Best Ionic Filtration Shower Heads

Everyone enjoys taking a hot shower. However, did you know that the water in your shower could be causing damage to your skin and hair? Shower water contains chlorine and chloramine, the primary causes of dryness and itchiness on skin and hair.

Imagine taking a shower that is both chlorine-free and oxygen-rich; this is what an ionic showerhead achieves as one of the most practical point-of-use technologies for removing chlorine and chloramine from shower water.

To help you choose the most effective ionic showerheads, we have compiled a list of the top 7 ionic shower models by highlighting their key features, pros, and cons.

Utilizing these Ionic shower heads will protect your skin, hair, and nails from harmful chlorine and chloramine.

7 Best Ionic Filtration Shower Head Reviews in 2022

Showerhead ModelFiltersFeaturesRatings
1. Original Vitamin C Ionic Shower headChlorine, chloramine, odor & impurities 15 layers of filtration9/10
2. Luxsego Ionic Filtration ShowerheadChlorine, rust, heavy metals & sedimentsDouble filtration system8/10
3. Nosame High-Pressure Shower headChlorine, sediments & heavy metals3 Mode Function8/10
4. Vitamin C Filter Ionic Shower HeadChlorine, chloramine & heavy metalsVitamin C cartridge8/10
5. PRUGNA LED Stone StreamChlorineDouble filtration system7/10
6. KAIYING Ionic SpaChlorine & dirtDouble filtration system6/10
7. HOTEL SPA Ionic Shower HeadHeavy metals, chlorine, sediments & dirtKDF™/CAG filtration system8/10

1. Original Ionic Shower head System with Vitamin C StoneStream – Editor’s Pick

best ionic filtration shower head

The Original StoneStream ionic shower system stands out as our number one pick ionic shower head in this review. 

Thanks to a spate of revolutionary features that not only instantly soften hard water and remove the unpleasant odor but also come with a deluge of shower settings that will surely improve your showering experience.

With 15 layers of filtration, including natural vitamin C and three types of mineralized Germanium stones, this combination will effectively and instantly soften hard water. It will also restore water pH balance to an optimal level.

Additionally, remove high levels of shower water impurities, chloramine, and chlorine, which are the primary causes of dry skin, dull nails, and damaged hair.

This shower unit included a new generation anodized aluminum plate with 250 laser-cut nozzles constructed to allow air to mix equally with water jets on the way out to improve the user experience.

As a result of the shower jets overlapping and coalescing, the shower water flowing to your skin feels soft and creates a pleasant bathing experience.

The refreshing citrus aroma that the vitamin C cartridge injects into the shower water is a significant component of this shower unit. This makes the shower water have that incredibly relaxing effect and feel as it relaxes the body and mind while showering.

Product Features

  • Brand: StoneStream
  • Shower head Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.72 x 5.28
  • Material Made: Aluminum
  • Spray Settings: Rainfall
  • Hose Length: 5-ft Hose
  • No. of Spray Modes: Three spray modes


  • Utilizes Vitamin C and mineral stones to eliminate water impurities.
  • Remove unpleasant chlorine and other chemical odor and taste from shower water.
  • Restore the pH balance of the shower water.
  • Remove multiple unwanted water impurities that include: chlorine, chloramine, calcium, magnesium, dirt, and chalk.


  • None.

2. Luxsego Ionic Showerhead with 3-Setting High Pressure & Water Saving – Budget Pick

Thanks to the Luxsego Ionic Showerhead, you can now shower in the cleanest, healthiest shower water your body has been craving.

This is a 3-Setting High-Pressure Shower Head system made of premium stainless steel metal and chrome-plated ABS plastic with special beads in the showerhead for a double filtration system.

You will experience the most fulfilling and healthy shower experience by using rainfall, jetting, and message settings.

The Luxsego Ionic Showerhead has the latest design and shower water filtration technology which reduces 99.9% of chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand, and other sediments.

After the chlorine and other impurities are eliminated, the shower water is restored to its intended pH balance. The aim is to rejuvenate the hair, skin, lungs, and mucous membranes by removing the harmful effects.

This showerhead is simple to install and takes only a few minutes to set up. It works with typical shower types, such as wall-mounted rainfall and handheld showers, and requires no installation equipment.

This product has received numerous positive reviews from repeat customers who have been pleasantly pleased by its performance.

Product features

  • Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 3 inches.
  • Color: chrome.
  • Material: ABS, stainless steel.
  • Style: handheld.
  • 3 high-pressure settings: rain, massage, and combo.


  • Easy to install.
  • Lightweight.
  • Value for money.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Very soft water.


  • Decreased water pressure.

