How to Install Toto Toilet Seat & Cover the Right Way

Toto toilet seats are among the most popular on the market, and the brand doesn’t disappoint. The toilet seats are heated, have a bidet function for rear cleanse, and have a system of air purification that deodorizes during use.

The seats are automatically raised and closed in most Toto toilet seat designs. The Toto toilet seat is comfortable and easy to use, and the usability comes down to the installation of the Toto toilet seat in the first place.

In this post, we will cover:

How to Install Toto Toilet Seat

The installation of a Toto toilet seat can prove challenging at times. You certainly don’t want your Toto toilet seat to deteriorate because of improper installation.

Therefore, follow these steps, which give you an overview of how to correctly set up your Toto toilet seat. The installation process requires only a few essential items, including a screwdriver with a flat head and a wrench.

A power outlet must also be located near your toilet to connect the power cord. The power cable for a Toto toilet seat is only four feet long.

The Toto seat comes with all the hardware required for installation and an integrated heater that warms the cold water supply in your toilet.

How do you remove a Toto Washlet toilet seat?

At this stage, ensure that all waste is removed from the closet flange before initially fixing the bolts. After clearing the waste place the bolt in position and hold the toilet. While holding the toilet, put the bolt head in the flange and make the thread face up.

Secondly, you must flip the toilet bowl upside down in order to arrange the toilet seat. If you want to prevent damage to the toilet, you should cover it with a cloth.

In this position, place the wax ring on the bowl floor and turn the bowl upside down on the right. The holes on the bottom of the bowl should line up with the holes in the floor.

How to you put a Toto toilet seat back on?

When the toilet is lined up and positioned press it down so that there is a seal between the flange and wax ring. After this, put the nuts on the mounting bolt threads, then ensure that the nuts are uniformly tightened. Then fasten the bolts tightly enough so that the toilet bowl can be crushed.

The third step is fixing the gaskets and nuts: in this step, you are required to twist the tank across the toilet seat and ensure that all the gaskets and nuts are in place. Be sure to inspect the bowl gasket before using the tank for bolts and bowls.

When securing the gaskets and nuts, make sure that the rubber washer is located between the bottom of the inner tank and the bolt head. Once the bolts are in the tank, take them and put them in the pan.

After that, place the bolts into the toilet bowl’s openings and use your hands to tighten the bolts as much as possible. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts at the toilet seat’s bottom part.

The fourth step is threading, which requires you to fill up the ballcock located at the container’s bottom. The attachments are strapped by hand since the ballcock’s plastic threads can be easily broken when a wrench is used.

Fill the tank with water by opening the supply valve on the ground or wall.

Step five is to finalize the installation: at this point, the tank cover should be replaced to check for leaks. If there is no leakage, place the tank lid over the top of the tank to protect its components. After this set up the toilet seat.

Pull the nuts down onto the seat’s heart and snap and secure it using a screwdriver. Make sure the seat cover is closed and two caps are put behind the seat to protect the lumps.

Open the caps or use a flat-headed screwdriver if the caps are stuck.

Using a Philips head screwdriver, tighten the bracket. Avoid straining the tightening of the screw so that the brackets are snug and capable of being changed to align the seat appropriately. Finally, close the Toto seat in your bathroom.

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1. Does Toto make wooden toilet seats?

Most of Toto’s toilet seats are predominantly made of plastic polypropylene material. However, some Toto toilet seats are wooden, like the TOTO SS304#PB, which is made of hardwood maple.

While wooden toilet seats are not as popular as they were, they are quite common.

One of the many benefits of wooden toilet seats over plastic ones is durability because the wooden seats are heavier and thicker and they are less likely to break.

However, the protective coats of the wooden seat wear down with time. Scratches during cleaning can break the protective finish, and if the wood becomes exposed it can result in warping since bathrooms have a lot of moisture.

Wooden seats tend to be more porous and absorb more liquid than non-porous material. Therefore, with regard to sanitation, a wooden seat will be less hygienic.

However, high-quality wooden seats are generally well treated to ensure they are protected against bacteria and germs.

2. How do I know which Toto toilet I need?

The Toto UltraMax brand has many toilet seat models and it can be nerve-racking to identify the toilet seat that you need. However, that should not be a Herculean task because Toto models can be easily identified using the following steps:

First, remove the cover of the tank and flip it over. Secondly, look for a black lettering located on the tank’s back near the level of the watermark.

You will see the letters CST or ST followed by three digits which identify the model. That is the tank’s model number. If the number begins with a two, then it is a one-piece model and it starts with a four it is a two-piece model.

If you do not find the model number go to the third step which is checking inside the tank of the toilet to locate the model number. If you do not find the model number at all this could be a manufacturing error and you should contact Toto at

After you have identified the model of your toilet you will be able to know the features it has, its pros, and cons and whether it fits your bathroom needs. You will be able to know if it o one-piece or two-piece model depending on your preference.

3. How long does a Toto toilet seat last?

Toto toilets last for around ten to twelve years but require a few maintenance and repairs every two to three years. The Toto bidet toilet seats are equally durable since they are designed to be used for over a long period of time.

The duration of use of the seats also depends on how you use them, the size of your family, and how they are maintained. However, some maintenance will be required over the years.

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