Best Sediment Filters for Well Water (Updated 2022)

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With so many water filters on the market and everyone saying theirs is the best, choosing the best sediment filter for your well water could be overwhelming.

Nonetheless with a bit of basic information, making this otherwise difficult decision can be much easier.

Let’s start by pointing out that all sediment filters have one thing in common, filtration capability based on micron size. By definition, a micron is “a metric unit of length to one-millionth of a meter” which is extremely small to the naked eye.

The diameter of a human hair is approximately 25 microns. If a filter is rated to be 5-micron nominal then it means that 80% of pores on that filter are 5 microns and the rest could be larger.

If it’s rated to be 5-micron absolute then 99.9% of the pores are 5 microns and the rest could be larger.

If you own industry-standard size water filter housing you are not locked into a single variety of water filter cartridges. With what type and size of sediment filter to buy, you might want to pick out the ideal micron size filter for you since out there, there is no “one size fits all” water filter.

It’s recommended you pick a micron size that is larger than your sediment type to ensure the deposit passes through and gets filtered.

Water concentration is also an important factor as it will determine the life of your sediment filter. Different water sources have varied water concentrations.

Best PickPUREPLUS 5 Micron 10″ x 4.5″ Best Sediment Filter for well Water

5 Best Sediment Filters for Well Water

Product Editor’s Ratings Price
1. ISpring WSP-50SL Spin-Down Well Water Sand Filter 95% Check Price Here
2. Aquaboon 6-Pack – Best Micron Filter for Well Water 93% Check Price Here
3. EcoPure EPWHE Sediment Water Filter 92% Check Price Here
4. Rusco 1-1/2” Best spin down sediment water filter 90% Check Price Here
5. PUREPLUS 5 Micron 10″ x 4.5″ 98% Check Price Here

1. ISpring WSP-50SL Spin-Down Reusable Whole House – Best Well Water Sand Filter

iSpring Spin-Down Sediment Filter is a pre-sediment filter that works first hand to remove the larger particles from the water inlet.

Thanks to this sediment filter, all the other plumbing appliances in your home get an extended duration of usage before clogging.

It uses siliphos fine filter cartridges which are recognized for their precise paper-thin appearance that resembles a well-folded piece of paper in the shape of a circle. This material is made of sodium, calcium magnesium, and silicate.

For efficient filtration, it features a stainless steel fine mesh barrier. The mesh initially filters the water of any impurities before proceeding down to the spin-down filter. It is rated at 50 microns, increasing its points as a first-stage water filter for homes.

While we are on it, the micron sizes occur as five different options. Even more, convenient is the see-through housing that allows for visual monitoring. This enables you to follow up on its work progress and therefore determine when or not to flush the filter.

Of cleanliness and maintenance, we are talking just how long it could remain as good as new. Its longevity and effectiveness depend on just how well you look after it and the durability of materials used in its manufacture.

Rust and corrosion will be a problem of the past thanks to the patented siliphos material aimed at preventing scaling in your pipes and appliances.

iSpring Spin-down Water Filter has valves redirected to be in line with the filter. It also features garden hose barb fittings on the valve for flushing out.

To flush the sediment filter, simply twist the valve on the system. It’s important to flush your sediment filter every once in to prevent clogging. This will maintain the effectiveness of your water filter.

This water filter has the least amount of pressure drop of 20 psi due to the thickness and most of the time; it can be washed and reused several times before it is tossed away.

The surface area is much larger than any non-pleated filter. The installation process is also easy thanks to the double threads 1” MNPT and ¾” FNPT on both ends.


  • There are five different micron ratings to choose from.
  • The control valve is simple to operate.
  • Durable thanks to heavy-duty solid brass.
  • Clear sediment housing enhances visibility.
  • Easy installation.


  • Does Not lower TDS.

2. Aquaboon 6-Pack – Best Micron Filter for Well Water for Any Standard RO Unit and Whole House Sediment Filtration

Aquaboon sediment filters use an economical spun sediment filter cartridge. This is a widely seen sediment filter that is easily noticeable for its hard cotton-like appearance and it resembles a clean white paint roller. Spun filters are an all-around average filter that can be used in almost any situation.

The Aquaboon sediment filter cartridge is a 5-micron filter cartridge made of 5 different layers and is usually made to have the largest micron on the outermost layers to the smallest micron on the innermost layers.

The rating of this filter is based on the smallest micron and most inner layer of the filter. The sediment filter is also made of polypropylene which is a type of thermoplastic that can be melted and bonded.

The filter works by increasing the surface area for water to filter contact which ultimately decreases the amount of water pressure drop (which is good).

This type of filter is most convenient if the purpose is to remove silt, oil, grease, and other forms of sand. This filter is commonly used as a general filter to remove more than just the above mentioned (i.e. dirt, particulate rust/iron, etc).

Its micron rating is nominal meaning 80% of pores on the filter is 5 microns and the rest could be larger. With replacements each circumstance is unique, but the manufacturer recommends doing so every 4-6 months.

A complicated sediment issue will mean that you replace the filter more often.


  • Easy to install.
  • Value for money.
  • Efficient sediment filtration.
  • Can be used for a wide range of application.


