Pelican shower filter vs aquasana vs jonathan

Pelican Shower Filter vs Aquasana vs Jonathan – Comparison & Review

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The desire to own hydrated skin and healthy hair go back to what we let ourselves get in contact with. Water that we use to shower with has a big role to play to ensure our skin is enriched and we got healthy hair.

Ever thought about the water you use to shower? The same water that you should not be drinking you should not let your skin get into contact with due to the toxic compounds found in the water.

The skin being the largest organ in the human body absorbs a large number of impurities. We have to be extra careful about what we allow our skin is exposed to from time to time. The best way to ensure optimum protection of your hair and skin is by minimizing the number of times one comes into contact with the harmful contaminants by the use of a shower filter.

The presence of reliable shower water filter systems has made it possible for the individual to access clean and healthy water for their shower needs. You will appreciate having a healthier-looking, more manageable shinier and a softer hair.

The skin will make an impeccable turnaround and will be able to enjoy a more moisturized and softer skin.

In this post, we will review and compare three of the best-known shower filters and in the end, we will reveal the Best Shower Filter Model that will give you the most immense satisfaction and remove all the traces of harmful contaminants every time you turn on your shower.

First….Here is a summary of our findings:

Pelican Shower FilterCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

“Remove over 96% of chloramines and chlorine.”

Jonathan Shower Filter SystemCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

“Balances water pH & remove Lead and Copper from tap water.”

Pelican vs Aquasana vs Jonathan Shower Filter

NAMEFlow RateEditor’s Rating
1. Pelican Premium Shower System1.5 GPM4.5/5
2. Aquasana Shower Filter2.5 GPM3.7/5
3. Jonathan Shower Filter For Hard Water2.5 GPM3.5/5

Let’s dive in..

1. Pelican Shower Filter Premium System (5-foot Wand) Review

  • Remove chlorine and chloramines.
  • Filter lasts 15,000 gallons.
  • Relaxing aromatherapy Ocean Breeze scent.

The Pelican shower filter uses a three-stage filtration process; Accompanied with a better copper/zinc alloy which consequently, reduces the negative ions; automatically improving the hydration. The pelican three-stages filtration enables it to eliminate all other contaminants.

The Pelican shower filter can eliminate chloramine as it makes use of the patented copper/zinc alloy which gives the pelican an advantage over other shower filters.

The Pelican Premium Shower Filter provides the best experience in shower filtration. By the elimination of chlorine of up to 96%.

This shower filter lasts up to 750 ten minute showers or 15,000 gallons. Pelican shower filter is quite efficient and can process to 15, 000 gallons of water per cartridge, which is approximate to six months all dependent on the consumption of water.

It is made of BPA Free material, the Pelican shower filter system is made of plastic material, which is white with an option of chrome color. It weighs 2.7 pounds.

Finally, comes with an accessory crepe, and you can hang.

The unique feature of the Pelican shower filter includes.

  • The ocean breeze scent bar accompanied with an accessory crepe which is optional to use or not.
  • Has a 5-Foot Wand tangle-free which is awesome!
  • It gives a relaxing ocean scent aromatherapy.
  • It has a longer life compared up to 50% than other similar products in the market.
  • Accompanied with a convenient clip for shower accessories.
  • Eliminates up to 96% of chlorine.
  • The filtration process is in three stages.
  • One can control the flow between high flow and water conservation flow.
  • The ocean scent Aromatherapy feature.
  • Gets rid of chloramines and chlorine.
  • Filtration of up to 15,000 gallons per cartridge.
  • Does not come with massaging settings.
  • The material used is plastic, thus, high chances of breakage.
  • A six-month replacement has to be done.

2. Aquasana (SFS) Shower Filter System – NSF Certified KDF & Carbon Filtration Media

  • Gentle on your skin and hair.
  • Filter 10,000 gallons or six months.
  • Clean kids and pets with ease.

Aquasana shower water filter system makes use of carbon and copper/zinc. For the carbon media, Aquasana uses a natural coconut shell carbon to eliminate chlorine.

Note, the filter makes use of the know KDF (copper/Zinc) which further lowers chlorine and enhances the water pH. The coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc mix lower chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds.

Gentle on your skin and hair. Reduce harsh chlorine and other chemicals for softer, more moisturized skin and shinier, healthier hair. One will be able to relax as it eliminates chlorine and other breathable chemicals from your shower steam for better quality air while you shower.

The cleaning of kids and pets can be done with ease with the use of the attached 5 ft. shower wand. Customize your shower experience with multiple massage settings on the premium massaging showerhead.

One of the longest-lasting filters on the market – 10,000 gallons or six months of freshwater.  Replacements are a simple twist – no tools required.

Aquasana shower filter has a maximum capacity flow rate of 2.5gpm. Also, it can be adjusted downward depending on your preference.

  • Accompanied with a massage setting to adjust the pressure.
  • One can select either the handheld or the fixed shower head.
  • Can with either cold or hot water.
  • Has a unique up-flow design which helps with the prevention of clogging.
  • The flow rate can be set from high to low settings.
  • Does not remove chloramines from the water.
  • After every six months, the filter has to be replaced.
  • It is quite costly in comparison to the rest.
  • Prone to breakage as the material is plastic.

3. Jonathan Shower Filter for Hard Water & healthy potassium ions to balance pH

  • Removes copper and lead form water.
  • A flow rate of 2.5gpm.
  • Balances water pH.

Jonathan has a two-stage process. In the first stage, it filters through a process of oxidation by adding potassium ions.

The Second stage, Water is taken through activated carbon to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Note, Jonathan shower filter uses granular activated carbon.

