Aquasana Chloramine Shower Filters (AQ4105) Review

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It is undisputed that Aquasana shower filters are best known for their variety of filtering systems. These systems enable them to effectively remove a wide variety of dangerous contaminants from shower water.

This shower unit is manufactured by Aquasana, Inc., a company based in the United States that specializes in filtration products.

Aquasana AQ4104 Chlorine and Chloramine Shower Filter

In this study, we will look at the best shower filter for chloramine, the Aquasana AQ-4105. This shower unit has shown to be effective in removing 90% of chloramine and chlorine, improving water pH and air quality when showering with hot water.

Its filtration system is made up of zinc media, copper patented media, and coconut shells. This is an excellent combination for removing high levels of chloramine, chlorine, iron, and harsh chemicals found in well and city water.

One of the most significant characteristics of Aquasana shower filters is that they do not alter the pressure of the water, which is something that is worrying for many people who use shower filters.

This is made possible by its up-flow design, which does not impede the flow rate of water as it travels through its dual filtration stages.

Secondly, the filter lasts longer than most shower units on the market, with a 10,000-gallon capacity that may last for more than 6 months without needing to be replaced.

With all of the harsh water contaminants removed from shower water, one will be able to experience the purest shower water. This will result in softer skin, nails, and hair, which are some of the advantages of showering in clean water.

The Aquasana shower filter has a quick, simple, and straightforward installation procedure that anyone with a simple tool can do without the need for a plumber.

Product Features

  • Brand Name: Aquasana Shower Filter
  • Shower Filter Dimensions: 9.06 x 7.09 x 3.94 inches
  • Scent: Coconut
  • Shower Unit Style: Shower Filter & Wand
  • Shower Filter Weight: 2.2 PD
  • Filter Model Number: AQ-4105
  • Shower Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Component Included: Shower filter, Hose & Handheld Massage Wand
  • Color: White


  • Remove enormous amounts of toxic shower water impurities that damage our skin, hair, and nails.
  • The Aquasana shower filter cartridge is NSF certified.
  • Does not reduce the flow rate of shower water.
  • Long-lasting filter that can be used for over 6 months.
  • Provide simple DIY steps that anyone can follow to install the shower filter.
  • When you buy this shower filter, it comes with shower components such as a hosepipe, a shower filter, and a handheld massage wand, which means you won’t have to acquire other components for the shower filter to work.
  • Has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm, which is the required flow rate in the majority of states.


  • The replacement filter is exorbitantly priced.


Shower filters are point-of-use products that eliminate a wide range of water pollutants found in our shower water.

Due to its compatibility with standard shower fittings, this shower unit can easily be installed in the shower arm before the shower head. This makes it the most preferred shower filter for most homes.

So choosing an effective and long-lasting shower filter is critical, as this will not only provide long-term benefit for removing these dangerous water contaminants but will also have a favorable influence on the user’s overall health.

The Aquasana shower head filter is one of the most effective shower filters on the market. It has NSF certification on its shower filter media in removing some of the toughest water contaminants like chloramine, iron, and many others.

For only 25 cents a day, this shower unit has proven to be efficient and cost-effective, filtering up to 10,000 gallons of water every day, saving you time, money and energy.


Filters that Remove Chloramine in Shower Water

Comparison of Hard Water Shower Filter

Sonaki Vitamin C – Chloramine Shower Filter

Does vitamin C Shower Filter neutralize chloramines?

Chloramine in water is a prevalent issue that we must all address because it affects the skin and hair by taking natural oil from them. Modern shower filters contain vitamin C, which neutralizes both chlorine and chloramine in shower water.

There are a variety of vitamin C shower filters available online that efficiently eliminate traces of chlorine and chloramine in shower water.

Does Aquasana shower filter remove chloramine?

Aquasana shower filters are designed to deal with chloramine and chlorine in shower water. The filtration media features two-stage filtration steps, KDF 55 and centaur carbon media.

Which effectively filter out traces of chlorine and chloramine up to 90% while also blocking other synthetic compounds that are more prone in shower water.

The Aquasana shower model is the best shower filter since it is capable of removing chlorine and chloramine from shower water. It also works well with both cold and hot water, so there is no need to worry about chlorine fumes in hot showers.

How does the Aquasana shower filter work?

Aquasana shower filter is a point-of-use shower model designed to eliminate water contaminants present in shower water. It’s filtering components include patented copper zinc media that is specifically designed to target chlorine, chlorine, grime, and toxic chemicals in shower water.

The copper-zinc medium is used to balance the pH of the water and eliminate chlorine and chloramine that may have passed through the previous filtering stages, ensuring that all water contaminants are removed from the shower water.

Benefits of using a shower filter

Shower filters remove oil-tripping water contaminants from shower water, which helps keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Additionally, when you shower in hard water, you may notice that your skin and hair feel dry.

This is due to the mineral deposits that hard water leaves on your skin, which clogs all of the skin pores that produce oil.

Showering in filtered water may aid to slow down skin aging, making you appear younger. When you shower in hard water for an extended period of time.

The mineral deposits that hard water leaves on your skin damage it by creating free radicals, which kick off a chain reaction of negative reactions that ages and damages the skin.

A shower filter reduces the likelihood of acne and outbreaks; debris and toxic chemicals tend to block skin spores, increasing the likelihood of acne and breakouts.