Best Invisible Mini Cameras for the Bathroom

Have you ever wished to know what goes around in your house and especially the bathroom when you are away?

If you are curious to find out what your kids are doing in the house, be it accessing the medicine cabinet, or their handling of the household facilities.

Then having an invisible mini camera precisely installed in your bathroom will give access to answers with regards to all the worrying concerns and question you may have about your home while away.

Being able to track activities in your bathroom with the aid of hidden cameras will reduce stress and give you peace of mind.

Finding the best spy camera for your bathroom can be a tough task since majority of the invisible mini cameras either provide limited performance or are of low quality.

To help you find the perfect choice, we have compiled over 60 hours of in-depth research and dig through all verified customer reviews to give you these comprehensive recommendations.

8 Best Invisible Mini Cameras for the Bathroom in 2022

1. Yumfond 32 GB Cloth Hook Hidden Camera – Best Spy Camera for Bathroom- Best Pick

• 1080P Video Captured.
Battery Powered Camera.
Easy to use.
Motion detection mode.

If you are concerned about your bathroom’s security or you have been suspicious and you really want to install a spy camera, then Yumfond is a perfect invisible camera for this job.

This spy camera will give you a peek inside your bathroom without attracting anyone’s attention.

The camera lens is precisely hidden in the upper part of a clothing hook. It records full HD 1080P with motion detection mode with no flashlight, to conceal detection.

Being the best pick from our list, one noticeable feature is the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which makes it perfect for bathroom spy cameras.

When fully charged, this camera will record up to 120 minutes, and once the battery runs low the camera will save all the files before shutting down.

We all want devices that can solve our problems and user-friendly, right? The Yumfond mini camera comes with an easy to use interface, with three simple steps.

Insert the T-flash card on the Yumfond camera device, turn on the spy camera and finally press the motion detector button once.

The camera will record every time it detects movements and most importantly, save videos file after every 5 minutes; this hidden camera will not only save crucial shots but also avoid recording unnecessary video clips.


  • Power Source: Battery Powered.
  • Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.6 x 1.8.
  • Plug Profile: Wall Mount.
  • Weight: 3.2 Ounce.


  • 32GB micro card is included with the camera, one is able to use the camera right away.
  • Free technical support for up to 18-month.
  • The camera records Full HD video files, so the quality of the video files are soft and natural.
  • The motion detector only records when it senses movements.

2. NANIBO 1080P Cloth Hook Camera – Best Spy Camera for Bathroom

1920×1080 HD with a 75 degree wide angle.
12 months refund or replacement.
• Supports  32GB Micro SD Card.
• Whole-life technical support from the company.

Our second hidden camera from our list is NANIBO hook camera. If you are concerned about your cleaner snooping or suspicious activities in your bathroom, then Nanibo spy camera is the best suited for this task.

This cloth hook camera is a sturdy streamlined spy camera precisely crafted to blend with the bathroom decor. Equipped with an HD camera, USB port, Hidden sound microphone and on/off button.

This hidden spy camera will record every movement detected in your bathroom. It clearly records sound, and hung light clothes on the hook which does not prevent the camera from recording.

The NANIBO hook camera is designed with 75 degrees wide viewing angle, and motion detector sensor, these features make this camera powerful and fit for this job as it can record every movement in your bathroom un-noticeable.
What makes this camera best for nabbing intruders is the 1080 HD, which captures clear sounds and saves video files automatically on a 32 GB micro SD card.


  • Weight: 4.8 ounces.
  • Battery: Built-in lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Supports: 32GB Micro SD Card.
  • Alert type: Motion Only.


  • 1080p HD quality videos.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Affordable.
  • Sleek unnoticeable design.
  • Auto motion detection.


  • None.

3. WEMLB WiFi Mini Camera Wall Charger

Are you concerned about security in your bathroom where the detection of spy cameras might be an issue?.

Well, you need not to worry because the WEMLB wall charger aka spy camera is seemingly invisible and easily disguised as a normal wall charger, thus reducing the chances of being found or tampered with.

The quality of video and image captured by cameras plays a vital role when it comes to purchasing hidden cameras, especially for the bathroom.

