Waterpik Vs Moen Showerhead – Detailed Comparison

Modern showerheads are specifically designed to enhance and provide a better showering experience and blend with bathroom interior decor.

Additionally these shower units are resistant to wear and tear due to daily use, making them more durable than previous traditional showerheads.

We are all aware that the type of showerhead we use daily can negatively or positively impact how we start or end our day.

Showerheads such as Moen and Waterpik are scientifically designed to deal with low water pressure, dispense amazing shower streams, and have multiple shower settings.

Investing in these modern shower units provides value in terms of durability and showering experience and comes with product warranties that provide a whopping one year of guarantee in terms of product default.

In this detailed comparison and review, we have done a thorough tear down of the Moen vs. Waterpik shower model in terms of key product features, comparison table, pros and cons, and a detailed final verdict.

Comparison Table of Waterpik vs Moen Showerhead


Verdict of Waterpik and Moen Showerhead

Waterpik and Moen engage handheld showerheads are extremely powerful and versatile shower units that provide numerous benefits due to the option of fixed and hand shower capabilities.

Furthermore, both shower heads are reasonably priced. However, the Moen handheld shower head is significantly less expensive and is listed as an Amazon choice due to its 4.5-star rating with over 11,000 verified buyer reviews.

If you want a high-quality showerhead at a reasonable price, the Moen Engage handheld shower head is the best option.

The flow rate of the Waterpik is 1.8 gpm, and the flow rate of the Moen is 2 gpm; both of these showerheads will perform well in areas with low water pressure.

The Waterpik shower head is a clear winner, boasting a 1.8 gpm and specifically designed to boost shower streams with its streamlined nozzles.

The Moen and Waterpik are superbly and durably constructed for long-term use and are resistant to wear and tear from daily use.

The outer casing of the Waterpik shower unit is made of plastic and chrome-plated, whereas the Moen shower head is made of metal and has a brushed finish.

This makes the Moen shower head the clear winner; the metal and spot resist nickel used to construct this showerhead makes it durable and resistant to fading, allowing it to retain its gleaming finish for a longer period.

Both showerheads take pride in having multiple distinct shower settings that give the user more options when showering; the Moen shower head has six shower settings: wide average, downpour, relaxing massage, rinse, massage, and intensify.

On the other hand, the Waterpik showerhead has seven spray modes: PowerSpray, Full Body Rain, Bliss Mist, PowerPulse Massage, SoftComb, Powercomb, and Gentle Rinse.

When all product features and the price of the showerheads are considered, both shower units offer more in terms of a spa-like showering experience.

If you are looking for a quality shower head precisely made to enhance the showering experience, well priced with amazing discount, then the Moen shower head is the best buy.

Our Best Pick

moen handheld shower head

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Waterpik Shower head

waterpik shower head

This Waterpik handheld shower system has incredible product features that make showering enjoyable and refreshing every time you enter the bathroom.

These double shower head combos come with a fixed shower head and a power spray wand, both of which have seven spray modes dedicated to full-body rinse and hair.

The shower sprays are powerful yet gentle on your skin, rejuvenating and relaxing tense and tired muscles.

Additionally, the rainfall spray setting will thoroughly rinse soap lathering in seconds while saving water.

The fixed shower head is 6 inches wide and has four spray modes: full-body rain, power spray, bliss mist, and powerPulse massage. The hand shower wand has three spray modes: gentle rinse, soft comb, and powercomb.

The Waterpik shower head’s notable feature is the water-saving capability; this shower unit is designed to save water thanks to its precise streamline nozzles that boost shower water streams from the shower nozzles.

The hand shower head has an 8-foot flexible hose and a long handle to make showering simple and easy.

This hand shower wand is a perfect match for an amazing showering experience, offering a quick target rinse from the top of your head to your toes.


  • Has an easy installation process.
  • Lightweight shower head.
  • WaterSense certified.
  • Value for money.


  • Some parts are made of plastic.

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Moen 26112SRN Handheld Magnetix  Shower head

Moen handheld shower headMoen engage handheld shower head is a highly rated and reasonably priced shower unit from the Moen company.

With over 11,000 verified Amazon buyers and a 4.5-star rating, it’s no surprise that this shower unit is listed as the best Amazon choice in the showerhead category.

This shower unit is distinguished by its clean, spotless brushed nickel finish, magnetic docking system, and 5.5-inch face head handheld shower head, making it ideal for anyone seeking a spa-like bathing experience.

Furthermore, the spray settings include wide spray shower water coverage, massage, downpour, relaxing massage, rinse, and intensify downpour. These spray settings will provide you with more options while showering.

The moen 26112SRN Engage shower model provides both a fixed shower head and a hand shower experience due to its magnetic docking system, which allows the user to easily detach the fixed shower head from the magnetic docking and use it as a hand shower.

The magnetic docking system is perfectly designed with a type IPS magnetic connection. It allows the user to easily detach the hand shower and snap it back in place when preferring a fixed shower head experience.

A flexible kink-free metal hose measuring 60 inches in length provides enough reach for a flexible and amazing showering experience.


  • Affordable.
  • Good quality made shower head.
  • Durable.
  • A 2-in-1 shower head.
  • Features 6 distinct shower settings.


  • None.


Showerhead manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the functionality of their products; modern shower heads now include some of the best product features that make bathing enjoyable while saving water.

This is why most showerheads include some of the amazing features that were previously only dreamed of at a very affordable price.

Waterpik and Moen showerheads have WaterSense certification, which means they all save water when you turn on the shower head faucet.

Durable design and a warranty that lasts more than a year give buyers confidence in purchasing these two showerheads because the warranty completely covers them.

When purchasing these two shower heads, they are reasonably priced and offer a fantastic discount.

With all factors considered, the Moen Engaged Handheld Shower Head emerged as the best shower head in terms of product pricing and key functionalities that make Moen shower heads the best.

Furthermore, value for money for anyone looking to invest in a shower unit that has a combination to improve the showering experience, is durable and reasonably priced.

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FAQs about Waterpik and Moen Shower head

Does Waterpik showerhead Save on Water?

Waterpik shower heads are certified WaterSense showerheads that have been proven and certified to save water. The showerhead reviewed above featured 2.0 gallons per minute, meeting the WaterSense certification requirement.

Furthermore, the showerhead takes pride in its high-pressure shower stream that sprouts from its nozzles, providing an amazing rainfall showering experience while conserving water.

Are Moen showerheads worth it?

As we can see from the review, Moen showerheads are well worth the money. The showerhead is a good buy because it has more product features, durability, and functionalities than other shower units on the market.

Moen shower heads take pride in their powerful shower sprays that provide a spa-like experience with 1.85 gallons per minute.

They also come with a 2-in-1 shower head that can be used as a fixed shower head and a hand shower, giving the user more showering experience options for less than $50.

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