High-Pressure Ionic Filtration Shower Head Reviews of 2021

Are you noticing a change of texture in your hair, color change, or the dull look in your hair? This may be as a result of the water in your shower.

In most scenarios, these differences are brought about by hard water which contains deposits of magnesium and calcium that gradually build up and strip natural oil from your hair.

The buildup affects the general outlook of your hair by alteration of the essential oils and moisture content. Moreover, hard water can as well prevent soap from lathering sufficiently and make clothes feel rough to the touch.

The ionic shower heads in the market have stepped in a position to solve the issue of hard water to make sure you get the best from your shower.

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First….Here is a summary of our findings:

Our Top Pick

PureAction Ionic Filtration Shower Head with Handheld Hose

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Second Pick

PRUGNA LED Handheld High-Pressure Ionic Filtration Shower Head

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To start, we’ll give you a list of the Best High-pressure Ionic Filtration Showerhead of 2020. Then we’ll dive deep into all the pros & cons, important features, key benefits, and Final Verdict. So be sure to read till the end.

5 Best High-Pressure Ionic Filtration Shower Head Reviews

NAME Ionic Filtration Price
1. ZenFresh Detachable High-pressure Water Saving Ionic Filtration Shower Head Yes Check Price on Amazon
2. PRUGNA LED Handheld High-Pressure Shower Head Yes Check Price on Amazon
3. PureAction Luxury Ionic Filtration Shower Head with Handheld Hose Yes Check Price on Amazon
4. ZenFresh Detachable High-pressure Shower Head Yes Check Price on Amazon
5. Luxsego Water Saving High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head Yes Check Price on Amazon

Let’s get started.

   Best Pick

1. PureAction Luxury Ionic Filtration Shower Head with Handheld Hose

  • Removes chloramine, chlorine, iron, lead & calcium.
  • Soften shower water by up to 99.9%.
  • Solid build with no leaks.
  • Comes with handheld hose, holder, Teflon tape, manual & 12-month warranty.

With PureAction luxury handheld shower head, you won’t have to worry about chlorine or chloramines or fluoride as it eliminates them up to 99.9% getting rid of all metals and residuals.

This will ensure your body gets back to shape with the vitamin c increasing on the pH which helps with the dry skin, dandruff, eczema, and dry scalp.

The solid build of this shower head makes it more durable ensuring no leaks, also offers an easy installation process and fits easily with the standard shower. It offers three spray settings that provide for the spa experience in your home.

  • Accompanied by items to help with the installation.
  • Three spray settings giving the spa experience.
  • Improves on the pH balance of your water.
  • Saves on your water to 30%.
  • An appealing design.
  • May experience leakages.
  • Not certified to save on water.

 Second Best

2. PRUGNA LED Handheld High – Pressure Shower Head

  • Purifies shower water by injecting negative ions.
  • 90-Days money back or Replacement.
  • Removes up to 99% of chloramine, chroline, ions & impurities in water.

The filtration system of Prugna LED handheld shower head will give you peace of mind with it eliminating up to 99% of contaminants found in water, reducing the residual contaminants.

This will greatly impact your health with increased cell viability and reduction in hair loss.

This shower head will have you saving on the water by as far as 30% without altercation on the water pressure in the shower.

The installation process is easy and will take a couple of minutes to have it fixed and working. You are assured of a replacement before 90 days in the case where the shower head gets faulty.

  • You get value for your money.
  • Saves on water thus eco-friendly.
  • Elimination of residual contaminants in your water.
  • Works perfectly in homes with low pressure.
  • None.

3. ZenFresh Detachable High-pressure Ionic Filtration Shower Head

You will not have to worry about the effects of the hard water on your skin as this ZenFresh shower head moves into place to rejuvenate your skin at home with the purified water, and in no time you will notice a change in your skin appearance with the reduction in oil secretion.

The laser perforated technology ensures the pressure in your water is perfect although it makes use of a little amount of water, looking to save on water this is the showerhead for you.

The installation process for this shower head is easy and will connect to any standard hose with the needed ease. You will be able to enjoy the luxurious spa experience in your own home.

  • Easy installation process.
  • Saves on water thus eco-friendly.
  • Laser perforated technology ensuring on pressure.
  • Leaks will be experienced.
  • The stainless steel began to rust.

4. Luxsego Ionic 3 Modes Water Saving & High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The special mineral beads provide for double filtration with the reduction of chlorine and elimination of other contaminants found in water making the water softer for your skin.

