Zerowater Pitcher Review

The Best ZeroWater Pitcher for 2020

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Looking for ways to purify your drinking water optimally? If yes, Zerowater filter pitcher will make it possible with a 5-stage filtration system; that removes up to 99.6% of total dissolved solids, which is nearly 50% more than other brands in the market.

In this comprehensive Zerowater Pitcher Review Guide, we are going to outline the good and the bad to aid you to make an informed decision that will suit your need.

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Best Overall:

ZeroWater 23 Cup Filter Pitcher – Check Price on Amazon

“Removes dissolved solid 3X more than any other leading filter brand + Fit for large family or an Office”


ZeroWater 8 Cup + Free Water Quality Meter – Check Price on Amazon

“5-stage filtration system removes all the dissolved solids up to 99.6% + User friendly”

Best Heavy-Duty:

ZeroWater 12 Cup + Free Water Quality Meter – Check Price on Amazon

“Stylish design, Durable and with a ready to pour spout and one-handed push to dispense”.

Best ZeroWater Pitcher Review

1. ZeroWater Filter Pitcher 10 Cup with Free Water Quality Meter

This 10-cup pitcher utilizes the zero water company’s flagship that combines a 5-stage filtration and ion exchange technology that reduces up to 99.6% of all water contaminants giving you better tasting and cleaner filtered water.
This Zerowater 10 cup unit removes traces of zinc, aluminum, nitrates, lead, and also get rid of free chlorine and chloramine that is associated with public water supply.
Top Features

  • Size: 12.2L x 6W x 11.6H
  • Capacity: 10 cups in a pitcher
  • Filtration System: 5-stage and Ion Exchange technology
  • Weight: 3.28 pound
  • Item Model Number: ZP-010

What Our Team Liked

  • Dual ion exchange is the best filtration method currently in the market; it removes up to 99.6% of all foreign ions.
  • This 5-stage filtration system is equipped with an ultra-fine screen that filter close to 100% of solids or impurities that may have been missed on the previous filtration stages.
  • The filters have a lifespan of 40-50 gallons and provide a safe national average of 005 to 200 Total Dissolved Solids.

In our overall test experience, the unit performed as expected, we tasted the filtered water by the TDS Meter, and the reading showed “000,” which we were all impressed by the unit.


  • Remove up to 99.6% of dissolved solids and impurities than any other product in the market
  • Currently, the best and robust filtration system ideally suited for home use
  • Compatible with other brands in the market
  • Stylish design, easy to use and Value for money


  • The 5-stage filtration process is much slower because water has to pass through all the five stages.

2. ZeroWater Pitcher 8 Cup with Free Water Quality Meter

This Zerowater pitcher is designed in a stylish and ergonomic way that makes it easy to handle and pour water, has a space-saving rounded design that fit well in a compact refrigerator; and come with a free, electronic, quality, water meter that will enable you test your water, after passing all the 5-stage filtration process; ensuring you get the highest quality water.

Top Features

  • Size: 10.25L x 5.50W x 11.00H
  • Capacity: 8 cups in a pitcher
  • Filter System: Zerowater Ion Exchange
  • Filter Life: An average of 30-40 gallons

What Our Team Liked

  • Equipped with Light-up TDS quality meter, which measures contaminants in water and also informs you of the perfect time to change the filters.
  • Has an easy to lock and unlock the top lid.
  • The 5-stage filtration system removes all the dissolved solids up to 99.6% from your tap water.
  • The Zerowater pitcher is a National Sanitation Foundation certified to reduce lead.


  • Modern, stylish design that does not take up lots of space in your refrigerator.
  • Free electronic water quality meter checker
  • Has a controlled pour spout for a smooth filling bottle water
  • NSF Certified to reduce lead and fluoride
  • A 2-months manufacturer warranty


  • Come with a one dual ion-exchange filter

3. ZeroWater Filter Pitcher 12 Cup with A Free Water Quality Meter

The Zero water 12 cup pitcher variant is identical to the 8 and 10-cup version; the only difference is the 12-cup capacity it provides.
It has a 5-stage filtration system, ready to pour spout and one-handed push to dispense.

Top Features

  • Size: 10.50L x 4.87W x 9.50H
  • Filter: Zerowater Ion Exchange and 5-stage filtration system
  • Capacity: 12 cups in a pitcher
  • Filter Life: 30-40 gallons

What Our Team Liked

  • 12-cup capacity (96 Oz) that is value for money
  • Stylish design with a one-handed push to dispense that is easy to use
  • Come with a free water testing meter
  • The 5-stage filtration system is awesome, works perfectly well


  • Value for money with it 12-cup capacity
  • The activated carbon filter material works well removing dissolving solid from water
  • Designed with a space saving in mind fits very well in your refrigerator
  • Long-lasting


Due to an extensive filtration process, some healthy mineral tends to be removed

4. ZeroWater 23 Cup Filter Pitcher with A Free Water Quality Meter

This Zerowater filter dispenser is great for home and office use; it is perfectly designed to be stationary and with a one-handed spout in front of the unit.
This filter unit uses a 5-stage filtration and ion exchange technology system, not only will it give you a better tasting, cleaner, and free from dissolved solids. This filter unit is NSF Certified to reduced organic and inorganic contaminants like lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, etc.

Top Features

  • Size: 10.25L x 5.50W x 11.00H
  • Filter Type: Zerowater Ion Exchange Filter
  • Capacity: 23 cups In a Pitcher
  • Filter Life: 30-40 Gallons

What Our Team Liked

  • The Unit comes with a free water quality meter that is easy to use at home.
  • Designed with a one-handed push button that you can quickly pour water from jugs, water bottle, glass, and cups.
  • This Zerowater 23 cup pitcher removes dissolved solid three times more than any other leading filter brand.


  • Suitable for a large family or an office.
  • NFS Certified
  • Highly affordable and flexible.
  • This zerowater pitcher will give you pure water that will make you live a healthy life.


  • Noted a few users complain about cleaning the filter unit.

ZeroWater Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are total dissolved solids?

Total Dissolved Solids is a measure of organic and non-organic impurities present in water, which always contributes to a different, smell, color, and taste of water. The leading cause is tiny particles from old piping, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and more.

2. What is the TDS meter reading?

This TDS meter shows a reading of Total Dissolved Solids in water Ppm(Parts Per Millions)



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