Best Above Ground Pools for Unlevel Ground – Buying Guide

An above-ground swimming pool is not only less expensive and easier to install, but it is also an inviting idea. If you’re searching for a perfect above-ground pool for unlevel ground then you are in the right place.

We’ve accumulated over 70 hours of research and reviewed the 7 best, most popular, and trustworthy above-ground pools.

7 Best Above Ground Pools for Unlevel Ground

1. Best 10ft x 30 Inches Above Ground Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool (Best Pick)

  • Durable build metal frame.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Capacity of the pool is 4485L.
  • Compatible with Intex 330 GPH Filter Pump.

You’ll look forward to summer since you’ll be able to spend it with family and friends because this pool can accommodate up to 7 people and is appropriate for children over the age of 6.

You won’t have to worry about this above ground pool collapsing or getting dents because it’s built to last thanks to its rust-resistant construction that will not corrode or rust, and the 3-ply PVC around the pool adds strength and stability..

Setting up this pool will not be difficult because it is simple to assemble and will only take half an hour to be ready to fill with water. You won’t need a handyman to set it up, nor will you need any tools to get it up and running.

The inclusion of a drain valve makes it simple to drain away the water, and an extra feature of this pool is that the drain valve can be readily connected to the garden hose to have the water drained out to your desired place.

This pool has a capacity of 4485 liters and an exceptional quality with room for assistance when not working to perfection.

Why we recommend this:

  • Offers easy assemble time.
  • The suction power pump works great.

2. Intex 12ft x 30in Super Tough Above Ground Pool with Metal Frame + Pump

  • Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls.
  • Krystal transparent cartridge filter pump 530 gph (110 – 120v).
  • New dual suction outlet fittings.

The summer wave above ground pool is big enough to have everyone in the family in the pool at one time.

The beautiful finishing enhances the appearance of your backyard. The pool has a capacity of 1,600 gallons, a diameter of 12 feet, a depth of 2.75 feet, and is circular in shape.

It has an inclusion of the filter pump which is attached to the sidewalls of the pool allowing for easy maintenance. You will have this pool up and ready for water within half an hour due to the easy installation features.

The material used assures you of durability as it is tripled layered of polyester mesh with a heavy gauge material that can withstand turbidly

Why we recommend this:

  • Easy setup process.
  • You will get value for your money.
  • The faux design is appealing.

3. Premium Intex 16.5ft x 9ft x 48in Best Above Ground Pool for Unlevel Ground

With this Intex prism frame pool, you can now enjoy your summers all year round. It will allow you to chill off and enjoy the season.

It is premium featured with a long-life 3-ply material liner on the inside ensuring the stability of this pool.

Steel frames that have been powder coated are resistant to rust, and you will get good value for your money.

It comes with a cartridge filter pump with a flow rate of 330 gallons of water in an hour, the installation process only taking half an hour offering a capacity of 1,185 gallons.

Why we recommend this:

  • Comes with a debris cover.
  • The ladder is removable.
  • The clear cartridge clears up to 1,500 gallons in an hour.

4. Best Summer Waves Elite 18ft x 48in Above Ground Pool for Sloped Yard

The walls a Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewall; connect the Krystal clear cartridge filter pump to enjoy the clean, refreshing water.

With this above-ground pool, you won’t have to worry about electrocution because it is designed to shut off when an electrical current is exposed to water, keeping you safe at all times.

It comes with a one-year warranty and a crystal clear cartridge pump.

The drain valve, which conveniently connects to a garden pipe and allows you to drain water from the pool to your desired place.

This pool can to hold up to 1,178 gallons of water; you are advised not to set it up on any loosed soil condition or sand. The dual suction of this pool allows for water hygiene.

Why we recommend this:

  • Easy setup of the pool.
  • The pool material offers durability.
  • You get value for your money.
  • The liner is tough enough.

5. Best Summer Waves 12ft x 33in Large Family Size Above Ground Swimming Pool

This prism frame pool has powder-coated metal frames that make the metals rust-resistant, giving it a superior pool design at an affordable price.

The pool floor is thickened to ensure the pool’s longevity, and the existence of a filter pump with a flow rate of 1,500 gallons per hour.

With a capacity of 6,423 gallons, this pool will be ready in an hour to be filled with water for the summer.

Why we recommend this:

  • A durable liner.
  • The material is sturdy.
  • Easy for maintenance.
  • Affordable, you will get value for your money.

