Best Brita Pitcher According to Reddit

There have been several reasons why water filters have gained popularity. These include the fact that they improve the taste of water from your water supply and are inexpensive and readily available.

There is a wide array of water filters, each with different features, prices, and sizes. All you have to do is to pick one that will conveniently match your needs.

The wide availability in the market may confuse a first-time purchaser, and you will need to get advice on which water pitcher works the most efficiently.

The most suitable option you pick should be able to meet your requirements without compromising on its efficiency.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on what to expect from each water pitcher so that you can make an informed buying decision.

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5 Best Brita Pitcher According to Reddit in 2022

Pitcher ModelCapacityDimensionsRating
1. Brita 6 Cup Pitcher6 cup9.88″L x 4.75″W x 10.13″H6/10
2. Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher10 Cup10.7″L x 5.4″W x 10.1″H7/10
3. Brita 5 Cup Pitcher5 Cup9.37″L x 4.45″W x 9.8″H7/10
4. Brita Monterey 10 Cup (Best Pick)10 Cup10.9″L x 6.1″W x 11″H9/10
5. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher10 Cup10.7″L x 5.4″W x 10.1″H8/10

1. Brita Space Saver Water Filter Pitchers, Red

The Brita Space Saver pitcher is the smallest of all the five in this review. Because of its compact size and shape, it will fit perfectly in your refrigerator, saving space.

This pitcher has an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to pour and refill it. It weighs 1.71 pounds and measures 10.13′ high and 4.75′ wide.

You will be assured of having clean and fresh-tasting water with this pitcher. This is made possible by the material used to construct the pitcher being BPA-free.

In addition to enhancing the taste and smell of your water, this filter also removes contaminants such as chlorine that give it its characteristic chlorine taste and smell.

The Brita pitcher comes with a filter change reminder that lets you know when it’s time to replace it. With this water filter, you won’t have to buy bottled water anymore.

Changing the filter every two months, which is equivalent to 40 gallons of water, will allow you to enjoy fresh water for a long time.

Why we recommend this:

  • BPA free.
  • Small-sized and will fit into your fridge.
  • The change indicator, telling you when to replace the filter.

2. Brita Daily Water Pitcher with Filter

The Brita water pitcher filter has a large capacity, which is why it is capable of filtering more than 40 gallons of unfiltered water.

It is made of transparent plastic and can allow the user to see easily while pouring and refilling. This will make it an ideal item for families to have on hand.

It is a lightweight and compact device with a weight of just 2.29 pounds, a height of 10.47′ and a width of 5.59′, respectively. Having this Brita filter pitcher as a portable device makes it a convenient choice for outdoor use.

In addition to having a great taste, your water will also be much cleaner. It will reduce chlorine contamination and eliminate the foul taste and odour caused by chlorine contamination.

The pitcher includes an indicator that lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced so you can enjoy a fully functioning pitcher.

This filter will allow you to save money on bottled water and will require a replacement of the filter after every two months or 40 gallons of water.

Why we recommend this:

  • A large capacity.
  • Easy to refill and pour.
  • BPA free.
  • The indicator reminds you when to replace the filter.

3. Brita 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

This 5 cup water pitcher is small, lightweight, and features a distinctive design, making it easy to pour and fill with water.

As a result of the chlorine being removed from the water will taste and smell better, so you will start enjoying clean, great-tasting water.

It is constructed from non-toxic plastic material that is free from BPA, while the pitcher is equipped with effective filters that will eliminate other contaminants that may be present in the water.

The filter indicator will let you know when it is time to have the filter replaced so that you can enjoy the optimum performance of this water pitcher for a long time.

By using it, you can save money on bottled water and reduce the use of plastic. To enjoy the benefits of clean water, you will have to replace the filter every two months.

Why we recommend this:

  • Longer lifespan when compared to other pitchers.
  • An indicator reminding you when to replace the filter.
  • Easy to refill and pour.

4. Brita Monterey 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher – Our Best Pick

I believe the Brita Monterey 10-cup water pitcher will be perfect for families with a large number of members since it has a large capacity.

The pitcher is made from a clear durable plastic body with a hardened handle and lid, making it easy to pour and refill, and the design fits perfectly in your refrigerator.

There is no doubt that this water pitcher goes the extra mile to ensure that lead contamination in your water is minimized. It is made from a BPA-free plastic material certified by the WQA to reduce lead levels in the product by up to 99%.

This pitcher also eliminates contaminants such as chlorine, giving you odourless and great-tasting water.

An indicator will remind you when it is time for you to change your water filter, so you will always have a reminder when it is time to change the filter.