3. Nosame Ionic High-Pressure Water Saving with 3 Mode Function Sprayer Shower Head

The Nosame High-Pressure Ionic Shower Head filters chlorine, heavy metals, minerals, and other impurities while providing a spa-like showering experience.

Moreover, equipped with a 3 Mode Function shower head that includes a power rainfall setting, pulsating massage setting, and stimulating jetting settings. This will customize your showering experience to your personal preferences.

Using multi-layer filter protection, one of the most effective point-of-use filtration systems, removes 99% of chlorine and other heavy metals from the shower.

The purified steam vapor smoothes and silkens hair while also revitalizing the lungs. A filtered shower will make you never want to take another untreated shower again.

The handheld ionic shower head is very easy to install in the shower arm. An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide is provided in the manual to make this task straightforward for anyone without plumbing experience.

Furthermore, the Nosame Ionic High-Pressure Shower Head saves you up to 30% on your water bill thanks to its groundbreaking micro nozzle technology.

Replacing the filters every six months is essential to keep your shower flowing with healthy and clean water.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 11.1 x 3.6 x 1.2 inches
  • Material: eco-friendly ABS plastic
  • Color: transparent, see-through design
  • Flow rate: 1.6 GPM
  • Multi-layer filter protection


  • Easy to hold.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Value for money.
  • Durable.


  • Less sturdy plastic material.

4. Vitamin C Filter Ionic Shower Head with Replacement Filters

Consider the Vitamin C Filter Ionic Exchange Shower Head if you are looking for an affordable showerhead that works like a more expensive one.

It features chrome-plated stainless steel construction, high-quality ABS materials, and a vitamin C cartridge that improves pH and removes chlorine from the shower water.

The shower unit promotes healthy skin and hair as well as body cleanliness. When you use this shower head, you will first notice the strong shower pressure and the wonderfully perfumed aroma from the cartridge.

It produced a stunning and soothing amount of water flow when showering, which is fantastic since we all deserve to relax and refresh after a long day at work.

Installation is straightforward and compatible with a wide range of plumbing systems. As a result, you will not have any problems.

To top it off, each purchase includes a premium gift box and bonuses of a 60-inch handheld hose with a replacement cartridge filter, Teflon tape, and a one-year warranty, so you get the maximum bang for the buck.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 3.27 x 2.8 x 8.7 inches.
  • Material: stainless steel, ABS plastic, iron, stone.
  • Color: vitamin C shower head.
  • Finish: chrome.
  • The handheld showerhead comes with a 60-inch stretchable hose Aroma filter cartridge.


  • Easy to install.
  • Value for money.
  • Great filters.
  • Power stream and water-saving.


  • Less sturdy housing.

5. PRUGNA LED Stone Stream Shower Head with High-Pressure Filter Handheld Shower

You should consider this showerhead if you enjoy functional and simplistic shower design. As a result, it justifies its price and provides even more value than it costs.

The Prugna LED High-Pressure Ionic Shower Head is a single-solution device meant to provide the appropriate amount of pressure in your shower without stinging your skin.

From a design standpoint, this showerhead has a tidy chrome-finished circular body that merges with stainless steel. It also has a unique micro-nozzle structure that generates 1.35 GPM, which is enough to reach every part of your body.

This shower head will solve your low water pressure and water volume problems by boosting your low shower water pressure to high water pressure.

The deal-breaker with Prugna LED High-Pressure Ionic Shower Head is the 3 color LED light that automatically changes color according to water temperature. It is a handy feature designed to make showering as enjoyable as possible.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 2.5 inches.
  • Material: ABS plastic.
  • Flow rate: 1.35 GPM.
  • 3 colors LED light.
  • 59 inches long shower hose.
  • 90-days replacement or money back.


  • Value for money.
  • Easy installation.
  • Saves water by as much as 35%..
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great water pressure.


  • None.

6. KAIYING Ionic Spa Shower High-Pressure with On-Off Switch

KAIYING Ionic Shower Head deserves your attention because, despite its low price, it does not look or perform cheaply.

This showerhead combines an appealing yet durable design with a powerful three-setting performance, allowing you to select the mode that best meets your needs. This is done to ensure you have the most enjoyable shower experience possible.

It will clean your shower water and balance its pH value, making the water weakly alkaline, and leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

This shower model is compatible with a variety of shower arms. This is highly convenient because installation is quick and requires no plumbing expertise, and it will always remain in place once fitted.

After you have completed the installation, you will see that the showerhead contains micro nozzles. You should not be concerned about your water expenses because this showerhead micro nozzle technology will save you up to 30% on your water bill.

Its corrosion-resistant surface coating ensures you can use it for a long time without detecting any loss in durability or performance.