The WEMLB WIFI hidden camera is no exception.  Built with smart motion video sensor technology and Wi-Fi capabilities this spy camera is able to send the user instant application massages notification every time there are suspicious movements detected in the bathroom.

Furthermore, with a 180 degrees lens coverage, this hidden camera will not only ensure the user a wide and more viewing angle but also view live streaming recordings.

With an option to place a micro SD card. One can replay all the recordings, saved files in the SD card which is quite easy and user friendly.

This specific type of camera weighs 5.6 ounces and a measurement of 4 x 3.6 x 2.4 inches, making it easily portable from one place to another with easy to fit personal preferences on different occasions.


  • Supports: 32GB Micro SD Card.
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 3.6 x 2.4 inches.
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery are included.


  • 180 degrees viewing angle.
  • Portable security camera.
  • Affordable.
  • Real-time alert.
  • Crystal clear videos and images recordings.


  • None.

4. WISEUP 16GB Hook Coat Hanger Hidden Camera

Looking  for a hidden camera that is subtle and undetectable, then WISEUP Coat Mini Camera is the best gadget to go for.

This versatile Mini Video Recorder is suitable for indoor places especially bathrooms whereby one can hang towels or clothes at the same time records real-time while saving all the video files on a 16GB micro SD card.

Simple yet powerful, this cloth hook camera is crafted with a 3.7mm pinhole lens able to record videos files with a resolution power of 720 by 480 and AVI video format that one can easily plug and play on the phone, tablet or PC.

Talking about user friendly, this is another feature that makes this camera a perfect spy camera for home security especially the bathroom.

With an easy installation process, one can easily place this wall-mounted hidden camera on the wall and hung clothes on it as it secretly records every movement in your bathroom.

Although the camera does a great job, it is important to note that it does not support WI-FI, Bluetooth or record sound.


  • Power Source: Battery Powered.
  • Support loop recording.
  • Charging Time: 2 hours.
  • Video Resolution: 720 x 480.
  • Support 16GB Micro SD Card.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Support loop recording.
  • Video Format: AVI.


  • Does not support WI-FI nor Bluetooth.

5. Tissue Box Cover – Best Mini Spy Camera for Bathroom

Our fifth hidden camera is a normal tissue paper box. It has a powerful high-resolution pinhole camera.

This hidden camera will blend seamlessly into your bathroom setting with tissue papers precisely stacked into the box making it harder for intruders to detect.

With a resolution power of 1920 by 1080 and 30FPS, this spy camera will continuously record for 30 Hours non-stop and with the advantage of motion detector capabilities.

It will only record when there is movement in the bathroom so unnecessary footages won’t be recorded.

The camera has a viewing angle of 75 degrees which makes it perfect for a standard bathroom, if strategically placed it can capture every corner in the bathroom at the same time used as a normal tissue paper dispenser.

Purchased with a 30-Hour rechargeable battery, remote control, 16GB Micro SD Card, a powerful charging adapter with light indicator and a Micro SD Card reader.

Which is a handful bonus that makes this handy tissue hidden camera box a must-have for your bathroom.


  • Storage: External Micro SD Card.
  • Battery Capacity: 5000mah.
  • Battery Life: 30 hrs.
  • Video File Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 30FPS.


  • 75 degrees viewing angle perfect for a standard bathroom.
  • Equipped with a motion detector, only records when there are movements in your bathroom.
  • With an appearance and function as a tissue box, it’s very hard for intruders to notice is a spy camera.


  • Doesn’t record sound.
  • Pricey.

6. Light Panoramic Bulb 1080P Wireless Hidden Camera

Unlike the previous bathroom camera we have reviewed, this hidden light bulb camera truly tops it all.

Equipped with 360 degrees fish eye lens, motion detector and audio recordings, this camera will not only record 1080P video files with ZERO BLIND SPOTS but also save clear audio files while synchronizing with the video file, making this light bulb ideal for your bathroom.

Simple yet powerful, this camera is compatible with WIFI connectivity and smartphone making it user friendly with options to view in real-time on a smartphone, tablet and PC.

Furthermore, one can playback video in real-time or watch at a later time. Additionally, users can activate the alarm system via WI-FI connectivity on their phone app.

This Spy camera is available in a light bulb, with NO ASSEMBLY and POWER ADAPTER needed for it to work.