This filter will save you money and keep you hydrated all through. It will last you for up to six months before replacing the filter.

Why we recommend this:

  • Saves you money.
  • Long-lasting filter.
  • Reduces lead contamination.

5. Brita Everyday Use Water Pitcher

Featuring a large capacity, this pitcher is ideal for large gatherings. The pitcher is made of clear plastic, which allows you to see what’s inside.

The refilling and pouring are done with ease since it is not heavy. As it has a compact design and measures 2.29 pounds, height of 10.47′, and width of 5.59′, you will be able to enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water, as it reduces chlorine contamination in your water.

The plastic used is BPA-free, with the filter also eliminating other contaminants giving you better water for your household.

The indicator allows for maximum performance of the filter by indicating when it should be replaced.

As a result of this filter, you will be able to save more money on bottled water and reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the environment. This filter will have to be replaced every two months.

Why we recommend this:

  • Great for big families.
  • Saves on money.
  • Better tasting water for your household.
  • An indicator reminding you when to replace the filter.

Final verdict

With its unique features, the Brita Monterey water pitcher stands out among the rest. Having a capacity of 10 cups, it is an excellent choice for large families.

The compact design of this water pitcher makes it easy to fit in your fridge.

The Brita Monterey goes the extra mile to eliminate lead found in water due to old pipes that have deteriorated over time.

Moreover, it also reduces chlorine contamination in your water, allowing you to enjoy odourless water that tastes excellent.

In addition, the pitcher is made of a BPA-free material that is durable and long-lasting. An indicator attached to this filter reminds you when it is time to have this filter replaced, so you will know when to do so.

 It will save you money and reduce your plastic waste in the long run. This pitcher will provide you with peace of mind.

Brita Monterey 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher


Water filter pitchers are a worthwhile addition to any household, with the elimination of contaminants in our tap water.

Tap water is known to have a wide array of contaminants from heavy metals to microorganisms that are known to harm our well-being. Selecting the right water filter pitcher for your household will be beneficial to you.

Interested in more options for your home? Our Aquagear vs Zerowater vs Brita Water Filter Comparison is another helpful resource.

Is Brita water filter good

The Brita water filter pitcher would be a great addition to your household. Not only will it provide you with clean water, but it will save you money and reduce greatly on waste into the environment.

The Brita water filter is as functional as long as the filter can filter out contaminants in your water. This will ensure you get value for your money with the reduction in visits to the hospitals and reduced purchase of bottled water.

Can Brita filters make you sick

The idea of saving money, and the reduction of waste into the environment by reducing the use of bottled water you will have to think of the Brita water filter pitcher.

Brita water filters are known for the good job they do in ensuring you have clean and safe drinking water.

Brita filters also eliminate the use of bottled water, reducing plastic waste into the environment. Brita filters are replaceable once they are no longer functional.

There are certain results you should expect when you fail to have your filter replaced. The failure to replace your Brita filter will render your pitcher useless as it will no longer be able to filter out contaminants.

This will have you falling sick from time to time due to germs contamination of your water, giving your water a weird taste and smell.

A dirty old filter will not work properly. You should be able to have the filter replaced because certain things will be as a result of an unchanged filter. They include;

Change in your water smell and taste. Failure to replace your water filter will have an impact on the taste of your water and the smell.

This is so since the filter is no longer able to filter out the chemicals causing the smell and the taste thus the change in taste of your water.

Cloudy water or ice. The moment you take note of your ice getting cloudy it may be an indication to have your filter replaced.

When using your Brita water to make ice cubes, you will notice that your ice cubes are not as clear as they were before. T

o some extent, you may notice the murkiness and dullness in our water. This should be a clear indication of the replacement of your water filter.

Slow pouring of water. At fast, you will notice how your cup would get filled in within a second or so, but now the water takes an extra minute to fill in your cup.

This may be as a result of mineral build up in the filter inhibiting the water to go through. This should be enough motivation t have your filter replaced immediately.

The presence of dirt in your water. Dirty water at no point will it have a pleasant taste or smell. This could be a source of health hazards with the poor filtration of water.

Filtration sees the elimination of chlorine, lead, pesticides, and a whole load of contaminants. Failure to have our filter changed will be giving you dirty water.

It is for a fact that the Brita water filter pitcher could get you sick with failure to replace the filter. Failure to have your filter replaced could cause havoc to our well being.

Your Brita filter pitcher will not work effectively and will let contaminants into our drinking water making you sick.

You should adopt the habit of having your filter replaced after a while to get the best from your Brita filter.