The showerhead comes with a 60-inch stainless steel hose, which is fantastic because you will not feel constrained using it. This is one of the top selections on the market, and people continue to buy it because of its high-quality performance.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 5.35 x 3.23 inches.
  • Material: chrome-plated premium ABS & transparent ABS.
  • Color: chrome and transparent.
  • 59 inches long hose length.
  • 3 function shower head.


  • Value for money.
  • Easy installation.
  • High pressure and water-saving design.
  • Ultra-comfortable experience.


  • Lime builds up.

7. HOTEL SPA Ionic Shower Heads, High-Pressure with Handheld Spray

Hotel Spa Ionic Shower Head has an ultra-luxurious appearance and an impressive 2.5 GPM flow rate to make your shower experience as relaxing and pleasant as you have ever experienced.

From a design standpoint, this showerhead features a 4-inch circular chrome face complemented by energizing nozzles that will ensure outstanding performance.

It has a KDF™/CAG filtration system that can remove 99 percent of chlorine, other heavy metals, and pollutants, replacing them with minerals while enhancing the shower water’s pH balance.

This stimulates the immune system and aids in the removal of toxins and wastes, improves cell activity, and gently exfoliates the skin and hair.

Furthermore, when you open the box, you will find a Teflon tape in addition to the showerhead, and you will be prepared for installation with everything you need.

You will have wonderfully clean filtered water that will not only thoroughly clean your entire body but also luxuriously refresh and rejuvenate your skin, hair, and all the small messes life throws at you.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 9 inches.
  • Color: chrome.
  • Flow rate: 2.5 GPM.
  • 60 –inch super flexible stainless steel hose.
  • Showerhead filter with filtration cartridge.
  • Multi-setting dual shower head.


  • Tool-free easy installation.
  • Value for money.
  • Affordable.
  • Good spray functions.
  • Durable.


  • Made of plastic.

Our Top Pick

The benefits of ionic showerheads are quite significant, especially for people with hard water problems.

These shower units are designed to successfully eliminate traces of chlorine, chloramine, and other water contaminants from shower water, resulting in healthier nails, skin, and hair.

Original StoneStream Vitamin C Ionic Shower Head System

best ionic shower head

In this ionic shower head review, we recommend the Original StoneStream Ionic Shower Head.

We recommend this ionic shower head for the following reasons

Featuring premium ionic filtering systems and a variety of spray settings, shower water flow velocity increases by up to 200 percent. In addition, water consumption decreases by up to 50 percent.

Our Second Pick

Luxsego Ionic – 3 Setting High-Pressure Shower Head

This showerhead is now the greatest Ionic shower head alternative on the market, and many consumers continue to buy it because of its high performance; but why?

Let’s get started right away and discover the key to its success.

  • Special beads

From a design standpoint, the Luxsego Ionic Shower Head features specially designed beads that serve as a double filtration system.

This Special Bead is the most recent innovation in shower water filtration, capable of removing 99.9% of chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand, and other particles.

And replacing them with minerals to improve the pH balance of shower water. After the chlorine and other impurities have been eliminated, the shower can be used again.

  • Three spray settings.

This showerhead has three spray settings, which means you can quickly switch between three spray patterns, each of which will play a significant role in your showering experience. All you need to do is flip a switch on the showerhead.

You can adjust the intensity of the rain. To be more specific, choosing/selecting the intense mode means that the showerhead will produce a large volume of shower water.

The rain will ensure that every drop of water is large enough to keep the heat on your skin and effectively clean your body.

The massage and jet settings are ideal after a long day at work or after jogging or other similar activities. This is because they provide a thick spray of water, allowing you to have the most relaxing showering experience you’ve ever had.

Overall, the Luxsego Ionic Shower Head is the most ideal buy if you want a high-pressure showerhead with numerous shower patterns.

  • Solid and Durable Construction

The Luxsego Ionic Shower head has a robust ABS plastic and stainless steel structure with a polished chrome finish that significantly improves its visual appearance.

When combined with a variety of interior decors, this device will dramatically improve the attractiveness of bathrooms.

Furthermore, its 4-inch surface will ensure that your entire body is adequately cleaned, giving you the impression that you are in a spa center.

This showerhead is incredibly durable due to the materials used during the manufacturing process. Therefore, even if you want to use it for years, you will not notice any difference in its performance or appearance, so you can consider it a lifetime investment.

Additionally, because the internal components are composed of easily detachable panels, calcium and other hardness deposits or build-up in the head can be simply cleaned, guaranteeing that it is free of scale or clogging and virtually effortless to maintain.

Bottom Line: It’s time to love your hair and skin again with Luxsego Ionic Shower Head.

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The ideal shower experience is now a reality. Because of the modern shower heads presently available on the market that offer shower water that is both clean and hygienic, you may enjoy both the pleasures and health advantages of every shower you take.

