Best Quiet Flush Toilets Buying Guide

In our day to day life, we use the toilet a couple of times depending on our body system. In the current modern world, most homes prefer flush toilets depending on affordability, durability, efficiency, and the latest technology available in the market.

The simple thought of using a washroom with much comfortability is very pleasing to everyone hence during the purchase of a toilet a quiet flush toilet is one essential, suitable, and best toilet to go for.

Apart from going for a quiet flush toilet one should consider the amount of water the toilet uses hence saving on the consumption of water.

In this article, we will comprehensively come up with the best quiet flushing toilets so that it will be much easier to make an informed choice during the buying process.

5 Best Quiet Flush Toilet Reviews

1. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 – Best Dual Quiet Flush Toilet Cotton White (Our Best Pick)

  • Luxurious sleek modern design.
  • Quite and powerful flush.
  • High-end Soft Closing Toilet Seat.

It’s a dual flush elongated One-Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat and Round Button Luxurious Modern Design. It has a clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles like modern, craftsman, traditional, etc.

Compared to other toilets, it has no corners and grooves, hence very easy to reach for cleaning, especially hard-to-reach areas/spots.

It features a traditional gravity dual flush system design of 1. 0 to 1. 6 GPF where the water tank delivers 1. 28 gallons per flush hence flushes very quietly and effectively.

Additionally, it features a Siphon Flushing Design which has a fully glazed flush system, bringing super quiet and powerful flushing that reduces the possibility of any clogs or leaks from occurring.

Features a comfort height design which is a chair-height seating that makes sitting and standing easier for most adults.

Moreover, this Unit comes as one package which includes toilet, pre-installed soft closing toilet seat, pre-installed water fitting, high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, and installation instructions.

Also, this product has a high-end soft closing seat that eases consumer use and prevents seat slam convenience. Aside it comes with a water sense certificate to prove that it saves water consumption.

Why we recommend this:

  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • Has a very powerful yet quiet dual flush system allowing you to save water consumption.

2. Best Toto CST744SL#01 Drake 2 – Piece Quiet Flush Toilet

  • Use G-Max flushing system.
  • One Year Limited Warranty.
  • Low water consumption.
  • Best selling quite flush toilet.

If you are familiar with the toilets, then you’ve heard of this brand. TOTO is the world’s biggest toilet manufacturer that has paved way for many of the toilet improvements we enjoy today.

The TOTO Drake 2-piece toilet comes in five different colors making it easier to purchase depending on the décor of your bathroom.

It’s also a high-profile design that gives a sleek look to your bathroom making it more attractive.

The specific TOTO Drake 2-piece toilet is one of their best-selling products which features a fully-glazed trap way that delivers a quiet but powerful fast flush process thus you won’t have to listen for long minutes to the sound of the flush.

The toilet can be made quieter by purchasing separately the TOTO soft close toilet seat.

Additionally what sets this toilet apart from its competitors is its G-Max 1.28 flushing system.

This specific flushing system features a 125% wide flush valve than other regular valves, extra-large siphon jet, and large trap way making it one of the best flushing technology available.

The bigger openings allow for larger amounts of water to be released, which results in a much faster and stronger flush than a conventional toilet, rest assured that nothing will be left behind

Having the G-Max flushing system it delivers a powerful and quiet flush that consists of only 1.6 gallons of water per flush (GPF) in its tank.

Letting you cut down on both water consumption and noise hence making it not only environmentally friendly but also budget-friendly.

Why we recommend this:

  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • Very quiet and powerful G-Max flush system.
  • Comes in multiple colors.

3. Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron – Best Silent Flush Toilet

When purchasing a quiet flush toilet fit for a smaller bathroom this one should be the most preferable toilet.

It’s a two-piece elongated toilet that offers extra room and comfort with a comfort height that is similar in comparison to a specific chair height seat making both sitting as well as standing much simpler for most adults.

This toilet also features innovative Aqua Piston technology which offers a very powerful flushing system whereby the water tank delivers an accurate figure of about 1.6 gallons per flush.

With the two flush valves depending on the necessity, you may choose between one of the two flushes.

This way, you will use a different amount of water depending on the waste that you want to leave hence saving the consumption of water.

This product is available in seven different colors which allow you to choose depending on one that compliments the decors of your washroom.

Unfortunately, this product does not include the seat and supply lines therefore they have to be purchased separately.

Why we recommend this:

  • Great in disposing of solid waste.
  • Includes a dual-flush system.
  • Very powerful yet quiet flush.

4. Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Fast Flush Toilet

The Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth is a good quiet flush toilet valve with one goal to save as much water as possible. This toilet is very environmentally friendly in that it consumes 0.8 GPF with each flush hence saving water consumption.