6. Best Intex 10ft x 30in Above Ground Swimming Pool + Filter Pump

This ipool D set will fit into small areas such as the garage because it only has a 6 square meter footprint; nevertheless, you will need a 9′ x 12′ x7 ‘space to set it up.

The metal frame is coated with zinc with the five-layer polyester weave assuring durability of this pool.

Its tether system is dual patented which allows you to adjust the jet streams with a simple turn of a knob eliminating the motor noise.

This pool comes with a floor shit that goes on first before the pool is set up, which takes about an hour, a stainless steel ladder that is lockable, and a 5.5 kilowatt heater to warm the pool.

Why we recommend this:

  • The heater works great.
  • You will get the best quality with this pool.
  • Responsive team.

7. Bestway Power 18ft x 48in Best Above Ground Pool with Pump & Aqua Vacuum

The Bestway power steel above ground pool occupies up to 18 x 9 x 4 foot pool that comfortably fits 10 people and is accompanied by a pump that will fit nicely in your garden.

This pool’s frame is composed of steel, which ensures its longevity.

This pool is constructed with a ground cloth that goes on first before the pool is set up, a ladder for easy access to the pool, and a garden hose drain adapter for draining water.

The pool is simple to assemble, and you will not need any tools to do it. This pool’s PVC walls include support band wraps that provide additional support to the pool.

Why we recommend this:

  • Great support bands.
  • You will get durability.

Final Verdict

During the summer, all of the pools listed above provide a cool place for everyone to enjoy the weather. The 10-foot x 30 inch round metal frame backyard above ground swimming pool stands out from the rest.

This pool’s space allows adults and children to swim all day without risk of collapsing, thanks to its durable structure and material choice on this above-ground pool.

Another aspect that distinguishes this pool is its ease of installation, which can be completed in half an hour without the use of any tools.

This pool has a large capacity, holding up to 4,485 liters of water, and it has a drain valve that is compatible with a garden hose, allowing you to drain the water in the pool to the chosen area.

10-foot x 30-inch round metal frame backyard


You don’t have to suffer in the summer heat just because building a pool is prohibitively expensive. With the existence of above-ground swimming pools, you now have considerably less expensive options for ensuring that you enjoy summer cooling off your body.

They are inexpensive and will save you a significant amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on the building of an underground pool.

Everyone in your family will enjoy time in the pool because all of the pools have an age limit of 6 years, and the pools are large enough to have everyone in the pool at the same time. To have fun, make sure to follow all safety precautions at all times.

Can you put an above ground swimming pool on unlevel ground

The setting up of the above ground pool will require the leveling up of the ground first making sure it is flat. An unleveled ground is likely to cause problems when setting the pool. The problems include.

  • The water levels will be uneven. With a few inches of the pool not being level may not be a serious issue. You will experience some deeper end of your pool and could pose danger to kids. The skimmer too will be affected as it will not be able to maintain the cleanness of the water as it will not be able to cover all locations.
  • The pool walls will be greatly be affected as the uneven level will have the water settling on one side of the pool. This section will be tasked with more weight and will have the walls on that side bend and with sometimes twist or collapse.
  • You will get damaged pool liners when setting on an uneven surface as it will have wrinkles that are irritating to straighten out when setting up the pool which will at some point lead to leaks making the pool undesirable for use.

Having to assemble the pool on your own without professional help could be a great problem and your pool will be susceptible to leakages, wrinkled pool liners and with the pool being wrongly assembled.

You may consider getting professional help with leveling the ground to help you avoid all the mishaps in the long run. This will ensure your pool last longer as there will be no breakages.

What should I place under my above ground pool to level

Originally most of the above ground pools were leveled up at the bottom. This track provided room for all walls to fit into, with the leveling o the track it ensured the walls of the pool are in place.

There are videos on the internet that show how you level your pool. They offer advice on the materials to use for leveling the bottom of the pool.

The use of a makeshift material that is long enough made by two-by-four wood which is nailed together to fit the length needed for the radius of the pool.

They proceed to tape a four foot level on the wood to mark out where to attach the wood hammered to the ground where the pool will be placed. The wood should be able to turn all round from the center with the main purpose to level the ground.

This technique is quite time consuming but allows for the leveling the ground and may not be accurate. The important part is the bottom track which will ensure the level is great.

The option of dishing out the bottom of the pool where the center will be gradually deeper which will allow for easier maintenance of the pool.

