NOSAME Water Saving High-Pressure Filtration Shower Head

A typical issue with our shower water is that it is always contaminated with a plethora of toxic components such as chlorine, sulfur, and iron, which gradually harm our skin, hair, and nails every time we take a shower.

Investing in a handheld filtration showerhead that not only filters these dangerous elements found in our shower water but also saves water when showering.

It can be quite beneficial because it improves our general health and saves us money on our monthly water bill.

In this review, we will give our readers a full breakdown of the most valued NOSAME high-pressure water-saving shower head, highlight the pros and cons, product features, and go through an in-depth look at this shower head without bias.

NOSAME High-Pressure Filtration Shower head

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ir?t=boexp 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B0765QWC8DThe NOSAME shower unit is a lightweight shower head that makes showering more comfortable and refreshing. It has three shower mode settings that include massage, rainfall, and jetting shower spray.

These shower settings provide consistent and dense shower spray jets that soothe tired muscles, make soap lather rinsing simple, and enhance the spa showering experience.

One notable feature of the NOSAME is the revolutionary precision micro nozzles that make this shower head unique.

These nozzles are uniformly constructed to create dense pressure inside the shower head shell and improve the speed of water jets while saving 30 percent more water than a standard shower head.

Furthermore, the filtration system of this model will efficiently eliminate high traces of chlorine, iron, other water impurities, and soften hard water, which is a typical problem with both well water and city water.

With all of these water impurities removed, you’re more likely to see smoother skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails.

Made of ECO-FRIENDLY ABS plastic, which makes it a lightweight handheld shower head that is excellent for all age groups such as children, the elderly, pets, and even best for cleaning bathroom walls.

Comes with a universal fitting that makes the installation process easy and straightforward.

Even someone with no plumbing experience can install the shower head by simply unscrewing the old shower head and inserting the new NOSAME shower head onto the shower hose (This should be noted the NOSAME shower head doesn’t come with Hose).

Product Features

  • Brand – NOSAME Shower head
  • Flow Rate Unit: 1.6 Gallons Per Minutes
  • Shower head Shape:  Round
  • Installation Method: Hose and Wall Mount
  • Shower Unit Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Stainless Steel
  • Color: Clear handle and shower head
  • Shower head Dimension: 10.99 x 5.12 x 3.19


  • This shower head has several filtering stages that successfully eliminate large levels of shower water pollutants.
  • Offers three spray modes for a variety of great shower spray possibilities.
  • Eliminate high levels of potentially dangerous shower components found in shower water.
  • A water-saving shower unit that precisely limits water waste while increasing the speed of shower water jets from the shower head nozzles.
  • This shower set is fantastic because of the simple installation procedures.


  • There were no serious issues with the reports from confirmed buyers.
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As we near the end of this review, it is important to highlight that the need to invest in an ionic shower head is extremely crucial because the shower head is inexpensive and very effective in removing water contaminants, hence value for money.

With just a few weeks of using this shower model, one will be able to notice softer skin and thicker, shinier hair.

Furthermore, this high-pressure hand shower unit will intensify your shower water jets while conserving water, making it ideal for areas with low water pressure.

With all of the good comments and benefits of this shower head, we are confident that it will provide value for your money as it improves your showering experience.

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Replacement Mineral Beads

The most notable benefit of an ionic shower head is that it is less expensive to acquire and maintain than a shower filter. Ionic mineral beads are inexpensive and widely available in online stores.

Furthermore, the beads are suitable for use with the majority of mineral ionic shower heads.

The beads must be replaced after every six months of use in order to preserve the effectiveness and optimum results of the ionic shower head. This will assist the user in maintaining and reaping the full benefits of the shower head.

Do ionic shower heads increase water pressure?

The majority of ionic showers are specifically intended to boost water pressure, with the micro-nozzles creating dense pressure inside the shower head and the mineral bead accelerating the passage of water inside the shower head. 

Both of these mechanisms contribute to high pressure as the water exits the shower head, increasing water pressure even if you have low water pressure.

Does the shower head filter really work?

Yes, shower filters do work; they have been proven to eliminate water contaminants that are commonly found in our shower water, thus the need to invest in a shower head filter is critical because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Modern shower filters eliminate a variety of water contaminants from shower water, which are the primary causes of skin and hair diseases that may be avoided by using a shower filter.

How do you clean an ionic shower head?

Shower heads tend to clog up over time, particularly the nozzles, due to dirt and limescale, so a routine shower head cleanup is essential.

This will free up the shower head face nozzles from clogs and improve water pressure that was previously hampered by the clogged holes.

To begin, remove the shower head cap, which contains the shower head’s face nozzle plate. This will allow you to access the NANO silver chamber and the stainless steel spray plates. 

Brush off all clogs on the silver chamber and the stainless steel spray plate with a toothbrush, then soak the duo in vinegar water for about an hour to loosen up any remaining dirt clinging to the NANO silver chamber.

Finally, rinse the NANO silver chamber and steel spray plate with clean water to ensure that all loose dirt has been removed, and then fasten the parts back into its proper place.

I’m confident you’ll notice an improvement in the shower water pressure that is coming out of the shower head.

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