Not only is the water-saving function good for the environment but it’s also budget-friendly when it comes to payment of water bills.

Additionally, this toilet has a simple design and elongated bowl feature which adds even more to the comfort by allowing a decently comfortable sitting experience.

It’s also a gravity flush toilet with a powerful flush that can clear up most liquid and solid wastes with ease, which more than makes up for the slightly more pronounced flushing water sounds.

However, this toilet does not flush down heavy solid wastes in a single flush hence performs below average when it comes to flushing.

Besides, this toilet doesn’t come as one package in that the toilet seat isn’t included hence one has to incur cost during purchase.

Why we recommend this:

  • It’s very affordable.
  • Having the elongated bowl feature makes it very comfortable.
  • Has an efficient flush cleaning property.
  • It’s environmentally friendly since it saves a lot of water consumption.
  • It is budget-friendly when it comes to payment of water bills.

5. TOTO CST744EL#01 (1.28 GPF) Eco Drake Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

TOTO CST744EL#01 is a two-piece elongated model that has made its way back to the top of the list because of its unique features.

The main difference between this and the TOTO CST744SL model is that the Eco Drake uses less water to flush, storing capacity of 1.28 gallons of water per flush in its tank hence making it budget-friendly when it comes to payment of water bills.

The Eco Drake comes with much of the same basic features that made the normal Drake stand out.

It comes with the same tall and comfortable elongated bowl, unassuming design, and powerful flush system in its tank which is one of the best in flushing technology.

This E-Max 1.28 GPF flushing system technology features a 3-wide flush valve, extra-large siphon jet, and a large trap way that uses the same basic principles as the G-Max in the other normal drake that we have discussed.

The only difference is that it uses much lesser water per flush making it better than the normal drake

Aside from the quiet flush system it also features a fast-flush process that minimizes the longer time of the flush process.

However, the Eco Drake has one only flaw that its E-Max flush system is very slightly louder than its counterpart this is because it uses less water per flush.

TOTO’s Eco Drake is still an overall quiet and effective two-piece toilet making the toilet quieter one has to purchase separately the TOTO soft close.

The Eco Drake might not stand out to be the fanciest toilet but its high performance makes it a very good toilet hence stand out to be a very effective cost-saving option.

Why we recommend this:

  • It provides a powerful and yet quiet flush with 1.28 GPF in its tank.
  • It comes in multiple colors.
  • It saves a lot of water hence budget-friendly and environmentally friendly.

6. American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece Super Flush Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 has been the leading brand for bathroom installment for a couple of years.

It features a round front design that fits perfectly in smaller bathrooms and a right height bowl which offers comfort for sitting and standing hence adhering to ADA compliant.

It also has a smooth-sided concealed trap way that eliminates curves and crevices for easy cleaning. Additionally, it has a glazed trap way and oversized 3-inch flush valve that enhance a thorough and powerful flush which makes it efficient.

The Cadet 3 has a never-clean surface that sets this specific toilet apart from the rest.

This feature is a material that American Standard claims will prevent the growth of any unwanted growths like mildew, fungus, mold, or algae which will ensure that your toilet remains clean and odorless for years to come.

Moreover, this model includes a top mount slow close seat and cover with easy lift-off feature eliminating slam convenience.

Cadet 3 uses a capacity of 1.28 gallons per flush, which is 20 % less water than the standard toilet thus saving a lot of water. Therefore, it serves as a good option for anyone looking for a simple and reliable quiet flush toilet.

Why we recommend this:

  • The ever clean surface makes the toilet easy to clean.
  • It saves a lot of water because it consumes 20% less water than the standard toilet.
  • It comes with a pre-installed with a quiet close seat.

7. TOTO CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G Two-Piece Universal Height Toilet

This two-piece elongated toilet is a beautiful designed high-profile toilet which gives it a sleek look making it look more attractive and classier in any bathroom.

Moreover, from its design, it makes it compact enough to fit in most bathrooms.

The TOTO Drake 11 has a universal height that allows a more comfortable seat position across a wide range of users hence adhering to Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

Similarly, this toilet features TOTO’s industry-leading 1G technology which offers a powerful flush that flushes completely and fully with only 1.0 gallons per flush hence saving a lot of water.

The toilet also comes with a water sense certificate that proves it uses less water per flush.

Besides, it features a Tornado Flush technology, which is a hole-free rim design with dual nozzles that create a centrifugal washing action that assists in rinsing the bowl hence minimizing the use of water, harsh chemicals and time required for cleaning.

It also has a CEFIONTECT smooth glaze which gives the bowl a lubricous texture that prevents particles from adhering to the ceramic.