Simply insert the light bulb camera in a standard bulb holder, switch it on, and a red light indicator will turn on, indicating the camera is working perfectly and recording.

Moreover, with home internet available this bulb camera will connect and stream live via its mobile application which is available on Google Play or App Store.


  • Product Measurement: 5.5 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches.
  • Battery: inbuilt 1 Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Resolution: 1080P.
  • Color: White.


  • Zero blind spots.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Motion dictator functionality-only record when the camera sense movement.
  • WI-FI connectivity with real-time streaming via mobile app.
  • Records Video and sound with precise synchronicity.


  • None.

7. PalmVID Wireless Hidden Camera for Bathroom

This particular type of camera enables  the user to be in two places at once and is described as the future of home security.

The camera is also packed with a handful of advanced features that resonate well in a modern home interior while concealing its purpose as a hidden camera.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, this spy camera is equipped with a built-in DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER, advanced motion detector, wireless WI-FI connectivity and support up to 512 GB Micro SD.

The camera will not only record all the important shots whenever it detects motions but also saves videos files on MicroSD Card.

With an option to live stream video viewing, and most importantly features a motion detector alert notification sent straight to the user device via the camera mobile app.

With an option to place this gadget anywhere within your house, This Air purifier hidden camera can fit very well in your bathroom without any intruder noticing is a spy camera.

The camera comes with a simple step by step instructions to follow.

Easy to set up procedure in a short time, and the Air Purifier Spy Camera will start recording, live stream on the mobile app and at the same time save HD videos files on the Micro SD card.


  • Alert type: Motion detector.
  • Resolution: 1080P.
  • Plug: Wall Mount.
  • Alert Notification: Mobile/tablet App.
  • Quick Setup Guide.


  • Supports up to 512GB Micro SD Card.
  • Stores motion-activated videos files for up to 500 hours.
  • Free smartphone/tablet Apps available in the google play store & App store.
  • The app can be used on multiple devices.


  • Expensive.

8. TT-Createch Full HD Mini Pinhole Camera for Bathroom

You should consider this mini hidden camera for your bathroom use since  it is waterproof therefore you would not have to worry about it being tampered by water from the shower.

Another great thing about this camera is, it records audio therefore you will get the whole information enhancing the best safety purpose.

It also records quality videos and images of 1080 pixels at 155degrees wide angles making it visible and easier to view even the smallest details.

Moreover, it comes with an excellent motion detector technology that records movement and sends alerts through alarms or emails via phone when there is suspicious activity, therefore, giving you time to act fast.

What sets this at par from other mini cameras is, it comes with an enhanced night vision feature that can detect images in the dark thus giving your kids optimum protection.

Furthermore, it supports up to 32 GB memory capacity and it comes with a 16 GB SD card. Therefore you can record as much video as possible without any difficulties.

In the course of recording, it can also be charged thus you need not worry if you forgot to charge it earlier.

Lastly, it has an inbuilt lithium battery of 200mAh which fully works for about 60 minutes.


  • 1080P FULL HD LENS.
  • Angle Lens: 155°wide.
  • Photo mode: 12MP(4032×3024.


  • Waterproof.
  • It records audio.
  • It records in the dark.


  • The battery works for only 60 minutes.

Final Verdict

When going for a hidden camera especially for bathroom, we all want a gadget that is unnoticeable to the intruders. Records and captures quality videos, images and sounds.

Furthermore, a camera that meets your  personal preference and is budget-friendly, informs our reasons to recommend Yumfond hidden camera.

This spy camera crafted to resemble a cloth hook is undoubtedly the best for the job.

It Records with no flashlight. It’s user-friendly and one can easily hang the gadget on the wall without any difficulties and record quality videos and images with ZERO BLIND SPOTS.

Additionally, with a motion detector functionality present, this camera will only record when it detects movements in the bathroom.

Therefore, you will not have unnecessary clips on your Micro SD Card and save storage for more suspicious video clips in the bathroom.

Lastly, what makes this the best camera out of all other cameras is the battery life. The battery lasts more than 120 minutes and works well when charging.

The same is affordable and comes with a free 32 GB MicroSD CARD which saves you money from purchasing a memory card thus you can use the camera right away.


