Best Filter for Lead in Water (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Good health is obtained by being continually conscious of what we allow into our bodies and what comes into contact with our bodies.

This includes food, beverages, shower water, and the water we consume on a daily basis.

Most contaminants in water are difficult to spot with bear eyes or smell, so we must go the extra mile and examine the water in laboratories using specialized testing methods.

Contaminants in water enter the water in a variety of ways, from the pipes to the water storage containers or the source of water from the earth.

By implementing the necessary steps, these contaminants can be decreased or removed from the water.

That is why, in this comprehensive study, we have identified the top lead in water filters that are capable of removing high quantities of lead and other dangerous elements that are common in our tap water.

9 Best Filter for Lead in Water in 2022

1. iSpring 6-Stage (RCC7AK) Superb Under Sink Reverse Osmosis (Our Top Pick)

  • Beautiful European-Style kitchen faucet.

This is a multi-layered filtration 6-Stage Alkaline Remineralization process whose major goal is to maintain the natural mineral balance of water and alkalinity.

It is a dependable and ultra-safe Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system that converts your water to clean, pure, and healthy drinking water by removing up to 99 percent of 1,000 dangerous substances such as lead, arsenic, asbestos, and others.

This iSpring water softener has a Reverse Osmosis membrane that not only removes 1000s of hazardous water contaminants, but also restores useful and healthy minerals obtained through alkaline remineralization while maintaining a balanced alkalinity in your water.

The water purifier is simple to install because all of the necessary parts are included, as well as a clear, well-organized printed manual, instructional videos, and access to iSpring’s unrivaled technical assistance.

The entire alkaline water filter is small enough to fit under a standard kitchen sink.

To ensure a leak-free installation, just press the tube 12 inch deep up the quick-fitting connectors and lock RCC7AK comes with a warranty and lifetime support.

It is made of high-quality components, allowing for the provision of safe drinking water at home for an extended period of time while saving money on water bottles.


  • The filter is reasonably priced.
  • Because the RO membrane is big, the water production is much faster.
  • Ideal for large families.


  • You have to attain certain skills for the installation.

2. Home Master (TMULTRA-ERP) Reverse Osmosis Ultra Undersink Filteration System

  • Durable & Easy to change filters.
  • Great for well water.
  • Better RO system.

The RO system is superior because of its much-enhanced design, which overcomes past issues seen with older versions of RO systems.

The substantially improved filtration and purification processes remove 98 percent of heavy metals and other impurities, resulting in extremely pure water.

Suitable for well water, with a permeate pump that utilizes the restricted water pressure, a UV filter that destroys bacteria, and an iron prefilter that protects the RO membrane from damage.

The filter is simple to replace and can last up to a year, equivalent to 3000 gallons. The filter can be replaced quickly and without breaking. In comparison to standard RO systems, the water flow through this filter is doubled.


  • Removes pollutants caused by microorganisms.
  • The iron filter helps to reduce iron stains.
  • The rapid doubling flow rate at the faucet.
  • A five-year warranty is included.


  • The UV light has no back-up or off switch.

3. APEC RO-90 Supreme Certified High Output 90 GPD Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

  • Tested and certified by WQA.
  • Lifetime support and 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 100% lead-free designer faucet.

The above system will save you money on bottled water by allowing you to drink fresh, clean, and delicious water at home. Because it is produced in the United States of America, the RO is the most robust system in the business, ensuring you water safety and good health.

The WQA has certified it to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants such as harmful fluoride, heavy metals, lead, and many others.

In comparison to smaller all-in-one filters that are known to clog fast, the APEC water system r-90 has a large capacity filter that gives 2x pollutant elimination capability, resulting in fewer filter changes.

It comes with a designer faucet that is 100% lead-free and has FDA certification for contamination-free pure water.

The fittings connect effortlessly, and there is little risk of leakage. Because the RO-90 is simple and well-organized, replacing the filters is a breeze.

It provides you with complete satisfaction and peace of mind by providing a 2-year manufacturer guarantee and lifetime support.


  • The system is simple to install.
  • It is an easy-to-use technology that requires no maintenance.
  • Professional assistance for the rest of your life.
  • It has a super capacity filter that lasts twice as long as the log.
  • It is less expensive because it can run for a longer amount of time.


  • The membrane filter housing is difficult to open.

4. APEX – 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge Countertop Drinking Water Filter – Best Alkaline Filtration System

  • Universal fit to all Faucet.

