Best Citric Acid Water Softener Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are currently using a water softener and you are looking to maximize the benefits that you can get out of it, you might want to try a citric acid water softener which is a salt-free water softener that will eliminate the need for the use of salt.

No more spending money on large bags of salt and adding harmful saltwater to the environment. Moreover, you won’t have a high electricity bill because it doesn’t use electricity.

The best-known citric acid water softener is Nuvo H2O. This citric acid water softener uses its patented CitraCharge Cell technology, a food-safe citric acid, that works by removing metallic ions or the binding minerals preventing them from reacting to other surfactants for example detergents and soaps.

Unlike other softeners, citric acid softeners work by the process called chelation, which is the bonding between molecules and ions to form metal ions.

The process prevents scale build-up to 99%. It also makes soaps and detergents work more effectively. Through its filter cartridge, it filters the water effectively and the filtered water isn’t slimy or slippery like water softened with salt.

In this article, we are going to go through the best citric acid water softener. Let’s dive in and see what NuvoH2O water softeners are:

Best Citric Acid Water Softener

1. NuvoH2O Dpmb Manor Water Softener System New Models

Using its patented CitraCharge Cell technology, which is a revolutionary technology, it lowers the pH by using chelation, in which the mineral ions causing hard water are bound to the chelating agent.

The resulting water is soft and healthy to be used for all household needs including drinking, bathing, watering plants, and washing.

The Nuvo H20 Dpmb Manor Water Softener does not use sodium like the traditional water softener. No more heavy salt scale, no costly electricity, and no wasted water. The product is also eco-friendly, and cost-effective and has been tested and verified.

From a design perspective, the Nuvo H20 Dpmb Manor Water Softener is compact in design and it includes the following features that enables it to work effectively.

One installation guideone manor softening system,six 2 inch screws, one manor citric charge cartridge,, one manor system wrench, four 1.25 inch screws,, one backplate, one manor L bracket.

The difference between this model and its other counterpart is that this one is designed for homes with a 1500 square feet/ cartridge lifespan of 50,000 gallons. From the manufacturer, it’s recommended that replacement is done after every six months.


  • Prevents scale build-up.
  • No salt.
  • No wastage of water.
  • No electricity.
  • Compact design fits anywhere.
  • Extends the life of water heater and plumbing features and appliances.
  • Innovative technology with enhanced respect for the environment.


  • Not recommended for closed-loop recirculation systems.

2. NuvoH2O Manor + Taste Complete Whole House Water Softener System

One of the unfortunate downsides of using a salt based water softener is that it strips away the healthy minerals along with the bad ones.

Salt free water softeners on the other hand, soften the water without removing beneficial minerals to your health. The NuvoH2O Manor + taste system leaves the minerals in the water.

The NuvoH2O Manor also improves taste and water quality by removing sediments, chemicals, and turbidity. The resulting water is soft water and healthy for all household uses for example bathing, drinking, and washing.

The traditional water softeners can last about 10 years because of the complicated electronics and many moveable parts. After this period, you will find yourself needing to replace the system and disposing of the old system.

The NuvoH2O manorSaltless water softener systems have no electronics or moving parts and the softeners are usually backed by a lifetime warranty.

It comes with a 10-micron carbon filter, one Citra cartridge, one system wrench, six 2 inch screws, eight 1.25 inch screws, two wall mounts for each sump, and an installation guide.

The softener has been tested and proven to remove hard water scale build-up. It is also cost-effective, eco-friendly and it has an easy cartridge replacement.


  • Prevents scale build-up and removes the existing scales in the hard water.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Compact design which means it can fit anywhere.
  • Removes sediments and chemicals from house water.
  • Extends the life of the water heater and plumbing appliances.


  • Not recommended for closed-loop recirculation systems.

3. NuvoH2o Dphb – A Home Water Softener System

Nuvo H2O Dphb is also a revolutionary water softener that will become a welcome addition to your household.

It eliminates the effects of hard water such as scale build-up and since it is salt-free cartridges, it will give a major boost to your conscious effort to lessen salt in your diet.

By drinking salt-free water, you will be one step farther from the risk of developing hypertension and other heart diseases and the water can be used in other functions in the house such as cleaning and washing.

Its large storage capacity of 20000 gallons makes it convenient for large households and it can also last a long time. If you are seeking an efficient, reliable, and best buy for the buck then the NuvoH2O DPHB is a great product that you would want to put into consideration.

This product is environmentally friendly since it does not contaminate its surroundings with waste products. Salt based water softeners typically discharge up to four gallons of salty water for every gallon of water that is treated.

Not only does this result in wastewater issues, but many cities are banning the use of salt in water conditioners due to their harmful effects on septic tanks, sewer systems, and water treatment systems.

The NuvoH2O DPHB is a fairly low maintenance product that has been tested and approved and has an easy installation just by using the guide that it comes with.