When looking for a bathroom camera we all go for size, budget-friendly, and quality videos. However we should also focus on certain important things such as night vision feature, the working period, and at times waterproof features.

Many mini hidden cameras in the market work for a house, however, can not work effectively for a bathroom. A hidden camera should serve all purposes that you desire and protect your kids from any type of danger.

A camera should not only record video but also audio. It should also detect every detail and protect your kids from any type of planned or unplanned danger.

Although this may seem and or result into invading of your kids’ privacy, the need to ensuring and safeguarding their safety supersedes the need for their privacy.

Furthermore,  not all cameras can capture every part of your bathroom.  If your intelligent kids notice this, they may look for ways to avoid it.

Therefore, it is best to go for a mini camera that has a 360 degrees lens with no blind spots to capture every detail that is going on.

Every camera has a special feature depending on your needs. Therefore, for your budget, it is best to go for a camera that serves all your needs.

Consequently, we all want to be alerted when something bad is happening with our kids, therefore, it is best to go for a camera that gives us notification for every suspicious activity to ensure optimum safety of our kids in the bathroom.

Related Post

How can I hide/place my spy camera in my bathroom?

We all want our spy camera to be un-noticeable to the intruder in order to tighten our security and be in the know on want goes around in our bathroom.

Then placing a hidden camera in the right position can be very crucial for it to capture every angle and sound.

Here we have outlined some of the best and proven places that one can place a hidden camera in the bathroom, i.e., cosmetic bags, on a cloth hanger, a double/two-way mirror and a  false ceiling among others.

How can you tell if there is a hidden camera in your bathroom?

How many times have you visited a bathroom and felt that someone is watching you?  There are several ways to detect a hidden camera in your bathroom.

First and foremost, if you notice red or green LEDs when you switch off the lights or when the lights are dimmer then it means there is a hidden camera in your bathroom.

Most surveillance cameras have red or green LED lights that shine or blink when in low light conditions.

Secondly, if you notice that there is signal interference at certain positions in the bathroom when making a call it may also indicate a hidden camera in your bathroom.

Therefore, you can keenly check your bathroom at the specific positions and if you find one its best to take immediate action.  Contacting the legal authorities after confirming with your family members of their involvement.

Do hidden cameras need Wi-Fi?

Normally invisible cameras use the internet to function and live stream video to your phone and give you necessary alerts.

However, there are cases you may not have Wi-Fi installation but these cameras can still work without the internet.

They function by recording on-site activities and store it up in an SD card which you can later view from your computer.

Also if you use cellular security cameras you can get live stream video without Wi-Fi connection whereby use 4Gor 3G cellular network.

How to make a shampoo bottle spy camera?

People tend to ask this question when they want to install a hidden camera disguised as a shampoo bottle in a bathroom.

This can be done by simply creating a tiny hole in the size of a camera lens in an empty shampoo bottle.

Fix the lens in the hole by gluing it so it doesn’t fall and then connect it to your computer. Also, you should position at the most suitable position that can easily monitor and not be tampered with.

How long does hidden cameras record?

We all want mini spy cameras that have motion detectors. This will not only save you precious time when reviewing the recorded video clip but also space-saving on the Micro SD card.

Let us answer the questions; this will directly depend on various issues such as the battery life and the size of Micro SD card, longer life and bogger size of Micro SD card. Some hidden camera can record for up to 1280 hours nonstop.

Do all hidden cameras require WiFi?

This solely depends on the functionality of the camera. Hidden cameras that support WI-FI connectivity have the capability to stream in real-time viewing via the mobile, tablet or pc.

Additionally, the majority of the WI-FI hidden cameras required the internet to generate a quality signal from the camera itself to the mobile and tablet application.

What’s the significant difference between surveillance and security cameras?

Generally, the security cameras are also referred to as CCTV cameras.  These gadgets are mostly used to transfer or convey sign from one place to another.

This may be from different cameras to a definite monitor located in an office. The distance can vary from 10 meters to 1000 of miles.

On the other hand, the surveillance cameras work with an IP model link with several different cameras interlinking to each other from a remote area.

We all want best camera for bathroom for can record without any challenges and we hope this article has been of help when find the best invisible camera for bathroom that will aid you find what all goes around while your away from home.

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