Because tap water contains a variety of dangerous contaminants, such as chlorine, which causes foul odors, and heavy metals, the APEX 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge water filtration system.

This will reduce up to 99 percent of all these hazardous contaminants in the water.

This filter will also be able to increase the alkalinity of your water by adding magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

This filter is intended to be placed right on the kitchen counter close to the sink. It is simple to install because it is designed to accommodate standard kitchen faucets.

The necessary materials are included in the package, making installation simple.

This is a low-cost water filter system to have because it saves you money on throwaway water bottles for daily consumption.

Fresh, clean drinking water is enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to make the most of your money.

The bottle-free water dispenser not only saves money, but it is also a desirable option for reducing the world’s massive pile of throwaway bottles.

This solution is more environmentally beneficial because it eliminates the need for unneeded water bottles by providing a cleaner, filtered smart water source at home.


  • Increases the alkalinity of water.
  • Enhances the flavor of water.
  • Removes the most common pollutants.


  • The cartridge is tough to open.

5. APEC Top Tier 5-Stage (ESSENCE ROES-50) Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Water Filteration System

  • Supreme quality.
  • WQA Certified System.
  • America’s No.1 rated water filter brand.

The APEC Top Tier 5-Stage is of greater quality because it is created, produced, and engineered in the United States, ensuring water safety and good health.

The only method known to eliminate up to 99 percent of impurities such as chlorine, lead, arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and thousands of other toxins.

It includes quality long-lasting filters that are used to treat both tap and well water. This ensures an unlimited supply of clean, pleasant, crisp-tasting water that is superior to bottled water.

The system is accompanied by a lead-free designer faucet that has been FDA-certified to provide contamination-free pure water.

The system comes with all of the parts, as well as an instruction manual and videos for repairing the water filter. and, most significantly, by registering, you can get a 2-year extension on the manufacturer’s warranty.

It does not require a water leak detector, as other brands do, because it contains high-quality leak-free quick-connect fittings that do not require additional lock clips to seal leaks.


  • It requires little to no upkeep.
  • Eliminates up to 99 percent of pollutants in water, as well as hormones and pharmaceuticals.
  • It is not powered by electricity.
  • It’s simple to put together.
  • The enhanced QC process is the technology in use.
  • At full capacity, it shuts down on its own.


  • Takes long to fill.
  • It depends on pressure for optimum filtration.

6. Home Master Hydro-Perfection Undersink Reverse Osmosis (TMHP)Water Filteration System

  • Advanced filtration for a Highly pure water.
  • Added Minerals For Great Taste.
  • Durable.

This RO system is superior to the original RO system because it can resolve the majority of the problems associated with the original RO system.

The advanced filtration and purification steps have been shown to remove up to 98 percent of chemicals, irons, heavy metals, and other pollutants, resulting in exceptionally pure water.

The adding of minerals to water, which gives it a pleasing taste. The system employs contact technology, which is known to double the amount of calcium and magnesium minerals added during the filtration process.

The sophisticated long-lasting filters may produce up to 2,000 gallons or one year before needing to be replaced.

Purification unit measuring 16 inches in height, 8 inches in breadth, and 5 inches in diameter, with a reserve tank of 15 inches in height and 11 inches in diameter.

This filter works well with either well or city water; the permeate pump maximizes the restricted water pressure; the IRON prefilter protects the RO membrane; and the UV filter destroys germs.

Long-lasting with a single filter change every year, which is equivalent to 2000 gallons.


  • Provides extremely pure water.
  • The produced water contains beneficial minerals that contribute to its excellent taste.
  • The system is extremely effective and efficient.
  • It is simple to set up and maintain.
  • Long-lasting filters can be replaced quickly and easily.
  • A system that is long-lasting.


  • Expensive in comparison to most RO systems in its category.
  • May emit some noise.

7. iSpring High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RCC7)Ultimate Water Softener

  • Uses Premium quality components.
  • Easy, D-I-Y installation.
  • High quality & High Capacity Reverse Osmosis water filtration.

5-Stage RO by iSpring Has a high capacity Reverse Osmosis water filtering system for significantly safer and healthier drinking water.

This water filter is installed beneath the sink and is known to remove up to 99 percent of over 1000 pollutants such as lead, fluoride, asbestos, calcium, and chlorine.

Capable of providing you with safe and delicious water in the comfort of your own home. This will enable for better-tasting meals, fresher tea and coffee, and better-tasting food that is superior to bottled water.

