Best Toilet for Low Water Pressure | Review & Guide 2022

Best Toilet for Low Water Pressure

Toilets are classified into two types: gravity feed toilets and pressure-assisted toilets. Gravity-fed toilets were the most frequent in the past until technical advancement led to the advent of pressure-assisted toilets. The pressure-assisted toilets were designed to be superior to gravity-fed toilets and to address all of the difficulties that consumers found inconvenient. Developed to … Read more

Best Toilet Seat that Won’t Stain (Stain Resistant)

best toilet seats that won't stain

A toilet seat is a detachable appliance made of plastic or wood that is hinged on the toilet rim and consists of a seat and lid. This makes using the toilet more comfortable. Available in many shapes and designs, with various options ranging from slow-close mechanisms to stain-resistant, wooden, and plastic. If the toilet seat … Read more

Best Solid Wooden Toilet Seats in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Solid Wooden Toilet Seats

Wooden toilet seats are elegant, robust, and retain heat when compared to plastic toilet seats. Though pricey, wooden toilet seats are available in two types: solid or molded/enameled wooden toilet seats. In this post, we’ll look at solid wooden toilet seats, which are manufactured from hardwoods like bamboo, oak, or mahogany. These wooden seats are … Read more

Best Non Moving Toilet Seats (Buying Guide 2022)

Best Non Moving Toilet Seats

A toilet seat is one of the most common and unavoidable items that must be used when visiting the bathroom. And the prospect of using a toilet seat that slips or moves on the toilet bowl might be uncomfortable and unsafe. A firm toilet seat will not only improve the user experience when using the … Read more

How Do You Remove Toilet Bowl Stains without Scrubbing?

How Do You Remove Toilet Bowl Stains without Scrubbing

Hard water is the primary cause of unpleasant and incredibly difficult-to-remove stains on our plumbing faucets, including the toilet bowl. The need to clean up or remove the awful mess can be challenging, and the question that lingers in our minds is how to remove the stains effectively without damaging the toilet porcelain. This article … Read more