Jonathan filter adds potassium ions in water to balance the pH through a process of oxidation. hence, the water always feels more pure and fresh.

As the system removes heavy metals it replaces them with healthy potassium ions to balance pH. Filters 10,000 gallons per cartridge at 2.5 gpm.

The Jonathan shower filter material is made of iron that is accompanied with a chrome finish.

The design, of the Jonathan shower filter, is superior since the design is solid and made of a tough material filter thus not prone to breakage. Moreover, the Jonathan shower filter can be adjusted to a fixed shower head and handheld unit.

The Jonathan shower filter provides pH balanced water through the oxidation process which is a unique feature and stands out from the rest.  The pelican shower filter unique feature is the ocean breeze scent bar that provides for aromatherapy and is accompanied by an accessory clip.

  • Accompanied with a massage setting to control the pressure.
  • One can select either the showerhead or the handheld option.
  • Works efficiently with both hot and cold water.
  • Not known to eliminate chloramines.
  • The filter requires a change after every six months.
  • It is more costly compared to the rest.
  • Purchaser will be needed to purchase the full kit at the beginning.
  • The addition of potassium ions into the water to balance ph is toxic.

FEATURESPelican Shower FilterAquasana Shower FilterJonathan Shower Filter
1. Flow rate1.52.52.5
2. Material UsedPlasticPlasticIron
3. Filtration MethodCopper/zinc alloyCopper/zinc alloyOxidation process
4. Gallons filtered15,00010,00010,000
5. Lifetime 6 months6 months6 months
6. Chlorine removal96%95%94%

Factors to consider when going for a shower filter.

When going for a water shower filter system, there are factors one has to keep in mind that the system will be able to support.

1. Filtration Technology
Shower filters systems are acquired to be able to eliminate metal compounds found in water such as chlorine and other harmful contaminants to prevent the damaging of one skin and hair.

First on the list, one should consider the kind of filtration technology that is used in the shower filter system.

Second, on the list is the number of stages in the filtration process. Carbon and KDF for filtering are currently the most used technology in shower filters.

The fact that carbon and KDF are great at eliminating chlorine, they do not get rid of other water contaminants.

2. Ability to eliminate contaminants
The water shower filter should be able to get rid of other contaminants found in the water from dissolved chemicals to heavy metals.

3. Efficiencies
The filtration capacity and the flow of water should be considered and should be able to support one’s needs

4. Design
The design of the shower filter should have a durable material, a desirable shape, and a pleasant texture.

5. Unique features
The unique features of the shower filter which will give it a selling point

Final Verdict

Pelican Shower Filter Stood out from the rest with regard to the filtration process, efficiency in removing impurities, longer filter lifespan (Purifies more water), and Cost-effective, with a flow rate of 1.5gpm saving you money on water and electricity bills.

Aquasana Shower Filter Emerged as the best shower filter when compared to the others in design and flow rate of 2.5gpm. It has a long shower wand, it is easy to replace and you will not experience clogging with this showerhead.

Jonathan Shower Filter Had a slight edge from the others when it comes to the distinct features and its durability. Build with tougher materials than the rest hence more resistant to breakage.

Overall the Pelican Shower Filter has more advantages.

Pelican Shower Filter Premium System (5-foot Wand) Review

Beautiful, a well hydrated and healthy outlook of our bodily features is what we all seek. To be able to achieve well-hydrated skin and hair we have to be cautious of what we allow our skin to come into contact with.

The chemicals that we allow our bodies to come in contact with do have a paramount effect on our appearance.

These chemicals do come into contact with our skin unknowingly since they are found absorbed in water that we use for showering or drinking water. We, therefore need to take the precaution of what we expose ourselves to.

The availability of water shower filters allows for us to be able to access contaminant and chemical-free water readily and easily.

The water shower filter ensures that chemicals found absorbed in water and other impurities with harmful effect to our skin are eliminated and replaced with better ions which hydrate the water. This will, in turn, allow for better and healthy skin and hair of an individual.

The water shower filter comes with extra accompaniments which allow for a spa experience with oceanic aromatherapy and a massaging head which leaves one with a relaxed experience after the shower.

The shower filter allows for the saving on the water as it allows for regulation on the flow of water. The shower filters are easy to replace which they are exchanged after six months. A water filter is generally a desirable feature to consider acquiring in the long run.


Are shower filters worth it?

Shower filters are completely worth it despite the fact that it does not completely eliminate all impurities in water but in turn, reduces the level of chemicals that come into contact with our skin.

It is therefore advisable to invest in one as the amount spent on beauty products will be greatly reduced as you will be able to enjoy more hydrated hair and skin.

This will, in turn, provide a more manageable livelihood with reduced expenses and exposure to chemicals.

How often should you replace a shower filter?

The shower filter should be replaced depending on the number of times the shower has had to filter showering water of up 10000 gallons.

So this is very dependent on every household and the number of individuals in the household, and the number of showers has been had in the household

What happens when one doesn’t change the shower filter?

The replacement of the shower filter is essential to be able to ensure it works to the optimum level and efficiently. Not replacing the shower filter will render it useless as it will not be able to perform its job the optimum level


The water shower filter systems have their own advantages on our bodily appearance. The Pelican shower filter system has a desirable feature compared to the Jonathan and the Aquasana shower filter systems which have higher capacity of 15000 gallons of water. The filtration process which has three stages which ensure impurities, chlorine and chloramines are eliminated, without the addition of extra ions to the water. The installation and replacement process is quite easy with a longer life period of up to 50% compared to the Jonathan and Aquasana shower water filters.

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