Unfortunately, this toilet features a SoftClose seat designed separately from the toilet hence one has to buy it.

Also, additional items needed for installation and use must be purchased separately. Although one may incur a cost there is certainly the toilet will be as quiet as it can get.

Why we recommend this:

  • It offers comfort to a wide range of users.
  • It saves a lot of water by using less water.
  • It has a lubricious quality that inhibits particles from adhering to the ceramic hence making it easier to clean.

8. Best Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece Universal Height Toilet

Not everyone has the same preference and if you prefer a one-piece model, this is the best toilet to go for. TOTO one-piece model features a one-piece beautiful design that beautifies your bathroom.

Its sleek look not only makes the bathroom attractive but also classy and luxurious.

This one-piece design is also very easy to clean which only needs the occasional wipe to stay clean. Similarly, this model does not suffer from the threat of leakage from bolts or gaskets that can occur in two-piece toilets.

The one-piece model includes a CEFIONTECT which is a layer of smooth glaze that prevents the particles from adhering to the ceramic.

Moreover, coupled with a Tornado flush, the waste goes away pretty quietly and very efficiently, therefore, reducing the frequency of toilet cleaning, minimizing water usage, harsh chemicals, and the time required for cleaning.

You will only have to use the toilet brush occasionally to remove any lingering waste.

The toilet also comes with a Water Sense certificate that proves it does not use much water per flush.

Besides, it’s designed in a universal height that allows for a more comfortable position across a wide range of users, therefore, meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

This design includes a SoftClose seat that reduces injury and eliminates toilet seat slam convenience thus incorporating high standard quality and consumer ease.

Why we recommend this:

  • It saves a lot of water by less water consumption.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • Its powerful yet quiet flush.

Final verdict

Having looked at all the quiet flush toilets, the best quiet flush toilet that one can go for is the WOODBRIDGE T-0019, Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet.

When it comes to flush toilets, we all go for affordability, durability, quality, and effectiveness and this toilet serves all-purpose.

In every house, we all want to have a toilet that makes the bathroom attractive and this toilet comes with a clean sleek look feature which makes the bathroom classy.

Additionally, it’s always annoying and frustrating to flush the toilet during the night or day shifting the state of mind of people to announce your visit to the toilet.

This toilet has a traditional gravity dual flush system that flushes very quietly and effectively saving you from frustration.

On one or two occasions any of us have experienced a flush toilet that has had difficulties in flushing all the solid waste therefore you are forced to remain in the bathroom and flush several times till it washes away.

This toilet saves you from such embarrassment and time wastage whereby it features a Siphon Flushing design which has a fully glazed flushing system that performs very powerful yet quiet flushing, hence reducing the possibilities of clogging or leaking.

Lastly but the most important is the comfort of using a toilet is very pleasing to everyone therefore it’s the key point when choosing a toilet. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 offers the best comfort across a wide range of users.

Besides, it features a comfort height design which is similar to a chair-height seat that allows sitting and standing easier for most adults.


It is very pleasing to purchase a product that satisfies all your needs for a long period without any frustration.

To achieve satisfaction, it’s very important to note down your product needs, and when it comes to purchasing you should be able to ascertain your product needs are met.

A toilet is a product that we use every day and a couple of times, therefore, it’s very important to ensure we get the best toilet that will serve you for a long time.

Also, as much as we use the toilet, we all want to avoid unnecessary costs over a while, therefore it’s wise to go for a toilet that does not leak or clog easily.

Moreover, as time goes by the technology improves which suites every need that every individual needs. It’s very essential to purchase a toilet that lasts for a longer period as much as it may cost.

Also, we are past the era where we have to cause disturbance during night time or daytime because of the loud noise from the flushing toilet.

Therefore, it’s best to go for the quietest flush toilet to achieve the comfortability of users and others. Finally, it’s very important to consider that we do age hence it’s good to purchase a toilet that serves a purpose across a wide range of users without bias.

Interested in more options for your home? Our Toto Eco Ultramax vs Ultramax ii vs Drake ii Comparison is another helpful resource.


Why are toilets so loud?

Most of us tend to wonder why toilets are so loud and this question comes after the use of a loud toilet that frustrates you.

There are many reasons why toilets are so loud and this comes with a plumbing issue. One of the reasons is that water may not be flowing properly into the toilet.

This happens when water is not flowing into the refill valve which makes it harder for the toilet to fill up again and get enough water to flush the waste down. This can cause backups and may cause some of the pipes or other connections of the toilets to rupture.

Another reason is that the seals might be stiff which may come from excess debris around the seals that may inhibit the management of flow in the area.

