Aquabliss Shower Filter vs T3 Shower Head Filter

The need to take a shower daily is essential as showering is proven to cleanse and remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Bathing twice daily is recommended because it washes away bacteria that cause bad odor, rash, and skin diseases.

However, shower water that we trust and believe is clean may be causing more harm than good because it contains chloramine and chlorine. These are the leading causes of dry skin and hair, and that horrible chlorine odor.

It is critical to filter out these chemicals because showering in soft water will significantly improve the appearance of your skin, nails, and hair.

Fortunately, shower filters are specifically designed to remove these two chemicals and other harmful water contaminants common in tap water.

The t3 and Aquabliss shower units are the most well-known shower filters designed to precisely remove high levels of chloramine, chlorine, odor, dirt, sediments, iron, and other contaminants.

We did the hard work by testing, analyzing performance data, and carefully examining product features in this comparison. Check out our comparison table, key features that differentiate these shower units.

Let’s get started.

T3 Shower head Filter vs Aquabliss Shower Filter Comparison Table

FeaturesT3 Shower head FilterAquabliss Shower Filter
Filtration MediaSuperior Advanced 30x Filter Media5 Heavy Duty Filtration Stages
Filter Lifespan6 Months6 Months
Chlorine ReductionHighly EffectiveHighly Effective
No. of Filtration Stages6 months6 months
Shower Head + FilterYesNo
Price (Check at Amazon #ad)Check Price HereCheck Price Here

Key Differentiate Between T3 Shower head and Aquabliss Sf500 Shower Filter

Our goal is always to find out as much as possible about any product we intend to purchase, which is why we conduct extensive research.

In this comparison of the Aquabliss SF500 and T3 shower units, we outline some key properties that differentiate them. In addition, we look at features that distinguish them from other shower filters on the market.

Design and Structure

T3 and Aquabliss shower units are both intended to filter out a variety of harmful shower water contaminants that are present in water.

The T3 shower filter head outshines the Aquabliss in this category because it is designed with an inbuilt shower head and filter. In contrast, the Aquabliss SF500 is only a shower filter; you will need to purchase a shower head separately.

Notable features of the T3 shower filter head are:-

Premium shower filter designed to remove free chlorine, calcium, hydrogen sulfide, copper, and other potentially harmful elements in our shower water.

T3 shower head filter 1

Durable, gleaming chrome casing that resists rust, calcium deposits, and tarnishes.

Anti-clog nozzles prevent the shower head from clogging due to hard water deposits and nozzles specifically designed to boost shower water streams when bathing.

Finally, the T3 shower head has six shower setting modes that provide a more luxurious bathing experience with unique spray modes.

Notable features of Aquabliss SF500 shower filter:-

Aquabliss shower filters are precisely designed to remove harmful chemicals, chloramine, pesticides, chlorine, and sediments.

Aquabliss takes pride in its superior 30x filtration media, which includes ultra-dense redox media, coconut shell activated carbon, and 2x calcium sulfite.

This filter combination has been tested and proven to remove high levels of harmful water chemicals and impurities in shower water.

Filter Lifespan

The Aquabliss and T3 shower filters have a 6-month or 10,000-gallons-of-shower-water lifespan. This is much value for the price of a shower filter, providing more filtration and time between filter changes.

Filter Price

Both filter replacement cartridges are readily available in online stores for under $25; however, the T3 filter is more expensive than the Aquabliss filter.

Though both have the same lifespan of six months, the T3 filter is superior and more premium than the Aquabliss due to the filter composition and effectiveness.

Final Verdict

The T3 shower filter head is our choice and winner in this comparison because it includes more than just a shower unit.

T3 shower head filter

It is a complete shower head and filter designed to filter out all chemicals, dirt, and contaminants in water, increase shower spay streams, provide spay settings that enhance spa-like showering experiences, and is long-lasting.

If you’re looking for a premium shower head combo, the T3 shower head is your best bet because the price tag matches the value the shower head will provide.

Suppose you’re on a budget and looking for a shower filter that will filter all harmful water contaminants while also being long-lasting. In that case, the Aquabliss SF500 is a shower filter worth considering.

aquabliss sf500 2

This shower unit is reasonably priced, effective, and has a universal connection that will fit any shower head and arm.

Aquabliss SF500 and T3 Shower Filter Head Reviews

1. Aquabliss sf500 Shower Filter

aquabliss sf500

Aquabliss SF500 shower filter, the newest and most advanced shower unit in the Aquabliss SF series, is the first shower model in this review.

