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Best Ionic Shower Heads – Exclusive Review & Guide (2020 UPDATED)

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Is your water hard and have noticed of undesirable side effect from showering with it? You ought to seek the best from your showering experience and enjoy the results.

Investing in an ionic shower head may be the answer to all your prayers. It will get rid of the hardness in water and leave your skin and hair fully hydrated. These shower heads have bio-active mineral balls that effectively lessen the ‘hardness‘ from your shower water making it soft.

To help you find the best ionic filtration shower head, we have compiled over 40 hours of research and most importantly included customer reviews in this guide to give you these comprehensive recommendations.

In a hurry?…. Here is a summary of our findings:

PureAction Ionic Hand Shower Check Today’s Price on Amazon

“Best Ionic Spa-experience Filter 99.9% of iron, chlorine, lead, calcium & Chrome.”

Luxsego Ionic Shower head Check Today’s Price on Amazon

“Double filtration system removes chlorine & purifies shower water making hair & skin softer and smoother.”

To start, we’ll give you a list of the 5 Best Ionic Filtration Shower heads of 2020. Then we’ll dive deep into the important features, benefits and specifications.

Best Ionic Shower Heads of 2020

1. PureAction Ionic Shower HeadIron, Lead & Calcium$$$
2. Hotelspa Ionic Filtration Hand ShowerChlorine, Iron & Chrome$$$
3. Luxsego Best Anion Energy Shower headChlorine & Iron$$$
4. Ionic High-Pressure Handheld ShowerCalcium, Chlorine & Iron$$$
5. Lnion Energy Ball Filtration Shower headChlorine & Iron$$$

Lets Dive in..

Best Pick

1. PureAction Luxury Shower Head – Best Hard Water Softener

  • Filter up to 99.9% of heavy metals, iron, lead & calcium.
  • Durable.
  • High-pressure showerhead while saving on water.
  • Affordable.
This is a shower model out of the ordinary. In comparison to other shower heads, this particular one goes an extra mile to see the elimination of chloramines, chlorine, with the significant reduction of fluoride and the softening of water with the filtration of up to 99% of the dissolved impurities present in hard water such as iron, lead, and calcium.

This PureAction ionic shower head will see the revitalization of your body with the attachment to the shower head increasing the pH levels, this will help to prevent hair loss, dry scalp, and itchy skin eczema and also works perfectly on blonde hair and dyed hair.

The design of this particular shower head is durable with the aesthetic being all solid ensuring no leaks. The material used is stainless steel and it is chrome plated allowing you for the luxurious spa experience.

This unit connects easily to the standard shower arm being the wall mount or the handheld or the fixed. It does not require any tools to have it fixed.

Accompanied with a one year warranty, and comes with gifts such as a handheld hose with a holder, a stylish gift box and a manual.

  • The shower head is chrome plated giving a classy touch to your bathroom.
  • No leakages experienced.
  • Removes all chlorine and chloramines contaminants in the water.
  • Connects easily to the standard size shower arm.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Has a one year warranty.
  • A gift hamper is included in the package.
  • The shower head is not long enough for adjustments.

2. HotelSpa All-in-One Shower head with High-Pressure Ionic Hand Shower

  • Combines High pressure handshower and 7″ rain showerhead.
  • Patented all-in-one luxury shower system.
  • Top-rated shower brand.

This is an all-in-one shower system with a combination of high-power 7-setting with 7’ rainfall shower head that sees the purification of water for the rejuvenation of the skin and hair and also giving you the luxurious showering experience.

The kit is replaceable after 1 year and it is purchased separately.

It could be adjusted to 7 different settings from the massage, to rain, to economy rain, the pause and combination settings.

The design is adjustable with an extra-large 7’ rainfall face which covers the body superiorly. The aesthetic is fashionable with a bell design in a premium chrome finishing.

The method used is bio-active stones providing eco-pure water filtration to assist with the elimination of heavy metals, chlorine, and other impurities. This bio-active filtration is known to soften and purify shower water which helps to eliminate flaky skin with the restoration of softer hair, skin, and scalp with better absorption and regeneration of the cell functions.

It could either be used as a handheld or an overhead shower. This shower  head is able to fit any standard shower arm with the connection done in a couple of minutes. It is a 3-way luxury shower system that could be used alone or combined.

The installation process does not require any tools and could be connected very easily. The warranty is a limited lifetime directly from the company which is a top-rated company in America.

  • A premium chrome finish that would go well with your bathroom décor.
  • Softens hard water with the elimination of calcium and magnesium.
  • Fits any standard shower arm.
  • Provides for a 3-way luxury shower that could be used alone or combined.
  • The spa experience is attainable with the 7-settings available.
  • The installation process is straight forward.
  • Accompanied by a one year warranty.
  • Replacement of the filter after every year one to ensure efficiency.