The installation process is simple and can be accomplished in a couple of hours with the assistance of professionals who are available by phone. All parts are provided and conveniently fit under the sink.

To install without leaking, simply insert the tubing 12 inch deep into quick-fitting connections and lock; no threading of pipes is required.

The high-quality components will offer long-term dependability with minimal maintenance. The first stage housing is clear and translucent, allowing for a quick view of the filter.

Desirable characteristics European brushed nickel all-metal faucet with clear translucent first stage housing. A 1-year manufacturer guarantee and a lifetime support number 678-261-7611 from Alpharetta, GA USA are included.


  • Excellent purchase price.
  • The cost of the filter is lower.
  • The filter’s lifespan was recently extended.


  • Installation a bit harder in comparison to similar APEC systems

8. iSpring (PH100) 6-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Top Quality Drinking Water Filtration System

  • Rated at 100 GPD.
  • Highest reliability and low maintenance.
  • 5 stage RO system.

Has a high capacity reverse osmosis water filtering system that can eliminate up to 99 percent of over 1,000 contaminants, including but not limited to lead (removes up to 98 percent of lead), asbestos, sodium chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, calcium, and more.

It gives a pure-to-waste water ratio of 1:1. This allows you to enjoy crystal clear ice cubes, fresher tea and coffee, more flavorful dishes, and healthier infant formula that is superior to most bottled water.

RO100’s upgraded 3/8″ fast flow input and output design allows for full optimization of efficiency with the increase in flow rate, producing clean, safe, good-tasting water every time you turn on the faucet.

The RO membrane removes not only toxic pollutants, but also some beneficial minerals. As a result, a typical 5-stage RO system produces minimal acidic water with a pH of 7.0 or lower.

The iSpring PH100 has an additional stage; the sixth stage.

The major goal of this stage is to boost the Alkalinity Remineralization filter, which sees the restoration of healthy minerals by producing balanced alkalinity, which gives the water a natural taste.

High-quality components offer long-term dependability with minimal maintenance. The installation process is simple, usually taking only a few of hours, and industry-leading support is only a phone call away.

Fits comfortably beneath a standard kitchen sink, and all pieces are supplied, along with a clear, well-organized handbook and videos.

Simply push tubing 12 inch deep into quick-fitting connections and lock for a leak-free installation — no threading pipes required.


  • Installation is simple.
  • A system with no leaks.
  • The filtration system requires little to no maintenance.
  • Increases the alkalinity of the water, making it taste better.


  • None.

9. ZeroWater (ZP-010) Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter – 10 Cup

  • Affordable water filter pitcher.

The ZeroWater filter pitcher has a 10-cup capacity. With the BPA-free water filter pitcher in the fridge, this will assure the availability of clean, pure-tasting water.

It comes with a free water quality meter, allowing you to test the quality of your water. Unlike conventional water filters and pitchers, the ZeroWater filter offers a five-stage water filtration process.

The filtration method uses not just carbon filtering but also ION exchange technology, which considerably reduces pollutants.

The ZeroWater filter is capable of filtering water in five stages. The NSF has recognized it as capable of removing heavy metals and lead from water.

It eliminates 99.6 percent of dissolved solids, which is 2X better than the leading brand.

The zero water‘s revolutionary 5 step filter system can give pure water wherever and everywhere, from pitchers to bottle filtration systems to portable on-the-go cup filters.

The NSF has certified the ZeroWater filters to be lead and chromium free.

These pitchers, tumblers, and dispensers are noted for removing all particulates from water, resulting in the cleanest and purest-tasting water possible.


  • Water filtration efficiency.
  • Greater in size.
  • Water that is cleaner, crisper, fresher, and safer to drink.
  • It includes a battery-powered TDS meter.
  • A pouring spout with a push-to-pour function that is ideal for filling a glass.


  • Eliminates useful minerals from the water.
  • The water flow is slow.


The iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Superb Taste High Capacity Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking system is the best among the discussed filtration system.

It features six stages of filtration to assure healthy water production by keeping alkalinity and providing the water a beautiful taste. It can add desirable minerals to the water.

It eliminates dangerous impurities up to 99 percent, providing you with clean, crisp, odorless, and nutritious water.

The installation process is simple and can be completed at home with the assistance of instructional videos, manuals, and a professional who is only a phone call away. Healthy eating has a significant impact on our bodies.