As a result, the added pressure coming from the seals will generate more noise. Therefore, the seals should always be kept relaxed at all times.

Also, the flushing mechanism may not be aligned properly which may cause the toilet to stop working properly hence causing backups.

Additionally, the water may be stuck at the bottom which happens when the refill water is going down the overflow pipe. This results in added pressure inside the toilet which makes it harder for the water to move out properly causing substantial backups.

However, not all toilets are loud and different toilets have different modifications that determine the sound of the toilet.

A toilet may be loud depending on the flushing system it has and this happens with toilets that have a pressure-assisted flushing system that uses pressurized air to force water into the toilet bowl.

These toilets are commonly found in airplanes or used in public.

How do I make my toilet flush quieter?

Everyone wants a quiet toilet since loud noise is very annoying. A toilet can be made to flush quieter by cleaning it thoroughly once a month besides the usual daily or weekly cleanup.

This can be done by cleaning the water tank to ensure there are no buildups which might cause the toilet flush to get even noisier. Also, it can be made to flush quieter by adjusting the water flow.

This is done by adjusting the water valve and controlling the water flow to reduce too much water pressure that may cause the noise.

Additionally, one can tighten everything to ensure that loose clamps or pipes may not be the reason it generates noise. Also, it can be done by checking the tank to ensure that the inner workings of the tank are functioning properly.

Are toilets supposed to make noise?

Toilets are only supposed to make minimum noise during flushing and after that, they should remain quiet. Toilets may make noise due to different reasons which may include a plumbing issue or the flushing technology of the toilet.

Continuous noise from the toilet means that the toilet is faulty and it should be checked and repaired while noise made during flushing means it’s either because it’s faulty or the technology of the toilet.

The flushing system technology of the toilets determines the noise it will produce during flushing. Therefore, not all toilets make noise during flushing because different toilets come with different flushing technologies.

There are three flushing system technologies which are pressure-assisted flushing system, gravity flush system, and dual flush system.

The pressure-assisted flushing system toilets makes more noise because they use pressurized air to force water from the tank into the bowl.

The Gravity flush system toilets are the quietest since they use gravity to force water into the bowl. Lastly, Dual flush system toilets are less noisy since they use two flush systems hence you can control the amount of water you expel from the tank.

Is a hissing toilet dangerous?

A hissing toilet is not dangerous at all, it only brings discomfort when visiting the bathroom. A hissing toilet is brought about by leakage of air or water from the fill valve which can be repaired by adjusting the fill valve.

Why does our toilet randomly run?

A running toilet may cause discomfort and stress due to occasional ghost flushing and wastage of water.

There are a couple of reasons why your toilet may randomly run. The toilet may randomly run because the flapper valve may be damaged or worn out, or there may be some sort of debris in the tank that isn’t allowing the valve to seat correctly.

These may cause leaking of the cistern silently without your knowledge. The cistern leaks water slowly into the toilet bowl and the height of the level of the cistern turns the inlet valve randomly to fill up.

How do I stop our toilet from running randomly?

You can stop your toilet from running randomly without or with the help of a plumber. First, you need to inspect the flapper valve, if it’s damaged or worn out the flapper valve should be replaced.

The flapper valve should also be cleaned by wiping it if it’s the dirt that was causing the problem.

Also, you can check the refill tube if it’s detached from the outside of the overflow pipe, which you can reattach it to keep the tube from entering the overflow pipe.

This will stop an internal leak from the tank to the bowl preventing “ghost flushing’. Besides, if all of the above does not resolve the issue you can replace the entire flush valve with the help of a plumber if it becomes difficult.

Can a running toilet increase your water bill?

A running toilet will increase your water bill since the toilet keeps on flushing by itself and depending on the modification of a tank the toilet may use a lot of water.

However, no matter the modification, a running toilet may ghost flush several times hence using water unnecessarily.

Besides, different running toilets with different flushing system technologies may vary in wastage of water hence increasing your water bills.

Why my toilet does make noise after every few minutes?

There are different reasons which can make the toilet noisy after every few minutes which are ghost flushing, fill valve hiss, and water resonance.

Ghost flushing is the noise that makes if there is leakage of water internally or externally. Internally it occurs when water leaks slowly from the cistern into the toilet bowl and the height of the level of the cistern turns the inlet valve randomly to fill up.

Externally it occurs when water leaks from the bottom of the tank due to certain factors.

Fill valve hiss is another reason a toilet may become noisy which alerts that the water is constantly passing through the fill valve into the tank.

Lastly, water resonance is also another reason a toilet may become noisy which alerts you to shut off the valve at the wall which has an obstruction in the flow of the water path.

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