Second Best

3. Luxsego Ionic Handheld Shower head – Best Anion Energy Ball

  • Double filtration system for removing iron, chlorine and other harmful substances
  • Use micro nozzle technology that save water.
  • Easy to install.

You will be able to enjoy a double filtration system with the infrared balls and negative ion mineral stones that ensures the reduction of chlorine and the absorption of harmful contaminants in the water. The purification of water will enable your skin to be smoother and softer.

Luxsego Ionic Handheld Shower head will see you saving water up to 30% compared to the ordinary shower head. In addition, this shower model is crafted with multiple micro nozzles that allow water pressure to build up and denser increasing the water flow and pressure giving a steady water flow.

The shower head has a three spa setting which gives you the best shower experience in your bathroom. They include rainfall, jetting, and massage.

The size of the shower head ensures easy installation and connects to the standard size hose. The installation process is easy and there would be no need for a handyman.

  • The material used provides high durability.
  • Reduction on the levels of chlorine in water.
  • A desirable shower head size that sees the installation process with ease.
  • The see-through material which is easy to clean.
  • Sees you saving water up to 30%.
  • A double filtration system.
  • Switching through the three settings proved to be a task.

4. Ionic High-Pressure 3 Mode Function Handheld Shower head

  • Use all-natural Bio-active stones.
  • Durable.
  • 1005 Satisfaction Guaranteed
The presence of three shower pattern with each mode giving you a special experience in the shower. The rainfall, massage, and jetting pattern which could be attained easily with the handheld shower head rocker switch.

The bio-active stones that are natural are able to provide a great showering experience with the stones maintaining a great pH balance, making your skin soft and smooth with the purification of water.

The material used is eco-friendly thus highly durable. The see-through design which allows for easy cleaning, and the integral design which sees there are no leakage capabilities.

The pinhole and LUV tech sees you saving more water whilst you take a shower. This technology is able to maintain the pressure of the water all through.

You will require no tools for the installation process as it is easy. This showerhead is accompanied by a one year warranty.

  • Accompanied with a one year warranty.
  • Saves on water.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • The material used is eco friendly.
  • This shower head ensures for no leakages.
  • The LUV technology maintains the water pressure.
  • Some customers complained of the installation is a bit tricky.

5. Ionic shower with Lnion Energy Ball Handheld Shower head

  • Infrared mineral spheres: softener and purify water.
  • Saves up to 30% water.
  • Easy to clean.

The effective filtration of chlorine and other harmful substance from the water is achieved with the infrared mineral spheres and the anion mineral spheres. It ensures for purified shower water that will protect and maintain the health of your family.

The water-saving capability of this shower head is up to 30% and sees the increase of the flow rate up to 200%.

It has a three shower settings the rainfall, jetting, and the massage giving you the best shower experience.

The installation process is easy and straight forward. You will not need a handyman and you could do it on your own with no tools involved.

The material used in this shower head which is polycarbonate provides durability and it is easy to clean.

This shower head is chrome plated which makes it less susceptible to corrosion. The high-pressure explosion experience in some of the shower head cannot be experienced with this one.

  • The aesthetic would infuse with the bathroom décor.
  • Sees the elimination of chlorine from the water.
  • The material is more durable.
  • The installation process is easy and no tools needed.
  • Saves water up to 30%.
  • A bit pricey compared to the rest.

6. Baban Ionic Filtration 3 Features & Stop Mode Handheld Shower head

  • Intelligent Water Stop Mode.
  • High-Pressure Ionic Shower Head.
  • Easy To Clean & Easy To Install.

This shower head makes use of mineral stones to remove the hardness in water and make it healthy for showering. These stones ensure a balanced pH of the water which is beneficial for your skin and hair. These stones are tested to ensure they are effective.

This Baban shower model comes with a toggle switch which allows you to adjust easily between 3 spray modes the rain shower, massage shower, and the jet shower.

The Baban shower head relies on the technology that sees the improvement of water pressure to 200%. This technology is designed to save water to 40% while still maintaining your spa shower experience.

Easy to install and there will be no need for a handyman or tools for the process. To top on that, it is also easy to clean as it is easy to detach from the shower arm and reinstall.

A ten-year warranty is guaranteed for this Baban shower head. If you are experiencing any problem with the shower head the company is ready to take it back for readjustments.

  • Improved water pressure.
  • The elimination of chlorine and other harmful substances.
  • Saves on water used up to 40%.
  • Easy installation process.
  • The three shower settings to pick from.
  • A ten-year warranty.
  • A number of customers complained of a leaks.