How to test your water for lead

Most of the internal plumbing materials in our households contain lead. It is difficult to be able to notice the presence of lead in water, as it cannot be seen, smelt or tasted when dissolved in the drinking water.

Certain levels of lead in drinking water could be greatly harmful for consumption. The levels of lead in drinking water could be tested in a certified laboratory for $20 and $100.

Getting in touch with the service provider on the materials used in the plumbing could enable you to know whether your water is free from contamination or not.

Can lead in tap water be absorbed through the skin

Dissolved lead in water cannot be seen touched or tasted, so to be able to know whether you are exposed to lead is by reducing the levels of exposure of your drinking and showering water to lead.

This can be done by investigating the material used by the service provider to get the water to the household.

Lead could be absorbed into the body through ingestion or inhalation of dust. Lead cannot be absorbed through the skin unless through the body openings like after touching contaminated materials with lead and touching your eyes.

The exposure of lead in bathing water could be dealt with greatly by having all the service lines checked on the material.

The material used could be the cause of the presence of lead in the water and replacing the lines would assist greatly.

How dangerous is lead in water

The transmission of water to our house by materials with lead is the main reason for lead in the water. The lead in the materials begins to leach into the water and dissolve in the water.

The ability to lead to dissolving in the water makes it difficult to recognize the presence of lead in water with bear eyes. Lead is toxic to the functioning of our body and greatly harmful to children.

Lead is stored basically in the teeth and bones and slowly releases the lead into the blood which begins to having effects on our well being.

The presence of lead in our body could be measured in our blood, whereby high levels could be a danger to pregnant women.

The fetus in the uterus would not develop to full term due to the levels of lead in the mother’s blood posing grave danger.

Does boiling drinking water remove lead

The heating or boiling water does not eliminate or reduce levels of lead in your water since during the boiling process water is lost due to evaporation leaving behind a higher concentration of lead in the water when boiled.

But you can opt for other options to reduce the levels of lead in your water.

You may decide to flush the water system before getting the water to drink, such as anytime the faucet has not been in use for a couple of hours you can flush the system by letting the water run for a couple of minutes until the water temperature is cold.

Flushing each faucet individually before the use of water in showering and cooking would reduce the levels of dissolved lead.

This is so since lead would dissolve with ease in higher temperatures. So avoid hot water when cooking drinking since hot water dissolves lead more readily.

The presence of water treatment such as reverse osmosis, distillation, and carbon filters are specifically designed to eliminate lead. These methods are known to treat water at the faucet.

To be able to get the best you may opt to get more information from the local health department.

For more information about the filters, the reverse osmosis and carbon filters you may get in touch with the NFS international external.

Which is an organization for public health and safety by ensuring great standard development, certification of product risk management and education.(lead water filter pitcher)

Also, remember to have your well water tested at least once a year to keep the problem controlled.


The ability to enjoy clean and contamination-free water is in our hands.

Being able to go the extra mile to ensure that the water you are consuming is healthy, pure, clean and odorless will enable you to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Water in our homes is contaminated through the leaking of the materials into the water and absorbing heavy metals into the water.

These contaminants could be eliminated by the use of filters in our homes. Filters can ensure that we get the desired minerals from water by allowing us to get healthy water after the filtration process

The filtration process varies greatly in different filters depending on the technology used to ensure harmful contaminants are eliminated.

The use of the cartridge in some of the filters sees the elimination of dissolved metals, chlorine, fluoride, asbestos among many others.

The cartridge technology sees the addition of ions into the water maintaining its alkalinity giving the water a great taste.

The reverse osmosis technology sees the elimination of contaminants such as chlorine, lead, fluoride, microorganism and many more by making use of the filter membrane which sees the elimination of the contaminants

The capacity of the water filter system is wanting and varies differently depending on what the customer I looking for.

A big household with a large number of individuals would go for a water filter with a high capacity to be able to meet the demand.

The flow rate per minute in the water filter will determine the capability of the water filter system to deliver thus little time is spent during the filtration process.

The installation process of the water filter system is quite easy and can be done at home in a couple of hours.

This process has been made easy with the production company by providing reference materials from videos to pamphlets and a clear manual.

They go the extra mile to ensure a professional is a call away and would guide you through the installation process.

The water filtration system saves you a lot of money. The system ensures there is a high quality of water that is clean at all times. This will save you money spent on purchasing bottled water.

It is also environmental-friendly by ensuring plastic bottles are less needed in the production of bottled water. It provides for a healthier lifestyle by giving readily healthy clean water.