The majority of shower water is chlorine-treated, which is effective in killing bacteria and other live creatures. However, it is strongly advised to remove it from the water supply before it comes into contact with our bodies.

Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, you should take good care of it by investing in ionic shower heads.

These showerheads will refresh your body by purifying the water. They activate the immune system and aid in the removal of high percentages of toxins and wastes.

Which improves cell activity and gently exfoliates the skin and hair. In terms of durability, they can keep their original quality for an extended period.

There are many colors to choose from, but regardless of your choice, each works well.

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Are ionic showers any good?

In a simple and easy terms in understanding ionic shower heads, an ‘ion’ is an electrically charged atom. A negatively charged ion is transformed or activated from a non-metal atom gain.

Negatively charged ions are associated with the improvement of health and well-being.

They are generated naturally by regular showers and moving water. The ionic shower heads go an extra mile by ensuring the continued generation of the negative ions which are known and associated with the following;

• Life satisfaction with mental improvement.

• The reduction in blood pressure.

• Improved focus and energy levels.

• Much improved sleeping cycle.

• A reduction in domestic pollution.

• Less oil secretion by the skin.

• Cell viability is improved.

How do I clean an ionic shower?

The need to clean your ionic shower head may or always arise when you notice you are not getting the best out of it.

The removal of the scalping brought about by hard water will only take a couple of minutes to have a fully functional shower head again. The following steps will guide you through it.


This step will require you to inspect the flexible rubber hose and see if any damage is caused on it. With time the minerals and lime scale buildup and cause clogging on the nozzles.

The deposits may be scrubbed off using a brush softly. This should be done with care to avoid damaging the nozzle.


Remove the shower head carefully not to damage the threads, this is after getting advice on the precise shower head model you own and how to go about it, have the filter screen removed.

The filter membrane should always be gently, the wise thing is to scrub with a toothbrush and water when clean have it back into the shower head and test it for functionality.

There may be a difference or not but you will notice the improvement of the water pressure.

The Vinegar Method

The scrubbing of the shower head nozzles using a toothbrush at times may not be able to remove the mineral deposits on the shower head.

The stubborn brownish buildup may be cleared up by the use of a readily available household vinegar, with the mild acidity agent of vinegar this will dissolve all the deposits.

To achieve this cleaning method successfully and effectively, you will need a clear plastic bag filled with vinegar. Have the shower head submerged in the plastic bag and tighten the opening with a rubber band.

You may leave in overnight to get the best results. Let the water run through the shower head before getting into the shower. This is to get rid of the salad dressing smell.

What is ionic filtration

Ion Exchange

This ion exchange process sees water going through bead-like resin materials that are known as ion-exchange resins.

The ions found in the water are replaced with other ions attached to the beads. The two popular ion-exchange proccess are the softening and the deionization.

The softening method is mostly used generally as a pretreatment care or method to remove water hardness buildup before the process of reverse osmosis (RO).

This softening method sees the replacement of every two sodium ion for every magnesium or calcium removed to soften the water.

The deionization (DI) beads have the hydrogen ions replaced for cations or hydroxyl ions replaced for anions. This cation will have hydrogen ion charged and replaced when encountered with styrene and the divinylbenzene.

This will also occur or take place with the anions and the hydroxyl ion replaced/changed with random anions by the styrene.

Pure water is formed when the hydrogen ion unites with the hydroxyl ion. The deionization method is able to eliminate ions but not very effective in the elimination of organisms or microorganisms.

Below is a list showing the pros and cons of deionization.


• Able to get rid of dissolved inorganic.

• Not that expensive.


• Does not remove particles or bacteria effectively.

• The operating costs are high.

• The beads are known to generate culture bacteria and particles.

Which is the best purifier or ionizer

Calcium and magnesium ions are found in high levels in hard water from rocks having naturally filtered through before collected stored and let run into the plumbing system.

These ions are removed easily with the ionic shower head which is known to have bioactive mineral balls. The negative ion minerals are also known as bioactive stones or mineral stones.

Their main purpose in the ionic shower is to remove water hardness and acts as a water softener and ionic filter.

The simplest way to represent an ionic filtration shower head the small unit of a water cycle but the other way round.

The water goes through the beads leaving it much softer thus a better showering experience for users with eczema issues.

It also has the excess chlorine in the water eliminated and leaves the water smelling much better ionic shower head benefits, while also reducing skin dryness and flakiness.

The water naturally filters as it goes through the rocks as the ionic shower head acts as a filter system for toxin and water hardness.

The stone stream shower head filter has its own unique ability to have hard water softened in a more natural way. The ions that are electrically charged atoms.

When the non-metal atom gets an electron it automatically becomes a negatively charged ion.

Negatively charged ions are associated with health improvements and well being and are naturally generated with moving water and regular showerheads.

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