Being able to get the best from your shower head at the comfort of your home is a great feeling. The PureAction Luxury Head Shower will be able to ensure you get the best with the elimination of chlorine, fluoride, and ensures for improvement on your skin and air in the long run. It will see the improvement in the quality of water with the vitamin C 17 stage filtration. It is easy to install with no tools needed for the process. It sees the filtration of up to 24000 gallons of water which is reasonable.

Interested in more options for Shower Filter? Our Aquabliss Shower Filter Comparison guide is another helpful resource.


Are ionic showers any good?

In simple terms in understanding ionic showers, an ‘ion’ is an electrically charged atom. A negatively charged ion is transformed from a non-metal atom gain.

Negatively charged ions are associated with the improvement of health and well being. They are generated naturally by regular showers and moving water.

The ionic shower heads go an extra mile by ensuring the continued generation of the negative ions which are known and associated with the following;

  • Life satisfaction with mental improvement.
  • The reduction in blood pressure.
  • Improved focus and energy levels.
  • Much improved sleeping cycle.
  • A reduction in domestic pollution.
  • Less oil secretion by the skin.
  • Cell viability is improved.

How do I clean an ionic shower?

The need to clean your ionic shower head may arise when you notice you are not getting the best out of it. The removal of the scalping brought about by hard water will only take a couple of minutes to have a fully functional shower head again.

The following steps will guide you through it.


This step will require you to inspect the flexible rubber hose and see if any damage is caused on it. With time the minerals buildup and cause clogging on the nozzles. The deposits may be scrubbed off using a brush softly. This should be done with care to avoid damaging the nozzle.


Remove the shower head this is after getting advice on the model you own and how to go about it, have the filter screen removed. The filter membrane should be gently scrubbed with a toothbrush and water when clean have it back into the shower head and test it for functionality.
There may be a difference or not but you will notice the improvement of the water pressure.

The Vinegar Method

The scrubbing of the shower head nozzles using a toothbrush at times may not be able to remove the mineral deposits on the shower head. The stubborn buildup may be cleared up by the use of household vinegar, with the mild acidity dissolving the deposits.

To achieve this cleaning method effectively, you will need a plastic bag filled with vinegar. Have the shower head submerged in the plastic bag and tighten the opening with a rubber band.

You may leave in overnight to get the best results. Let the water run through the shower head before getting into the shower. This is to get rid of the salad dressing smell.

What is ionic filtration

Ion Exchange

This ion exchange process sees water going through bead-like resin materials that are known as ion-exchange resins. The ions found in the water are replaced with other ions attached to the beads. The two popular ion-exchange methods are the softening and the deionization.

The softening method is used generally as a pretreatment method to remove water hardness before the process of reverse osmosis (RO). This softening method sees the replacement of every two sodium ion for every magnesium or calcium removed to soften the water.

The deionization (DI) beads have the hydrogen ions replaced for cations or hydroxyl ions replaced for anions. This cation will have hydrogen ion replaced when encountered with styrene and the divinylbenzene.

This will also occur with the anions and the hydroxyl ion replaced with random anions by the styrene. Pure water is formed when the hydrogen ion unites with the hydroxyl ion.

The deionization method is able to eliminate ions but not very effective in the elimination of organisms or microorganisms. Below is a list showing the advantages and disadvantages of deionization.

  • Able to get rid of dissolved inorganic.
  • Not that expensive.
  • Does not remove particles or bacteria effectively.
  • The operating costs are high.
  • The beads are known to generate culture bacteria and particles.

Which is the best purifier or ionizer

Calcium and magnesium ions are found in high levels in hard water from rocks having naturally filtered through before collected stored and let run into the plumbing system.

These ions are removed easily with the ionic shower head which is known to have bioactive mineral balls. The negative ion minerals are also known as bioactive stones or mineral stones.

Their main purpose in the ionic shower is to remove water hardness and acts as a water softener and ionic filter. The simplest way to represent an ionic filtration shower head the small unit of a water cycle but the other way round.

The water goes through the beads leaving it much softer thus a better showering experience for users with eczema issues. It also has the excess chlorine in the water eliminated and leaves the water smelling much better, while also reducing skin dryness and flakiness.

The water naturally filters as it goes through the rocks as the ionic shower head acts as a filter system for toxin and water hardness.

The ionic shower head filter has its own unique ability to have hard water softened in a more natural way. The ions that are electrically charged atoms. When the non-metal atom gets an electron it automatically becomes a negatively charged ion.

Negatively charged ions are associated with health improvements and well being and are naturally generated with moving water and regular showerheads.

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