You do not have to worry about your water bill as the micro nozzle technology makes use of a little amount of water seeing you

save on water up to 30%.

You will enjoy the three spray settings with this shower head with the powerful jetting helping with the cleaning.
The solid and the durable design of this piece will ensure you experience no leaks from this shower, with it offering an easy installation process and easy to clean.

  • Durability on this shower is perfect.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Do not expect any leaks with this one.
  • The design is appealing.
  • Instruction manuals may be missing.
  • The shape of the shower head may not be compatible with pre-installed holders.

5. PureAction Vitamin C Hand Shower Filter – Best Hard Water Softener

This PureAction shower head goes the extra mile to have chlorine and chloramines reduced significantly from your water.

The elimination of heavy metals from your water will have your body rejuvenated with the increased pH balance in your water doing the most on your hair and skin improvement.

The durable design of this shower head will see no leakages are experienced as it is made of stainless steel with the filter cartridge doing the most to offer the spa shower experience.

The installation process is easy and you will need no tools for this job. This shower head fits perfectly to any standard shower arm in a couple of minutes.

  • A one year warranty on this shower head.
  • Easy installation process.
  • The durability on this piece is unmatched.
  • Rejuvenated skin and hair.
  • Not certified.
  • For areas with low pressure, it will be challenging.

6. AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure Rain Shower Head with Separate Handheld Shower

Looking or something tested by professionals in the US this will be your pick.

The performance by this shower head is unmatched with the quality being up to standards.

You may opt to use it as an overhead or a handheld shower with the large face being adjustable to different angles. The finishing on this piece is all chrome and don’t worry about rust.

It offers 6 setting spray to choose from with the switch available for you to switch between the settings available.

The shower can be adjusted between angles making it easy to use. Its durability is unmatched with the heavy-duty design with brass connection nuts.

The installation process is easy and you will not need any tools to do this job. The connections on this could be simply tightened with your hand.

  • 6 setting sprays to pick from.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Adjustable angles.
  • Cold be used as a handheld or overhead shower.
  • Standard-compliant.
  • The hose wand is slippery.
  • Made of plastic, prone to breakages.

7. AquaDance Antimicrobial High Pressure 30 Setting Rainfall Shower Head

The use of the Revolutionary Micro ban Technology on this shower head takes a notch higher than the rest as it prevents clogging brought about by hard water, with the flexible rubber design allowing for easy removal of the buildup.

AquaDance shower head offers a clean shower for all with the Micro ban Technology being at work all the time preventing the growth of molds, mildew, and bacteria.

This Micro ban Technology makes the shower head easy to clean while maintaining your shower head in good condition.

The quality of this shower head is unmatched with it offering the high power and the micro ban technology preventing the buildup over time. The installation process is also easy and it will take a few minutes to be running.

  • The micro ban technology incorporation.
  • No clogging of the nozzles on the shower head.
  • Great quality.
  • Leakages may be experienced.
  • Not certified.

Final Verdict

When we go out there in search of shower heads, we go in search of the best in the market, one that will meet our needs comfortably without us breaking into a bank. To get value for your money, you have to look for a shower head that will last long enough and will have you looking and feeling better.

The PureAction Luxury Filtered Shower Head with Handheld Hose stands out from the rest as this piece could be easily installed in your shower arm without a hassle.

This shower head sees the elimination of contaminants up to 99.9% and in return rejuvenating your skin and hair. Its durable design makes it last longer than the ordinary showerhead.

The PRUGNA LED Shower Head with Hose and Shower Arm Bracket comes second on the list, with the impressive filtration that sees the elimination of contaminants up to 99%.

It will see you save on your water without compromise on the pressure in the shower. This makes it a perfect shower for areas with low water pressure.

The easy installation makes it excellent to have it with the manufacturer offering replacement in the case of malfunction within the first 90 days.

Most products are made to last for a period of time, similar to shower filters which are meant to last for a certain period. For a shower filter to function effectively is has to be maintained and cleaned every now and then to get rid of the buildup caused by hard water. A good shower filter for your home will be seen on your appearance, from your skin to your hair. Hard water is good but is known to have its side effects, ranging from loss of hair, dry scalp, eczema, and to some extent mood temperament. Having a shower filter will be an easy solution to all of the above. Remember to have your shower filter replaced to get the best from your shower.

Are ionic filtration shower heads any good?

Ionic shower heads filter are good enough to have in our shower. An Ionic shower filter will ensure the pH balance of water by the addition of ions and also the softening of your hard water by reducing calcium and magnesium content in your hard water.

