best way to clean a shower head and hose

Best Way to Clean a Shower Head and Hose – How Often You Should Do It?

A shower head with low water pressure or the water not being consistent shooting out in all directions, does not automatically relate to a broken shower head or hose. Clogging may be the main reason after a prolonged use of the showerhead.

Clogging may be brought about by piled-up of limescale, minerals, and microorganisms in the showerhead over time. The build-up may render the showerhead inefficient and not functional to the expected standards.

This does not necessarily mean the replacement of the showerhead by purchasing another one; instead you should consider the option to have it thoroughly cleaned.

The good news is the showerhead and shower hose can be easily cleaned off by some of the products found in our homes such as basic soda, vinegar, or Coca-Cola. which all offer the solution for a great clean up of your showerhead and the shower hose.

A clean showerhead and shower hose is as good as a new one. The deep cleaning of the two will offer relief from a constant showerhead blockages that you might be experiencing from time to time.

How to clean a shower head and hose

You will need to assess the kind of blockage you are dealing with before the cleanup.

If the tiny holes at the showerhead are clear from mineral built-up and functioning well, then there would be no need to remove the showerhead from the shower arm and open up the showerhead for deep cleaning.

However, in a situation where the water flow is restricted or minimized even after deep cleaning of the showerhead and still encounter water pressure issues, you may opt to have the head removed from the shower arm.

The cleaning up of the showerhead and the hose would not require harsh chemicals so as to avoid corroding the material of the showerhead and hose. The most preferred option when cleaning the showerhead and hose is vinegar which is a great option for getting rid of limescale from the showerhead.

Vinegar (Check Price on Amazon) is also readily available for the job as it is a household commodity. If the showerhead can be unscrewed from the hose it would be much easier to do so. With a bowl full of vinegar, have the showerhead immersed in it.

Cleaning a fixed shower head

Fixed shower heads are those that cannot be easily detached from the fittings. They are quite unusual to find, in case you have one, it can be cleaned off limescale with ease.

You will need a plastic bag, some amount of vinegar, and a rubber band. Get the plastic bag wide open and fill it with the vinegar.

Lift the plastic bag up to the showerhead and have it fully immersed into it. Get the rubber band over and tie it around the showerhead tightly being careful to avoid spillages. Leave it through the night the following day you can run the shower to see how the water is clean.

Cleaning hose

Cleaning of the showerhead alone may not be enough if the shower hose is clogged. The clogged up shower hose would need to be cleaned as well to be able to deliver optimum.

Cleaning the shower hose with vinegar

You will need to get the hose out from the connection and place the showerhead in a bath tab. The tab should be filled with hot water mixed with vinegar.

Have the hose or pipe soak overnight. You may need to have the procedure done again if the buildup is still there.


Showerheads and hoses are fundamental in our bathrooms. They ought to be maintained and cleaned so as to increase their durability and reliability. Efficient and effective showerheads and hoses are able to deliver at all times as at the point when they were new. Frequent cleaning up of the showerhead and hose will be ensuring for results. Maintaining does not have to be expensive as most of the cleaning agents are cheap and readily available.

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How to clean a shower head & hose without vinegar

Showerheads being an important part in the bathroom being a fixed shower head or handheld shower all need thorough cleaning and maintenance once in a while.

The reduction in water pressure may be noticeable despite the fact that the water supply is good; the probability that the showerhead holes are clogged is high.

The showerhead body may loosed its sparkle if it’s not given enough attention, you may consider washing the showerhead time to time when cleaning the bathroom to up the hygiene levels.

The decision is made to clean the showerhead and you go for it. There are many ways to clean the showerhead with the original method being the vinegar which is preferred from before with other new methods that can be used to clean the showerhead such as:

Baking Soda:

​​​​This is another popular option after the vinegar for cleaning the shower head and hose. It is mainly used to wipe off tough stains off surfaces. Baking soda is readily available and also a cheap option to go for as it is easy to use.

  • The first step will require you to get a sponge which you will use to rub on the showerhead before getting to apply the baking soda; this is to be able to remove particles that may hinder the cleaning process.
  • Get a bowl big enough to be able to hold the showerhead and the solution. In the bowl mix the baking soda with water to be able to form a paste.
  • Remove the showerhead from the shower arm and apply the paste using a brush or by hand and remember to have gloves on for this particular step to avoid contact with the baking soda which may cause damage to your skin.
  • Set the timer for 15 minutes. Get a rug or brush which will enable you to scrub the showerhead this is to ensure high levels of cleanliness. The clogged matter is set to loosen from the shower head after the scrubbing and would be washed thoroughly and later wiping the excess water from the showerhead.

There are no side effects on the faucet because the baking powder is natural. The washing of the showerhead will have it looking new with stains from hard water and limescale cleared allowing for smooth running of water.


You may opt to use a brush to clean your shower head but this involves a lot use of hands. You will be required to scrub off watermarks, stains and other dirt. To be able to do it effectively and with ease you may consider taking the showerhead from the wall since a lot of scrubbing will be involved.

  • Have with you a cleanser designed to remove stains dirt found on showerheads, a brush with sturdy bristles. The cleanser should be mixed with water in a bowl then have the brush dipped in the bowl.
  • Begin the scrubbing process while going for the parts on the showerhead with stains. When cleaning you can remove the nozzle from the showerhead and clean it and return without removing the whole showerhead.
  • The scrubbing job should be done carefully with the main focus being on the stubborn stains on the showerhead. Focus on certain areas and rub the brush in circular motion. The inside of the showerhead should be cleaned first by letting water run through it to get rid of the dirt.
  • The selection of a good cleanser is vital in this cleaning process. Using a less effective cleanser will do little to nothing in the dissolving of dirt and limescale and would not give desirable results in the end.
  • Getting a desirable clean look of the showerhead, you may rinse it off and have it fixed to the shower arm. Make sure the showerhead is correctly attached in order to run the shower.

While reattaching the showerhead back, use a wrench instead of pliers so as to protect the finish design of the showerhead.

How long should one soak a showerhead in vinegar?

To be able to get the best result from vinegar cleaning your shower head you may let it rest in vinegar for the whole night.

This will ensure the removal of limescale completely with no traces. Rinse the showerhead thoroughly till water is able to run smoothly through the holes.

To be able to achieve a clear shower head much faster have the showerhead placed in a saucepan of vinegar then bring it to a gentle boil. Check it while it simmers so as to determine when to remove the showerhead when clean and all limescale is dissolved.

The cleaning of the shower heads should be done in routine more often. The vinegar procedure could be repeated every week when cleaning the bathroom this prevents the occurrence of clogged shower head.

What is the dark brown gunk in my faucet?

We all desire a faucet that can be cleaned with the needed ease of wiping clean. A clean faucet will change the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom to a more desirable one.

This look may not last long enough due to the build-up of gunk and grime on the faucet.
The grime is likely to come along with microbial growth gradually. A particular type of microbe may impact negatively on your faucets since they are known to cause surface stains and odors.

A hot and humid environment is where microbes thrive; this environment is seen in sink fixtures and showers. The humid condition is very right for the doubling up of the microbes in numbers which in turn may cause contamination.

The microbes on surface are growing and can be transmitted and spread to other surfaces if the surfaces are not cleaned.

Cleaning of faucets may be difficult due to their shapes and strange finishes. Although, not cleaning them for a long time may cause a dull appearance and increase the chances of contamination by microbes.

Being able to know the right products to be used in the cleaning would allow for an easier cleaning procedure and maintain the faucet finish look.

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