Does ZeroWater Filter Remove Fluoride & FAQs

Is the Zero water filter capable of removing fluoride and other harmful contaminants from tap water? Anyone concerned about water quality normally asks this question.

This article aims to answer all your questions regarding the Zero Water Filter.

We live in an era where people are becoming more conscious of what they consume daily. Tap water contamination and the types of contaminants present in tap water have raised concerns recently.

Our livelihood depends on water. As a matter of fact, water has been known to have a dozen of mineral and contaminants, some of which are helpful minerals, while others are hazardous to our health.

The need to know the good and bad minerals in tap water is critical, and that is where a water filter comes in handy.

It is through the use of water filters that harmful contaminants and unwanted minerals are eliminated from the water. As a result, this is a recommended practice for areas with contaminated water as a precaution.

Does Zero Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

The Zero water filter is known to eliminate up to 99.6% of all contaminants found in water with the inclusion of fluoride. A five-step filtration system will effectively eliminate contaminants and ensure the removal of all inorganic chemicals that dissolve in water, such as chlorine, giving you fresh, odorless, and clean water that tastes pure.

Zero-water Filtration System

Zerowater’s five-stage filtration process ensures double elimination of total dissolved solids and other harmful contaminants in the water. This one is more efficient than other water filtration pitchers on the market.

As a result of this filtration process, tap water is transformed into pure, natural-tasting, and TDS-free drinking water that is safe to drink.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how Zerowater Filters work:

In the first stage, suspended contaminants such as dust, rust, and rocks are removed.

All micro-sediments that made their way through the first stage are removed in the second stage, including the brown color.

Stage 3 allows water to pass through a double layer of oxidation and activated carbon. This reduces high percentages of alloy and other contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, pesticides and herbicides.

In Stage 4, all inorganic contaminants are eliminated. This includes metals, non-metals, and radiological contaminants.

Stage 5– The non-woven multilayer screen is used in this stage to remove any remaining suspended solids, making sure the water is free of contaminants.

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TDS Meter Chart

TDS Meter Chart

TDS translates to total dissolution of solids in water. The TDS is made of matter and inorganic salts.

Water contains cations, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium, which are inorganic salts. Nitrate, carbonates, chlorides, bicarbonates, and sulfates compose the anions.

A study shows these minerals come from both human activities and natural processes.

The TDS Measurement Device – Zero Water Tester

The TDS meter device shows the total number of dissolved solids in both un-filtered and filtered water. The dissolved ionized solids include salt and minerals.

The TDS meter measures the volume of ionized solid in water.

It is simple and easy to use the TDS meter. Switch it on and submerge it in the water for up to 30 seconds or less. The reading on the meter will be displayed on the LED screen with a light coming on.

Is zero water healthy?

Throughout the year, Americans purchase a large amount of bottled water. One reason is the need for water for cooling and hydration when participating in outdoor activities.

For home use, a single household would see the purchase of bottled water every week.

The Zero Water product eliminates the need to purchase bottled water every time. It is estimated that the pitcher can provide clean water for drinking for a period of about five months.

Zerowater(ZW) is recommended as it is safe, healthy, and can filter up to 99.6% of contaminants and other dissolved solids. It is simple and does not cause a mess at all, and provides clean and healthy drinking water.

The Zerowater filter is accompanied by a TDS meter. This allows users to measure the quality of water by the display of the total amount of solids in the water.

The meter is easy to use. With the press of a button, the electrodes are submerged in water, measure the number of ions in water and the results are displayed on the LED screen.

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What is in tap water that make it bad?

What Is In Tap Water That Is Bad

If you have ever received a warning from your local water supply to boil your water before using it for cooking or drinking.

The quality of water that we get from city water supply may not be as clean as most people assume. This is because there are several factors that can affect the quality of the water.

As tap water passes through multiple piping systems from the water supply plant to your home, microorganisms can be picked up. Further, most pipes are older than four to five decades, so dirt and grime accumulate inside them.

There are two common disinfectants that are added to tap water: chlorine and chloramine. As a result, these two chemicals are found to have a negative effect on the health of our skin and hair.

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How to make your zerowater filters last longer

For a fact: The company makes recurring revenue with the sale of replaceable water filters.
After about 40 to 50 gallons of water and a 0.06 water impurity level, most companies do recommend a change of the filter.

Step 1. Air Lock

If you are experiencing longer periods of the filtration process. Then the problem may have been brought about by airlock, causing a clog in the filter.

A simple way to unclog the screen is by unscrewing the filter from its position, have them placed in an open dry space for up to 30 minutes, then have them re-attached by screwing them into position. This will see the air lock problem solved.

Step 2 Clogged Filters

A clogged filter is not something new or strange with the ZeroWater filters. The unclogging the screen of the filter, can be done with the gentle poking of holes. Proceed to run un-filtered water on the side you were poking, to further remove all the remaining particles on the screen.

Step 3 Do a TDS Level Test

The third step is to have the TDS level test; un-filtered water contains up to 70 to 600mg per liter readings on the TDS scale, The Zero Water is known to bring the readings on the TDS to 0.000 readings thus the name.

The Zero-water filter is known to last for 6 to 7 months, and in case your filter is past this period of time and the reading of filtered water is high; then reach out to the company for a replacement.

Zero-water Acidic levels

Water with a pH level below 7 is considered acidic. Water with a pH level above 7 is considered basic.
The Zerowater, startling acidic level rate, may-be determined with the warning indicator lights up and the readings reaching to 006 on the digital meter. At this point you may experience a fishy taste or smell in your water.

This is a clear indication that the filter is past its expiry date, thus the deterioration of the ion beads with the chances of PH reduction becoming high. It’s greatly advisable to discontinue using the filter and have it replaced with a new one.

It is important to check your filtered water on a monthly basis with your TDS Meter. If you find that the Meter reads 006 or above, it means the filter has expired and should thus be replaced.

Does zero water filter remove pesticides?

The Zero water filter eliminates all dissolved solid compounds such as salts, calcium, iron, sodium chloride, sulfides, pesticides herbicides, etc.,

The cartridge has a five-stage filtration system that unfiltered water goes through the sediments, De-ionizing resin and activated carbon removing up to 99% of all detectable and dissolved solid particles.


The Zero water filter eliminates close to 99.9% of all the dissolved substances in water through a high standard five-stage filtration process.

The process sees the elimination of difficult inorganic chemicals such as fluoride and magnesium.
Moreover, the TDS Meter is of great importance with the measuring of actual dissolved substances in both unfiltered and filtered water.

The Zero-water Filter cartridges are known to have a lifespan of six months or 50 gallons of water; you are required to replace the filter if the reading hits 006 on the TDS Meter.

Lastly, it’s recommended to have your filtered water stored away from light, direct light is known to affect the quality of water.

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