The Aquabliss SF500 is known for its heavy-duty high output and 30x filter media that removes high traces of chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, rust, bad odors, slime, scales, and other toxic chemicals.

This well-priced shower unit will undoubtedly soften your shower water and remove dirt and other water impurities. In addition, add beneficial minerals and vitamins to your shower water to improve uneven skin texture and soften your hair and nails.

The installation process is straightforward, and anyone with no plumbing experience can easily complete the task thanks to its universal connection that fits any standard showerhead.

Notable features of the SF500 multi-stage shower filters are that; they are effective on cold and hot shower water, so you can shower with confidence, knowing that the multiple filters will work well whether you have cold or hot water.

Secondly, filter cartridges can last for more than 6 months or 10,000 to 12,000 gallons based on a family of four showering twice a day. You cannot go wrong with the Aquabliss Sf500, which is worth every penny.


  • Well priced shower filter.
  • Enhance a better showering experience by filtering harmful water contaminants and odors.
  • Soften hard water that improves uneven skin texture and promotes beautiful skin and hair.
  • Effective with hot or cold water.


  • None.

2. T3 Micro Source Shower Filter Showerhead

Screenshot 20

The T3 is a 2-in-1 shower unit that includes a shower head with built-in chlorine and mineral filters designed to remove chlorine, iron oxide, foul odors, dirt, sediments, and hydrogen sulfide.

Removing these harmful elements found in shower water will undoubtedly result in smooth, moisturized skin and gleaming hair, thus improving your overall health and showering experience.

The T3 shower unit has low maintenance, is made of durable chrome casing, and precisely placed nozzles that boost shower streams and resist scale buildup. This prevents nozzles from clogging.

Furthermore, it has seven powerful spray settings that give the user more spray mode options when showering, resulting in a more luxurious showering experience.

The shower filter has a six-month lifespan, which is far more valuable when compared to the price of the filter.

Aside from that, the filter includes a display window that indicates the appropriate time for a filter change; when the display window turns black, it is time to change your filter, so no guessing.


  • A 2-in- 1 shower head.
  • Premium shower unit that removes multiple water impurities.
  • Improves overall skin, nail and hair softness and textures.
  • Universal connection that fits standard shower arms.
  • Resist limescale buildup on the shower nozzles.
  • Build to last.


  • Expensive.


Investing in a good shower filter is critical because these point-of-use shower units are affordable and effective in removing multiple water impurities common in shower water.

These harmful water impurities have been shown to clog our skin pores, causing uneven skin tone, acne, and skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema.

Shower filters have flooded the market, mainly in online stores, with each claiming to remove multiple impurities from shower water; finding the best shower model that has proven effective can be complicated.

This is why we compared the T3 and Aquabliss shower models, which have been proven, tested and certified as the best shower units for removing high levels of chlorine, chloramine, bad odor, iron oxide, dirt, and sediments.

The comparison above shows that the T3 shower model is ideal if you want a premium shower model that combines the shower head and the shower filter. However, it is more expensive than the Aquabliss shower unit.

The T3 model has unique key product features that make it a complete shower filter head combo. The inbuilt filters are designed to simultaneously remove multiple shower water impurities and are built to last. As a result, it provides more value to the user.

On the flip side, If you’re on a budget and want a shower unit that’s reasonably priced, certified, and effective at removing shower water impurities, the Aquabliss SF500 is your best bet.

The Aquabliss shower filter has one disadvantage: you must install the shower unit between the shower head and the arm; it does not come with a shower head.

Frequently Asked Question About Aquabliss and T3 Shower head Filter

Are AquaBliss filters effective in removing water impurities?

How to Change T3 Shower Filter

Why are shower filters good?

Are AquaBliss filters effective in removing water impurities?

Aquabliss shower filters have been thoroughly tested, proven, and certified to remove a wide range of water impurities from shower water. Free chlorine and chloramine are two common chemicals harmful to our skin.

And this is where aquabliss filters have focused on filtering out the harmful chemicals in our shower water.

Furthermore, the filter has a lifespan of 6 months. This provides more filter capabilities than most available filters on the market, with the option to backwash the filter and reuse it.

How do I change the filter in my t3 shower?

The T3 shower head comes with an inbuilt shower filter; if you need to change the filter, check the filter window; if it is black, it is time to change the filter.

By carefully unscrewing the shower head face from the shower head body, you can easily access the filter cartridge and replace it. You can then screw it back without having to remove the entire shower head from the shower arm.