in use connected to a long hose. They could be used as either a handheld showerhead or the fixed showerhead.

The long hose provided comes in different lengths and it is up to you to decide which one will be best for you. A hose of 60” to 72” will work perfectly for your home

The water-saving capability; a showerhead could make use of little water to 1gpm.

The higher the gallon per minute will see you spend much more money on electricity and water bills at the end of the month. Picking a water-saving showerhead will have you saving on utility bills and would work perfectly in areas with low water pressure.
The spray pattern; different showerheads offer different multiple spray settings. When deciding on the showerhead, you should consider the number of settings offered by a particular showerhead which will make it more convenient for you in the bathroom. Some showerheads offer up to eight unique spray patterns with different settings.

The rain showerhead; most of these offers the overhead style translating you will have to be directly under this showerhead to get the best results. These showerheads see the distribution of water evenly and widely ensuring for full-body coverage. These showerheads will work perfectly in areas with great water pressure.

The two in one; offers both the fixed showerhead and the handheld showerhead. This comes in handy when you are undecided on whether to go with the fixed or the handheld showerhead.

This shower comes integrated into each other and allows you to easily separate them. It will still offer you different spray settings with the ease to select.

The body sprayers; they normally come accustomed with the shower in certain showerheads. They require special plumbing of the shower with the valves being installed in the bathroom wall.

You have the option to switch on and off of the body sprayer and it will still have the showerhead working independently.

The slide bar; which is a shower fixture normally mounted in the bathroom wall that will allow you to adjust the height of the showerhead with minimal complications. This showerhead will work perfectly in a home with individuals of different heights. The slide bar will allow the water to stay low when you don’t want your hair soaked.

Which shower head has the most pressure?

Water pressure in the shower offers the best experience and will have you going for showerheads that can offer great pressure.

The pressure in your showerhead will see you enjoying the intensity of your shower enhancing the bathroom experience.

Different showerheads offer different water pressure in the bathroom. High pressure in your showerhead will ensure for efficiency the showerhead will be able to offer. The pressure in your shower head is measured in the number of gallons the showerhead can deliver in a minute and it is denoted as GPM.

The Waterpik showerhead has a flow rate of 1.8gpm which is low but does not compromise its service delivery.

This flow rate of 1.8gpm will have you saving on water bills at the end of the month as little water is used up while showering. This flow rate works perfectly in areas with low water pressure.

There are showerheads with a flow rate of 2.5gpm such as the delta, which is the set limit by the regulatory board. At 2.5gpm will have you consuming a lot of water compared to 1.8gpm.

This showerhead would not be conducive for areas with low water pressure as it will not have the needed intensity. You will have to spend extra dimes on your water and electricity bill with a showerhead with 2.5gpm.

How do I choose the best high-pressure shower head?

Are you getting minimum performance from your showerhead? In most cases, the poor performance from your showerhead may be due to the design which has an impact on the water pressure.

The maximum flow of water through the showerhead is made possible with high-pressure in the showerhead which will ensure for even distribution of water.

When picking a high showerhead pressure you ought to be aware of the pressure of water in your area.

The water pressure in your area would determine greatly on the shower head you will pick for your bathroom. With a high-pressure shower head you will be sure to solve the low water pressure issue as it will be able to deliver an intense shower with the low pressure.

The high-pressure showerhead makes it possible with the presence of adjustable spray settings or with the pressure chamber design which make it possible.

The adjustable spray setting sees the condensing of the showerhead by blocking some of the nozzles and letting a few pass water with the needed intensity giving you a narrow shower room with great intensity.

On the other hand, the pressure chamber will be able to increase the water pressure with the addition of air in the showerhead which in turn forces the water out through the showerhead with the needed high pressure.

There are several reasons as to why one would need high pressure in your shower. They include; better cleaning, with high pressure, the water will allow you to wash and clean with the needed ease.

A high-pressure shower will have you feeling better at the beginning of the day setting the tone of your day, especially in winter.

Conservation of water is another factor that a high-pressure shower will have you enjoy. The high-pressure shower will make use of less water without compromising your shower experience.