The replacement of your filter will have you enjoy clean water free from contamination of any kind letting you maintain good health all through.


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Should Brita filter be refrigerated

Most of the water filter pitchers available do a great job by providing clean water at the comfort of our homes by getting rid of harmful contaminants.

They are also simple to use and maintain with only a few minutes to have your water cleaned.

They are found in almost all households but what seems to be of bother to most of the users is whether to have the pitchers refrigerated.

The right answer to this question is yes your Brita water filter pitcher should be refrigerated. Water pitchers that are not in the refrigerator are likely to have bacteria growth and microorganism in them which in the long run would be harmful to humans.

If your water pitcher is not in your fridge, opt to have it in a dark corner away from the sunlight. But you should opt for the fridge as it is safe and would give you refreshing water.

If you are confused about whether to have your pitcher in the fridge or not, there are several reasons why your pitcher will be better in the fridge than anywhere else.

Some people hate the ice-cold water from the fridge and would rather have the filter stored away than have it in the fridge while others are more concerned about their well being have a different opinion ad will have the pitcher stay in the fridge.

The refrigeration of water filter pitchers is to be able to slow down the release of chlorine from your water and inhibit the growth of bacteria in your water pitcher.

The absence of chlorine in your water will allow for the existence of bacteria and other microorganisms that may be harmful to your health.

You may not be able to completely stop the release of chlorine from our water but you could slow down the process by having the water pitcher in your fridge and maintain low temperatures all through.

To clarify your question, the water pitcher does not have to necessarily be in the fridge, but the fridge will offer great conditions for having it in there.

With it being in the fridge you will be confident in consuming the water with no worries of harmful bacteria.

Do bacteria grow in Brita filters

Your Brita filter pitcher goes the extra mile to accommodate the needs of most of the households in need of clean and great tasting water.

Some researchers have come to conclude that having a water filter may not be necessary to get the cleanest water.

At some point your Brita filters may be the cause of contamination of your water, thus making it not the best filtration option for your home.

Most of the Brita filters are known to do a perfect job of eliminating contaminants in your water through filtration. Brita filters do not kill microorganism found in your tap water as it is not designed to do so.

This instead provides a breeding ground for the microorganism in the case where poor cleaning is done.

According to studies conducted, it concluded that an old unchanged Brita filter is dangerous since it may add bacteria which had been gotten rid off by chlorine in the tap water back into our filtered water.

Most of the Brita filters provide better-tasting filtered water, you ought to be aware that the presence of a large number of bacteria contaminating your water which would cause harm to our body when consumed.

How often should one wash your Brita filter

Your Brita filter pitcher over time collects dirt from the contaminated water despite the fact it holds clean water. The frequent handling gets the pitcher dirty on the outside part of the pitcher.

A frequent wash from time to time to have your pitcher clean will not hurt anyone and will prevent the growth of mildew on your pitcher.

Although, Brita pitchers need little to no maintenance the Brita pitcher needs care and washing. The following are steps on how to go about it.


  • Have the pitcher separated apart. Get rid of the water, have the filter removed, and have the pitcher separated from the lid and the reservoir. Remove the filter this should be done after two months or six months.
  • The pieces from the pitcher should be washed separately using warm water and dish soap.
  • Get rid of the mildew in the presence of any. To do this, have a mixture of white vinegar one teaspoon with water, proceed to have our sponge dipped to the mixture then use it to clean off the mildew.
  • Rinse thoroughly with enough water the parts of the filter then proceed to have in the dishwasher for it to dry.
  • The new filter for the replacement should be ready with the simple instructions given.
  • Proceed to assemble the pitcher. Have the pieces put back together while following the given instructions with getting rid of the water collected until you cannot see dust in your water.


  • A Dish soap
  • Your Sponge
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Measuring cup
  • A Dishtowel or a drying rack
  • New Filter

How do you know the right time Brita Filter need changing of filter?

Most of us hope that our water filters pitchers are doing a great job with the elimination of contaminants from our tap water.

The filter will need a replacement after several months for it to continue working perfectly and for you to be assured you are getting the best from your filter.

You ought to make a habit of having the filter replaced more often to get rid of the mineral buildup that is seen over time. This buildup disrupts the functionality of the filter with time.

The number of times you are supposed to change your filter is entirely dependent on the contaminant in your water and the type of filter you purchased for your home.

Most of the Brita pitchers are accompanied by an indicator that will need activation for it to alert you when there is need for a change of the filter.

The standard Brita filter would need a change after every 40 gallons of water which would translate to every two months. Brita Longlast filter goes the extra mile and would go for up to 6 months before a need for replacement is needed.