Toto Neorest 500 Vs 550 Vs Kohler Veil – Detailed Comparison & Product Reviews

If you are searching for the best-integrated bidet combination and you have narrowed your choice down to Toto Neorest 500H, 550H, and Kohler veil, you have made a diligent market search.

These models are high-end toilet seats and they share a lot of common features you would expect in seats of this category.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the important similarities and differences between these toilet models to help you decide which one is right for you.

First here is our Editor’s Pick

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Toto Neorest 500H vs 550 vs Kohler Veil Comparison Table

Features Neorest 500H Neorest 550 Kohler Veil
Flushing System Tornado Flushing system Tornado Flushing system Dual Flushing System
Water Conservation Efficient Water Conservation System Efficient Water Conservation System Efficient Water Conservation System
Washlet Mode Washlet and single nozzle Washlet and single nozzle Washlet
Control Unit Wall-mounted remote control unit Wall-mounted remote control unit Touchscreen LCD remote
Power 120V, 60Hz AC 120V, 60Hz AC None
Energy Saving Mode Effective energy-saving mode Effective energy-saving mode Effective energy-saving mode

Common Features And Differences Between Kohler Veil, Neorest Toto 550h And Toto 500h

Both of the three toilets offer a range of wash settings based on your needs at the time, as well as a water pulse mode and an oscillating wash feature.

These options include mild wash, which has more aeration, and wider spray, which is extremely gentle. The wash settings include adjustable water temperature and pressure, as well as adjustable nozzle position on all models.

They also have an air deodorizer function and a built-in nightlight, which is useful for those late-night bathroom visits.

Their systems are good for saving water because they have a dual flush mechanism. Nonetheless, the maximum output of the Kohler Veil is 4.8 LPF compares to about 0.5 LPF maximum setting for the Toto 550H and 500H.

A dual-flush technology is a high-efficiency water-saving device that separates the gallons of water used per flush for solid and liquid waste.

The amount of water used for solid waste is 1.6 gallons per flush, while liquid waste uses 0.8 gallons per flush, which is half the amount used for solid waste.

These are powerful flushes anyhow, and they do it without producing a loud noise, making it a wonderful toilet.

Furthermore, they each have a warm air dryer, heated seat, and a slow-closing toilet lid, which is modest but useful feature. They also have a touchless flush that is controlled by a touch remote.

The seat width is one of the most noticeable variances between them. The Kohler veil has a higher user weight limit and is therefore better suited for larger individuals.

Another distinction is the wash nozzle. The Toto 500H and 550H have an all-plastic nozzle with several spray apertures, whereas the Kohler Veil has a stainless steel nozzle. It also features a removable nozzle tip that can be replaced.

Another point of distinction is their water volume or production. As can be observed, the Toto 500h and 550h have 1.0 full flush capacities, while the Kohler Veil has 1.25 full flush capacities.

The Kohler Veil has a unique feature in that it also includes a seamless rim sanitary bowl and a built-in UV self-cleaning system for convenience. This is a one-of-a-kind product in the market.


These seats are world-class, and the bidet you choose will be determined by which style and functionality features appeal to you the most. You should definitely consider these toilet seats if you are remodeling your home or building a new one.

Based on our research, we chose the Kohler Veil over the Neorest 500H and Neorest 550H. As you can see, Kohler Veil includes various useful features for everyone.

Kohler Veil’s advancements in bathroom toilet technologies, designs, and performance contribute to the ambiance of a private spa bathroom retreat; it’s a temperature-regulated heated toilet seat with a personal washing and drying system.

Kohler toilet lids open and close automatically, and sensor-activated toilet flushing systems with high-efficiency technologies flow significantly less water more vigorously around the bowl for improved cleaning power.

This contributes to the most recent advancements in bathroom technology that release, relax, and rejuvenate you in a healthy way while caressing your senses.

Its comfort height adds another dimension to its usability, not only satisfying ADA compliance for mobility concerns but also for the community of tall persons who prefer a higher toilet seat.

The Kohler toilet is an aesthetically pleasing, majestic, and magnificent bathroom fixture that would complement other similarly opulent bathroom fixtures such as vessel sinks and deep-soaking bathtubs.

Look no further than the Kohler Veil if you’re seeking for one of the most stunning toilet designs on the market right now.

The following are some of its wow factors:

  • The toilet has a cleaning wand and therefore you don’t need toilet paper after using the toilet.
  • The elongated bowl provides a more sitting area.
  • Find peace of mind with its extended warranty period a built-in UV self-cleansing that effectively kills germs.

Winner – Kohler Veil K-6299-0

Product Reviews: Toto Nearest 500H, 500 and Kohler Veil

1. Toto Neorest 500H

In terms of its aesthetics, this seat is an all-white seat with the entire base a solid sleek piece of porcelain and you can see how the seat stretches back covering the rear of the back.

This seat is intended for customers who want a bidet seat that is physically smaller and has a trimmer appearance. The toilet is just 5 inches tall at its tallest point.

The Toto Neorest 500H has a powerful siphon pump built in to completely flush everything you can throw at it.