  • Quality control issues.

3. EcoPure EPWHE Sediment Water Filter

For dirt, silt, sand chlorine taste, and odor situations, the EcoPure sediment filter use its NSF certified string wound sediment filter to eliminate these contaminants.

This is a nominal 5-micron sediment filter that’s also made of polypropylene material. The sediment filter is encapsulated therefore no need to touch the filter. Besides, it makes replacement easy.

There is also no need to shut off your water supply, thanks to its built-in shut-off bypass mechanism. This sediment water filter has one of the largest pressures as well as the dirt holding capacity.

It’s therefore not recommended to use it in cases of high amounts of oils and grease.

This is because oils attach to the surface of the filter, it will deliberately clog the filter, increasing the pressure drop until it is completely clogged.

It’s recommended you change the filter as recommended which is typically 6 months to continue enjoying the best quality water possible for you and your family while also protecting your plumbing and water-using appliances.

  • Provides cleaner, clearer, better-tasting water.
  • Easy to install.
  • Value for money.


  • Less durable.

4. Rusco 1-1/2” Spin Down Separator Sediment Water Filter

The need for clean water is so important for any home and perhaps you own a well that spews both sand (large particle) and silt (small particle).

Another circumstance would be water coming from a pond or stream that has large organic matter. This water can be effectively filtered out with this RUSCO spin-down sediment filter.

This spin-down sediment filter is geared towards capturing large particulates. The design of the head diverts water into the chamber in a way that it circulates water through the housing.

In the process, the dirt and the debris are pushed outside to the clear housing and allowed to settle into the bottom.

RUSCO spin down sediment filter removes the suspended solids from the water. This filter is the most durable of the polyester pleated filters because of its material.

It’s most resistant to bacterial growth. The material is made of pleated non-woven polyester fabric that is bonded on the ends to the thermoset plastisol.

The filter is resistant to many chemicals, manganese and bacterial damage, making them an excellent choice for removing suspended solids from non-chlorinated well water.

They are also reusable and cleanable thanks to their easily removable clear cover housing. Backwashing the filter media is based on time or total water usage. Installation is also easy.


  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Value for money.
  • Efficient sediment filtration.
  • Reusable and flashable.


  • Does not filter TDS.

5. PUREPLUS 5 Micron 10″ x 4.5″ Big Blue Sediment and Activated Carbon Water Filter Replacement Cartridge for Whole House

This is another spun “ melt-blown ” sediment filter for point of entry filtration that is rated as an absolute 5-micron filter efficient enough to remove 99% of chlorine, silt, sand sediment, and color.

This is one of the efficient and most reliable sediment water filters . The filter has been tested and certified by Food Grade Material to meet European EC 1935-2004 Regulations, Australia WaterMark, TUV, ROHS, REACH, BPA FREE for safety standard requirement.

Typically it is made of density three PP layers and Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Layer to remove most contaminants.

The multi-layer density tech is made from the largest micron on the outermost layer to the smallest micron on the innermost layer. This filtration technique will capture impurities targeted to deliver pure drinking water.

The activated carbon filter block has a large surface to capture more sediments while also making the water taste better and taking out the taste and odors.

The process happens through adsorption where organics, compounds, and sediments bond with the surface area of the carbon and sticks. The activated carbon filter is made from coconut shell which is a renewable resource.

The filter has also gone through testing to withstand “hummer events”. Every time you turn on the faucet and turn off the faucet the water flow runs through the filter housing when the faucet closes, it creates a water hammer event. Meaning the inertia of the water flow stops And that energy goes someplace.

A Lot of times this causes the housing to flex or to move. Eventually, the housing could start to crack. This filter sediment filter has been tested through a 1000 water test hammer and can last 30% longer service life than the other common type.


  • Efficient sediment filtration.
  • Efficient carbon filtration.
  • Easy installation.
  • Value for money.
  • Good flavor.


  • Less durable.

Final Verdict
There are many ways that sediments appear and each circumstance is unique. At the fundamental level, you need a whole house filter. Why the whole house? Because sediments impact everything.

This is a whole house problem so you will need a whole house sediment filter.

A whole house water filter is superior in every way. Flow rater will be higher, pressure loss will be lower, the time between filter changes will be longer and the water filter cost will be less per square inch.

The correct sizes for a whole house application should be 20’’x 2.5’’, 10’’ x 4.5’’, and 20’’ x 4.5”.

From our list we decided to settle on;

PUREPLUS 5 Micron 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House Big Blue Sediment and Activated Carbon Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

The purple 5-micron sediment filter is a whole house sediment filter that is certified by recognized institutions. This filter uses a multistage filtration which is a multiple filter layer with a lower micron rating water filter for each successive filter stage.

The filtration stages involve activated carbon filters which are effective in capturing the sediment and many other contaminants while also removing the taste and odor.

Well, water is by far the cheapest method of sourcing water. Having a good sediment filter goes a long way in providing security for families as they consume well water.

This is because while they experience less water availability problems, they run a higher risk of having their plumbing systems clogged with sediments which incur an extra cost.

Even if your water filter performs well, you can always test drive new filters to find better performance one variety of media may perform better than another.

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