The option of having blocks under the pool is also considered to provide for providing a flat level. What we are seeking is to generally have a flat surface to have the above ground pool on a leveled surface.

Always have in mind that the bottom track has to be leveled at all times and not the base inside the pool. The bottom track being in the right shape will allow the pool to look great allowing it to last longer as it should.

What is the easiest and best way to level the ground for a pool

For you to enjoy the pool during summer without worries of the pool not lasting long you have to take into consideration leveling the ground before the set up of the above ground pool. An above ground pool requires a leveled ground for you to enjoy the pool.

This task will take a lot of time to have a completely leveled ground, and do so with patience. You will need the following to have the job done;

  • A hammer
  • A Metal spike
  • Spray paint with a vertical nozzle
  • A couple of Shovels
  • A Wheelbarrow
  • A 1-inch by 6-inch length of wood
  • A Duct tape
  • A 4-foot Carpenter’s level
  • 4-inch nail
  • Metal snip
  • Crushed limestone
  • Garden hose
  • Hand tamper

Have the metal stake hammered at the center where you wish your pool to be located. Ensure you check with the building codes and follow the set stipulations o having the pool installed.

Proceed to have a string of length 6’ which should be longer than the radius of the pool. Have the spray paint can tie at the end of the string marking the perimeter of the area to be leveled.

Get rid of the grass and any other vegetation of the marked area using a shovel. Use the wheelbarrow to ferry the dirt away. Come up with a wooden plank that will be used for the leveling up of the ground.

Let the wood have the measurement of 1’ by 6’ which should be 6’ inches longer than the radius of the pool. Have a 4’ nail hammered halfway into the plank and have the nail head on the opposite side of the level snipped off.

Have the metal removed from the center and replace it with the 2’ square stake with the ground. To pivot around the pool have the wood plank 4’ hammered into the center of the 2’ square.

Look for the lowest point of the pool and have all the rest of the area leveled to that. This is because when leveling the pool area it is easy to remove the sand compared to adding of the soil since the weight of the pool will squeeze away the soil, so consider digging down to the lowest point.

Have the wooden plank pivot around the pool area and dig down to level the area where you will have the level at 360 degrees at all levels Get limestone crushed and have it spread over the pool area and have it wet using a garden hose as you stamp. Make use of the wood plank to level the crushed limestone base.

Finally have the wood plank and the 2’ wood stake removed and have the hole filled with limestone to level base.
Note. Take our time to have the area leveled well. The firm-level base will ensure the pool stays strong all the time.

How many inches of sand can I need for an above ground pool

Sand is a crucial item when building the level base of a pool even though fact that the thought of sand draws you to the beach. Sand is important as it will enable you to have a stable and leveled base for an above the ground pool to sit on.

It serves as a protection layer between the ground and the pool liner. Sand is the best option to go for as it will ensure no tear on the pool liner.

The other advantage of using sand is, it is used to clean the pool water as it able to catch debris preventing it from getting into the pool water.

The sand you ought to use for the leveling the base ought to be very fine and should not have any rocks or pebbles in it. This sand could be identified as mortar sand or mason sand. You may also opt for the concrete sand which also serves the purpose.

For the filter sand, kindly go through the manual and have a look at the recommended sand filter for the particular pool with the grains of the sand being 0.45mm to 0.55mm.

The main concern is the amount of sand you will need for the right construction of your base. There is a set rule of 2’ to 3’ below for the above ground pool. If you are aware of your pool area you will be able to calculate the amount of sand you will need for this job.

Be sure to take note of the shape of your pool, either circular or rectangle, and have the measurements with you.

The sand calculator will figure out the volume and the weight of sand needed for your base and you will be able to find the total cost of the sand if you are aware of the price per tone.

Having this tabulation will allow you to budget effectively for your pool construction. Once you can purchase the sand and it is with you at home, there are tips you can use to have the sand leveled easily.

Consider dampening the sand using your garden hose. This will make the sand more compact and easier to lay.
Have the sand in the pool track and not under it, making it easier to spread it across the pool area.

Make use of the back of a rake to move around the sand and smoothen it. Have the sand compact by using a soil tamper.

Will above the ground pool more likely to collapse is not leveled

Leveling the base area of the pool is a crucial part of having an above the ground pool to work effectively. The unleveled ground will cause the pool to collapse and this will stop the summer fun. This is seen since you will have problems with the;

Pool walls.
An uneven surface will lead to uneven pressure on the walls of the pool and will have it placing more pressure on one side of the walls of the pool.