It also includes a mounting bracket. since it’s salt-free and there is no buildup on the filters that may force frequent change. Replacement can be done every 50 gallons of use. Or approximately 6 months.


  • Ease of installation.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • No electricity.
  • Fairly low maintenance.
  • Extends the life of the water heater and plumbing appliances.
  • Prevent scale build-up.


  • Overfitting and tightening my cause premature failure of the system.
  • In homes, with copper piping, the air in the line can cause oxidation of the piping.

4. Nuvo H2o Water S- 2416 Studio Water Softener Replacement Cartridge

The NuvoH2O studio water softener balances the PH of water up to a range of 7.2 – 7 and a hardness rating of “up to 20”.

Just like the other models, it doesn’t filter for things like high Iron content, etc. it will condition your water to be soft. This means you’ll need to install a pre-filter for taste or Iron etc that may come from wells

Water that flows freely does not lead to build up of scales. These are limescale which are the crystalline form of calcium carbonate.

When limescale forms it is in a long thread like crystals called dentrices. Over time the dentrices will begin to weave together; this weaving is what makes limescale so hard and difficult to break. Even worse it becomes hard, that to effectively clean, you’ll need powerful cleaning agents. The salt free water softener prevents this from happening.

Citrus water softeners use electrical fields used in applications to modify the characteristics of how the limescale forms. The crystals become small, round, and smooth.

These shapes, as you can guess, do not cling together well, and will just wash through the water system without forming limescale.

With their clinging properties gone they cannot snag and collect together in your pipes, boiler, shower head, or taps. All of the water that passes through one of these electromagnetic fields will be affected for 2-3 hours.

The softener comes with the following features a manual, mounting black plate, mounting bracket, screws, and a housing wrench.

The product is also eco-friendly which means no salt, no electricity, no water wastage. It is compact enabling it to fit anywhere. The resulting water is healthy and can be used for drinking, washing, and bathing.


  • Extends the life of your water heater and the plumbing appliances.
  • It has a compact design making it able to fit anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly, no water wastage, no electricity and  no salt.
  • Prevents scale build-up and removes existing hard water scales


  • Not recommended for closed-loop recirculation systems.
  • Overfitting and tightening my cause premature failure of the system.

Final Verdict

NuvoH2O Dpmb Manor Water Softener System New Models

Since water is life, the quality of water that we receive in our homes is very important. In many households today common water filtration systems are used to alleviate problems caused by hard water.

Since more effort is given to kill bacteria and germs and other harmful substances in the water by using chlorine, less attention is given to the levels of calcium and magnesium in the water content.

Most often than not, these substances do not create health problems, however, causes increased maintenance expenditures at home as they are the primary cause of calcium crystal deposits clogging the plumbing system of the house.

Moreover even soap scum that are difficult to clean up, adding to the potential slipping hazard it could bring in the bathroom and kitchen floors. In some cases, it can cause skin irritation or itchiness and you may also notice that the pipes start to be clogged and wear out items that use the water.

Nuvo H2O citric acid water softeners help to balance pH by balancing the natural state of the water and removing calcium and magnesium minerals.

They prevent scale, chemicals chlorine taste, and odors providing a great taste of the water that comes out of the tap. They have a great design of one-inch NPT inlet and outlet connections.

They also allow for easy installation and less maintenance. They can stay up to 6 months before replacement.

They are also environmentally friendly with no electricity needed, no water wastage, and no drainage needed. Salt based water softeners typically discharge up to four gallons of salty water for every gallon of water that is treated.

Not only does this result in wastewater issues, but many cities are banning the use of salt in water conditioners due to their harmful effects on septic tanks, sewer systems, and water treatment systems.

While the salt in salt based water softeners is not supposed to get in the water, the reality is that it does. Research has estimated that about 8 mg of sodium chloride that is released into the water for every grain of hardness that is removed.

This will significantly kill lawns, gardens, and houseplants and can be bad for your health as well. It causes complications with certain appliances, such as water heaters, steam irons and evaporative coolers, which shouldn’t be supplied with softened water.

When you use a citrus-based system, on the other hand, none of these problems is an issue.

Alot of heart-related problems are on a steady increase in many hospital statistics. In America alone, salt is the most common cause of heart attack and even death.

To counter these effects, conscious efforts are made to significantly reduce salt intake among people. This however is occasionaly made difficult by the fact that raw salt is the most common food ingredient used and doing away with it will greatly affect the taste of the food we eat.

Salt contents are usually very high on junk foods, processed foods, and those sold at fast foods and restaurants. It’s only a quarter of our salt consumption that we get at home.

So in order to cut down on salt consumption you start living a healthy life, and it should start at home. What you eat, and what you also drink. The best salt-free water softeners can eliminate salt content from the water you drink.

This will be a major boost in increasing the conscious effort of lessening salt in your diet. You should consider replacing your current softener with a salt-free one.