A List of Cities that Use Chloramine in Water (Updated 2022)

A list of Cities that Use Chloramine in tap Water

Chloramines, commonly known as secondary disinfection, are a group of chemical compounds containing approximately 20% ammonia and chlorine. Adding acceptable levels of chloramine to tap water aids in the elimination of bacteria and numerous microorganisms. Additionally, chloramine has a long-lasting disinfecting capability as the water passes through the pipe system to consumers. Knowing whether your … Read more

How to Remove Chloramine from Tap Water – Comprehensive Guide

Chloramine is a chemical compound consisting of ammonia and chlorine. The particular type used in disinfecting water to kill germs but is safe to drink is known as monochloramine. Chloramines are formed when ammonia is mixed with chlorine to treat drinking water to better protect against bacterial growth in water distribution systems. Chloramine lasts longer … Read more