The uneven weight distribution will have the walls of the pool twisted and collapsed causing damage to the pool and anything around it.

The presence of the inflatable ring on the above the ground pool will likely fold with increased pressure and some point the pool with solid side panel could fail.

Uneven water levels
The presence of an unleveled base will have you uneven above ground pool which will result in uneven water levels. In the beginning, the difference will be a few inches but with time it will keep on increasing with the use of the pool.

The deeper side of the pool may pose danger to toddlers. If the skimmer of your pool is not covered halfway it will not function correctly. The skimmer will not be able to clean the water if it ends up on the shallow end.

The liner damages
The uneven area of the pool will damage your above ground pool liner as the liner will not be able to lay flat on the level. There will be folds and wrinkles on the liner which could be hooked to pool equipment that will have it ripped.

A pool vacuum will have a problem cleaning the wrinkled liner ad may ruin it. A ruined liner will be of no help to our pool and your pool will be susceptible to constant leaking.

The level installation is a crucial part of having an above ground pool set up. Get space away from trees and other structures in your compound. Make use of sand to create a compact base for the pool area.

Consider having a professional to create a level area if you do not have one. This will help avoid foreseen damages on your property. It will help your pool last longer and it will be of great service to you.

Does an above ground pool must be perfectly leveled

The popular mistake made by individuals is the construction part of the base for the above ground pool. This is the foundation of your pool and having a rough or rocky foundation will not do justice to your pool.

Individuals are scared of the tough job and will have the sand lay on the grass skipping the removal of grass and sod. This eventually cost the owner as the base will not be fit for the pool. Your ground pool has to be perfectly leveled.

This may prove to be a great task even for a professional since different pools in different locations have different dimensions and one leveled base may be different from another.

This difference poses a big challenge even to the most knowledgeable professional with most of the construction base manuals being useless.

The manuals procedures mention leveling the pool leaving room for an inch or half an inch. A pool base level missing an inch is okay and will not have much of an impact but it could be noticed at the waterline.

Unleveled pools by more than an inch will appear slanted with two inches showing the difference from outside the pool. In cases where your backyard is not flat, it may be a bit challenging to tell if there is a distinction on the levels of the pool.

Missing two inches will not cause a major structural issues but going beyond two inches will be creating havoc in your backyard.

More than two inches on the leveling of the pool will see your pool collapse and will pose a danger with the pushing of the walls of the pool out of shape with each swim.

For extreme cases the pool will likely collapse from pressure. Missing three inches more will have your pool taken down for the ground to be leveled well and reinstalled.

Your safety should come first when having fun. The swimming pool should be safe for you and all others with the installation of the pool ought to be far away from trees and other obstruction.

Make use of sand for the leveling the ground, and make sure the sand is well packed, with the help of a professional your pool will be safe and will last longer.

How do I prepare my back yard for an above the ground pool

After finalizing the design and the shape of your above ground pool with location to have your pool, you need to set up the location of where the pool will be set up.

The location should be away from all obstruction be it structural or nature. The first step for the preparation of the yard will be;

The Location
Having the pool in the backyard would be a great idea for your pool location. Ensure the surface you pick to locate the pool does not have any rocks or sharp objects. Take note of the distance of the pool from your house or trees or other kinds of plantation.

Clear the Area
The surface should be cleared off all objects that could pose a danger to your pool. Sharp objects and stones should be cleared off as they may cause puncture on your above the ground pool. Be sure to inspect the ground thoroughly.

Take Measurements
Have the diameter of the space to be occupied by the pool taken. Use a measuring tape to mark the area. To prevent the string from blowing away, place a rock on it.

Planning enables you to make a decisive decision as you will not change the plan once you start digging this area.

Dig up
With the help of shovels, dig up the marked area where you will be placing the pool. Cart the dirt away from the area.

The large shovels will help with the huge dig up with the small shovels coming in place to enhance the details of the area. Take measurements of the depth which should be 2’ deep for great pool location.

Leveling the pool hole
To make sure the hole dug up is leveled make use of a level to measure it up. This level will be able to show whether the hole is uniform all through.

In the place where the level is not the same, have the location dug up. Get rid of the dirt so you can measure the level of the hole and get it accurately.

24 hours wait
After the digging up job is completed, let the hole be for 24 hours without any disturbance. This will assist with the scrutiny of the hole being level all through.

Inspect it the following day to be sure to make sure it is level. You can proceed with placing the above ground pool on the area.

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