There are factors you ought to consider when going out in search of a high-pressure showerhead. The pressure designs you would pick with the adjustable settings allowing you to flip easily between the spray settings. Some of the showerheads have a special design which allows you to make adjustments easily and quickly without a hustle.

Is your main aim to have the pressure increased or it is generally a low water pressure in your area? The answer to this will determine whether you will need a narrow or a wide showerhead.

If you are experiencing low pressure in your area you may opt for the narrow sized showerhead. You will be able to enjoy a stronger shower in a smaller area.

Something else to have in mind is the flow rate of water through your showerhead. A great number of high-pressure showerheads are made for areas with low water pressure, with some of them having a flow rate of up to 1.5-1.7gpm.

These flow rates will have you saving a lot of water and saves you money at the end of the month with less water bills. You may opt to have the flow restrictor removed so you can enjoy a more powerful shower with increased pressure.

Last but not least is the quality of the showerhead. You should be able to go through reviews by customers on the quality of the showerhead before purchasing one. This will allow you to make the right decision on the quality of the showerhead.

The high-pressure showerhead in general will have more parts compared to the other showerheads. You have to be sure about the parts to be of great quality.

Is 2.5gpm good water pressure

If you are concerned about 2.5gpm being good enough, the answer is yes it is great as this is stipulated level by the regulatory boards on all showerheads. This regulation has been around since 1992 with the main aim being the conservation of water.

2.5 gallons per minute is the allowed maximum water flow rate. This means in every minute spent in the shower, you will be using 2.5 gallons of water. If you spend ten minutes in the shower it would translate to 25 gallons of water. This is made possible with the use of a flow restrictor which sees the delivery of water in your shower is controlled.

A normal home, the shower consumes up to 17% of water, this is lower when compared to flushing the toilet and laundry. An average shower would last for roughly eight minutes at a flow rate of 2.5gpm will have using 20 gallons of water in a single shower.

Some of the states in America have lowered the gallons per minute from 2.5 to 1.8gpm. This sees you using only 72% of water compared to other states, which in return you will experience low pressure in your showerhead.

The market is swarmed with a large variety of showerheads with different sizes, different configurations, and different shapes. The latest designs of showerhead provide for new spray settings and multiple spray settings allowing you to enjoy extensively making use of the 2.5gpm.

The improved version of the showerhead comes with the inclusion of a handheld showerhead and an adjustable hose which will allow you to use it when attached to the fixed showerhead.

Each showerhead is designed uniquely so it can deliver a unique experience in the shower. The features of the showerhead may be different when compared from the spray settings which will allow for a different amount of pressure.

A large number of showerheads have three spray settings; these are the aerating spray, the stream spray, and the atomizing spray. All of these spray settings do operate on the 2.5gpm despite the fact they may feel different in intensity.

The research on consumer market shows three factors that influence customer satisfaction while taking into account household conditions, this is according to EPA.
The flow rate within the pressure.
The spray intensity
The area of coverage

The pressure in your household has to be between 20 to 80 pounds per square inch to maximize the water efficiency of your showerhead.

The PSI will see you make maximum use in the performance giving a better shower experience with the delivery of water through the showerhead. To enjoy the best from your showerhead the water ought to be routed through the shower valve, it will help with preventing changes with the water pressure.

The compatibility of your shower valve and the shower head has to be checked by a plumber and ensure the valve will be able to meet the set requirements of the standard flow rate of the showerhead.

To continue enjoying optimal flow rate you ought to have a periodic check-up of limescale build-up. If you are still not able to enjoy an optimal flow rate you may opt to have the flow restrictor removed.

Most showerheads come with a flow restrictor which is meant to regulate the flow. With the removal of your flow restrictor, you ought to have in mind that this will in turn lead to spiked water bills at the end of the month.

Another option may be to have your current showerhead replaced with a new one of better design at a flow rate of 2.0gpm or 2.5gpm which will still see you saving on your water bill every month.

The installation of multiple showerheads and making use of them at the same time will have you using the same amount of water which will not be cost-effective. A showerhead certified by WaterSense will have you not using more than 2.0gpm.

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