It’s ultra-high efficiency, with a tornado dual flush that employs powerful jets to generate a whirlpool, effectively flushing the bowl clean.

With this, it only uses one gallon of water per flush. The strong flush is also whisper-quiet. So it’s not like the flashes you could see in a public restroom. The normal gravity-assisted flush with the tank in the back is just as silent.

Its streamlined form makes cleaning easy. The rimless design ensures that the bowl is easily cleaned. The technology also creates a very slippery surface on the NEOREST 500, preventing any matter from clinging to the bowl.

A clean toilet is easier and more comfortable to use, and the NEOREST 500 is skirted to conceal the trapways and make the base of the toilet easier to clean.

A simple life is preferable, and the NEOREST 500 provides one by having an automatic lid that opens and closes when you approach it or move away.

It also flushes automatically when the senses are activated. The toilet also has front and rear warm water washes and an air dryer, who wouldn’t love that in a toilet.

With the wireless remote that can be mounted on the wall or picked up and utilized, this toilet is luxury at its finest. This toilet saves you time by not requiring you to flush the toilet or clean the bowl when you are forgetful.


  • Easy to clean.
  • stand the test of time. 
  • Powerful tornado flush jet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hand-free flush.


  • Installation can be quite hard.
  • It’s costly.

2. Toto Neorest 550H

Compared to Toto Neorest 500H, the Toto Neorest 550H measures close to 6 inches tall so it sits a little taller when mounted on the toilet.

Both the water hose and electrical cord of Toto neorest 500H and 550H connect to the same side of the seat.

The Toto 550 comes with two lid styles: contemporary and classic, allowing you to further adjust the aesthetics to better match the decor of your bathroom.

Because of its ultra-luxurious and high-tech features, such as integrated washlet warm water and a personal cleaning system, the NEOREST 550 is the finest value for money. This toilet is an improvement over traditional toilets.

The NEOREST 550 is a complete makeover that provides a unique bathroom experience. Sometimes one needs to use the restroom in the middle of the night, and most of the time we don’t want to turn on the lights to prevent losing sleep.

The toilet has a programmable night light that allows the user to use the toilet without turning on the lights.

It also includes an automatic seat and a lid sensor, so as you approach the toilet, the seat automatically lift the lid for you. Alternatively, the seat can be raised by tapping a button on the top of the remote control.

The Toto 550H remote control is double-sided, with the most regularly used buttons on the front, allowing users to make adjustments with a single button press.

It’s also worth noting how clean everything is. Unlike regular toilets, which might be inconvenient because you have to flush the toilet after every use, its self-cleaning feature takes it to the next level with the e-water toilet bowl misting feature.

The e-water toilet bowl misting feature sprays the sides of your toilet bowl electrolyzing it before and after each use of the nozzle. This feature provides a little electrical charge to the water to keep it sterile.


  • Beautiful and luxurious design.
  • Auto open and close lid.
  • One-year warranty.
  • E-water and pre- mist to clean the toilet.
  • Powerful tornado flush.
  • Night light that makes the toilet detectable.


  • It’s costly.
  • Installation can be quite hard.

3. The Kohler Veil K-6299-0

The Kohler Veil is another dependable option for your home. It’s a tankless small elongated bowl with a skirt design that’s quite effective at reducing waste.

In terms of pricing, this is an excellent alternative with a couple of electronics and a lot of plumbing pieces.

Because it is a floor-mounted toilet, installation is simple; all that is required is for an electrician to connect it to the power supply. It is also a long-lasting toilet seat.

The Kohler Veil features an extra enema that can be used to relieve constipation. It includes adjustable spray width, which lets the user to choose between a more concentrated narrow spray and a gentler wider spray.

At the bottom, you’ll see icons for two user presets, where you can pre-program water temperature, water pressure, and other wash settings for up to two individuals in your household.

It’s also related to the “wow” factor of the auto-opening when you first see the lid open. Another thing is the aesthetics of the hidden cord, the hose, and the power outlet.

It also has an automatic flush, which makes it very easy even if you forget to flush the toilet; this function is engaged when the sensors are activated.

The water is additionally sterilized as a result of this process. The sterilized water is used both to clean the nozzle and to pre-mist the bowl.


  • A dual flush system that conserves water.
  • Sleek and beautiful.
  • Has UV sanitization that kills any germs.
  • One-touch remote control.
  • The seats are heated with temperature settings.
  • Easy to clean since it cleans itself.


  • Installation is hard and has to be done by the electrician and a plumber.

In the last 30 years, there has been a considerable progress in the toilet seat industry. Toilet designs and functions have evolved significantly. Previously, the toilet was frequently disregarded and not given the appropriate thought when renovating a bathroom.

Since 1995, there has been a rise in water conservation concerns, prompting the federal government to impose a regulation that new toilets consume no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, which is less than half of the 3.5 gallons per flush that was normal in the 1980s.

Following early performance issues in the mechanics of flushing and cleaning toilet bowls with less water, various high-efficiency toilet technologies evolved that performed effectively while conserving a significant amount of water.

Since then, new features have been introduced that have both improved and detracted from the overall atmosphere of the bathroom.


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