The ionic shower head does play a great role to have your hard water softened making you enjoy your bathroom experience. Soft water will have your skin rejuvenated and improvement on your hair will be noticeable.

Ionic shower heads will have you saving on water up to 30% when showering. They make use of technology that sees you make use of little water without the compromise on the pressure in your shower.

This feature makes ionic shower heads ideal for areas with low water pressure. Getting the right filter for your home will offer impressive features in the long run and will be of great benefit to you.

The buildup brought about by hard water on your scalp and skin will be something of the past with the ionic shower filter.

These filters are able to filter out the minerals that are known to be the cause of buildup and with time when cleaning your shower head you will notice the buildup. Ionic shower heads play a great role in ensuring we get the best from our water.

Do shower head filters work

Do you notice any irritation on your skin after a refreshing shower or itchy scalp after shampooing your hair? Well, the problem may be in the water you are using.

The water you use in your home may be contaminated with some of the heavy metals making your skin irritable.

The shower filter will be of benefit to you in this scenario. The shower filter will have the contaminants eliminated from your water and preventing them from getting into contact with your skin.

These shower filters make use of filtration methods that help with the reducing of the contaminants or eliminating them.

The filtration mechanism makes use of different media such as the Granular Active Carbon to filter out contaminants and the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion to exploit the redox reaction.

Originally the filters are meant to get rid of contaminants but with technology, they improve with time and improve on the quality of water by improving the pH balance.

The improvement of the pH balance is known to have an impact on the water contaminants and our bodies as well. Not only do they improve on the pH balance, but some shower heads are also known to add vitamin c to your water which is known to improve on our skin and hair appearance with time.

Shower head filters are beneficial not only to us but also to the applicants in your home and the bills in your house. Most of the filters have water-saving feature which sees the water used in your bathroom is minimized without compromise on its performance.

As it saves on the water it translates to other utilities such as electricity. Less energy in your home will be used when showering unlike before.

Can hard water damage your hair?

Hard water is known to have its benefits for consumption on the minerals found in it, calcium, and magnesium being helpful for our well being.

Hard water also has its downside which is the buildup which is seen when the minerals are left behind on our skin and hair.

This buildup of the minerals on our scalp with time is known to cause damage to the growth of our hair making your hair appear flat ad lifeless, with the strands feeling weak and susceptible to breakages.

It is known for the longest time, that hard water interferes with the color of your hair getting it discolored with time and when exposed for a longer period your hair may be hectic to manage.

The mineral deposits on your hair would make the strands of your hair appear weak and the strands would be prone to tangling. The tangling with time will make your hair prone to breakage as it will be hard to comb through because of the mineral buildup.

The minerals from your hard water are not hard to manage when you are aware of what is happening to your hair. Frequent rinse of your hair with vinegar is known to improve on the situation and the use of the right shampoo for your hair will get rid of the mineral buildup.

How do I get rid of hard water impurities buildup in my hair?

Long exposure to hard water will cause the accumulation of mineral scale on the scalp of your head and your hair.

This buildup is known to cause a lot of damage to the growth of our hair and in most cases making the hair hard to manage. Aside from clogged pipes, broken washing machines the hard water is also known to affect our skin and hair in the long run.

Your hair is likely to suffer from hard water and in most scenarios your hair will be dull, limp, and more prone to tangle leading to breakages due to the buildup. Some shampoos in the market are known to offer a solution to this buildup issue.

The removal of mineral buildup in your hair should be done often if your water is hard.
Hard water is known to contain a load of dissolved metals and minerals such as calcium, iron, silicone, and magnesium.

The frequent use of hard water is likely to cause a buildup of minerals in your hair. These buildups are known to trap organic matter such as dirt and grease which make your hair hectic to deal with, making it dull and easily damaged.

This buildup could lead to bad odor to the hair if not taken care of
There are certain measures you could take to avoid the buildup caused by hard water they include;

Investing in a good shower filter; this will see the removal of the undesired metal ions from your showering water.

Making use of chelating shampoo; the use of these shampoos on your hair with acetic or citric acid shampoo as the acid can bond with the metal. These shampoos should not be used too often.

Vinegar rinses; this should be encouraged on your hair as it helps with the loosening of the mineral buildup in your hair.

Clarifying shampoo; this will also help with the removal of buildup in the hair as it will provide for deep cleaning getting rid of all matters stuck on your scalp.

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